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43:1  Ha, Meem
43:2  (Allah swears) by the clear lucid book
43:3  Indeed, We have revealed this Qur´an in the Arabic language, so you may understand
43:4  It certainly comes from the master book with Us, (the source of all revelations). It is really sublime and sensible
43:5  So then, should We pass you over and hold back this Qur´an, because you are a nation guilty of excess
43:6  Many a prophet did We send to the earlier generations
43:7  No prophet ever came whom they did not mock (and deride)
43:8  So We destroyed (those nations); they were stronger and more powerful than these present day unbelievers. The examples of the earlier generations have gone by
43:9  If you were to ask them, ´Who created the heavens and the earth?´, they would most certainly respond, "The most Powerful and the most Knowledgeable has created them!"
43:10  The One Who set up this earth as a cradle for you! (He, Who) cut paths in the earth for you, so you may find your way
43:11  The One Who sends rain down from the sky in measured amounts! With it, We resurrect the dead land. In that (exact) manner, you too would be made to rise (from the dead)
43:12  The One Who created everything in pairs! (The One Who) created the ships and the animals that you ride
43:13  So that you may remember the favors of your Lord, as you ride the animals on their backs. When you (get aboard a ship, or) mount the animals say, "Supreme is He Who tamed these for us. We could not (otherwise) have subdued them."
43:14  "And we are certainly going to return to our Lord!"
43:15  Yet, these people assign some of His servants to be a part of Him. Indeed, man is clearly ungrateful
43:16  Out of everything He created, did He really choose for Himself daughters, while He blessed you with sons
43:17  Although, when any of them is given the news (of the birth of a daughter), _ which he so readily associates with the most Merciful _ his face darkens with gloom, and he is filled with grief
43:18  (You associate with Allah) the offspring that is brought up adorned with jewelry, and cannot assert itself during (times of) conflict (and battle)
43:19  They depict the angels, who are the servants of Allah, as female beings. At the time of the creation of angels, were they present? Their statements are being written down and they shall be questioned
43:20  They say, "We would not be worshipping the angels, unless the most Merciful, (Allah), had so desired." Little do they know anything about that! They merely indulge in conjectures
43:21  Prior to this, had We (ever) revealed to them a book (as an authority), to which they cling so adamantly
43:22  No! Rather they say, "We found our parents adhering to a particular way (of life). And now we are following their footsteps."
43:23  Prior to you, the same thing happened to every single town where We sent a warner. The leaders, those living in ease and affluence, said the same thing, "We found our forefathers practicing a certain way (of life), and now we are emulating their example."
43:24  Every (prophet) asked, "What if I bring you the guidance that is better than (the customs and rites) you found your forefathers observing (so rigidly)?" They replied, "We reject what (you claim) has been revealed to you."
43:25  We exacted revenge from them. So observe, how (horrible) was the outcome for those who rejected
43:26  Remember, when Ibraheem said to his father and his people, "I am really fed up (and freed from the blame) of what you (continue to) worship,"
43:27  "Other than the One Who created me, and He will guide me for sure!"
43:28  And Ibraheem bequeathed the enduring words (of truth) to posterity; perhaps they would repent (and return to Allah)
43:29  In fact, I let these people and their forefathers enjoy (the pleasures of) life. Now the truth (this Qur´an) has come to them, as well as the messenger explaining (everything) clearly
43:30  When (the knowledge of) the absolute reality came to them, they said, "This is magic, and surely we refuse to believe it."
43:31  They ask, "Why is it that this Qur´an is not being revealed to one of the more prominent men of the two cities (Makkah And Taif)?"
43:32  Do they dispense the mercy of your Lord? We (alone) distribute among them the means of livelihood in the life of this world. We elevate the status of some of them over others. So that some of them may employ the services of others. (But) the blessings of your Lord are better than the wealth they amass
43:33  People might all turn into a single community (of disbelievers). Otherwise, We would have given all of them _ all those who refuse to believe in the most Merciful _ houses with the roofs made of silver, and silver stairway they could climb
43:34  (We would have given them) silver doors for their houses and thrones made of silver to recline on
43:35  And (exquisite) gold ornaments! But then, it would all be (just) a brief enjoyment of the life of this world. The afterlife with your Lord is (only) for those who (are righteous and) fear (Allah)
43:36  And We let the Shaitan become an intimate companion of anyone who remains unmindful of the remembrance of Rehman, (the most Merciful)
43:37  They turn people away from Allah, and yet they consider themselves the rightly guided
43:38  Until (finally), when one of them comes to Us, he will say (to the Shaitan, his companion in life), "Oh misery to me! I wish you and I were poles apart." What an evil despicable companion
43:39  You have committed (and wrought) evil; so today it will not benefit you (to know), that you (and your Shaitan) would be together, sharing the same punishment
43:40  (Oh Muhammad, SAW), can you then make the deaf hear (the message)? Or can you point the way to the blind? Or the one who is manifestly misguided and lost
43:41  Now, We will either take you away and then exact revenge from them
43:42  Or We would let you see that, with which We have threatened them. Of course, We have full (and unencumbered) control over them
43:43  Hold on fast to that which has been revealed to you. Of course, you are on the straight path
43:44  This Qur´an is indeed a reminder for you, and your people. Soon, all of you would be called to account for it
43:45  Ask the people, to whom We had sent Our messengers prior to you. Did We assign any god to be worshipped, other than the most Merciful (the ´Rehman´)
43:46  We had surely sent Musa with Our proofs towards the pharaoh and his chiefs. Musa said, "I am really a messenger of the Lord of the universe!"
