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21:1  (The time) of the reckoning for the people is drawing closer: yet they take no heed and they turn away in a repulsive manner.
21:2  Whenever a new ‘Revelation’ comes to them from their Lord to admonish them, they listen to it yet playing,
21:3  Their hearts are preoccupied (with lusts). Those who are grossly unfair and morally wrong prefer to confer among themselves in secret. (They say): "Is this (Muhammad) not but a human being like you? Will you then yield to (his) sorcery while you are aware of (it)?”
21:4  Allâh inspired (‘Muhammad’) to say: "My Lord knows best every word (spoken) in the heavens and on the earth. He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing."
21:5  Nay, they say: "(The ‘Verses of the Qur’ān’ are no more than) muddled dreams! Nay, He has mythologized it! Nay, he is a poet! So let him come to us with a (miraculous) sign such as the former (prophets) were sent (with).”
21:6  Not a single township that We utterly destroyed adhered to monotheism before them, would they then profess a belief (in the existence of one god)?
21:7  We sent not (as ‘Messengers’) before you other than men, whom We inspired. So, (O’ people), ask those who follow the ‘Scriptures’ if you do not know?
21:8  Nor did We give them bodies not needing food so that they might not need to eat like others; nor were they immortals.
21:9  Then we fulfilled Our Promise to them: We saved them and all whom We willed, and We annihilated the prodigals.
21:10  Verily We send down to you, ( O’ Quraysh Tribe of Mecca), a (Glorious) Book which contains all your good remembrance. Do you not possess self- awareness that allows you to understand?
21:11  How many a township (whose inhabitants) were grossly unfair and morally wrong We did annihilate, and then We raised up after them another people!
21:12  So when they felt Our Mighty Power (i.e. the chastisement) coming, they at once tried hard to flee from it.
21:13  (But it was said unto them): "Try not to flee, but return to that wherein you lived a luxurious life, to your homes, so that you may be questioned."
21:14  They cried: "Woe unto us! Absolutely, we were grossly unfair and morally wrong."
21:15  That cry of theirs ceased not until We mowed them down, leaving them silent and still.
21:16  We created not the heavens, the earth and all that is between them for fun.
21:17  If We had intended to find a pastime, We could definitely have taken it from Ourselves, if We were to do so!
21:18  Nay, We hurl the truth against falsehood, so it puts an end to its existence. Thus, it vanishes completely. Woe unto you for all the falsehood you ascribe (to Allâh).
21:19  Unto Him belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and on the earth. Those who are with Him (i.e. the angels) are not too proud to worship ( & venerate) Him, neither do they become weary.
21:20  They celebrate His praises and declare His infinite glory night and day, never , nor do they ever show signs of fatigue or lose enthusiasm.
21:21  What! Have they taken gods from the earth (in belief that) they are capable of giving life to the dead?
21:22  If there had been there ( in the heavens or on the earth) gods beside Allâh, then definitely both would have fallen into ruin. So exalted is Allâh, the Lord of the (Glorious) Throne. (Supreme is He) above all that which they ascribe (to Him)!
21:23  He cannot be brought to account for whatever He does, while they will be brought to account for (whatever they do).
21:24  What! Have they taken gods besides Him? Say, (O’ Muhammad): "Bring your proof. This (Glorious ‘Qur’ān’) is Remembrance of those with me, and the Remembrance of those before me." But most of them do not posses enough knowledge of the Truth, thus, they turn away in a repulsive manner.
21:25  We sent no Messenger before you but We inspired him, (saying): "There is no god but Me, so worship ( & venerate) Me.
21:26  Yet some say: "The Most Beneficent (Allâh) has taken to Himself a child." Glory be to Him! Nay, those are but honorable servants.
21:27  They speak only what He permits them to speak, and they act according to His Command.
21:28  He has full knowledge of whatever is before them and whatever is behind them. They cannot intercede except for the one whom He approves, and they themselves tremble in awe of His (Greatness).
21:29  If it should happen that any of them claimed to be a god beside Him, then We would definitely chastise him with ‘Gehenna’. Lo! This is how We do chastise the ones who are grossly unfair and morally wrong.
21:30  Do not those who excessively indulge in disbelief (in Allâh) see that the heavens and the earth were at first one piece? Thus, We parted them as separate entities. And We have made every living thing from water. Then will they not profess a belief (in the existence of one God)
21:31  We have set up firm hills on the earth lest it should quake with them. And We have made therein wide ways so that they might follow the right direction.
21:32  We have established the heavens as a roof, safe and well protected. Yet they pay no attention to its signs.
21:33  He is the One Who created the night and day, the sun and the moon; each floating in its own orbit.
21:34  We never granted immortality to any human being before you, (O’ ‘Muhammad’); so if you die, will they live forever?
21:35  Every ‘Human Self’ is bound to taste death, and We put you to test through hardship and prosperity (in order to identify you). Consequently, unto Us, you are (destined) to be brought back.
21:36  When those who oppose monotheism see you, they treat you not except with ridicule, (saying): "Is this the one who talks (awfully) about your gods?" Yet they, at the mention the Most Beneficent (Allâh), are tempted to disbelieve.
