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7:1  Alif, Laam Meem, Saa
7:2  (Oh Muhammad, SAW), this book is revealed to you, not to cause you any distress. Rather, with it you may warn (the unbelievers) and remind the believers
7:3  (Tell them), "Follow that which has been revealed to you by your Lord, and do not (accept or) follow any other patron besides Him. Seldom do you bear (that) in mind!"
7:4  Many towns have We destroyed! Our punishment came upon them at night (when they slept), or while they napped (during the day)
7:5  Then, when Our punishment landed on them, what rang on their lips was nothing but (a confession of guilt); "We really were the wrongdoers!"
7:6  (On the Day of Judgment) We will definitely call to account (all) those to whom We sent the messengers, and We will surely ask the messengers as well
7:7  Then, We would narrate to them everything with a definite (and specific) knowledge. We were (really) never absent ever
7:8  That day, truth (alone) shall carry weight. Only such ones whose scales (of good deeds) weigh heavier, would be successful
7:9  While the ones whose scales weigh lighter would be the losers. They had squandered themselves, because they used to unjustly (and willfully) deny Our signs (and Our revelations)
7:10  We certainly entrusted you with power (and authority) in the world, and here We provided means for your livelihood. Little do you thank
7:11  We certainly created you, and then gave you (a human) form. Then, We said to the angels, "Prostrate before Adam (in homage)." They all bowed down (to the ground) except Iblees _ (the Shaitan). He was not among those who fell prostrate
7:12  (We) asked, "What kept you away? Why did you not fall prostrate when I commanded you?" (He) said, "I am better than he. You created me from fire while You have created him out of clay!"
7:13  (We) said, "Come off it! You have no right (or reason) to (fancy and) flaunt your (imagined) eminence. Get out! You are among the disgraced (and banished)."
7:14  (Shaitan) said, "Grant me time till the day they are raised (back to life)!"
7:15  (Allah) said, "You are granted the time!"
7:16  (Shaitan) said, "(Lord), since You lured and led me astray, I would now lurk in ambush for them on Your straight path, (to drive them astray)."
7:17  "Then, (to deceive them) I will approach them head on, as well as from their rear, and from their right and the left sides. You will not find most of them grateful."
7:18  (Allah) said, "Get out of here! You are despised and banished. I will definitely pack the hell with you all _ you, as well as those among them who follow you."
7:19  "Oh Adam! You and your wife may live in paradise and eat anything here that you like. But do not come close to this one tree, or else the two of you would become the wrongdoers."
7:20  But Shaitan whispered doubts to both of them. He wanted to expose their nakedness to them, which was kept hidden from them. He said (to them), "Your Lord forbade you (the fruit of) this tree, so you would not turn into angels or become immortal."
7:21  He swore to the two, saying, "I am really your well-wisher."
7:22  With deceit and deception, he brought about their fall. When they tasted the (fruit of that) tree, their nakedness became visible to them. They began to cover their nakedness with the leaves of paradise. Their Lord called out, "Didn´t I forbid you that tree? Didn´t I warn you both that Shaitan is your professed enemy?"
7:23  Both of them cried out, "Our Lord, we committed a sin against ourselves! Now, if You did not forgive us, and have mercy on us, we would surely be the losers."
7:24  (The Lord) said, "Get out of here! Both of you _ (humans and Shaitans) _ are each other´s enemy. For a (specified) time, your abode and your provisions shall be on earth."
7:25  Said, "There shall you live, and there shall you die; and from there you shall be raised back to life (on the Day of Judgment)."
7:26  Oh children of Adam, We have granted you garments to cover your nakedness, and as means of adornment for you. The best attire is that of piety. This (in itself) is one of the signs of Allah. Perhaps, they would bear (that) in mind
7:27  Oh children of Adam! Do not let Shaitan entice you as he did your (primordial) parents when he got them expelled from paradise. He stripped them of their clothes, in order to expose their nakedness to them. Of course, Shaitan and his tribe watch you from where you cannot see them. Of course, We let the Shaitans be the friends of those who do not believe
7:28  And when they commit an obscene and lewd act, they say, "We found our ancestors doing that, and Allah has enjoined that upon us." Say, "Absolutely not! Allah never (ever) commands anything lewd and obscene. Do you attribute such lies to Allah, about which you know (absolutely) nothing?"
7:29  Say, "My Lord enjoins justice. In every place of worship, set your faces (and attention) towards Him. Invoke Him with sincerity and devotion, by making faith His exclusive domain. You would return to life just like He created you (the first time)."
