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12:1  – Yusuf (Joseph)
12:2  Alif, Lam, Ra. These are the verses of The Obvious Book .
12:3  We have sent it down, an Arabic Quran, perhaps you may be reasoning.
12:4  We have storified upon you the best stories, with what We revealed to you this Quran. And you were before it, among the inattentive ones.
12:5  When Joseph said to his father, “O my father, I saw eleven planets, and the sun, and the moon; I saw them prostrating for me.”
12:6  He said, “O my son, do not storify, your vision upon your brothers, so they would plan for you, a plan. Surely Satan is for humans an obvious enemy.
12:7  And thus your Lord elects you, and will teach you from the narrations' interpretation, and will complete His graces upon you and upon Jacob’s folk, as He has completed it before upon your forefathers Abraham and Isaac. Surely Your Lord is Knowledgeable, Wise.
12:8  And already it was in Joseph and his brothers are verses for the questioners.
12:9  When they said, “Joseph and his brother are more beloved to our father than us, and we are a gang. Surely our father is in an obvious astray.
12:10  “Kill Joseph, or cast him out to a land, your father ‘s face will be alone for yours. and you will be after that a righteous kinfolk.”
12:11  Said a speaker among them, “Do not kill Joseph, and throw him into unseen parts of the well; some caravan may pick him up, if you were doing.”
12:12  They said, “O father, why do you not trust us upon Joseph, and we are advisors for him?”
12:13  “Send him with us tomorrow, to relish and play; and surely we are keepers for him.”
12:14  He said, “Surely it grieves me that you go with him away. And I fear the wolf eating him while you are inattentive about him.”
12:15  They said, “If the wolf ate him, and we are a gang, we would be losers then.”
12:16  And they came to their father at dinner time, crying.
12:17  They said, “O father, we went racing, and quit Joseph at our belongings; so, the wolf ate him. And you are not believing for us, even though we are truthful ones.”
12:18  And they brought on his shirt, with false blood. He said, “Nay, but your souls facilitated for you a command. So, a beautiful patience, and Allah is Al-Musta’an (The Helper) against what you are describing.”
12:19  And a caravan came, so they sent their water drawer. So, he lowered his bucket, and said, “Good tide. Here is a lad.” And they concealed him as merchandise. And Allah was with what they were working, Knowledgeable.
12:20  And they sold him for a cheap price, a few Dirhams, and they were for him among the abstaining ones.
12:21  And the one who purchased him from Egypt said to his woman, “Lionize his dwelling; perhaps he may benefit us, or we take him as a son.” And We thus enabled Joseph in the earth, and to teach him among the narrations’ interpretation. And Allah is an overcomer upon His command, but most of the people are not knowing.
12:22  And when he reached his strength, We gave him wisdom and knowledge. And We thus recompensed the benefactors.
12:23  And She who he was in her house seduced him about himself. And she shut the doors, and said, “My mine are yours, come on.” He said, “Allah is my incantation! Surely, he is my master. He lionized my dwelling. Surely the oppressors are not gaining.”
12:24  And she was interested in him, and he was interested in her, unless that he saw his Lord’s evidence. And thus, to divert the badness and the obscenity from him. Surely, He was from Our sincere slaves.
12:25  And they raced towards the door, and she tore his shirt from the back. And at the door, they found her master. She said, “What is the penalty for him who wanted badness with your family, except that he was imprisoned or a painful torment?”
12:26  He said, “She seduced me about myself.” And a witness from her family witnessed: “If his shirt is torn from the front: so, she truthed, and he is among the liars.
12:27  And if his shirt is torn from the back: so, she has lied, and he is among the truthful.”
12:28  So, when he saw that his shirt was torn from his back, he said, “This is from your plot. Surely, your plot is great.”
12:29  “Joseph, turn away about this. And you, (The woman) ask forgiveness for your misdeed; surely you were among the guilty ones.”
12:30  And women in the city said, “The Cherished Man’s woman is seducing her guy about himself. Already he was causing passion to her in love. Surely, we see her in obvious astray.”
