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5:1  Oh you who believe! Abide by your pledges. Made lawful for you (to eat), are all (herbivorous) animals reared as cattle, except those being mentioned (hereunder). Hunting of game is prohibited (during pilgrimage: Hajj and Umrah) while you are wearing the attire of a pilgrim (the Ihram). Of course Allah orders what He pleases
5:2  Oh you who believe! Do not violate the sacred rituals of Allah: the sacred (months of pilgrimage), the sacrificial animals, the garlanded animals pledged as offerings, and the people flocking the sacred house seeking the grace and approval of their Lord. You may hunt once you take off the ´ihram´ _ the ritual attire of pilgrimage. Do not let your hatred (and prejudice) against a nation _ a nation that once forbade you to enter the sacred mosque _ cause you to become unjust and commit excesses. Assist and support each other in matters of virtue and piety. Do not help each other in sin and transgression. Fear Allah! Allah is very severe in (inflicting) punishment
5:3  Forbidden for you (to eat) are (unslaughtered) dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine and animals slaughtered in the name of beings other than Allah. (Also forbidden are) animals that die as a result of strangulation, violent blows or fall from a height, as well as animals gored to death or (partially) eaten by wild beasts _ unless you salvage (and slaughter) them (before they die). Also forbidden are animals slaughtered before idols, altars and monuments (dedicated to beings other than Allah) as well as meat distributed by resorting to raffle. These are sins. Today, the unbelievers have given up hope about (wishing) your faith (away). Do not fear them; fear me! I have this day perfected your way of life for you, and I have completed My favor upon you. I have chosen Islam _ (submission) _ to be your religion. If one is compelled by hunger (to eat the forbidden food) _ and not by a desire to deviate and debauch _ then of course Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful
5:4  They seek to know what is made lawful for them. Say, "Lawful for you (to eat) are (all) the wholesome (and pure) things. (Also lawful is) the game caught by the birds or beasts of prey trained by you according to what Allah has taught you. (You may) eat what they fetch for you, and mention the name of Allah over it. Be afraid of (violating the laws of) Allah. Indeed, Allah is very swift in calling to account
5:5  This day all wholesome things are made lawful for you. The food of the people of the scriptures is lawful for you and your food is lawful for them. Permissible for you are the chaste believing women and the chaste women of the people of the scriptures _ to enter into wedlock, not illegal sexual liaisons (secret or otherwise) or as intimate female companions (girlfriends) _ provided you give them their nuptial dues. Fruitless are the deeds of anyone who denies faith. In the life-to-come, he will be the loser
5:6  Oh you who believe! Before you rise for ´salat´ (for prayers), wash your face and your hands up to your elbows, run your (wet) hands across your head, and (wash) your feet up to the ankles. Clean yourself (by bathing) if you are unclean (following a sexual experience). In case you are ill, or on a journey, or if you have been to the toilet, or if you have had (sexual) contact with (your) women and you do not find water to clean yourself, then perform ´tayyamum´. Find a (rock or a) slab of earth and (after touching it) run your hands over your face and hands. Allah does not want to burden you with inconveniences. Rather, He wants to purify you and complete His blessings upon you. Perhaps, you would be grateful
5:7  Bear in mind the blessings Allah bestowed upon you _ His covenant by which He has bound you; (you ratified that covenant), when you said, "We hear and we obey." Fear Allah and do your duty! Indeed, Allah has full knowledge of even the secrets that exist in the heart
5:8  Oh you who believe! Remain steadfast and be the just and upright witness for Allah. Do not let your hatred (and prejudice) for a people compel you to be unfair. Be just! That is closer to righteousness. And Fear Allah! Indeed, Allah is well Aware of what you do
5:9  Allah has promised forgiveness and a rich reward for those who believe and do righteous deeds
5:10  And (He has promised that) those who disbelieve and deny Our signs shall be the companions of hell
5:11  Oh you who believe! Call to mind the blessings of Allah upon you when a nation had tried to lay their hands upon you, but He restrained their hands (and kept them) from (attacking) you. Fear Allah! In Allah (alone) should the believers place their trust
5:12  Allah certainly had the (sacred) covenant with the children of Israel. And We had appointed twelve (tribes and twelve) leaders among them. Allah said, "I will be with you, provided you establish ´salat´, pay the ´zakat´, believe in My messengers and honor and assist them, and advance a (sincere) virtuous loan to Allah. I will rid you of your sins (and your faults and flaws). I will certainly usher you into paradise through which run the rivers. If, despite the covenant, anyone of you disbelieves, then he will definitely go astray and deviate from the straight path of piety and righteousness
5:13  Since they breached their covenant, We placed a curse on them and We let their hearts grow hard (and callous). They lift the words (of their scriptures) out of context and they have forgotten a good part of the advice they were given. Except a few of them, you will always hear about the treachery and deceit committed by them. So, excuse them and bear with them. Indeed, Allah loves the pious
5:14  And We (also) made a covenant with those who call themselves Christians. They (too) forgot much of what they were reminded of. So We fomented and fuelled hostility and hatred among them till the Day of Judgment. Then, (at that time), Allah will tell them about (all) their handiwork (of treachery and deceit)
5:15  Oh you, the people of the book! Our messenger has now come to you. He clarifies for you a lot of things in your scriptures, those that you had concealed from others; and he overlooks a lot (of your misdeeds). A beacon (of guidance) has come to you! The illuminating book from Allah
5:16  With it, Allah leads anyone who seeks His pleasure, to the path of peace and serenity. By His grace, He brings them out of the depth of darkness into light, and guides them on to the straight path
5:17  Those who said that the Messiah, (Jesus), son of Mary is God Himself (or god incarnate) have indeed committed a sacrilege. Say, "Does anyone possess even a bit of power to do anything against Allah? What if He wants to destroy the Messiah, (Jesus) son of Mary, his mother and all the living beings on the surface of the earth? The heavens and the earth and all else in between belong to Allah. He creates what He wills, and Allah is able to will everything!"