7:30  One group He has guided. Misguidance became the lot of the other group. (Because), they accepted Shaitans to be their patrons and protectors instead of Allah! And they believe that they are on the right path
7:31  Oh children of Adam! At every place of worship, wear your (best clothes as) adornments. Eat and drink but do not waste. In fact, He does not like those who are wasteful
7:32  Say, "Who forbade adornments, and the wholesome edible things Allah has produced for His servants?" Say, "They are for the believers in the life of this world. On the Day of Judgment, such things shall be theirs exclusively." Thus, We explain Our verses in detail for a nation that knows
7:33  Say, "In fact, my Lord has forbidden all kinds of lewd and obscene acts whether committed openly or in secret: (all sorts of) sins and wrongful oppressions, associating anything (or anyone) with Allah for which He has revealed no sanction, and attributing to Allah that about which you know nothing."
7:34  Every nation has been ordained a (fixed) time (to accept or reject the divine truth). Once their time has come, they cannot delay nor advance it by (even as much as) an hour
7:35  Oh children of Adam! Messengers will surely come to you from among your own, and they will relate My revelations to you. Then, those who refrain from evil and mend their ways shall have nothing to fear; nor shall they (ever) grieve (or be sorry)
7:36  And there are those who reject Our revelations, and treat them with disdain and arrogance. Such are the people of the (hell) fire. They shall live there forever
7:37  Could anyone be more evil than the one who invents lies about Allah or rejects His revelations? Such ones would continue to receive their apportioned provisions according to the book of decrees (right until their death). When Our messengers, (the angels of death), come to them to claim their souls, they would ask, "Now, where are all those you used to pray to and worship, instead of Allah?" They would reply, "All of them have all vanished and deserted us." Thus, they would bear witness against themselves, that they were indeed the unbelievers
7:38  Allah will say, "Enter the fire along with the generations of humans and jinn that lived before you. As it enters (the hellfire), each generation will curse the group ahead of it. Finally, when they are all together in the fire, each succeeding generation will say about the one preceding it, "Our Lord, these are the ones who led us astray. Give them twice the torment by the (hell) fire." (Allah) will say, "There is twice the torment for each one of you, but you (just) do not realize."
7:39  Each preceding generation will say to the one following it, "You do not have an advantage over us. Now taste the torment in return for what you have wrought."
7:40  Indeed, the gates of heaven shall not open for those who reject Our revelations, and treat them with disdain. A camel may pass through the eye of a needle, but they shall never enter paradise. This is how We punish the criminals
7:41  Hellfire shall be the bed under them; and hellfire shall be their blanket to cover them. This is how We punish the evildoers
7:42  While those who believe and do the righteous deeds _ and We do not impose upon a soul beyond its capacity to bear _ are the people of paradise. There, they shall live forever
7:43  We will strip away whatever rancor remains in their heart. Rivers shall flow under their feet. They will say, "All praise is for Allah Who guided us towards this. Never could we have found the right path, had Allah not guided us. The messengers of our Lord had brought us the truth." A voice will call out to them, "You have inherited this paradise as a reward for what you used to do."
7:44  The people of paradise will call out to the inmates of hell, "We found to be true (all) the promises our Lord made to us. Did you (also) find everything your Lord promised to you to be true?" They would reply, "Yes!" Whereupon, an announcer in their midst will proclaim, "The curse of Allah is upon the evildoers!"
7:45  "(Cursed are) those who prevent people from the path of Allah and seek to make it crooked. They do not believe in the afterlife."
7:46  A barrier shall exist between the two groups _ (those in paradise and those in hell). At a height would be (a third group of) men who would long to enter paradise, but would not have entered it yet. They would recognize all by their distinctive features. To the people of paradise they would say, "Peace upon you."
7:47  When their sight turns to the inmates of hellfire, they would say, "Our Lord, do not include us with the wicked people!"
7:48  The people at the height would recognize men (in the hellfire) by their distinctive features and would say to them, "Did all your followers and your hoarded wealth _ of which you were so proud (and used to boast) _ help you in the least?"
7:49  "Hadn´t you sworn about these very people that Allah would grant them nothing of His Mercy?" (But now they are told), "Enter the paradise! You shall have no fear, nor shall you ever grieve (or be sorry)."
7:50  The inmates of hell will call out to the people of paradise, saying, "Pour us some water, or some of the provisions Allah has granted you." The people of paradise would reply, "Allah has of course denied these things to those who denied the truth."
7:51  "(They are) those who took their faith as mere play and pastime. The life of this world deceived them." (Allah says), "So, today We shall ignore them just like they forgot the meeting of this day. (This is) because they used to reject Our revelations."
