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21:1  Has come quite near for mankind, (the time for) their (final) Accountability, while they are those who avoid (Al-Kitab) in heedlessness
21:2  There comes not to them from Zikr from their Nourisher-Sustainer afresh, but they listened to it (without attention) while they play (and keep involved in non-serious matters)
21:3  Their hearts (are such) that stay in heedlessness. Those who transgressed concealed their secret discussion (when they said): “What is this (one), except a human like you? Will you then approach magic (through this sorcerer) while you do see (its ‘dangerous’ effects on those who give sincere attention to him)?
21:4  He said: “My Nourisher-Sustainer knows (each and every) statement (spoken) in the heavens and the earth. And He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower.
21:5  Nay, they said (regarding the original Divine Book Revealed afresh): “Disturbing thoughts, wild imaginations! Nay, rather he has forged it! Nay, he is a poet! Let him come to us with a credential, the way the previous (Prophets) were sent.”
21:6  Not one of the towns Believed before them which We destroyed. Will they then Believe
21:7  And We sent not before you but male-adults whom We send Revelation. So ask the possessors of Az-Zikr if you are (such, that) you do not know
21:8  And We did not allot them bodies that do not eat food and they did not become those who live alive permanently (and could be called immortals)
21:9  Then We fulfilled to them the promise, so We saved them and those whom We think proper and We destroyed Al-Musrefun
21:10  Verily, indeed, We have sent down to you people Kitab (Book), therein is Zikrukum (A Message unto you people); will you then not use intellect
21:11  And how many a town We destroyed that were transgressors, and We raised up after them a nation of another people
21:12  So as (and) when they perceived Our torment, behold: they (attempt to) flee from it
21:13  Flee not! And return back to that wherein you lived a luxurious life and to your residences, in order that you may be questioned (at the time of destruction. Angels of death would put you to some questions when they take away life from your bodies)
21:14  They said (to the angels of death): “Woe to us! Certainly, we have been Zalimun.
21:15  And that cry of theirs ceased not, till We made them as (a field) mowed down, reduced to ashes
21:16  And We created not the heaven and the earth, and what is between the two, as those involved in play and sport
21:17  Had We intended to find (a pasttime in) jest and sport, We would surely have found it in what is with Us if We happened to be (out of) those who do (such an act)
21:18  Nay! We do target-shooting with the help of Al-Haqq (‘The Truth’) on the falsehood, so it knocks down its brain, so instantly it is one that vanishes. And woe to you for that you invent (as forgery and lies)
21:19  And to Him belongs whoever is in the heavens and the earth. And those who are near Him (i.e., the angels), do not show arrogance against paying obedience to Him and they do not indicate tiredness
21:20  They glorify (Him) night and day (and) they never slacken
21:21  Or have the people picked up gods from the earth? Will they raise (the dead)
21:22  If there had been in these two (i.e., in the heavens and the earth) gods except Allah, surely both would have been under lawlessness and disruption. So, Allah be Glorified, the Nourisher-Sustainer of the Throne, above what they falsely attribute (to His Dominion)
21:23  He is not put to question regarding what He does but they would be questioned (about their deeds)
21:24  Have the people picked up gods besides Him? Say: “Bring forth your Burhan (‘The Criterion’ through which you filter your beliefs, concepts and deeds). This (which we possess as Burhan or Al-Kitab or Al-Qur’an) is (Allah’s) Zikr (‘Message’) for those with me and a Zikr (‘Message’) for those before me.” Nay! The majority of them know not Al-Haqq (‘The Truth’), so they show aversion (against Allah’s Scripture)
21:25  And We did not send before you any Messenger but We inspire to him that it (is a fact that) La-ilaha-illa-Ana, so pay obedience to Me (Alone)
21:26  And people said: 'Ar-Rahman has begotten a son’. Glory to Him. Nay! (They whom they regard as a son to Allah are) Ibad who have been bestowed honour (from Him)
21:27  They never override Him by uttering a statement (of their own), and they perform deeds under His Ordainment