43:47  As soon as Musa presented Our signs to them, they began to ridicule and mock them
43:48  We showed them many of Our signs, each greater than the last. Then, We grabbed them with a calamity. Perhaps they would turn back (to Us)
43:49  (Whenever a calamity struck them), they said to Musa, "Oh you magician! Since He has a pact with you, would you call your Lord (and seek relief) for us? (If you do), we would surely accept guidance."
43:50  But when We eased away the calamity, they quickly retracted and revoked (their pact)
43:51  The pharaoh proclaimed to his nation saying, "Oh my people! Does this land of Egypt not belong to me? And does this river (Nile) not flow under my domain? Do you not recognize (that)?"
43:52  "Am I not better than the one who is without honor and respect, and cannot articulate well?"
43:53  "Why was He not granted gold bracelets, (and other riches)? Why did angels not accompany him as associates?"
43:54  Thus, he prevailed upon his nation; they obeyed him (and disparaged Musa). They were indeed a sinful people
43:55  Finally, they provoked Our wrath and We took Our revenge. We drowned them all
43:56  We made their case a precedent, and a lesson for posterity
43:57  When (Jesus) the son of Mary (i.e. his fatherless birth) is quoted as an example, your people raise a hue and cry
43:58  They say, "Are our gods better or is he _ (Jesus)?" They raise such questions merely to argue and bicker. Indeed, they are a quarrelsome belligerent people
43:59  (Jesus, son of Mary) was nothing more than Our servant. We heaped Our favors upon him and We deemed him, (and his birth), to be an eye opener and a warning for the children of Israel
43:60  (We created Jesus without a father, and) if We want We can create from you _ (the human kind) _ a generation of angels to supplant and succeed you on earth
43:61  In fact he, (and his fatherless birth), is a sign _ a proof of the hour (of Judgment). Therefore, have no doubt and obey Me! That is the straight path
43:62  Make sure Shaitan does not alienate you (from Allah); he is really a professed enemy of yours
43:63  When Jesus brought the clear proofs (from Allah), he said, "I have come to you with wisdom (the prophethood); so I may sift and settle some of the issues about which you have discord and disagreements (amongst you). So fear Allah and follow me."
43:64  "Indeed! Allah is my Lord; and He is your Lord, too! So worship Him (exclusively). That is the straight path!"
43:65  Yet, the sects (of his followers) continued to defy and bicker among themselves. So misery and a painful punishment on the day (of Judgment) is for those who do evil
43:66  Are they waiting for the hour (of Judgment) to creep up on them suddenly, when they least expect it
43:67  Except the righteous ones, all friends on that day would become each other´s enemies
43:68  (Allah will say) "Oh my servants! Today you need not fear; and you need not grieve!"
43:69  "(Oh) those of you who had believed Our signs, and were obedient!"
43:70  "You and your wives may (now) enter paradise; (your reward there) will make you (rapturously) happy."
43:71  There, plates and glasses made of gold, (and containing delectable delights), would be passed around to them. Everything they find there would be to their heart´s desires, and which their eyes would relish. (They would be told), "You shall live here forever!"
43:72  "You have inherited this paradise by virtue of what you used to do."
43:73  (In paradise) there are plenty of (different kinds of) fruits for you to eat
43:74  And the criminal _ (the unbelievers), would surely be in the torment of hellfire, forever
43:75  Their suffering shall not be eased or allayed. There, they shall be depressed and desolate, (forever)
43:76  We were not unjust to them. Rather, they were themselves unjust (committing outrageous acts)
43:77  They will call out to (the keeper of hell), "Oh master, let your Lord finish us off!" And he will respond, "You shall definitely languish (in hell for ever)."
43:78  "We had surely brought you the absolute truth. But most of you loathe the truth!"
43:79  Did they hatch a plot (against the prophet)? Fine! We would put through Our own plan
43:80  Or do they fancy, that We failed to hear their covert and secret conversations? Of course not! Our angels who are with them are recording everything
43:81  Say, "If Rehman (the most Merciful) had a son, I would be the first to worship him."
43:82  Exalted is the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Lord of the (divine) throne. (He is) far above what they attribute to Him
43:83  So let them be lost in their nonsense notions, and their play and past times, till they confront their promised day (in the court of Allah)
43:84  He it is, Who is the (only) God in the heavens, and the God on earth. He is the Wisest and the all-Knowing
43:85  Blessed is He! To Him belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, and everything in between. The knowledge of the hour (of resurrection) rests with Him exclusively. To Him you shall all return
43:86  The beings they invoke beside Him, lack the ability to intercede (with Him). They can (only) testify regarding that which they know for a fact
43:87  Were you to ask them, as to who created them they would surely say, "Allah!" Why then are they being fooled
43:88  (Allah knows) the words of the prophet, "Oh Lord, these are the people who do not believe!"
43:89  (Oh prophet)! Bear with them and say, "Peace!" Very soon they will find out