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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad

Yusuf (Joseph)
as rendered by Bakhtiari Nejad
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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad rendition of Surah Joseph(Yusuf)
12:1 A.L.R. (Alif. Lam. Ra.) These are verses of the clear (and clarifying) book.
12:2 We sent it down, an Arabic Quran, so that you may understand.
12:3 We tell you the best stories in what We revealed to you in this Quran while you were of the negligent ones before it.
12:4 (Remember) when Joseph said to his father: my father, indeed I saw (in my dream) eleven stars and the sun and the moon, I saw them being humble before me.
12:5 He said: my son, do not tell your dream to your brothers, so they don't plan a plot against you, indeed Satan is human being’s obvious enemy.
12:6 And that is how your Master chooses you and teaches you the interpretation of events (and dreams) and completes His favor on you and the Jacob’s family as He previously completed it on your fathers Abraham and Isaac. Indeed your Master is knowledgeable and wise.
12:7 In (the story of) Joseph and his brothers there are definitely signs for those who ask.
12:8 (Remember) when they said: Joseph and his brother (Benjamin) are more loved by our father than us, although we are a bunch, our father is certainly in an obvious mistake.
12:9 Kill Joseph or throw him out to another land, then your father’s full attention will be yours, and you will be righteous people after that.
12:10 A speaker among them said: do not kill Joseph, but throw him down in the bottom of the well so some caravan picks him up if you are doers.
12:11 They said: our father, why do you not trust us with Joseph while we really wish him well.
12:12 Send him with us tomorrow to enjoy and play and we are certainly his guardians.
12:13 He said: indeed it saddens me if you take him away, and I am afraid that a wolf eats him while you are unaware of him.
12:14 They said: if a wolf eats him while we are a bunch, then indeed we are losers.
12:15 And when they took him away and they all agreed to put him in the bottom of the well, We revealed to him: (some day) you shall inform them of this affair of theirs while they would not realize.
12:16 And they came crying to their father in the evening.
12:17 They said: father, we went racing and we left Joseph with our things then the wolf ate him, and you do not believe us even though we are truthful.
12:18 And they brought his shirt with false blood on it. He said: no, but you let yourselves be seduced by a matter, so a nice patience (is necessary for me), and God is Whom to call for help about what you claim.
12:19 And a caravan came, then they sent their water carrier, and he let down his bucket (into the well). He said: good news, this is a boy. And they hid him as merchandise while God knew what they do.
12:20 And they sold him for a low price, a few coins, and they were indifferent about him.
12:21 And the one from Egypt who bought him told his wife: dignify his place of stay, perhaps he benefits us or we adopt him as a son. And that is how We established Joseph in the land and to teach him the interpretation of events (and dreams). God dominates over His affair, but most people do not know.
12:22 And when he reached his maturity, We gave him wisdom and knowledge, and that is how We reward the good doers.
12:23 And she, in whose house he was, wanted to seduce him (to lie with him), and she locked the doors and said: come here. He said: may God protect me, indeed He is my Master and He made my place good, indeed the wrongdoers do not succeed.
12:24 And she has certainly desired him, and he would have desired her if he had not seen his Master's proof. That is how We turn the badness and the indecency away from him. He was indeed one of Our devoted servants.
12:25 And they both raced to the door, and she tore his shirt from behind, and they found her husband at the door. She said: what is the punishment of anyone who wanted to abuse your wife except that he is imprisoned or a painful punishment?
12:26 He said: she wanted to seduce me (to lie with her). And a witness from her family testified: if his shirt is torn from the front, then she is telling the truth and he is a liar,
12:27 and if his shirt is torn from behind, then she is lying and he is truthful.
12:28 So when he saw that his shirt is torn from behind, he said (to her): indeed that is from your plot, indeed your plot is great.
12:29 Joseph, stay away from this. And you (my wife) ask forgiveness for your sin, for indeed you are of the sinners.
12:30 And women in the city said: wife of Aziz (the powerful one) wants to seduce her young slave, love has affected her, and indeed we see her in an obvious mistake.
12:31 So when she heard of their ploy, she sent for them and prepared a banquet for them, and gave everyone of them a knife and she said (to Joseph): come out before them. So when they saw him, they admired him and cut their hands (in amazement), and they said: God forbid, this is not a human being, this is not but a noble angel.
12:32 She said: this is the one whom you blamed me about him, and I certainly wanted to seduce him but he resisted, and if he does not do what I order him, he shall be imprisoned and he certainly becomes of the belittled ones.
12:33 He said: my Master, prison is more likeable to me than what they invite me to it, and if you do not turn their plot away from me, I may lean toward them and I would be one of the ignorant ones.
12:34 So his Master answered him and turned their plot away from him. He hears all and knows all.
12:35 So it seemed proper to them that they should imprison him for a while even after they saw the signs (of his innocence).
12:36 And two young men entered the prison with him. One of them said: I see myself pressing wine (in my dreams). The other one said: I see myself carrying bread over my head and the birds eating from it. Tell us its interpretation as we see you are of the good doers.
12:37 He said: food that you are provided with it does not come to you, unless I tell you of its interpretation before it comes to you. This is some of what my Master taught me. I left faith of people who do not believe in God and they disbelieve in the hereafter.