12:31  So, when she heard with their guile, she sent to them, and prepared for them a cushion, and she gave each one among them a knife. And she said, “Exit out upon them.” So, when they saw him, they aggrandize him, and cut their hands. And they said, “Prevention for Allah, this is not a humankind, surely this is none except a noble angel.”
12:32  She said, “So, this is what you blamed me for. And I already seduced him about himself, so he holds firmly (Refuse). And if he does not do what I order him, he will be imprisoned, and will be from the subdued ones.”
12:33  He said, “My Lord, the prison is lover to me from what they call me to it. And unless You divert from me their plot, I would crave for them, and be among the ignorant ones.”
12:34  So, his Lord responded to him, and diverted their plot about him. Surely, He is Al-Sameiu (The Hearer), Al-Aalim (The Knower).
12:35  Then it seemed to them, after they had seen the verses, to imprison him till a while.
12:36  And two guys entered the prison with him. One of them said, “I see myself squeezing wine.” And the other said, “I see myself carrying bread above my head, among it the birds are eating. Inform us with its interpretation, we see you are among the benefactors.”
12:37  He said, “It does not come to you food, except I informed you about its interpretation before it comes to you. That is from what my Lord has taught me. I have quit a creed of a kinfolk who do not believe with Allah; and they are with the Hereafter infidels.”
12:38  “And I have followed a creed of my forefathers, Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob. It is not for us to associate anything with Allah. That is from Allah’s bounty upon us and upon the people, but most of the people are not thankful.
12:39  “O my two jail companions, are separate lords better, or Allah, Al-Wahid (The One), Al-Qahar (The Supreme)?”
12:40  “What you are worshiping, without Him, except names you have named them, you and your parents, for which Allah has not sent down among a Sultan. Surely the Judgment is not except for Allah. He has commanded that you are not worshiping except thee Him. That is The Valued Religion, but most people do not know.
12:41  “O my two jail companions! One of you watering his master a wine; while the other will be crucified, so the birds will eat from his head. The matter was decreed, which you were within it seeking its ruling.”
12:42  And he said to the one he assumed that would be saved among them, “Mention me at your lord.” So, Satan caused him to forget his master’s mentioning, so he tarried, within the jail for several lunar years.
12:43  And the king said, “I visualize seven fat cows being eaten by seven lean ones, and seven green spikes, and others dried up. O chieftains, seek for me, in my vision its ruling, if you are for the visions explaining.”
12:44  They said, “Jumbles of dreams, and we are not with the dreams interpretation, knowers.”
12:45  And the one who was saved among them said, and remembered after a time, “I will inform you of its interpretation, so send me out.”
12:46  “Joseph, O the truthful man, seek for us the ruling in seven fat cows being eaten by seven lean ones, and seven green spikes, and others dried up, perhaps that I may return to the people, perhaps that they may be knowing.”
12:47  He said, “You will be planting for seven consecutive lunar years. So, whatever you harvest, leave it in its spikes, except a little from what you are eating.”
12:48  Then after that seven, severe ones will come and will eat what you have forwarded for them, except a little from what you are fortifying.
12:49  Then after that comes a year in it the people will rescue, and in it they are juicing.
12:50  The king said, “Bring him to me.” So, when the messenger came to him, he said, “Go back to your lord, so ask him what the condition of the women is, who cut their hands; surely my Lord with their plot is Knowledgeable.”
12:51  He said, “What was your condition, when you seduced Joseph about himself?” They said, “Prevention for Allah! We did not know bad about him.” The Cherished Man’s woman said, “Now the right came out. It was I who seduced him, and he is among the truthful ones.”
12:52  “That is to let him know that I did not betray him with the unseen, and surely Allah does not guide the betrayers' plot.
12:53  “And I am not exonerating myself. Surely the soul commands with the badness, except whatever my Lord has mercified. Surely my Lord is Forgiver, Merciful.”
12:54  And the king said, “Bring him to me, and I will exclusivize him for myself.” So, when he spoke to him, he said, “Today you are with us an enabled, an honorable.”
12:55  He said, “Set me up on the earth’s treasures; I am a keeper and Knowledgeable.”
