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38:2  We said: “Go down from here, all of you, when guidance from Me comes to you then whoever follows My guidance shall have no fear and no sadness.”
38:3  It was then that Zachariah prayed to his Lord, he said: “My Lord, give me from You a good child, You are the hearer of the calls.”
38:4  and those who spend their wealth to be seen by people and do not believe in God and the Last Day, (Satan is their companion) and anyone who has Satan as a companion, has a bad companion.
38:5  The male thief and the female thief, cut their hands as an exemplary punishment from God for what they did. God is powerful and wise.
38:6  There is no creature on the earth or no bird flying with its two wings unless they are communities like you. We did not leave anything out of the book (Quran). And they will be gathered to their Lord.
38:7  Say: “Enter the fire among communities of Jinn and humans who have passed away before you.” Every time a group enters, it curses its sister (that went in before them) until they all get in there. The later ones (the followers) say about the earlier ones (the leaders): “Our Lord, these misguided us, so give them double punishment of fire.” He (God) says: “Double for everyone, but you do not know it.”
38:8  Tell those who disbelieve that if they stop, what has passed is forgiven for them, and if they return (to it), then the way of (dealing with) the earlier ones has already preceded.
38:9  You who believe, what is with you that when you are told to march forward in God's way, you hold on to the earth (and do not move)? Are you satisfied with this world’s life instead of the Hereafter? The enjoyment of this world’s life against the Hereafter is a little.
38:10  Or do they say: “He (Muhammad) has made it up?” Say: “Then bring a chapter like it, and call on anyone you can (for help) other than God, if you are truthful.”
38:11  While he was building the Ark, every time leaders of his people passed by him, they made fun of him. He said: “If you make fun of us, then indeed we make fun of you as you make fun (of us),
38:12  and I followed the faith of my fathers, Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, it is not for us to associate anything (as partner) with God, this is from God’s grace to us and to people, but most people do not thank.
38:13  We have certainly sent messengers before you and appointed wives and children for them. And it was not (possible) for a messenger to bring a sign (or a miracle) except with God’s permission. For every period there is a mandate (or a record).
38:14  our Lord, you know what we hide and what we disclose, and nothing in the skies and on the earth hides from God;
38:15  until the day of the known time.”
38:16  They solemnly swear by God that God does not raise anyone who dies. Yes (He will), that is a true promise (binding) on Him, but most people do not know.
38:17  All of that is bad, disliked by your Lord.
38:18  But as for me, (I say:) “God is my Lord and I do not associate anyone (as partner) with my Lord.”
38:19  How well they hear and see on a day they come to Us! But today the wrongdoers are in obvious error.
38:20  when We revealed to your mother what was revealed,
38:21  And they say: “When is this promise, if you are truthful?”
38:22  Indeed God defends those who believe. Indeed God does not like any ungrateful traitor.
38:23  He is only a man that makes up a lie (and attributes it) to God, and we do not believe him.”
38:24  so that God rewards them better than what they did, and gives them more out of His grace. And God provides for anyone He wants without any limit.
38:25  And (We also destroyed) Aad and Thamud and inhabitants of the Rass (the well) and many generations between them.
38:26  So the magicians were collected for an appointment on a known day.
38:27  He said: “Counselors, which one of you brings me her throne before they come to me surrendered?”
38:28  And Pharaoh said: “Counselors, I do not know of any god for you other than me, so Haman light me a fire for me over the clay (to bake bricks), then make me a palace so I may look at god of Moses, and indeed I think of him as one of the liars.”
38:29  And (We destroyed) Aad and Thamud, and it has become clear to you by their houses. Satan beautified their works for them, turning them away from the (right) way even though they were able to see (the truth).
38:30  So give the relatives (and close ones) and the needy and the traveler (in need) their due. That is better for those who want God's pleasure (and His attention), and they are the successful ones.
38:33  There is no difficulty on the prophet about (doing) what God has mandated to him. This is God’s way about those who passed away in the past. And God’s command is a mandated destiny.
38:34  And those who try to disable (and invalidate) Our signs, they are brought into the punishment.
38:35  Indeed God is knower of the unseen (secrets) of the skies and the earth. He knows what is inside the chests/minds.
38:36  And the sun circulates in its place of stay (in its orbit). That is the ordinance of the powerful and the knowledgeable.
38:37  Indeed you will taste the painful punishment.
38:38  and others, tied together in chains.
38:39  And if you ask them who created the skies and the earth, they shall say: “God.” Say: “So did you think that whatever you call on besides God are remover of His harm if God wants a harm for me, or are they withholder of His mercy if He wants a mercy for me?” Say: “God is enough for me, those who trust put their trust in Him.”
38:40  And the one who believed said: “My people, follow me, I guide you to the right way.
38:41  But if they are arrogant (do not be upset), as those who are with your Lord glorify Him by night and day and they do not get tired.
38:42  and those who answer (the call of) their Lord, and perform mandatory prayer, and (conduct) their affairs by consultation among them, and spend (in God's way) from what We have provided for them.
38:43  until when he comes to Us, saying: “I wish there was distance of the two easts (the east and the west) between you (the appointed devil) and me.” It is the miserable companion.
38:44  And We did not create the skies and the earth and whatever is between them to play around.
38:47  Here you are, being called to spend in God’s way, but some of you are stingy, and anyone who is stingy is only stingy against himself. And God is rich (and without need) and you are poor (and needy). And if you turn away, He replaces you with people other than you, and they will not be like you.
38:50  And We have certainly created the skies and the earth and whatever is between them in six stages and no fatigue touched us.
38:51  And in (the story of) Moses when We sent him to Pharaoh with clear power,
38:52  Or do they have a ladder that they listen by it? Then their listeners should bring a clear reason.
38:53  That no bearer bears burden of another,
38:54  And certainly a lasting punishment took them by early morning.
38:55  Then which of your Lord’s favors do you deny?
38:56  for associates of the right hand (the fortunate),
38:68  and in it you have whatever you choose?
38:69  So I swear by what you see
38:70  Does every one of them expect to enter a garden of delight?
38:74  Every person is pawned by what he has done,
38:75  then it became a (dangling, clinging, and leach like) blood clot, then He created and shaped (it),
38:77  This is the day of separation/decision, We assemble you and the earlier ones.
38:78  a day when the spirit and the angels stand in a row, they do not speak except anyone whom the beneficent permits and he says what is right.
38:79  and preferred this world's life
38:80  On that day (some) faces are bright,