7:52  We have certainly given them the book, which explains matters with certainty. It is the guidance and the blessing for the nation that believes
7:53  What they now await is just the fulfillment (of the events foretold). On the day the events unfold, those who had ignored it earlier would acknowledge it saying, "The messengers of our Lord had brought us the truth. Now, do we have anyone to intercede on our behalf? Or could we be sent back to our former existence, so we may earn deeds different from what we had?" They incurred a heavy loss on themselves and the lies they had invented, did not help
7:54  Your Lord, Allah, is certainly the One Who created the heavens and the earth in six periods of time. Then He mounted the throne (majestically). He wrapped the night over the day that follows it quickly. The sun, the moon and the stars have all been tamed by His command. Beware! The creation and the command (over it), belong to Him (exclusively). Exalted is He, the Sustainer of all the worlds
7:55  Call and implore your Lord with humility, and in solitude. He does not like those who are the aggressors
7:56  Do not spread chaos in the land after order has been established in it (firmly and fairly). Implore Him with fear and hope. Of course, the mercy of Allah is never too far from the righteous
7:57  He it is, Who sends winds bearing the glad tidings of His approaching mercy. We direct the wind heavy with rainclouds towards the dead and barren land, and We call water to pour down upon it. We bring out (from that land) all sorts of food with that water. In much the same manner, We will bring the dead back to life. Perhaps, you would bear that in mind
7:58  By the will of Allah, the good and fertile land grows crops and plants with ease. But the bad and barren land barely grows anything. This is how We display Our signs repeatedly for a grateful nation
7:59  Indeed, We sent Nooh to his people. He said, "Oh my people, worship Allah exclusively. You do not have any god besides Him. For you, I really fear the torment of a terrible day."
7:60  The elders among his people said, "We really think you have blundered and have obviously gone astray."
7:61  Nooh replied, "Oh my people, there is nothing wrong with me. Rather, I am the messenger of the Lord of the universe."
7:62  "I convey to you the messages of my Lord, and I give you sincere advice. I know from Allah that, about which you know nothing."
7:63  "Are you surprised that a reminder from your Lord came through a man among you? So he may warn you, and so you may fear Allah and receive His mercy?"
7:64  But they called him a liar. So, aboard an ark, We rescued him as well as those who had believed in him, and We drowned (all) those who rejected His signs. Indeed, they were a blind people
7:65  And to (the people of) ´Aads´ (We sent) their brother ´Hood´. (He) said, "Oh my people, worship Allah! You do not have any god besides Him. Do you, then, not fear (Him)?"
7:66  The elders among his nation who had disbelieved said, "We really think you are being stupid. In fact, we believe that you are a liar!"
7:67  He said, "Oh my people, I am not stupid. Rather, I am the messenger of the Lord of the universe."
7:68  "I convey to you the messages of my Lord, and I am your trustworthy well-wisher."
7:69  "Are you surprised that a reminder from your Lord came through a man among you, so he may warn you? Do not forget! After the nation of ´Aad´, He appointed you its successors, and He enhanced you greatly in power and stature. Keep in mind the blessings bestowed upon you by Allah, so that you would prosper."
7:70  They said, "Did you come to us so we may worship Allah exclusively, and abandon those our forefathers used to worship? If you are truthful, bring upon us that with which you have threatened us."
7:71  (Hood) said, "The wrath and the curse of your Lord are already upon you. Do you argue with me concerning (just) some names that you and your forefathers have conjured up. Allah has not revealed any authority for them. So wait on, I too shall wait along with you."
7:72  So, by Our Grace, We rescued him as well as all those with him, and We completely weeded out all those who denied Our revelations, and did not believe
7:73  And (We sent) their brother Saleh, to (the people of) Samood. He said, "Oh my people, worship Allah! You have no god besides Him. A clear proof has surely come to you from your Lord. This camel of Allah is a sign for you. So, leave it alone and let it graze freely in Allah´s land. Do not touch it with evil (intentions), else a painful punishment will land on you."
7:74  "Do not forget! After the (people of) ´Aads´, He appointed you their successors, and established you firmly in the land. You occupy castles in the plain, and carve out (secure) homes (for yourself) in the mountains. Keep in mind the blessings bestowed upon you by Allah, and do not spread corruption and chaos in the land like mischief mongers."
7:75  The leaders of his nation who were arrogant and scornful, said to the believers among the down trodden and the despised, "Do you know for sure that Saleh is the messenger of Allah?" They replied, "We do believe in the message revealed to him."