12:38 And I followed faith of my fathers, Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, it is not for us to associate anything (as partner) with God. This is from God’s grace to us and to the people, but most of the people do not thank.
12:39 My two prison mates, are several different masters better or the one dominant God?
12:40 Other than Him, you only serve names which you and your fathers named (and made up) which God did not send down any reason for it. The rule only belongs to God. He ordered that you do not serve except Him. This is the lasting religion, but most of the people do not know.
12:41 My two prison mates, one of you will give wine to his master to drink, and the other will be crucified and the birds will eat from his head. The matter about which you both asked is decided.
12:42 And he said to the one that he thought will be saved from the two of them: mention me to your master. But Satan made him forget mentioning to his master, so he (Joseph) remained in prison for several years.
12:43 And the king said: I see (in my dreams) seven fat cows that seven skinny ones eat them, and seven green clusters (of grain) and (seven) others dry; counselors, explain to me about my dream if you interpret dreams.
12:44 They said: confused dreams and we do not know the interpretation of the (confused) dreams.
12:45 And the one who was saved, remembered (Joseph) after a while and said: I tell you its interpretation, so send me (to Joseph).
12:46 Joseph, the honest one, explain to us about seven fat cows that seven skinny ones eat them, and seven green clusters and (seven) others dry, so that I may return to the people so that they may know (its interpretation).
12:47 He said: you will cultivate seven years as usual, and whatever you harvest you leave it in its clusters (to be stored), except a little that you eat.
12:48 Then after that, seven hard years come, which you consume what you previously stored up for them, except a little that you save.
12:49 Then after that, a year comes in which the people will be showered (with plenty of rain) and in which they press (juices of grapes and others).
12:50 And the king said: bring him to me. Then when the messenger came to him, he said: return to your master and ask him what the case of the women who cut their hands is? Indeed my Master knows their plot.
12:51 He said (to the women): what was your business when you wanted to seduce Joseph? They said: God forbid, we do not know anything bad about him. The wife of the powerful one said: now the truth is cleared, I wanted to seduce him, and he is certainly truthful.
12:52 (And Joseph said:) this was for him to know that I did not betray him in his absence, and indeed God does not guide the plot of the betrayers,
12:53 And I do not acquit myself, indeed the soul orders to the badness except if my Master has mercy, indeed my Master is forgiving and merciful.
12:54 And the king said: bring him to me, I select him (to work) only for myself. So when he spoke to him, he said: as of today, you are respected and trustworthy with us.
12:55 He said: put me in charge of treasures of the land, I am a knowledgeable guardian.
12:56 And that is how We established Joseph in the land, to settle anywhere he wants in it. We give Our mercy to anyone We want, and We do not waste the reward of the good doers.
12:57 And the reward of the hereafter is certainly better for those who believed and used to control themselves.
12:58 And brothers of Joseph came and entered upon him (in the time of famine). So he recognized them while they did not recognize him.
12:59 And when he provided them with their provision, he said: bring me a brother you have from your father (your stepbrother), do you not see that I give full measure and I am the best host?
12:60 But if you do not bring him to me, then there is no measure (of grain) for you from me, and do not come near me.
12:61 They said: we are going to try to get him from his father, and we are certainly doers.
12:62 And he said to his servants: put their merchandise (and fund) in their saddlebags, so that they may recognize it when they go back to their family, so that they may return.
12:63 So when they returned to their father, they said: our father, the measure was forbidden to us, so send our brother with us that we get measure, and we are certainly his guardians.
12:64 He (Jacob) said: should I trust you with him as I trusted you with his brother (Joseph) in the past while God is the best guardian and He is the most merciful of the merciful ones?
12:65 And when they opened their goods, they found that their merchandise (and fund) was returned to them. They said: our father, what else we wish for, this is our merchandise that was returned to us, and we get supplies for our family, and we take care of our brother, and we get an additional measure of a camel’s load, this is a small (and easy) measure.
12:66 He (Jacob) said: I will never send him with you until you give me a commitment by God that you shall bring him (back) to me unless it is completely out of your control. So when they gave him their commitment, he said: God is trustee over what we say.
12:67 And he said: my sons, do not enter from one gate, but enter from different gates, I cannot be of any use to you at all against God, as the rule only belongs to God, I put my trust in Him, and those who trust should put their trust in Him.
12:68 And when they entered from where their father instructed them, it was of no use to them at all against God, but it was a requirement of Jacob himself which was carried out. And indeed he had knowledge because of what We taught him, but most people do not know.
12:69 And when they entered upon Joseph, he placed his brother next to himself and said: I am indeed your brother, so do not be sad by what they were doing.
12:70 And when he supplied them with their supplies, he placed the drinking cup in his brother's saddlebag, then a caller announced: you in the caravan, you are thieves.
12:71 They said while turning around to them: what do you miss?
12:72 They said: we miss king’s cup, and for anyone who brings it is a camel load (of supplies), and I am its guarantor.
12:73 They said: by God, you have certainly known that we did not come to commit corruption in the land, and we are not thieves.