21:37  Man by his nature is impatient. I will soon show you My Signs (of power & glory), so ask Me not to hasten them.
21:38  They say: "When will this promise (occur), if you are truthful?"
21:39  If those who persist in disbelief (in Allâh) but knew the time when they will be incapable of averting the fire from their faces, nor from their backs, and they will not be helped!
21:40  Nay! It will come upon them unexpectedly, and then it will leave them totally flabbergasted. Eventually, they will not have the power to avert it.
21:41  Verily, (many) ‘Messengers’ were mocked before you, (O’ Muhammad), but the scoffers were encompassed by what they used to scoff.
21:42  Say: "Who can protect you from (the retribution of) the Most Beneficent (Allâh) during the night or during the day?" Nay, but they turn away from the remembrance of their Lord.
21:43  Or do they really have gods apart from Us to protect them? They (i.e. those mythological deities) are incapable of helping themselves; neither can they obtain any sort of protection from Us.
21:44  Nay, We give the enjoyment of this life to these men and to their forefathers, thus they have lived for a long time in comfort and safety. Do they not see that We progressively reduce the land (which in their control) from its outlying parts? So, can they really be the triumphant?
21:45  Say, (O’ Muhammad): "I warn you only by the (power of) revelation. But the deaf hear not the call when they are warned.
21:46  If it should happen that a (small) breath of the chastisement of your Lord touches them, they would definitely cry: "Woe unto us! Certainly we have been grossly unfair and morally wrong.”
21:47  We shall set up the scales of (the absolute) justice on the ‘Day of Resurrection’, so that none will be dealt unfairly in anything. Even though it be a deed so much as the weight of a grain of mustard seed, We will bring it forth to be weighed. Sufficient are We as Accountant.
21:48  Verily We gave ‘Moses’ and ‘Aaron’ the ‘Criterion’ (of right and wrong), a bright light and a reminder for the ‘Pious’ ( or for those who show honor and reverence for Allâh/ or for those who guard themselves against falling into sin and temptation)
21:49  They are the ones who fear their Lord unseen, and feel a great deal of apprehension about the Inevitable ‘Hour’ of (Reckoning).
21:50  This is very blessed 'Revealer of Truth' (-this ‘Qur'ān ’-) which We have sent down. Are they tempted then to deny it?
21:51  Verily We gave ‘Abraham’ high self-awareness, and We knew him fully well.
21:52  He said to his father and his people: "What are these sculptures, unto which you are devoting?"
21:53  They said: "We found our fathers worshiping (& venerating) them."
21:54  He said: "Verily you and your fathers have been in a very distinguishable delusion."
21:55  They asked: "Is it the truth that you are telling us, or are you one of those who likes to fool around?"
21:56  He replied: "Nay, your Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth, who originated them. And I am of those who bear witness to this.
21:57  By Allâh, I will definitely set up a plan against your idols after you have gone away turning your backs."
21:58  Thus, he broke all of them into pieces, except the biggest one of them, so that they might be able turn back to it.
21:59  They asked: "Who has done this to our deities? For sure, he is one of those who are grossly unfair and morally wrong.”
21:60  Some said: "We heard a young man, who is called ‘Abraham’, make mention of them.
21:61  They yelled: "Then bring him before the eyes of the people, in order that they may bear witness against him!"
21:62  They asked him: "Are you the one who has done this to our deities, O’ ‘Abraham’?”
21:63  He replied: "Rather, this one - the biggest of them- did it, so ask them, if they are able to speak."
21:64  Then they turned to themselves and said: "Surely you yourselves are the iniquitous.”
21:65  With their heads cast down, they said: "You know very well that these (images) do not speak."
21:66  ‘Abraham’ said: "Do you then worship (& venerate) besides Allâh, things that can neither benefit you, nor harm you?”
21:67  "Fie upon you, and upon that which you worship (& venerate) besides Allâh! Are you unable to understand and distinguish the truth from falsehood?”
21:68  They yelled: "Burn him and support your deities, if you really intend to do something!"
21:69  We said: "O fire, be cool and peaceful for ‘Abraham’!"
21:70  Thus, they intended to do evil against him, but We made them the biggest losers.
21:71  We saved him and Lot, (guiding them) to the land (Syria & Palestine) which We have blessed among all the worlds.
21:72  We bestowed upon him ‘Isaac’, and ‘Jacob’ as a grandson. Each of them We made righteous.
21:73  We made them (spiritual) leaders, guiding the people (into all the truth) by Our Command. And We revealed to them the doing of good deeds, to establish the Prayer and to pay Zakāt (the Prescribed Purifying Alms), and they were devoted worshipers of Us (alone).
21:74  Unto ‘Lot’, We gave the authority of moral judgments and (divine) knowledge. And We saved him from the people of township, who used to commit abominations. Indeed, they were evil people who got involved in real debauchery.
21:75  We admitted him into our mercy; obviously he was one of the righteous.
21:76  (Mention) ‘Noah’, when he cried aforetime, so We answered him, and saved him and his family from the great distress.
21:77  Eventually, We helped him against the people who denied Our revelations. Indeed, they were a people of evil, so We drowned them, all together.
