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5:1  O you who believe! Fulfil contracts. - Lawful for you is the beast of cattle, except what is here recited to you, not allowing you the chase while you are on pilgrimage; indeed, God judges what He will.
5:2  O you who believe! Do not profane God's monuments, nor the sacred month, nor the offering, nor its neck garlands, nor those who sojourn at the Sacred House, seeking grace from their Lord and His pleasure. But when you have quit your pilgrim sanctity, then chase; and do not let ill-will against the people who turned you from the Sacred Mosque make you definitely sin that you transgress; but help one another in righteousness and piety, and do not help one another to sin and enmity; but fear God, - indeed, God is severe in punishment.
5:3  Forbidden to you is that which dies of itself, and blood, and the flesh of swine, and that which is devoted to other than God, and the strangled and the knocked down, and that which falls down, and the gored, and what wild beasts have eaten - except what you slaughter in time - and what is sacrificed to idols, and dividing carcasses by arrows. That is disobedience. Today shall those who disbelieve in your religion despair; do not then fear them, but fear Me - Today I have perfected for you your religion, and I have fulfilled upon you My favour, and I am pleased for you to have the Submission for a religion. But whosoever is forced by hunger, not inclined wilfully to sin, then indeed, God is forgiving, compassionate.
5:4  They will ask you what is lawful for them? Say, 'Lawful for you are good things and what you have taught beasts of prey, training them like dogs; - you teach them as God taught you; - so eat of what they catch for you, and mention the name of God over it, and fear God, indeed, God is swift in the reckoning.'
5:5  Lawful for you today are good things, and the food of those to whom the Book has been given is lawful for you, and your food is lawful for them: and chaste women of those who believe, and chaste women of those to whom the Book has been given before you, - when you have given them their hire, living chastely and not fornicating, and not taking lovers. But whoever disbelieved in the faith, then surely his work is vain, and he shall be in the hereafter, of those who lose.
5:6  O you who believe! When you rise up to prayer, then wash your faces, and your hands as far as the elbows, and wipe your heads, and your feet to the ankles. And if you have had a seminal emission, then purify yourselves. But if you are sick, or on a journey, or if one of you comes from the toilet, or if you have touched women and cannot find water, then take fine surface sand and wipe your faces and your hands with it. God does not desire to make any straitness on you; but He desires to purify you and to fulfil His favour upon you; perhaps you may give thanks.
5:7  And remember the favours of God to you and His covenant which He covenanted with you, when you said, 'We hear and We obey;' And fear God, indeed, God is knower of what the breasts own.
5:8  O you who believe! Stand steadfast to God as witnesses with justice; and do not let ill-will towards people make you definitely sin by not acting with equity. Act with equity, that is nearer to piety, and fear God; indeed, God is aware of what you do.
5:9  God has promised to those who believe and do good works, that for them is pardon and a mighty reward.
5:10  But those who disbelieve and call Our signs lies, those are the fellows of Hell.
5:11  O you who believe! Remember God's favour towards you, when a people intended to stretch their hands against you, but He withheld their hands from you; and fear God; and upon God let the believers rely.
5:12  And certainly God made a covenant with the children of Israel, and We raised up among them twelve chieftains; and God said, 'Indeed, I am with you, if you are steadfast in prayer, and give alms, and believe in My messengers, and assist them, and lend to God a good loan; surely I will cover your evil deeds and make you enter gardens beneath which rivers flow; and whoever disbelieves after that among you, then surely He has erred from the level way.
5:13  And because of their breaking their covenant, We cursed them, and We placed in their hearts hardness. They perverted the words from their places, and forgot a portion of what they were reminded of; and you will not cease to discover treachery amongst them, except a few of them; but pardon them and overlook; indeed, God loves the good-doers.
5:14  And from those who say, 'Indeed, we are Christians,' We took their covenant; but they have forgotten a portion of what they were reminded of; therefore We have incited amongst them enmity and hatred till the Day of Resurrection; but soon God will tell them of what they have done.