12:56  And thus We enabled Joseph in the earth, to settle from it wherever he willed. We inflict with Our mercy whoever We will, and We never waste the benefactors’ wage.
12:57  And the Hereafter wage is a goodness for those who believed and were showing piety.
12:58  And Joseph's brothers came, so they entered upon him. So, he recognized them, while they were denying him.
12:59  And when he equipped them with their equipment, he said, “Bring me with a brother of yours from your father. Haven't you seen that I fulfill the volume measure, and I am the best hostler?”
12:60  “So, if you do not bring with him to me, so there is no volume measure for you with me, nor you near me.”
12:61  They said, “We will seduce his father about him. And surely, we will do it.”
12:62  And he said for his guys, “Set up their goods in their saddlebags; perhaps they may recognize them if they return to their families, perhaps they may be returning.”
12:63  So when they returned to their father, they said, “O our father, was prevented from us, the volume measure, so send our brother with us, we will be getting measure. And surely, we are keepers for him.”
12:64  He said, “Shall I entrust you upon him, as I entrusted you with his brother before? So, Allah is the Best Keeper, and He is the most merciful of the merciful ones.”
12:65  And when they opened their baggage, they found that their goods were returned to them. They said, “O our father, we are not transgressing? Here are our goods, returned to us. And we will profit our family, and keep our brother, and increase an additional camel-measure. That is an easy measure.”
12:66  He said, “I will not send him with you, unless you bring me a charter from Allah that you will bring him back to me, unless you should be surrounded with you.” So, when they gave him their charter, he said, “Allah, about what we say is trustee.”
12:67  And he said, “O my sons, do not enter from one door, and enter from different doors. And I do not avail you from Allah in anything. Surely the judgment is except for Allah. On Him I rely, and on Him, so they will rely on the reliable ones.”
12:68  And when they entered from where their father had commanded them, it was not availed about them from Allah of a thing; except just a need in Jacob’s soul, which he accomplished. And surely, he was a knowledge’s possessor for what We taught him, but most of the people are not knowing.
12:69  And when they entered upon Joseph, he sheltered his brother to him, he said, “I am your brother; so, do not be sorrowful with what they were working.”
12:70  So, when he equipped them with their equipment, he set up the drinking-cup in his brother’s saddlebag. Then an announcer called out, “O animal-riders! you are thieves.”
12:71  They said, and they approached them, “What are you missing?”
12:72  They said, “We are missing the king’s cup. And whoever brings with it, will have a camel-measure; and I am with it a claimer.”
12:73  They said, “By Allah, you already know we did not come to spoil the earth, and we are not thieves.”
12:74  They said, “What shall be his penalty, if you are liars.?”
12:75  They said, “His penalty, whoever was found in his saddlebag: so, it will be his penalty. And thus, we penalize the oppressors.”
12:76  So he started with their bags, before his brother's bag. Then he extracted it out of his brother’s bag. And thus, We plan for Joseph; he could not take his brother in the king’s religion, unless that Allah willed. We elevate whoever We will have degrees; and above every knowledge possessor, a Knowledgeable.
12:77  They said, “If he steals, then already a brother for him has stolen before.” So, Joseph secreted it within himself, and did not appear it to them. He said, “You are in an evil position, and Allah is a knower with what you are describing.”
12:78  They said, “O The Cherished Man, he has a father, a very old man, so take one of us in his place. Surely, We see you among the benefactors.”
12:79  He said, “Incantation to Allah to take except the one whose we found our property with him; surely then we are oppressors.”
12:80  So, when they despaired from him, they secluded themselves in private consultation. Their eldest said, “Don’t you know that your father already took upon you a charter from Allah, and before you over neglected, in Joseph? So, I will not depart this land until my father permits me or judges Allah for me and He is the Best of Judges.”
12:81  “Return back to your father, so you say, ‘O our father, surely your son has stolen. And we did not witness except with what we know, and we were not keepers for the unseen.’”
12:82  “And ask the village which we were in, and the animal-riders in which we came within them. And surely, we are truthful.”
12:83  He said, “Nay, but your souls have facilitated a command for you. So, beautiful patience. Perhaps Allah will bring me with them altogether. He is Al-Aalim (The Knower), Al-Hakeem (The Wise).”