7:76  Those who were arrogant said, "We of course reject what you have believed."
7:77  Then, they slaughtered the camel and flaunted the command of their Lord. They said, "Oh Saleh, if you really are the messenger, then bring upon us the punishment with which you have been threatening us."
7:78  Consequently, an earthquake seized them. The next morning found them lifeless in their homes, lying face down (in dirt)
7:79  So, (Saleh) turned away from them and said, "Oh my people! I certainly conveyed to you the message of my Lord, and I advised you sincerely. But (evidently) you did not like your sincere well-wishers."
7:80  (And We sent) Loot! He said to his nation, "Do you indulge in acts so lewd and shameful that no one in the entire world had ever committed them previously?"
7:81  "You gratify your sexual desires by approaching men instead of women! You are a wanton people; (you have gone) far beyond all limits (of decency)."
7:82  His nation had no answer except to say, "Banish them from your town. Indeed, they profess to be sacred and pure!"
7:83  So We rescued him and his family, except his wife. She was among those who stayed behind
7:84  And We showered them with a (treacherous) rain (consisting of stones made of baked clay). Observe how (severe) was the outcome for the criminals
7:85  And towards (the people of) Midian (We sent) their brother, Shoaib. He said, "Oh my people, worship Allah! You do not have any god besides Him. A clear guidance has come to you from your Lord. So, (when selling) give the full measure and weight, and do not defraud and deprive people of their rightful things. Do not spread confusion and chaos, after order has been established in the land. This is for your own good, if you only believe."
7:86  "And do not lie in ambush for the believers on every road threatening them and preventing them from the path of Allah; and do not seek to distort the truth. Remember the time when you were fewer, and He increased you greatly in number." Observe how (severe) was the outcome for the mischief mongers
7:87  If a group among you believes in the message I was sent with while another group refuses to believe, then (just wait) till Allah judges between them. Indeed, Allah is absolutely the very Best of the judges
7:88  The arrogant (and conceited) leaders of his nation said, "Oh Shoaib! We would certainly banish you from our town, as well as those who believe in you. Else, you must return to our religion. " He said, "What? Even if we hate it?"
7:89  "If we returned to your religion, we would have invented a lie against Allah, particularly since He it is, Who saved us from it. By no means will we return to your religion, unless of course Allah, our Lord wills it so. Our Lord has full knowledge of every single thing. We do place our trust in Allah. Our Lord! Give Your just verdict (in the matter) between our nation and us. You are the Best of the judges."
7:90  The unbelieving leaders of his nation said, "If you follow Shoaib, you would certainly be the losers
7:91  Consequently, an earthquake seized them. The next morning found them lifeless in their homes, face down (in the dirt)
7:92  Those who rejected Shoaib were (wiped out) as though they had never lived there at all. In fact, those who rejected Shoaib were actually the losers
7:93  Shoaib turned away from them and said, "Oh my people, I certainly conveyed to you the messages of my Lord, and I advised you sincerely. But how can I feel sorry for a nation that refuses to believe!"
7:94  Whenever We sent a prophet into any town, We inflicted its residents with suffering and hardship. Perhaps they would adopt humility (and be unpretentious)
7:95  Then We changed their fortune from bad to good, till they grew affluent. They (forgot Our favors and) said, "Even our forefathers had gone through (the cycle of) suffering and prosperity!" Thereupon, We took them to task suddenly, and they did not realize
7:96  Had the people of the town believed and adopted piety, We would have arranged for Our blessings to rain down upon them from the sky, and blessings springing from the earth. But they rejected and so We grabbed them because of what they used to do
7:97  Did the people of the town feel so secure that Our wrath would not land on them at night while they slept unawares
7:98  Or did the people of the town feel so secure that Our wrath would not land on them in broad daylight while they were engaged in their pastimes
7:99  Did they not feel afraid of Allah´s secret plan? Only the people who are doomed to be the losers feel secure against Allah´s secret plan
7:100  Is it still not apparent to those who inherited the earth from the previous generations, that if We pleased We could punish them too for their sins. We could stamp a seal on their hearts, so they could hear nothing
7:101  We narrate to you the stories of these towns. Their messengers certainly brought them the clear proofs. But they (just) would not believe the message they had already rejected earlier. Thus, Allah stamps a seal on the hearts of the unbelievers
7:102  In most of them, We did not find (any commitment to) the covenant. We found most of them to be the defiant evildoers
7:103  Then, after them We raised Musa and sent him with Our signs to the pharaoh and his chiefs. But they were unjust, and rejected the signs. So observe how (severe) was the outcome for the evildoers
7:104  Musa said, "Oh pharaoh! I am certainly the messenger from the Lord of the universe."