21:28  He knows what is between their hands and what is behind them (which they will do) and those allowed to intercede shall intercede not except for whom He agreed. And they are those who stand in awe for fear of Him
21:29  And whosoever of them will say: 'Verily, I am an ilah besides Him,' so such (a one) We give Hell in reward. Thus We recompense the transgressors
21:30  Have not those who have disbelieved realised that the heavens and the earth were both joined together (as one mass), then We separated the two? And We have made from water every living thing. Will they not then Believe
21:31  And We have placed on the earth firm mountains lest it should shake with them; and We placed therein wide pathways, in order that they may find the route
21:32  And We have made the heaven a roof, well protected. And they, regarding its signs are such as pay no heed (to any pointers)
21:33  And He it is Who created the night and the day; and the sun and the moon. All (these) move swiftly in an orbit (in space
21:34  And We did not grant for a human being before you immortality. What then, if you died? Would they be those who continue to live
21:35  Every Nafs is one that tastes death. And We test you in evil (conditions) as well as in good (atmosphere) as a trial. And to Us you would be made to return
21:36  And when those who have disbelieved saw you, they do not behave with you except in jest and mockery (saying): 'Is this the one who discusses your gods?' And they at the mention of Ar-Rahman, behave as if they are those who do not Believ
21:37  Human being has been created of haste (i.e., haste is enshrined in human-nature). Soon, I will show you people My Signs. So do not make haste with M
21:38  And they say: “When this Promise (will occur as an Event), if you are truthful.?
21:39  If those who have disbelieved know when they will not ward off the Fire from their faces, and nor from their backs, and neither they will be given any assistance
21:40  Nay, (the Event) will come to them all of a sudden and it will perplex them, and they will have no power to avert it, and nor they would be sanctioned any respite
21:41  And surely, indeed, jest and mockery was done to the Messengers before you, but overwhelmed (as punishment), those who scoffed among them, that very one which they had been putting to ridicul
21:42  Say: “Who guards you in the night and the day from (the punishment of) Ar-Rahman? Nay! They, regarding Zikr (Message) of their Nourisher-Sustainer, (behave as) those who move away and do not come closer
21:43  Have they any gods besides Us who protect them? They have no capability (even) to help their ownselves; nor they are befriended (by any one) against Us
21:44  Nay, We gave (the luxuries of this life) to these people and their fathers till life grew long for them. Do they, then not see that We visit the land (and) We reduce it from its outlying borders (i.e., the border-conflicts which the disbelievers initiate result into the loss of areas under their control — when the Muslim military is victorious under the direct intervention of Allah)? Would they then be victors
21:45  Say: “Surely what (is a fact is that) I give you warning through al-Wahi (The Revelation).“ And the deaf hears not the call when, whatever, they are warned
21:46  And surely, if (even) a breath out of the torment of your Nourisher-Sustainer touched them, indeed they will cry out:'Woe unto us, certainly we have been transgressors.
21:47  And We shall set up Balances of justice (to weigh and measure the personalities) on the Day of Resurrection. Then no injustice would be done to any person in any form. And if there be the weight of a seed of mustard, We came forward with it (to count it as a weight in measure). And sufficient became We as Reckoners
21:48  And surely, indeed, We delivered Musa and Harun Al-Furqan and Zia and Zikr for Al-Muttaqun
21:49  those who are sincere to their Nourisher-Sustainer without physically seeing Him, and they are afraid and conscious of the Hour
21:50  And this is Zikrun Mubarakun which We have sent down. Will you people then be its deniers and rejectors
21:51  And surely, indeed, We granted to Ibrahim its understanding much before and We have remained about him Well-Acquainted
21:52  When he said to his father and his nation: “What are these carved statues, those to which you remain confined in devotion?”
21:53  The people said: “We found our fathers (and ancestors) as worshippers to them.”
21:54  (Ibrahim) said: “Surely, indeed, you people are: you as well as your fathers in manifest error.”
21:55  They said: “Have you come to us with Al-Haqq or you are out of those who jest and mock as sport?”