5:15  O people of the Book! Surely Our messenger has come to you to explain to you much of what you had hidden of the Book, and to pardon much. Surely there has come to you from God a light, and a clear Book;
5:16  God guides with it those who follow His pleasure to the way of peace, and brings them out of the darkness into the light by His permission, and guides them to a straight path.
5:17  Certainly they disbelieve who say, 'Indeed, God is the Messiah son of Mary;' say, 'Then who has any hold on God, if He wished to destroy the Messiah son of Mary, and his mother, and those who are on earth altogether?' And God's is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and what is between both of them; He creates what He will, And God is powerful over everything.
5:18  And the Jews and the Christians say, 'We are the sons of God and His beloved.' Say, 'Why then does He punish you for your sins? Nay, you are mortals among those He has created. He forgives whom He wills, and punishes whom He wills; And God's is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, and what is between both of them, and to Him is the destination.
5:19  O people of the Book! Surely Our messenger has come to you, explaining to you the interval of messengers; lest you say, 'There came not to us a herald of glad tidings nor a warner.' But surely there has come to you now a herald of glad tidings and a warner, and God is powerful over everything.
5:20  And when Moses said to his people, 'O my people! Remember the favour of God upon you when He made amongst you prophets, and made you kings, and brought you what never was brought to anybody in the worlds.
5:21  O my people! Enter the Holy land which God has prescribed for you; and do not turn in flight, and retreat losers.'
5:22  They said, 'O Moses! Indeed, in it is a people, tyrants; and we will surely not enter it until they go out from it; but if they go out from it then certainly we will enter.'
5:23  Then said two men of those who fear, - God had been gracious to them both, - 'Enter upon them by the door, and when you have entered it, then indeed, you shall be victorious; and upon God rely, if you are believers.'
5:24  They said, 'O Moses! Indeed, we shall never enter it so long as they are in it; so go you and your Lord and fight; indeed, we will sit down here.'
5:25  He said, 'My Lord, indeed, I can control only myself and my brother; therefore part us from the disobedient people.'
5:26  He said, 'Then indeed, it is forbidden them; for forty years shall they wander about in the earth; so do not grieve for the disobedient people.'
5:27  And recite to them the story of two sons of Adam; in truth when they both offered a sacrifice and it was accepted from one of them, and was not accepted from the other, He said, 'I will surely kill you;'
5:28  He said, 'God only accepts from those who fear. If you stretch out to me your hand to kill me, I will not stretch out my hand to kill you; indeed I fear God the Lord of the worlds;
5:29  Indeed, I wish that you should be laden with my sin and your sin, and be of the fellows of the fire, for that is the reward of the unjust.'
5:30  But his soul allowed him to slay his brother, and he slew him, and became of the losers.
5:31  And God sent a crow to scratch in the earth to show him how he might hide his brother's shame, he said, 'O woe unto me! Am I unable to become like this crow and hide my brother's shame?' And he became of those who repented.
5:32  For that cause We have prescribed to the children of Israel that whoever kills a soul, unless it be for another soul or for violence in the land, then it is as though he had killed mankind altogether; but whoever saves one, it is as though he saved mankind altogether. And surely Our messengers came to them with the clear proofs; then, indeed, many of them after that are surely those who commit excesses in the earth.
5:33  The reward of those who make war against God and His messenger, and strive after violence in the earth, is only that they shall be slaughtered or crucified, or their hands cut off and their feet on alternate sides, or that they shall be banished from the land: - that is the disgrace for them in the world, and for them in the hereafter is a great punishment;
5:34  Except for those who repent before you have them in your power, then know that God is forgiving, compassionate.
5:35  O you who believe! Fear God and seek the means to approach Him, and be strenuous in His way, perhaps you will prosper.
5:36  Indeed, those who disbelieve, even though they had what is in the earth, all of it, and the like of it with it, to offer as a ransom from the punishment of the Day of Resurrection, it would not be accepted from them; but for them is painful punishment.