7:105  "It is not befitting for me to say anything concerning Allah except the truth. I have brought you the clear proofs from my Lord. So let the children of Israel accompany me."
7:106  The pharaoh said, "If you are telling the truth, and if you have really brought the sign, then present it."
7:107  So, Musa threw down his staff and suddenly it became a real live serpent
7:108  He pulled out his hand (from his pocket) and it appeared dazzling white to the viewers
7:109  The chiefs of the nation of pharaoh said, "Of course he is an expert magician!"
7:110  "He wants to drive you out of your land. Now, what do you suggest?"
7:111  They advised the pharaoh, "Hold him and his brother for a while and send announcers in all the towns."
7:112  "They will summon all the expert magicians in your presence."
7:113  The magicians came to the pharaoh and said, "There would surely be a (handsome) reward for us if we triumph, wouldn´t there?"
7:114  The pharaoh said, "Of course, and you would also be close to me as my courtiers."
7:115  They said, "Oh Musa! Either you cast your spell, or let us be the ones to go (first)."
7:116  Musa said, "You go (first)." As they cast their spells, they bewitched people´s eyes and struck them with awe. They conjured up an awesome magic
7:117  We inspired Musa, "Throw your staff!" and immediately it swallowed up their conjured up illusions
7:118  Thus, the truth was vindicated. Everything they had done came to no avail
7:119  The magicians were defeated there and then. They were utterly disgraced
7:120  The magicians threw themselves on the ground prostrate
7:121  They said, "We believe in the Lord of the universe!"
7:122  "The Lord of Musa and Haroon!"
7:123  The pharaoh said, "You dared to believe in him before I gave you the permission? Indeed, it is a trick. You (all) have hatched a (nefarious) plot to takeover the town and drive out its rightful residents. Soon you will come to know!"
7:124  "I will definitely have your hands and feet cut off on alternate sides; and then, I will have you all crucified."
7:125  They said, "We are certainly going to return to our Lord."
7:126  "Do you wreak vengeance on us simply because we have believed our Lord´s signs when they reached us? Our Lord! Grant us fortitude and keep us steadfast. Give us death as Your obedient ones _ (lit: muslims)!"
7:127  The chief of the pharaoh´s nation said (to the pharaoh), "Will you allow Musa and his nation to spread disorder in the land and abandon you and your gods?" He said, "We will slaughter their sons and spare their women. We certainly have an absolute stranglehold over them!"
7:128  Musa said to his nation, "Implore Allah for assistance, and have patience! In fact, the land belongs to Allah and He gives it as a trust to whom He pleases among His servants. However, the final outcome _ (the hereafter) _ is (exclusively) for the righteous!"
7:129  Musa´s nation said, "We were being tortured and persecuted before you were sent to us, and even since you have been with us." Musa said, "Perhaps your Lord will (completely) wipe out your enemy, and appoint you the successors in the land. Then, He will observe how you conduct yourselves."
7:130  And We had certainly punished the pharaoh´s people with drought, and the dearth of food and fruit. Perhaps they would heed
7:131  When the good times arrived, they said, "We deserve this!" But when misfortune struck, they associated an evil omen with Musa and his companions, and blamed them for the hard times. Their evil omen exists with Allah! But most of them do not realize
7:132  They said, "We are never going to believe you no matter what signs you bring us, to try to bewitch us."
7:133  Thereupon We let loose upon them the punishment of the flood, the locusts, the lice, the frogs and the blood _ (a succession of) elaborately manifest proofs. But they continued to display arrogance. They were a criminal nation
7:134  Whenever a scourge landed on them they would say, "Oh Musa, implore your Lord on our behalf because of what He has promised you. We would certainly believe you if you rid us of this torment, and we will certainly let the children of Israel go with you."
7:135  But as We eased away the torment for awhile to let them redeem themselves, they always failed to keep their promise
7:136  So, because they had rejected Our signs, and were unmindful of them, We exacted a revenge from them and drowned them in the sea
7:137  We caused the nation that was considered weak and oppressed to inherit the eastern and the western parts of the land We had blessed. Then, the good word of your Lord (concerning prosperity) for the children of Israel was fulfilled. We totally demolished everything the pharaoh and his nation had contrived, every structure they ever raised
7:138  We brought the children of Israel across the sea to safety. There, they came across a nation devoted to the worship of its idols. The children of Israel said, "Oh Musa, let us have our god like the gods they have!" Musa said, "You really are a foolish ignorant people."