12:84  And he turned away from them, and said, “O my sorrow upon Joseph.” And his eyes whitened from the grieve, so he was a suppressor.
12:85  They said, “By Allah, you will be still remembering Joseph, until you are fatally ill, or be among the destroyed ones.”
12:86  He said, “I only complain of my suffering and my grief to Allah, and I know from Allah what you are not knowing.”
12:87  “O my sons, go then sense of Joseph and his brother, and do not despair from Allah's spirit. Surely none despairs from Allah's spirit except the infidel’s kinfolk.”
12:88  So, when they entered upon him, they said, “O The Cherished Man, the harm has touched us, and our family. And we have brought scant merchandise. So, fulfill for us the measure, and give alms upon us, surely Allah recompense the charitable ones.”
12:89  He said, “Were you knowing what you did with Joseph and his brother, when you were ignorant ones?”
12:90  They said, “Are you, yourself, Joseph?” He said, “I am Joseph, and this is my brother. Allah has conferred favors upon us. That whoever shows piety and be patient, so Allah never wastes the benefactors' wage.”
12:91  They said, “By Allah, Allah has already preferred you over us. And we were guilty ones.”
12:92  He said, “There is no reproach upon you Today. Allah forgives you. And He is the best merciful of the merciful ones.”
12:93  “Go with my shirt this, so throw it over my father’s face, he will come seeing. And bring to me your family altogether.”
12:94  And when the animal-riders dispatched, their father said, “I find Joseph’s smell, unless you would be disproving.”
12:95  They said, “By Allah, you are still in your old astray.”
12:96  So, when the preacher came, he threw it over his face, so he returned, seeing. He said, “Am I not saying to you that I know from Allah what you are not knowing?”
12:97  They said, “O our father, seek forgiveness for our misdeeds; we were guilty ones.”
12:98  He said, “I will ask my Lord to forgive you. He is Al- Ghafor (The Forgiver), Al-Raheem (The merciful to his creation and himself).”
12:99  So, when they entered upon Joseph, he sheltered his parents to him, and said, “Enter Egypt, if Allah will, safe.”
12:100  And he elevated his parents on the throne, and they fell down in prostration for him. He said, “O my father, this is the interpretation of my vision before. My Lord has already set it up true. He excelled to me, when He exited me out of prison, and brought by you from the Bedouins, after Satan had obsessed between me and my brothers. Surely My Lord is Kind for what He wills. He is Al-Aalim (The Knower), Al- Hakeem (The Wise).”
12:101  “My Lord, You already gave me, among the sovereignty, and taught me the narrations’ interpretations. Originator of the skies and the earth; You are my Guardian in the Dunya and the Hereafter, deceased me submitting (Muslim) and joined me with the righteous.”
12:102  That is from the unseen news, We reveal to you. You were not present with them when they put together their matter and they were guiling.
12:103  And not most of the people, even though you are eager, will be believers.
12:104  And you are not asking them for it, among wages. Surely it is not except a reminder to the worlds.
12:105  And how many among a verse in the skies and the earth, they are passing upon it, while they are averting about?
12:106  And most of them do not believe in Allah except while they are associating.
12:107  So have they secured that come to them over-covering from Allah’s torment, or the Hour will come to them unexpectedly, while they do not feel?
12:108  Say, “This is my pathway; I am calling to Allah, upon insight, I and whoever followed me. And glorified is Allah; and I am not among the polytheists.”
12:109  And We did not send before you except men, We revealed to them, among the villages’ inhabitants. So, have they not walked on the earth, so observe how it was a consequence to those before them? And the Hereafter Home is a goodness for those who show piety. So, will you not be reasoning?
12:110  Until, when the messengers have despaired, and thought that they were falsified already, our victory came to them. So, We save whoever We will, and Our adversity is not averted from the criminal kinfolk.
12:111  In their stories is already an admonition lesson for the mind’s possessors. It was not a slandered narration, but a confirmation of which is between its hands, and a detailing of everything, and a guidance, and a mercy for believing kinfolk.