5:37  They may wish to go out from the fire, but they shall not go out from it, and for them is lasting punishment.
5:38  The man thief and the woman thief, then cut off their hands, a recompense for what they earned; a deterrent punishment from God, and God is mighty, wise.
5:39  But whoever turns in repentance after his injustice and acts aright, then indeed, God will relent toward him, indeed, God is forgiving, compassionate.
5:40  Do you not know that God, His is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth? He punishes whom He wills, and forgives whom He wills; and God is powerful over everything.
5:41  O messenger! Let not those grieve you who hasten in disbelief; of those who say with their mouths 'We believe,' But their hearts do not believe; and of those who are Jews, listeners to a lie, - listeners to other people, but who do not come to you. They pervert the words from their places: they say, 'If this is what you are given, take it; but if you are not given it, then beware.' but he whom God wishes to mislead, you can do nothing with God for him; those are the ones whose hearts God wishes not to purify, for them in this world is disgrace, and for them in the hereafter is great punishment, -
5:42  Listeners to a lie, eaters of unlawful things. But if they come to you, then judge between them or turn away from them; and if you turn away from them they shall not harm you at all, but if you judge, then judge between them with justice, indeed God loves the just.
5:43  But how should they make you their judge, when they have the Torah, in it is God's judgment? Then they turn away after that; but those are not believers.
5:44  Indeed, We have revealed the Torah, in it is guidance and light; the prophets, those who had submitted judge with it those who were Jews, as did the rabbis, and the scholars by that which they were entrusted of the Book of God, and they were witnesses thereto. So do not fear mankind, but fear Me, and do not sell My signs for a little price; and whoever will not judge by what God has revealed, then those - they are the disbelievers.
5:45  We have prescribed for you therein: 'The life for the life, and the eye for the eye, and the nose for the nose, and the ear for the ear, and the tooth for the tooth, and for wounds retaliation.' But whoever gives charity with it, then it is an expiation for him, but whoever will not judge by what God has revealed, then those - they are the unjust.
5:46  And We sent, following in their footsteps, Jesus, son of Mary, confirming what was before him of the Torah, and We brought him the Gospel, in it is guidance and light, and verifying what was before it of the Torah, and a guidance and an admonition unto those who fear.
5:47  And let the people of the Gospel judge by that which is revealed in it, And whoever will not judge by what God has revealed, then those - they are the disobedient.
5:48  And We have revealed to you the Book in truth verifying what was before it of the Book and a protector over it; judge then between them by what God has revealed, and do not follow their lusts, turning away from what is given to you of the truth. For each one of you have We made a Law and a pathway: and had God pleased He would have made you one nation, but He will surely try you concerning that which He has brought you. So race to the good works; to God is your return altogether, and He will inform you of that concerning which you were disagreeing.
5:49  And judge between them by what God has revealed, and do not follow their lusts; and beware of them lest they mislead you from part of what God has revealed to you; yet if they turn away, then know that God only wishes to fall on them for some of their sins, and indeed, many of mankind are surely disobedient.
5:50  Is it the judgment of ignorance they seek? And who is better than God to judge people who are sure?
5:51  O you who believe! Do not take the Jews and the Christians for your patrons: some of them are patrons of some; and whoever amongst you takes them for patrons, then indeed, he is of them, indeed, God does not guide the unjust people.
5:52  You will see those in whose heart is a sickness hastening in them; they say, 'We fear lest there befall us a change of fortune.' But perhaps God will give the victory, or a command from Him, and they may awake repenting of what they thought in secret to themselves.
5:53  Those who believe say, 'Are these those who swore by God with their most strenuous oath that indeed they were surely with you?' - Their works are in vain and they shall wake the losers.
5:54  O you who believe! Whoever of you turns away from his religion - then soon God will bring a people whom He loves and who love Him, lowly to believers, lofty to disbelievers, strenuous in the way of God, fearing not the blame of him who blames. That is God's grace. He gives it unto whom He wills, and God is immense, knowing.