7:139  "Of course, these people are doomed to be destroyed, and everything they have ever done shall come to naught."
7:140  He (further) said, "Shall I seek other gods for you besides Allah? Although it is He, Who has favored you and preferred you over the entire world."
7:141  (And Allah says) "Bear in mind that We delivered you from (the clutches of) the pharaoh´s nation. They persecuted you with a dreadful torture; they slaughtered your sons and spared your women! In that was a gruesome test from your Lord, the Greatest."
7:142  We summoned Musa (to Mount Sinai) and ordained for him a term of thirty nights, and then extended it by another ten. Musa completed the term of forty nights ordained by his Lord. (But, before leaving) he said to his brother Haroon, "Be my representative for my nation, maintain order and do not follow the ways of those who spread disorder."
7:143  When Musa arrived at Our chosen place at the appointed hour, his Lord spoke to him. Musa said, "My Lord, let me see you. I want to look at you." (Allah) said, "You will not be able to see Me. Watch that mountain! If it can withstand (My apparition) and stay firm in its place, then perhaps you can see Me. When the Lord revealed Himself to the mountain, it collapsed and crumbled into fine dust, and Musa was knocked down unconscious. He said, when he recovered, "Exalted are You! I turn to You in repentance and I am the first to believe!"
7:144  (Allah) said, "I have selected you over all other people to grant you My message and an audience with Me. So accept what I have granted you, and be grateful."
7:145  Then, We inscribed on the tablets for him the guidance relating to all matters and (detailed) instructions about every aspect (of life). "Hold onto it with all your strength and enjoin your nation to carry out these excellent (instructions). I will soon show you the abode of the evildoers."
7:146  I shall divert and drive away from My signs those who _ without any reason or right _ behave in a haughty and arrogant manner in this world. They will not believe though they may witness every single sign (and proof). When they see the road to righteousness, they fail to follow it, but when they see a way that is decadent or deviant, they adopt it as their own way (right away). This is because they rejected Our signs and were unmindful of them
7:147  The deeds of those who rejected Our signs and the meeting (with their Lord) on the Day of Judgment would come to nothing. Would they encounter the consequences of anything other than what they do
7:148  In his absence, the nation of Musa molded their jewelry in the effigy of a calf that made a mooing sound. Did they not see that it neither talked to them, nor showed them the way? Yet, they accepted it for worship; they were the evil doers
7:149  When the matter got out of hand and they realized that they had indeed gone astray, they said, "We would surely be the losers if our Lord does not have mercy on us, and does not forgive us."
7:150  Musa was angry and sad when he returned to his nation. He said, "How (awful and) evil was what you did behind my back! Did you rush towards your Lord´s Judgment?" He dropped the (inscribed) tablets and grabbed his brother by the lock of hair on his head and pulled him closer. His brother said, "Oh son of my mother! In fact, the nation considered me weak and vulnerable. They (overwhelmed me and) almost killed me. Do not give the enemy a chance to gloat over my fate. Do not count me among the evildoing folk."
7:151  Musa prayed, "My Lord, forgive me and my brother and admit us into Your Grace. You are absolutely the most Merciful of those who show mercy."
7:152  "The wrath of their Lord, and a disgrace in the life of this world would soon land upon those who chose (to worship) the calf. This is how We punish those who invent falsehood."
7:153  Those who commit evil deeds but repent afterward (would find that) even then your Lord is the most Forgiving, the most Merciful
7:154  As Musa´s wrath subsided, he picked up the tablets. Their inscriptions contained guidance and mercy for those who fear their Lord
7:155  Musa selected seventy men for an appointment with Us. There, a violent earthquake seized them. He prayed, "Oh my Lord, had You so willed You could have destroyed them _ and me _ earlier. Would You destroy us because of the actions of a few foolish ones amongst us. This was only a trial from You. By that, You lead astray whom You want, and You guide whom You want. You (alone) are our patron! Forgive us, and have mercy on us. You are the very Best of all those who forgive."
7:156  "And ordain for us whatever is good in the life of this world, as well as the life-to-come. We have really turned to You in repentance." (Allah) said, "I strike down with My punishment anyone I will. But My mercy extends over all things. I will ordain My mercy for those who are pious and pay their ´zakat´, and those who believe in Our (revelations and) signs!"
