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44:1  Ha, Meem
44:2  (Allah swears) by the clear lucid book
44:3  We have revealed this book on the night full of blessings. Indeed, We are placing (the human kind) on alert
44:4  On that night, all matters are decreed and decided with wisdom
44:5  (It is revealed) by Our command. Indeed, We have sent (this) message
44:6  A mercy from your Lord! He is indeed, the all-Hearing, the all-Knowing
44:7  If you want to be absolutely sure, (consider this): He is the Lord of the heavens and the earth and everything in between
44:8  There is no god but He, (the One Who) gives life and gives death. He is your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers and (your) ancient ancestors
44:9  Yet, (immersed) in doubt, they waste their time in pastimes
44:10  Watch out for the day when the sky would emit (vast volumes of) visible smoke
44:11  It would enshroud people. That is a painful punishment
44:12  (They would cry out). "Our Lord! Release us from the painful punishment. We would (now) definitely become the believers."
44:13  Why this change of heart? (Earlier) the messenger had come to them, and had explained matters to them clearly. (But they rejected him)
44:14  At that time, they turned away and said, "He is a lunatic being coached by others."
44:15  If We withdraw your suffering a little, you would revert to your evil ways
44:16  The day (of Judgment) is when We will strike that severe blow; We would exact a real revenge
44:17  Prior to them, We had certainly put the pharaoh and his people through a test; a noble messenger came to them
44:18  (He said), "Release the servants of Allah into my care. I am certainly the trustworthy messenger (sent) towards you."
44:19  "Do not exceed (the bounds), and do not deem yourselves exalted before Allah. In fact, I have brought you the clear proofs."
44:20  "I have sought refuge with my Lord, (Who is also) your Lord, should you stone me (to death)."
44:21  "If you refuse to believe, then stay away and leave me alone."
44:22  Musa called his Lord, "These people are indeed the defiant criminals!"
44:23  (Allah said), "Along with My servants, leave (the country) by night. You would surely be pursued."
44:24  "Leave the sea as it is _ (parted); their entire army shall drown."
44:25  (Pity)! Those who drowned left behind so many gardens and springs
44:26  Fields and magnificent palaces
44:27  (And the comfort and luxuries) _ the riches they used to relish
44:28  In this manner, We caused other nations to inherit (those riches)
44:29  And nobody _ neither the sky nor the earth _ shed any tears upon their demise; nor were they granted a respite
44:30  We certainly rescued the children of Israel from the abusive and humiliating tyranny
44:31  Of the pharaoh! Among those who exceeded the bounds and transgressed, he was indeed, one of the worst
44:32  Of course, We chose them purposely over all others
44:33  And We displayed to them Our signs. That was an obvious test for them
44:34  These people assert (so emphatically)
44:35  "Our death here in this life is it _ (the end), and there is nothing (beyond). We will not be resurrected."
44:36  "Bring our forefathers back (to life), if you are truthful!"
44:37  Are they better than the people of ´Tubbah´, or those before them? We destroyed them! All of them were really criminals
44:38  We did not create the heavens and the earth and everything else just as a pastime
44:39  We did not create the heavens and the earth except with a purpose _ (and for a specified time). But most of them (just) do not understand
44:40  The scheduled time for (the resurrection of) all of them together, is the day of decision
44:41  That day, nobody would lend a bit of support to his friend or kin. Nobody shall receive any help (at all)
44:42  Except the one, upon whom Allah bestows (special) mercy! He is the Mighty, the most Merciful
44:43  The tree of ´zaqum´
44:44  Shall be the food for the sinners
44:45  Like boiling oil, it shall burn the inside of their bellies
44:46  Just as boiling water scalds
44:47  (The command would be): grab him and drag him right into the thick of the blazing fire
44:48  Then pour (the steaming hot water) over his head. The (torture and) torment of the boiling water
44:49  Taste this! (Now), aren´t you the mighty and the noble
44:50  This is exactly what you used to doubt
44:51  The righteous would live in a peaceful place, (serene and) secure
44:52  Amidst gardens and springs
44:53  Dressed in lush luxurious brocade, they shall sit facing each other
44:54  Thus shall it be! And We shall wed them to the fair females with big beautiful eyes
44:55  In paradise, they shall ask for, (and get), all sorts of sumptuous delights; (they shall live) in peace (and bliss)
44:56  There, they shall never ever face death, other than their death in the previous life; and He will spare them the punishment of the hellfire
44:57  Courtesy of your Lord, a generous favor! That indeed is the supreme success, the greatest triumph
44:58  Certainly! We have rendered this Qur´an easy for your tongue. Perhaps they would heed its message
44:59  So wait a while; they too, are waiting