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42:1  Ha, Meem
42:2  Ain, Seen, Qaf
42:3  Thus, Allah the most Powerful and the Wisest, sent revelation to you as well as to those before you
42:4  Whatever is in the heavens and on earth belongs to Him; He is the most Eminent and the most Exalted
42:5  The heavens are on the verge of splitting apart. The angels chant the praises of their Lord; they pray and seek forgiveness for those (living) on earth. Isn´t it Allah (alone) Who is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful
42:6  Allah is the Guard (and the Warden) over those who accept others besides Him as protectors. You are in no way responsible for them
42:7  We revealed to you this Qur´an in the Arabic language, so you may alert the people of Makkah and the neighboring communities, so that you may warn them about the day of assembly. About that day there is no doubt! One group will be in paradise, and the other in the hellfire
42:8  Had Allah wanted, He could have created all of them as a single community. But He (selects and) admits to His mercy whomever He wants. The wrongdoers shall not have any protectors or helpers
42:9  Beside Him, have they accepted others as their Lord, although it is Allah (alone) Who is the Master? He gives life to the dead, and He is capable of doing everything
42:10  It is for Allah to (clarify and) resolve all matters concerning which you have differences (of opinion). Such is Allah, my Lord! In Him do I place my trust, to Him I turn (in repentance)
42:11  (He is) the Maker of the heavens and the earth! He created spouses for you from your own kind. He created the cattle in pairs, too. Thus, He (multiplies and) scatters you on the earth. He hears and observes everything
42:12  The keys to the (treasures of) heavens and the earth belong to Him. He expands the provisions _ or limits them _ for whomever He wants. For, He is really Aware (and Mindful) of every single thing
42:13  He enacted rules (and rites) for your religion which are the same (rules) as He decreed for (the messenger) Nooh. What We have revealed to you are the same commandments as We gave to (the messengers) Ibraheem, Musa and Jesus: (namely) to establish the faith and not (disunite and) splinter into sects. (Oh Muhammad, SAW), what you are calling them towards _ (the worship of the One true god, Allah) _ is too burdensome to bear for those accepting other gods beside Him. Allah selects whom He wants, and guides along His path the one who turns to Him (in repentance)
42:14  But they splintered into groups even though (divine) knowledge had already come to them, because they wished to (encroach upon and) violate each other´s rights. The matter between them would have been settled, had it not been for the fact that the verdict of your Lord is destined to occur at an appointed time. Indeed, about that, those inheriting the book are gravely in doubt
42:15  Such is the case! Therefore, (oh Muhammad, SAW), invite (towards His way), and just as you have been ordered, strictly adhere to it yourself. Do not (ever) follow their wishes and whims. Say, "I believe in the books Allah has revealed. My orders are to treat you fairly. Allah is my Lord and He is your Lord too. Our deeds are for us, and for you are yours! (Let there be) no argument between you and us. Allah will gather and summon us before Him. Towards Him is our return."
42:16  Some people _ (the unbelievers) _ argue about Allah with those who have heard and accepted His call. The arguments and contentions of such people are absurd according to Allah. His wrath will befall them. There exists a severe punishment for them
42:17  Allah it is, Who has revealed the Book with the truth and the balance (to weigh and check all your deeds for correctness). You just do not know! The hour (of Judgment) may be very close, right around the corner
42:18  Only the disbelievers (flippantly) ask for it _ (the hour of Judgment) _ to be hastened. The believers, however, are gravely concerned. They know it to be the absolute truth. Be sure! Those who waver and hesitate (and stay in doubt) about the hour have indeed strayed far away
42:19  Allah is Gracious to His servants. He supplies (ample) provisions to whom He wants; He is the Mighty and the Powerful
42:20  We multiply the benefits for those who want to reap the worth (of their deeds) in the afterlife. We grant the benefits in this world to those who seek the fruits of their labor, right here in this world. Then, in the afterlife they shall have nothing (left)
42:21  Do they have gods, the partners (of Allah), who enact the rites and rules of religion for them _ (rules) that are not approved by Allah? The verdict of Allah has been decreed; else their matter would certainly be brought to a close right away. For the evildoers there exists a painful punishment
42:22  (On that day), you will find the evildoers scared stiff of what they had committed (in this life); what they have committed would come crashing down on them. But those who believe and act righteously, would be in the gardens of paradise. With their Lord, they shall find everything their hearts desire. That, indeed is the greatest honor
42:23  That is the good news Allah has for His servants, those of them who believe and do the righteous deeds. Say, "For this (Qur´an,) I do not ask any compensation from you, except the kindness that kinship warrants." (Let) whoever earns good deeds (know that) We will increase the benefits (and the worth) of their good deeds. Of course, Allah is Forgiving; and He appreciates gratitude