21:56  (Ibrahim) said: “Nay! Nourisher-Sustainer to you people is the Nourisher-Sustainer of the heavens and the earth — That One Who initiated them, and I am, over your this matter, out of those who are direct witnesses
21:57  And (I make) Allah as Witness. Surely, I shall plot a plan (for) your idols after when you have returned showing (your) backs (to me)." [This was a vague indication that the incident shall occur in the temple when a congregation is dispersed and people are returning with their backs towards the temple.]
21:58  So he (i.e., Ibrahim) made them into pieces except the Most High and Most Great to them so that they may turn to Him (Alone) in devotion
21:59  They said: “Who has done this with our aaliha (gods)? Certainly he must be out of the wrong-doers.”
21:60  (Some) people said: “We have heard a young man: he discussed them, and he is called Ibrahim.
21:61  People said: “So come with him (i.e., bring him) before the eyes of the people, so that they may testify.”
21:62  They said: “Are you — you have done this with our gods, O Ibrahim?”
21:63  (Ibrahim) said: “Nay, this Most High and Most Great of them has done it. Ask them (who are here with broken hands, broken legs and broken faces) if they used to talk (in the past as you claim)"
21:64  So they turned to themselves (for secret counselling), then said: “Surely, you! You yourself are the Zalimun (transgressors, wrong-doers).”
21:65  As an effect they were compelled to lower down their heads in humiliation (saying): “Surely, indeed, you (O Ibrahim) knew that these do not talk (either to us or to themselves).”
21:66  (Ibrahim) said: “Do you then worship besides Allah that which does not benefit you to any extent and does not harm you (in any way)
21:67  Fie upon you, and upon that which you worship besides Allah. Would you then not use your senses?”
21:68  (The aggressive and crude ones, becoming emotional and retributive) said: “Put him on fire, and provide help to your gods if you are those who can do (something).”
21:69  We (Allah) said: “O fire! Be you cool and safety over Ibrahim.
21:70  And they intended against him a plan but We made them the worst losers
21:71  And We rescued him and Lout to the land wherein We kept Our blessings for the worlds
21:72  And We bestowed upon him Ishaque and Yaqub as an additional (gift); and all (of them) We made righteous ones
21:73  And We appointed them A’imma (Imams), they guide with Our Command and We sent inspiration to them (enjoining) the doing of good acts and establishment of Salat and giving of Zakat. And they were obedients to Us
21:74  And (remember) Lout, We bestowed unto him Hukm and Ilm, and We saved him from the town which used to indulge in Al-Khabaith. Verily, they were a nation given to evil and composed of Fasiqun
21:75  And We admitted him to Our Mercy. Truly, he was of the righteous
21:76  And (remember) Nuh, when he cried (to Us) aforetime. So We gave him response and rescued him and his followers from a tremendous distress
21:77  And We helped him against the nation who denied Ayaatina. Verily, they were a nation given to evil. So We drowned them all (in the great deluge)
21:78  And (remember) Daud and Sulaiman when the two pronounce judgement in the case of the field when pastured therein the sheep of a nation and We were Witnesses to their judgment
21:79  So We made Sulaiman to fully understand this case. And to all We bestowed decisive power and knowledge. And We subjected the mountains alongwith Da‘ud: they glorify (Us) and (We subjected and controlled) the birds (likewise). And We were the doers (for such phenomenon)
21:80  And We taught him the industry of (military) uniforms (and war-apparels) for you people so that it may give you protection against your war. So are you grateful
21:81  And for Sulaiman (We subjected) the strongly raging wind — it runs under his command towards the land We bestowed Our Blessings therein. And We are, with all things, All-Awar
21:82  And of the Satans (from the jinns) are some who dive deep for him and do other work besides this, and We, to them, are Guarding Ones
21:83  And (remember) Ayyub when he invoked his Nourisher-Sustainer: “Verily, distress has seized me, and you are More Merciful of those who bestow Mercy.”