5:55  God only is your patron, and His messenger and those who believe, who are steadfast in the prayer and give the alms, and they bow down.
5:56  And whoever takes as patrons God and His messenger and those who believe; then indeed, God's crew, they are the victorious.
5:57  O you who believe! Do not take for patrons those who take your religion for jest and play amongst those who have been given the Book before and the disbelievers; but fear God if you are believers.
5:58  And when you call to prayer, they take it for a jest and a sport; that is because they are a people who do not understand.
5:59  Say, 'O people of the Book! Do you take vengeance on us except that we believe in God, and what has been sent down to us, and what was sent down before, and because most of you are disobedient?'
5:60  Say, 'Shall I tell you of a recompense with God, worse than that? Whomsoever God has cursed, and with whom He is wroth - and He has made of them apes and swine - and who worship idols, those are in a worse plight and are more erring from the level path.
5:61  And when they come to you they say, 'We believe;' but certainly they entered in with disbelief, and they certainly went out with it, and God knows best what they were hiding.
5:62  You will see many of them hastening in sin and enmity, and in eating unlawful things, - surely evil is what they have done.
5:63  Why do the rabbis and the scholars not forbid them from saying what is sinful and eating what is unlawful? Surely evil is what they have performed.
5:64  The Jews say, 'God's hand is fettered;' their hands are fettered and they are cursed for what they said. Nay, His hands are outspread, He expends how He wills. And that which has been sent down to you from your Lord will surely definitely increase many of them in immoderation and disbelief. And we have cast amongst them enmity and hatred till the Day of Resurrection. Whenever they light a fire for war, God puts it out; and they strive for corruption in the earth, but God does not love the corrupt.
5:65  But did the people of the Book believe and fear, surely We would cover their evil deeds, and surely We would make them enter into the Garden of pleasure;
5:66  And were they steadfast in the Torah and the Gospel, and what has been sent down to them from their Lord, surely they should eat from above them and below them. Amongst them are a nation who are moderate, but many of them - bad is what they do.
5:67  O messenger! Convey what has been revealed to you from your Lord; if you do not, then you have not conveyed His message. And God will protect you from mankind; indeed God does not guide the people who disbelieve.
5:68  Say, 'O people of the Book! You rest on nothing until you stand fast by the Torah and the Gospel, and what is revealed to you from your Lord.' And what has been revealed to you from your Lord will surely definitely increase many of them in immoderation and disbelief, so do not grieve for the people who disbelieve.
5:69  Indeed, those who believed and those who are Jews, and the Sabaeans, and the Christians who believed in God and the Last Day and did good works, then no fear for them and they will not grieve.
5:70  Certainly We took a covenant from the children of Israel and We sent to them messengers; everytime there came to them a messenger with what their souls loved not, a part of them they called liars and a part of them they slew.
5:71  And they supposed there should be no trial; but they were blind and deaf. Then God turned towards them; then many amongst them were blind and deaf. But God saw what they did.
5:72  Certainly they disbelieve who say, 'Indeed, God is the Messiah, son of Mary;' But the Messiah said, 'O children of Israel! Worship God, my Lord and your Lord.' Indeed he who associates anything with God, then surely God has forbidden him the Garden, and his abode is the fire, and there are no helpers for the wrongdoers.
5:73  Certainly they disbelieve who say, 'Indeed, God is the third of three.' For there is no god but one god, and if they do not desist from what they say, surely there shall definitely touch those who disbelieve amongst them painful punishment.
5:74  Will they not turn in repentance to God and seek His forgiveness? And God is forgiving, compassionate.
5:75  The Messiah, son of Mary is only a messenger; certainly messengers before him have passed away; and his mother was truthful; they both used to eat food, - see how we make clear for them the signs, then see how they turn away.
5:76  Say, 'Will you serve, other than God, what can neither hurt you nor profit you?' And God, He is the Hearing, the Knowing.
5:77  Say, 'O people of the Book! Do not exceed the truth in your religion, and do not follow the lusts of a people who have erred before, and who lead many astray, and who go away from the level path.'