7:157  (My mercy is for) those who follow the messenger, the prophet who can neither read nor write. They will find him mentioned in their scriptures, the Torah and the gospels. He orders them to do the right thing, and to avoid the wrong. He makes the pure and the wholesome lawful for them, and he forbids them the foul and the filthy. He relieves them of the burdens and the shackles with which they were bogged down. Successful indeed, are those who believe in him, honor and help him, and follow the light (the Qur´an) that was revealed to him
7:158  (Oh Muhammad, SAW), say, "Oh mankind! I am certainly the messenger of Allah towards you all _ (the entire world). To Him belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. There is no god but He. It is He Who gives life. And He gives death! So believe in Allah and His messenger, the prophet who can neither read nor write, and who believes in Allah and His words (the commandments). Follow him, so that you may receive guidance."
7:159  Among the people of Musa there were some who guided others truthfully and established justice
7:160  We split them into twelve distinct clans. When his people asked for water We inspired Musa, "Strike that rock with your staff!" As a result, twelve springs gushed forth from it, and each tribe then knew the place of its water. We provided the cover of clouds for them (in the desert), and We sent forth for them (from the sky) _ ´the manna´ and ´the salwa´. (We said), "Eat the pure wholesome things We give you." They did not harm Us a bit; rather, (by being ungrateful) they used to inflict harm upon themselves
7:161  (Remember) when they were told, "Live in this town, and eat here whatever your hearts desire. But (you must) say ´forgive our sins´ and enter the gate (of the town) prostrate, and crawling on all four. We will forgive your sins and We will increase the reward of the righteous."
7:162  But the evildoers among them changed the words (of the prayers) to something other than what was prescribed to them. Thus, We lobbed a torment upon them from the sky, because of the wrongs they had wrought
7:163  Ask them about the town by the seaside that transgressed in the matter of the Sabbath. The fish was plentiful in the sea on the day of the Sabbath, but on days other than the Sabbath, there was hardly any fish. Thus We put them through a trial, because they used to commit sinful acts
7:164  And then a group among them said, "Why must you preach to these people when Allah is going to destroy them (anyway), or punish them with a severe torment?" (The righteous ones replied), "You must, in order to escape blame from your Lord. It is possible that they may (heed and) fear (Allah)."
7:165  They (ignored) and forgot what they had been reminded of. So We rescued the ones who forbade evil, while We inflicted a grievous punishment upon those who committed evil. They used to disobey (Allah)
7:166  Finally, when they exceeded (the bounds, and violated all) the prohibitions, We said to them, "Become monkeys _ despised and rejected!"
7:167  Then your Lord declared that till the Day of Judgment, He would certainly continue to raise people who would persecute and torture them _ (the Jews) _ in the worst possible way. Your Lord is swift in retribution! He is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful
7:168  We scattered and spread them across the earth as separate groups. Some of them were righteous, while others were quite the opposite. We put them through the test, both (by showering them) with Our blessings, and (by inflicting them with) calamities. Perhaps, they would turn to Us
7:169  Then, the unworthy and evil generation succeeded them and inherited the scriptures. They chose the benefits of this lowly temporal world and said, "We would be forgiven all our sins." Yet, whenever the (chance to attain the) worldly gains of a similar kind came by, they grabbed it again. Hadn´t they made a covenant by the scriptures that they would not say anything about Allah except the truth? And they have studied the scriptures! The abode of the life-to-come is better for those who are righteous. Then, do you not understand
7:170  Those who hold on to the scriptures firmly, and establish the ´salat´ (should know that) We certainly do not waste the reward of those who do the right thing
7:171  (Remember the time) when We shook the mountain that hung over them like a canopy? They thought that it was going to come down upon them. (We said), "Hold on to what We have given you with all your strength and resolve. Remember what it prescribes. Perhaps, you will fear (Allah)."
7:172  (Remember) when your Lord brought forth all the offspring-to-be from the loin of Adam, and had them bear witness for themselves. (Allah asked), "Am I not your Lord?" They replied, "Of course, and we do bear witness to that!" (We did that) lest you should say on the Day of Judgment (as an excuse) that you were unaware of this
7:173  Or lest you should say, "It was in fact our forefathers who started (practicing) ´shirk´ _ (accepted others as Allah´s partners). We were mainly the descendants who came much later. Will you then punish us for the deeds of the wrongdoers?"