21:84  So We responded to him, and We removed the distress that was on him and We restored to him his family-members and his followers, and the like thereof with them as a mercy from Us and a reminder for the obedients
21:85  And (also remember) Ismaiel, and Idris and Dhul-Kifl, all are of those who observe patience
21:86  And We admitted them to Our Mercy. Verily, they are of the righteous
21:87  And (remember) Zun-Nun (Yunus) when he moved away (from his nation) as one who is in anger, and he felt sure that We shall never assess the situation against him (i.e., against his decision). So he cried out in the darknesses (of the mammal’s belly) that: “There is no god except You. Glorified be You! Truly, I have been of those who are wrong in decision.”
21:88  So We answered his call and We delivered him from the distress. And thus We rescue the Believers
21:89  And (remember) Zakariyya, when he invoked his Nourisher-Sustainer: "My Nourisher-Sustainer! Leave me not as one individual, though You are the Best of inheritors.”
21:90  So We answered his call and We sanctioned for him Yahya, and cured for him his marital partner. Verily, they used to hasten on in good commendable acts and they used to call on Us with hope and fear, and they used to be deeply sincere to Us
21:91  And (remember) that lady who guarded her sexual parts. So We breathed (introduced) into her out of Our Spirit and We made her and her son Aayatan-lil-Alamin (A Sign unto the worlds)
21:92  Verily, this community of you people (is but) one community, and I am Nourisher-Sustainer to you people, so pay obedience to Me
21:93  But the people divided their affair among themselves. All (would be) those who return to Us
21:94  So whoever does out of the righteous deeds and he is (also) a Believer — then there is no overloohead of state to his effort. And verily, We are acting as those Who record (the deeds) to his credit
21:95  And it is banned for a town which We have destroyed that they shall not return (to this world any more and would have no chance to repent to Us)
21:96  Until, when Yajuj (Gog) and Majuj (Magog) are let loose (from their barrier), and they swiftly assault from all the high points
21:97  The True Promise (about the Last and the Final Day) came very, very near. Then, behold! It — the fixedly staring eyes of those who disbelieved (and their comments): “Woe to us! We were indeed heedless of this. Nay, we were transgressors.”
21:98  Certainly! You (disbelievers) and that which you worship besides Allah (act as) fuel for Hell. You with respect to it are those who must enter (it)
21:99  Had these (whom you worship) been gods, they would not have entered it and all would be dwellers therein
21:100  For them therein is groaning, and they therein will not listen (other sounds of the inmates)
21:101  Surely, those for whom (a promise about) good in excellence has already gone forth from Us: they will be those who are kept far away from it
21:102  They shall not hear the slightest sound thereof; and they shall be dwellers in (an atmosphere) that their selves longed and desired
21:103  The greater disturbance-cum-terror will not disturb or terrorise them; and the angels will meet them (and greet them thus): “This is (now) your Day which you were promised.”
21:104  And the Day We roll up the heavens like the rolling up of a scroll of writings. As We initiated the first creation, (so) We shall repeat it — a promise, binding on Us. Certainly, We are Performers (for such miracles)
21:105  And surely, indeed We have written in Az-Zabur [‘The Sheet’ (of written guidance)] after variously explaining the message that My righteous Ibad shall inherit the land (in Paradise)
21:106  Verily, in this Al-Kitab is surely a penetrating message for a nation of the obedients
21:107  And We did not send you but as a mercy to the worlds
21:108  Say: “Surely what (is a fact is that) it is revealed to me that what (is a fact is that) your Ilah (God) is One Ilah. Will you then become Muslims?”
21:109  Then if they turned away, then say: “I have proclaimed (the Message) to you all alike; and I know not whether that which you are promised is near or far
21:110  Verily, He knows what is open in speech, and He knows that which you conceal
21:111  And I know not, perchance it may be a trial for you and an enjoyment for a while.”
21:112  He (i.e., the Messenger further) said, “My Nourisher-Sustainer! Judge on the basis of Al-Haqq (‘The Truth’). And our Nourisher-Sustainer is Ar-Rahman Whose help is to be sought against that which you assert.