5:78  Those of the children of Israel who disbelieved were cursed by the tongue of David and Jesus, son of Mary; that is because they rebelled and were transgressing;
5:79  They would not desist from the wrong they did; surely evil is what they used to do.
5:80  You will see many of them taking those who disbelieve for their patrons; evil is that which their souls have sent before them, for God's wrath is on them, and in the punishment shall they dwell forever.
5:81  But had they believed in God and the prophet, and what was revealed to him, they had not taken them for patrons; but many of them are disobedient.
5:82  Surely you will definitely find the strongest of mankind in enmity against those who believe are the Jews and the idolaters; and surely you will definitely find the nearest of them in love to those who believe to be those who say, 'Indeed, we are Christians;' that is for that amongst them are priests and monks and that they are not proud.
5:83  And when they hear what has been revealed to the messenger you will see their eyes gush with tears at what they recognise as the truth; they will say, 'Our Lord! We believe, so write us down amongst the witnesses.
5:84  And why should we not believe in God and the truth that is given to us, nor desire that our Lord should make us enter with the upright people?'
5:85  So God rewarded them, for what they said, with gardens beneath which rivers flow, to dwell therein forever; and that is the reward of those who do good;
5:86  But those who disbelieve and say Our signs are lies, they are the fellows of Hell.
5:87  O you who believe! Do not forbid the good things which God has made lawful for you, nor transgress; indeed, God does not love the transgressors.
5:88  But eat of what God has provided you lawful and good; and fear God, the one in whom you are believers.
5:89  God will not chastise you for idle speech in your oaths, but He will chastise you for the oaths which you swear in earnest; and the expiation is to feed ten poor people with the average of that wherewith you feed your families, or to clothe them, or to free a neck; but whoever does not have the means, then let him fast three days. That is the expiation of your oaths, when you have sworn. But keep your oaths. Thus God makes clear for you His signs, - perhaps you may be grateful.
5:90  O you who believe! Indeed, strong drink and games of chance and idols and divining-arrows are an abomination of the devil's work; avoid them then that perhaps you may prosper.
5:91  The devil only desires to place enmity and hatred between you by strong drink and games of chance, and to turn you from the remembrance of God and from prayer; so will you not desist?
5:92  And obey God, and obey the messenger, and beware, and if you turn away then know only upon Our messenger is the clear communication.
5:93  There is no crime in those who believe and do good works, for what they ate when they fear God, and believe, and do good works, then they fear and believe, then they fear, and do good, and God loves those who do good.
5:94  O you who believe! Surely definitely God will try you with something of the game that your hands and your lances take, that God may know who fears Him in the unseen; whoever transgresses after that, then for him is painful punishment.
5:95  O you who believe! Do not kill game while you are on pilgrimage. But whoever amongst you who kills it purposely, then his compensation is the like of that which he has killed in cattle - of which two men of equity amongst you shall be judge - an offering brought to the Kaabah; or as an expiation, the food of poor persons, or an equivalent thereof in fasting, that he may taste the evil result of his deed. God pardons bygones; but whoever returns, then God will take vengeance on him. And God is mighty, owner of retribution.
5:96  Lawful for you is the game of the sea, and to eat thereof; a provision for you and for the travellers; but forbidden you is the game of land while you are on pilgrimage; And fear God to whom you shall be gathered.
5:97  God has made the Kaabah, the Sacred House, to be a station for mankind, and the sacred months, and the offering and the neck garlands; that is so that you may know that God knows what is in the heavens and what is in the earth, and that God knows all things.
5:98  Know that God is severe in punishment, and that God is forgiving, compassionate.
5:99  Nothing is upon the messenger except the communication, and God knows what you show and what you hide.
5:100  Say, 'The bad and the good are not equal, though the abundance of the bad please you.' So fear God, O you who have minds! Perhaps you may prosper.'
5:101  O you who believe! Do not ask about things which if they be shown to you will pain you; but if you ask about them when the Quran is revealed, they shall be shown to you. God has pardoned it, and God is forgiving, clement.