42:24  Do they claim that he, (the messenger), has fabricated a lie about Allah? (Oh prophet)! If Allah wants, He can place a seal upon your heart! Allah wipes out the absurd, the false and futile; and He validates the truth with His words. Indeed, He is Aware of everything (including the unexpressed secrets) buried in the chest
42:25  He it is, Who (hears and) accepts His servants´ repentance. He overlooks and excuses (many of) your misdeeds; but He does know everything you do
42:26  He answers the prayers of those who believe and act righteously. In fact, by His grace He grants them far in excess (of what they seek). As for the unbelievers, theirs is the severe punishment
42:27  If Allah had provided abundance and wealth to (all) His servants, they would have become wanton and wayward! Instead, He grants what He wants in measured amounts. Indeed, He watches over His servants, and is well Aware
42:28  After people abandon and lose hope (about the rainfall), it is He Who sends rain and spreads His mercy around. Indeed, He is the Master worthy of all praise
42:29  Some of His signs: the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the life He has dispersed in the heavens and on earth. He is capable of bringing them all together, whenever He wants
42:30  Every calamity that afflicts you, is the result of what your own hands have wrought. (However), He overlooks and excuses many (of your misdeeds)
42:31  You cannot (expect to) escape and elude (Allah) on earth. Apart from Allah, you shall find no friend and no helper
42:32  And among His signs are (huge) ships, like mountains (floating) in the sea
42:33  If He wants, He can cause the winds to cease. The ships would then lie motionless on the surface of the sea. In fact, there are signs in that for every steadfast and grateful person
42:34  He can destroy (and drown) them as a result of their misdeeds, though he overlooks (and pardons) a lot
42:35  Let those who (refute and) dispute Our signs know that they have no refuge
42:36  You have really been granted (the bare essentials, and) the brief enjoyment in the life of this world. What exists with Allah is far superior, and better enduring. It exists for those who believe and place their trust in Allah
42:37  (It is for those) who stay clear away from the worst of sins and vile deeds; and when in rage, they (control their anger and) forgive
42:38  (It is for those) who respond to the call of their Lord and establish the ´salat´. They run their affairs by mutual consultation, and spend (for Our sake) out of what We have granted them
42:39  When oppressed and tyrannized, they rise up and retaliate
42:40  The recompense (or reprisal) against an evil deed is (allowed, but should be) a deed of the same kind (and no more). But the one who forgives and makes (overtures of) peace is better. His reward falls due on Allah. Of course, He does not like those who do wrong
42:41  Those who have been wronged may (choose to) exact revenge. They are not to be blamed or berated
42:42  Rather, blameworthy are those who oppress mankind and commit unjust and flagrant acts in this world. For such people there is a painful punishment
42:43  But, to bear patiently and forgive is indeed an (admirable) act of courage, and a virtue
42:44  The one whom Allah leads astray does not have, besides Him, any protection. When the evildoers see their punishment, you will find them wondering (aloud), "Is there now a possibility to return, (to rescind and recant)?"
42:45  There, you will find them placed before the hellfire, disgraced and demeaned. (Anxious and afraid), they would glance at it (nervously) from the edge of their eyes. At that time, the believers would say, "Indeed they are the losers! They have caused themselves, and their near ones, a great loss on the Day of Judgment." Beware! Only the evildoers will land into an everlasting torment
42:46  They shall have no friends to help them against Allah. There is no escape for the one whom Allah leads astray
42:47  Respond to the call of your Lord before the inevitable day comes to you from Allah. That day, you shall have no refuge! You will not be able to deny your doings, (or protest your punishment)
42:48  So, if they turn away (remember), We have not appointed you their keeper. Your duty is to convey (the message). Man rejoices when We let him taste (and enjoy) Our blessings, and becomes ungrateful when, as a result of his own doings, a distress afflicts him
42:49  The kingdom of the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah. He creates what He wants! He grants daughters to whom He wants, and He grants sons to whom He wants
42:50  Or, He may grant (to whom He wants) sons as well as daughters. And He may leave whomever He wants infertile and without a child. Indeed, He is Well-aware and Proficient
42:51  It is not seemly; Allah does not talk to a mortal (directly). He talks to a human (indirectly) from behind a screen, or sparks an inspiration in his mind. Or, He may send (an angel as) a messenger. With His permission, (the angel) conveys what Allah wills. Indeed, He is the most Eminent and the Wisest
42:52  Similarly, We sent a spirit _ (Angel Gibraeel) _ towards you by Our command. You knew nothing about the book, or the matters of faith. But We made this book a beacon of guidance. By it, We guide any of Our servants We want. Indeed, you are guiding them to the straight path
42:53  The path of Allah, to Whom belong everything in the heaven and on earth! Beware, all matters come before Allah (for decision)