7:174  Thus We explain Our (signs and) revelations in detail. Perhaps, they may turn (to Us)
7:175  Narrate to them the story of the one to whom We awarded the knowledge of Our revelations. But he cast it aside! So, Shaitan pursued him until he became one of the misguided ones
7:176  With that knowledge We could have raised him to new heights, had We so wished. But he clung to the ground and yielded to his whims and wishes. His example is that of a dog! Whether you shoo him away or leave him alone, a dog will (always) stick out his tongue and pant. Such is the example of a nation that rejects Our (signs and) revelations. Keep narrating these tales, perhaps they will ponder
7:177  Despicable is the parable of the people who reject Our revelations, and thereby wrong themselves
7:178  Rightly guided is the one whom Allah guides. While those whom Allah misleads are in fact the real losers
7:179  In fact, We have doomed to hell many of the jinn and the humans. They have a brain, but with it they fail to think. They have eyes but they do not use them to see (the truth). They have ears but they fail to hear (the truth) with them. They are (just) like cattle; in fact they are worse. Such are the heedless ones
7:180  Allah´s are the most beautiful names (and attributes). Invoke Him by those names, and part company with those who deny (or mock) His names (and attributes). They will soon be punished for what they are doing
7:181  Among those We have created, there is (always) a group that guides (others) towards the truth and establishes justice
7:182  Step by step, by means they do not understand, We would ruin all those who reject Our revelations
7:183  I am giving them some respite _ (a little more time). My plan is indeed infallible
7:184  Do they not ponder? Their companion, (Muhammad, SAW) does not have an affliction. Rather, he is (truly and) clearly a warner
7:185  Don´t they ever look at the cosmos _ the heavens and the earth and everything else Allah has created? (Have they considered that) maybe their allotted time (in this life) has almost come to an end. Then, which message can they believe in, after that
7:186  There can be no guide for the one whom Allah leads astray. He leaves them wandering blindly in their unruly rebellious arrogance
7:187  They ask you about the hour (of Judgment), "When will it occur?" Say, "In fact, the knowledge of that rests with my Lord. No one but He can disclose its time. It is an event of utmost gravity in the heavens and the earth. It will creep up on you suddenly." They ask you as if you are well aware of its time (of occurrence). Say, "Allah (alone) knows the time of its occurrence." But most people (just) do not know
7:188  Say, "I possess no power to gain any benefit for myself, nor to evade any harm; except whatever Allah wants. If I had any knowledge of the unseen future I could have amassed an abundance of wealth, and no misfortune would have ever touched me. I am only a warner, and a bearer of good news for the believing nation."
7:189  He it is Who created you (all) from a single being, then out of that (one being) created its mate. So that man may live with her in peace (and love). When man embraces her, she conceives a tiny fetus which she hardly notices. Later, when she becomes heavy (and begins to show) both parents pray to Allah, their Lord, "If You grant us a healthy (child) we shall be grateful."
7:190  When He grants them a healthy (child), both begin to attribute it to the partners they have ascribed. Exalted is Allah, far above what they associate with Him
7:191  Do they assign those who create nothing as the partners of Allah? Rather, they are themselves the created beings
7:192  Such partners cannot offer them any support. In fact, they cannot even help themselves
7:193  "If you invite them towards guidance, they will not follow. It is all the same to them whether you call out to them or stay silent."
7:194  The others you invoke besides Allah, are merely human beings like yourself. Call them! If you are truthful they should answer you back
7:195  Do they have feet they could walk with? Or do they have hands they could hold with? Do they have eyes to see, or ears to hear? Say, "Summon (those you have installed as) your partners, then plot and do your worst against me. Do not give me a respite!"
7:196  "Indeed, my protector is Allah Who has revealed the book, and Who aids the pious."
7:197  "While those you invoke instead of Him have no power to help you! Nor can they help themselves."
7:198  "If you invite them towards the guidance, they will not hear. You think they are looking at you, but they do not see a thing!"
7:199  Be tolerant, and enjoin the right conduct. Turn away from the inane and ignorant ones
7:200  If Shaitan ever incites you to anger, then seek refuge with Allah. Indeed, He hears all, and knows all
7:201  Indeed, whenever an evil thought from Shaitan troubles them, the pious (always) remember (Allah). Then, they begin to see clearly
7:202  While Shaitans plunge their (evil doing) brothers deeper into deception and disobedience. Then they do not relent
7:203  When you do not bring them a miracle (of their liking) they say, "Why do you not bring us the miracle (we demand)?" Tell them, "In fact, I only follow what has been revealed to me by my Lord. This (Qur´an) is the proof from your Lord; it is the guidance and mercy for the nation that believes
7:204  Hush up, and listen attentively when the Qur´an is being recited. Perhaps, you would receive mercy
7:205  Each morning and evening, remember your Lord in your heart with humility and fear, and without raising your voice. Do not (ever) be among the neglectful and the unmindful
7:206  Those close to your Lord _ (the angels) _ are never too proud to worship Him. They chant His praises and fall prostrate before Him