5:102  Indeed, a people before you asked them, then they became disbelievers therein.
5:103  And God has not ordained any Bahirah nor Saibah, nor Wasilah nor Hami, but those who disbelieve invent a lie against God, and most of them do not understand.
5:104  And when it is said to them, 'Come to what God has revealed, and to the messenger,' they say, 'Enough for us is what we found our fathers agreed upon.' Though their fathers knew nothing and they were not guided?
5:105  O you who believe! Upon you are your souls; he who has erred will not hurt you when you are guided. To God is your return altogether, and He will inform you of what you used to do.
5:106  O you who believe! Let there be a testimony between you when any one of you is on the point of death - at the time he makes his will - two men of equity among you; or two others from other than you, if you are journeying in the land, and the calamity of death befalls you; you shall detain both of them after the prayer, and they shall both swear by God, if you doubt them, 'We will not sell it for a price, though it were to a relative, nor will we hide God's testimony, indeed, then we would surely be among the sinners.'
5:107  But if it is discovered that both of them have merited the accusation of sin, then two others shall stand in their place, these being the nearest of those most concerned, and they shall swear by God, 'Surely our testimony is truer than their testimony, and we have not transgressed, indeed then we would be among the evildoers.'
5:108  That is more likely that they will bear testimony in proper form, or else they will be afraid that after their oaths, oaths may be rebutted. But fear God and listen, and God does not guide the disobedient people.
5:109  The day God shall assemble the messengers and shall say, 'What answer were you given?' They shall say, 'We have no knowledge; indeed, You are the knower of the unseen.'
5:110  When God said, 'O Jesus, son of Mary! Remember my favours upon you and upon your mother, when I strengthened you with the Holy Spirit, to speak to men in the cradle and in maturity. And when I taught you the Book and wisdom and the Torah and the Gospel; and when you created out of clay, the likeness of a bird, by My permission, and you breathed into it, and it became a bird, by My permission; and you healed the blind from birth and the leper by My permission, and when you brought forth the dead by My permission; and when I restrained the children of Israel from you, when you came to them with the clear proofs, and those who disbelieved amongst them said, "This is not except clear magic."
5:111  And when I inspired the disciples, "Believe in Me and My messenger;" they said, "We believe; bear witness that indeed we are those who submit."'
5:112  When the disciples said, 'O Jesus, son of Mary! Is your Lord able to send down to us a table from heaven?' He said, 'Fear God, if you are believers;'
5:113  They said, 'We desire to eat from it and that our hearts may be at rest, and that we may know that certainly what you have told us is the truth, and that we may be thereby amongst the witnesses.'
5:114  Jesus, son of Mary, said, 'O God, our Lord! Send down to us a table from heaven to be to us a festival, - to the first of us and the last of us, and a sign from you, - and grant us provision, for you are the best of providers.'
5:115  God said, 'Indeed, I am one who sends it down upon you; then whoever disbelieves after among you, then indeed, I will punish him with a punishment which I have not punished any one among the worlds.'
5:116  And when God said, 'O Jesus, son of Mary! Did you say unto men, "Take me and my mother as two gods, apart from God"?' He said, 'Glory be to You! It was not for me to say what I have no right to. if I said it, then surely You would have known it; You know what is in my soul, but I do not know what is in Your soul; indeed You, You are the knower of the unseen.
5:117  I said not to them except what You commanded me, - "Worship God, my Lord and your Lord," and I was a witness against them so long as I was amongst them; then when You caused me to die You were the watcher over them, and You are witness over all things.
5:118  If You punish them, then indeed, they are Your servants; and if You forgive them, then indeed You are the Mighty, the Wise.'
5:119  God said, 'This is the day when the truthful will benefit from their truthfulness.' for them are gardens beneath which rivers flow, to dwell therein for ever and ever. God is pleased with them, and they pleased with him; that is the great success.
5:120  God's is the kingdom of the heavens, and the earth, and what is in them, and He is powerful over everything.