21:78  (Mention) ‘David’ and ‘Solomon’, when they judged concerning the field in which the sheep of certain people had strayed and browsed therein by night; and We were witnesses to their judgment.
21:79  We made ‘Solomon’ understand the case more clearly. And unto each of them, We gave the authority of moral judgments and (divine) knowledge. We subjected the mountains, as well as the birds, to glorify (Allâh) and to hymn (His) praise along with ‘David’. Only We could do all that.
21:80  We taught him the art of making coats of mail so that these would fortify you from the violence of war. Thus, are you going to be grateful (to Allâh for His gifts)?
21:81  To ‘Solomon’, (We subjected) the wind, strongly blowing, running by his command towards the land which We had blessed. We were fully aware of everything.
21:82  And of the jinn and devils were some who used to dive for him ( to extract precious stones from the sea) and preform other works besides, and We kept guard over them.
21:83  (Mention) ‘Job’, when he cried unto his Lord, (saying): "Verily, adversity has touched me, and you are the Most Merciful of all those who show mercy."
21:84  Thus We answered his call, removed what afflicted him of adversity, and restored his family for him and the like thereof with them as a mercy from Our Own Selves and a reminder for the devoted worshippers (of Allâh).
21:85  (Mention) ‘Ishmael’, ‘Idrīs’ (Enoch) and ‘Dhū’l-Kifl’, all were men of great endurance and patience.
21:86  We admitted them into Our Mercy. Surely they were of the righteous.
21:87  (Mention) Dhū’l-Nūn, (‘Jonah’), when he departed in anger and thought that We had no power over him. But eventually he called out in (the depths of) darkness (saying): “There is no God but You, glory be to You! Certainly I am one of those who are grossly unfair and morally wrong.”
21:88  Thus We answered his call, and saved him from the tribulation. Lo! This is how We save the Monotheistic Believers (of unfeigned faith ).
21:89  (Mention) ‘Zachariah’, when he cried unto his Lord: "O’ My Lord! Leave me not alone (without children)! You are the Best of the inheritors."
21:90  Thus, We answered his call, gave him ‘John’ and healed his wife for him. Indeed, they used to hasten to do righteous good deeds, used to implore and pray unto Us in time of joy and fear, and used to humble themselves before Us.
21:91  (Mention) that (virtuous) woman who guarded her chastity (‘Mary’). We breathed into her out of Our Spirit, and made her and her son a sign (of Our power and glory) for all the worlds.
21:92  Verily, this Monotheistic Faith of the Prophets is one Faith, and I am your Lord, so worship (& venerate) Me Alone.
21:93  However, they have broken up and divide themselves into different sects. Eventually, they are all bound to return unto Us.
21:94  Thus, whosoever does righteous good deeds while he is a monotheist, his efforts will not be rejected. Surely! We record it in his book (of deeds).
21:95  It is forbidden to (the inhabitants of) township which We had destroyed to return to this worldly life again.
21:96  Eventually the day will come when ‘Gog and Magog’ will be let loose. And they will slide down out of every slope.
21:97  The true promise (‘Judgment Day’) is coming closer. And then all of a sudden the eyes of those who persist in disbelief ( in Allâh) will be staring in horror fixedly, (while they yell ): "Woe unto us! We were indeed inattentive to this. Lo! We have been grossly unfair and morally wrong.”
21:98  Surely, you and what you worship (& venerate) besides Allâh are but firewood for ‘Gehenna’. Thereto you will come.
21:99  If those (mythological deities) had truly been gods, they would not have come to it. Every one of them will abide therein.
21:100  For them therein is a heavy breathing moaning and therein they hear not.
21:101  However, as for those , for whom the decree of the best reward has already preceded from Us, will be kept away from it (‘Gehenna’).
21:102  They will not hear the sizzling (of the ‘Hellfire’) thereof, and they will abide in that which their souls desire.
21:103  The greatest terror will not grieve them, and the angels will receive them (saying): "This is your Day which you were promised."
21:104  On that day, we will roll up the heavens like a scroll rolled up for books, as We began the first creation, then We will repeat it. (It is) a promise (binding) upon Us. Lo! We are going to do that.
21:105  We wrote in the ‘Psalms’ after the reminder that My righteous worshipers will inherit the earth.
21:106  Indeed, in this (‘Qur'ān’) there is a plain statement for people who worship Allâh.
21:107  We haven't sent you but as a mercy to the worlds.
21:108  Say, (O’ Muhammad): "It is revealed unto me that your God is only one God (Allâh). Will you then accept to submit (yourselves entirely to the authority of Allâh) and follow the upright faith?”
21:109  But if it happens they turn back, say unto them: "I have conveyed to you all that I must convey, and warned you all alike. I know not whether that which you are promised is near or far.
21:110  He is fully aware of what is spoken openly; and He is fully aware of what you conceal.
21:111  I know not if this may be a trial for you or an enjoyment for a while.”
21:112  He said: "My Lord! Judge (between the polytheists and me) with truth. Our Lord is the Most Beneficent, Whose help is ever sought against all that you falsely ascribe (to Him)."