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11:2  When they are told: “Do not commit corruption on the earth,” they say: “We are only doing what is right.”
11:3  Like the case of Pharaoh’s people and those before them, that they denied Our signs, so God punished them for their sins. God is severe in punishment.
11:4  God instructs you regarding your children that: “For a male is the same portion as two females, and if they are all females and are more than two then they get two third of what he left, and if there is only one (daughter) then she gets half. And for his parents, for each one of them is one sixth of what he has left if he has a child, and if he does not have a child and his inheritors are (only) his parents then one third is for his mother, and if he has siblings then one sixth is for the mother, after fulfilling any will that he has instructed and paying off any debts. You do not know whether your parents or your children have more benefits for you. This is a mandate from God. God is knowledgeable and wise.
11:5  You who believe, remember God’s favor upon you when a group intended to stretch out their hands (to initiate an attack) against you, but He withheld their hands from you, and be cautious of God. And the believers should put their trust in God.
11:6  Say: “Travel throughout the earth and see what the end of the deniers was.”
11:7  And We have certainly created you, then formed you, then We said to the angels: “Be humble to Adam.” They all humbled except Iblis (Satan) who was not one of the humble ones.
11:8  And (remember) when He made you doze off as (a sign of) security from Him, and sent down rain from the sky to cleanse you with it, and to remove Satan’s filth from you, and to reinforce your hearts, and to firm up the footsteps with it.
11:9  If they repent and perform mandatory prayer and give to mandatory charity, then they are your brothers in the religion (way of life). And We explain the signs for people who know.
11:10  If God rushes to badness (and punishment) for people as they want to hurry for the good (things), their term would be complete (and they would be punished). So We leave those who do not expect to meet Us, blindly wandering in their rebellion.
11:11  Except those who persevered and did good, they have forgiveness and a great reward.
11:12  They said: “Our father, why do you not trust us with Joseph while we really wish him well?
11:13  For each (person) there are followers in front of him and behind him which observe him by God’s command. Indeed God does not change condition of any group until they change what is in themselves. And when God wants something bad for a group, there is no turning it away and they have no protector besides Him.
11:14  Their messengers told them: “We are only human beings like you, but God favors upon any one of His servants that He wants, and it is not for us to bring you a reason except with God’s permission, and believers should put their trust in God,
11:15  And no messenger came to them except they were ridiculing him.
11:16  He grows crops and olives and dates and grapes and all kinds of produce with it for you. Indeed there is a sign in that for people who think.
11:17  Human being prays for the bad as he prays for the good, for the human being is very hasty (and impulsive and rash).
11:18  And We sealed their ears (and made them sleep) in the cave for a number of years.
11:19  So he went out of the chamber (place of prayer) to his people, and revealed to them (by sign language) to glorify (God) morning and evening.
11:20  So when he came to it, he was called: “Moses,
11:21  And We crushed many towns that were wrongdoers and We gave rise to other people after them.
11:22  And some people serve God on edge (doubtfully), so if any good happens to him, he is content with it, and if misfortune happens to him, he turns on his face (returns to his old ways) losing the world and the Hereafter. That is the clear loss.
11:23  those who inherit the paradise remaining in there forever.
11:24  Those who brought the lie (and accusation) were a group of you. Do not think that it (the accusation) is bad for you, but it is good for you. For every one of them earned a share of the sin, and the one among them who had greatest (share) of it, will have a great punishment.
11:25  No, but they denied the Hour and We have prepared a burning fire for anyone who denies the Hour.
11:26  people of Pharaoh, (and ask) why are you not cautious (of God)?”
11:27  and neither is anyone who did wrong then he changed to goodness after badness, as indeed I am forgiving and merciful.
11:28  And she said to his sister: “Follow him.” So she watched him from a distance, while they did not realize.
11:29  And God certainly knows those who believe and He certainly knows the hypocrites.
11:30  God starts the creation then brings it back then you are returned to Him.
11:31  This is God’s creation, so show me what those besides Him have created. No, but the wrongdoers are in obvious error.
11:32  Say: “The angel of death, the one who is put in charge of you, makes you die, then you are returned to your Lord.”
11:33  It was then that the believers were tested, and they were shaken, a strong shake.
11:34  (Telling him”) “Make loose and long coats of armor, and measure the links accurately, and do good. Indeed I see whatever you do.”
11:35  And God created you from dust, then from fertilized egg (zygote), then He made you couples. And no female carries (and gets pregnant) and does not give birth without His knowledge. And anyone who is given life is not given a long life or his life is not shortened unless it is (recorded) in a book. Indeed that is easy for God.
11:36  You (can) only warn someone who follows the reminder (Quran) and secretly fears the beneficent, so give him good news of forgiveness and a noble reward.
11:37  So ask their opinion: “Are they a harder creation or those whom We created (such as angels and the universe)?” Indeed We created them from sticky clay.
11:38  They are an army of the parties defeated in there.
11:39  Say: “Indeed I am ordered to serve God, being sincere (and devoted) to Him in the way of life (religion),
11:40  They say: “Our Lord, You made us die twice and You gave us life twice, and we confess our sins, so is there a way out (of punishment)?”
11:41  Moreover, He turned to the sky while it was a smoke (cloud of gas), then He said to it and to the earth: “Come willingly or unwillingly.” They both said: “We come willingly.”