12:74 They said: then what is its punishment, if you are liars?
12:75 They said: its punishment, for whomever that it is found in his saddlebag, is himself (becoming a slave) as punishment, that is how we punish the wrongdoers.
12:76 So he began with their sacks before his brother’s sack, then he brought it out of his brother’s sack. That is how We plotted for Joseph. He was not to take his brother according to the king’s law unless God wants. We raise ranks of anyone We want. And above all having knowledge is a (more) knowledgeable one.
12:77 They said: if he steals, a brother of his has also stolen in the past. But Joseph kept it in himself and did not disclose it to them. He said: you are in a bad position, and God knows better what you claim.
12:78 They said: the powerful one, indeed he has a very old father, so take one of us in his place, as indeed we see you are of the good doers.
12:79 He said: may God protect me that we take anyone except whom we found our property with him, for then we are indeed of the wrongdoers.
12:80 So when they lost hope of him, they had a private conversation. The oldest of them said: did you not know that your father has taken a commitment from you by God, and you failed about Joseph in the past? So I would never leave this land until my father permits me or God rules for me, and He is the best of the rulers (and judges).
12:81 Return to your father and say: our father, indeed your son stole, and we only testified to what we knew, and we could not guard against the unseen.
12:82 And ask (the people of) the town that we were in it, and the caravan that we returned in it, and we are certainly truthful.
12:83 He (Jacob) said: no, but you let yourselves be seduced by a matter, so a nice patience (is necessary for me), perhaps God brings them all to me, indeed He is the knowledgeable and the wise.
12:84 And he turned away from them and said: I am sorry about Joseph. And his eyes turned white (and blinded) from the sorrow, and he is a suppressor (of his sorrow and anger).
12:85 They said: by God, you will not stop remembering Joseph until you become sick or you are dead.
12:86 He said: I only complain to God about my pain and sorrow, and I know from God what you do not know.
12:87 My sons, go and look for Joseph and his brother, and do not lose hope of God’s kindness, indeed only the disbelieving people lose hope of God's kindness.
12:88 So when they entered upon him (Joseph), they said: powerful one, hard times happened to us and our family, and we brought little merchandise, but give us the full measure and be charitable to us, as God indeed rewards the charitable ones.
12:89 He said: do you know what you did with Joseph and his brother when you were ignorant?
12:90 They said: are you indeed Joseph? He said: I am Joseph and this is my brother, God has been gracious to us, indeed anyone who controls himself and perseveres then God does not waste reward of the good doers.
12:91 They said: by God, certainly God has preferred you over us and we were sinners.
12:92 He said: (there is) no blame on you today, God forgives you, and He is most merciful of the merciful ones.
12:93 Go with this shirt of mine, and throw it over my father’s face, he regains sight, and bring me all your family.
12:94 And when the caravan left, their father said: I certainly find smell of Joseph, if you don't think that I am senile.
12:95 They said: by God, indeed you are in your old mistake.
12:96 So when the giver of good news came, he threw it over his face and his sight returned. He said: did I not say to you indeed I know from God what you do not know?
12:97 They said: our father, ask forgiveness for us for our sins, as we were indeed sinners.
12:98 He said: I will ask forgiveness for you from my Master, He is indeed the forgiving, the merciful.
12:99 When they entered upon Joseph, he placed his parents next to him and said: God willing, enter Egypt safely.
12:100 And he raised his parent to the throne and they fell down before him humbly, and he said: my father, this is the interpretation of my dream in the past, my Master has made it true, and He has been good to me when He took me out of the prison and brought you from the desert after Satan set off enmity between me and my brothers, my Master is indeed nice to what He wants, indeed He is the knowledgeable and the wise.
12:101 My Master, you have given me some of the rule and taught me some of the interpretation of events (dreams). Creator of the skies and the earth, You are my protector in this life and the hereafter, make me die as a submitter and join me with the righteous.
12:102 This is from the stories of the unseen that We reveal to you, and you were not with them when they all agreed on their issue while they plot.
12:103 And most people do not believe, even though you are eager.
12:104 And you do not ask them for any wage for it. It (Quran) is only a reminder for humankind.
12:105 And how many a sign in the skies and the earth they pass by it and they turn away from it?
12:106 And most of them do not believe in God except while they are still associating (partners with Him).
12:107 Do they feel safe about an overwhelming God’s punishment coming to them, or the hour comes to them suddenly while they do not realize?
12:108 Say: this is my way, I and anyone who follows me invite (people) to God with insight, and glory to God (He is flawless), and I am not of the polytheists.
12:109 And We did not send (messengers) before you, except men from among the people of the towns whom We revealed to them. Did they not travel throughout the earth to see what the end of those before them was? And the home of the hereafter is certainly better for those who control themselves, do you not understand?
12:110 Until when the messengers lost hope and thought that they have been lied to, Our help came to them and anyone We want was saved. And Our punishment is not held back from the guilty people.
12:111 Certainly, there is a lesson in their stories for the people of understanding (reasonable people). It is not a saying that is made up, but a confirmation of that which is before it (in the Torah and the Gospel), and an explanation of everything (concerning religion) and a guide and a mercy for people who believe.


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