11:42  Creator of the skies and the earth, He made spouses for you from yourselves, as well as mates for livestock, by which He multiplies (and disperses) you in that. There is nothing like Him, and He hears all, sees all.
11:43  And the One Who sent down rain from the sky with (proper) measure, then We brought dead land back to life with it. That is how you are brought out.
11:44  covering people. This is a painful punishment.
11:45  This (Quran) is guidance, and those who disbelieve in their Lord’s signs will have a punishment of painful filth.
11:46  And those who disbelieve say to those who believe: “If it was good, no one would be ahead of us (in believing) in it.” And when they are not guided by it, they are going to say: “This is an old lie.”
11:47  That is because God is protector (and supporter) of those who believe while the disbelievers have no protector.
11:48  The desert Arabs who stayed behind are going to say to you: “Our possessions and our families kept us busy, so ask forgiveness for us.” They say with their tongues what is not in their hearts. Say: “Who has any power for you against God, if He wants any harm for you or He wants any benefit for you? But God is well informed of what you do.”
11:49  You who believe, people should not ridicule other people, as perhaps they may be better than them, and women should not (ridicule) other women, as perhaps they may be better than them, and do not criticize (and insult) each other, and do not call each other by (offensive) nicknames, it is bad (to call people by) immoral name after believing, and whoever does not repent then they are the wrongdoers.
11:50  as a provision for Our servants, and We gave life to a dead land with it. The coming out (of graves) is like that.
11:51  those who are neglectful in a flood (of ignorance).
11:52  woe to the deniers (of God and Resurrection day) on that day,
11:53  His (the prophet’s) heart/mind did not deny what he saw.
11:54  So We opened the gates of the sky with downpour of water.
11:55  in it there are fruits and date palms having coverings,
11:56  they are the close ones (to God),
11:57  And who is he that lends God a good loan (or offers God a good deed) so that He multiplies it for him, and there will be a noble (and generous) reward for him?
11:58  You who believe, when you are told to make room in the assemblies, then make room so that God makes room for you, and when it is said to get up, then get up. God raises ranks of those of you who believe and those who have been given knowledge. And God is well informed of what you do.
11:59  Have you not seen those hypocrites who say to their brothers who disbelieve among people of the book: “If you are driven out, we shall leave with you, and we would never obey anyone against you, and we shall help you if you are fought.” God testifies that they are certainly liars.
11:60  And if any of your wives goes away to the disbelievers (and disbelievers didn't pay you for what you had spent), then when your turn comes, give those (believing men) whose wives have gone away equal to what they had spent. And be cautious of God, the One Whom you believe in Him.
11:61  Believe in God and His messenger, and try hard in God's way with your possessions and lives. That is better for you if you knew.
11:62  And when they see a business or an amusement, they go away to it and leave you standing. Say: “What is with God is better than amusement and business, and God is the best of providers.”
11:63  And God will never postpone (death of) anyone when his time comes. God is well informed of what you do.
11:64  No tragedy happens except with God's permission (according to His laws). And anyone who believes in God, He guides his heart. And God knows everything.
11:65  A messenger who reads God's clear signs to you in order to bring out those who believe and do good from the darkness into the light. And anyone who believes and does good, He will admit him to gardens which rivers flow through them, remaining in there forever and ever. God has made good provision for him.
11:66  And God gave an example of those who believed, wife of Pharaoh, when she said: “My Lord, build me a house with you in the garden and save me from Pharaoh and his work and save me from the wrongdoing people.”
11:67  So they confess to their sin, so down with the inhabitants of the burning fire.
11:68  slandering, going around (spreading) malicious lies,
11:69  Indeed when the water rose up, We carried you on the sailing ship (the Ark).
11:70  (although) they are made to see them. The guilty wishes to redeem himself from the punishment of that day by (offering) his children
11:71  He sends plenty of rain on you from the sky,
11:72  And that some of us are the righteous and some of us are otherwise, we are (following) different ways.
11:73  And leave Me and the deniers who have the good life, and give them a little time.
11:74  Leave Me alone with whom I created
11:75  No way, there is no shelter.
11:76  So God protects them from badness of that day and gives them vitality and happiness.
11:77  and when the messengers' time is set (for testifying or for gathering),
11:78  And We made the day as a livelihood (to earn a living).
11:79  even when we are decomposed bones?”
11:80  No way, it (Quran) is a reminder,
11:81  and when the sky is removed
11:82  nobles writing down,
11:83  those who deny the Judgment Day.
11:84  then he will call for destruction (his own death)
11:85  Indeed those who believe and do good, for them are gardens which rivers flow through them. That is the great victory.
11:86  And by the sky that has the returning (rain clouds)
11:87  while the most miserable ones avoid it,
11:88  they do not hear any useless talk in there,
11:89  Those who rebelled in the lands
11:90  but he did not take/attempt the winding mountain road.
11:91  Thamud denied with their rebellion.
11:92  and his wealth will be of no use when he falls (dead).
11:93  And as for the favor of your Lord, speak of it.
11:96  Have you considered if he (the servant) is on the guidance
11:100  indeed their Lord is well aware of them on that day?
11:101  (It is) a scorching fire.