5:18  (Both) the Jews and the Christians say, "We are the children of Allah and we are dearer to Him than all others." Ask them, "Then, why does He punish you (and makes you pay) for your sins. In fact, you are humans like all others He has created. He forgives whom He wants, and He punishes whom He wants! To Him belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, and everything else between them. Towards Him is the final return (of all beings)
5:19  Oh you, the people of the book! After a long pause (of about six hundred years) between messengers, there has now come to you Our messenger (Muhammad, SAW) who clarifies matters for you. Lest you should say, "No bearer of good news and no warner had ever come to us!" The bearer of good news and the warner has indeed come to you now! Allah has the power to do all things
5:20  And remember when Musa said to his people, "Oh my people! (Always) remember the (special) favor of Allah upon you: He raised prophets among you, set you up as the rulers in the land, and (above all) He granted you that which He had not granted anyone in the world before you."
5:21  "Oh my people, go to the holy land that Allah has decreed for you. Do not turn your backs to retreat. Else, you will be the losers."
5:22  They said, "Oh Musa! A mighty people _ (sturdy and savage) _ live there. We will not enter that land unless they depart from there. Once they leave, then of course we will go into that land."
5:23  The two men whom Allah had blessed, and who were among those who feared (Allah) said, "Go right past the gate (into their land) and attack. Once you enter their land, you shall certainly be victorious. If you are really the believers, you should place your trust in Allah."
5:24  They replied, "Oh Musa, we will certainly not enter that land, so long as those people are there. You go with your Lord and wage the war. Here, we will sit (and await your return) right here!"
5:25  (Musa) said, "Oh my Lord, of course I only have influence over myself and my brother. So set us apart from the evil (disobedient) people."
5:26  (Their Lord said), "This land shall now be forbidden to them for the next forty years. (During that period) they will wander about in the land _ (homeless and lost in the desert). So do not grieve over the evil (rebellious) people."
5:27  Recite to them the true tale of the two sons of Adam. Each of them sacrificed and made an offering (to Allah). The offering of one was preferred and accepted while that of the other was not. He said, "I will kill you." The other replied, "Allah, in fact, accepts only the offering of the righteous."
5:28  "If you lay your hand on me to kill me, I will still not raise my hand to kill you. I really do fear Allah, the Lord of the universe!"
5:29  "I prefer to have you assume all my sins along with your own. Then you will become the inmate of the hell! And that is the just retribution for the aggressors."
5:30  His (evil) soul acceded to the murder of his brother. And he killed his brother and became one of those who incurred a real loss
5:31  Then, Allah sent a crow there. It scratched the ground and showed him how he might (bury and) hide his brother´s corpse. He said (to himself), "Oh woe to me! I couldn´t even be like this crow! I couldn´t (figure out how to) hide my brother´s corpse." He was filled with remorse
5:32  For that reason, We decreed for the children of Israel, "If someone kills a human being _ unless as a penalty for murder, or unless it is to prevent the spread of corruption in the world _ it is as if he has killed the entire humanity. And if someone saves a life, it is as if he has saved the entire humanity. Certainly, (all) Our messengers had brought to them the clear (irrefutable) proofs. Despite that, most people in the world continue to commit (outrageous) excesses
5:33  It is but a befitting penalty for those spreading corruption in the world and waging a war against Allah and His messenger, that they be killed or crucified; or that their hands and feet be cut off on opposite sides, or that they be banished from the land. That is the disgrace they deserve in this world. But in the life-to-come they shall face the severest (most awful) punishment
5:34  Except those who return (to Islam) and repent before you gain an upper hand over them. Be aware! Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful
5:35  Oh you who believe! Fear Allah (and be dutiful). Seek the means to get closer to Him; and strive your utmost for His cause. Perhaps, you will prosper
5:36  Even if the unbelievers had all the wealth in the world _ and that much more to go with it _ to offer as ransom against the doom of the Day of Judgment, it will not be accepted from them. Theirs shall be the painful punishment
5:37  They would yearn to come out of the hellfire, but they shall not emerge from it (ever). Their torment shall stay with them (forever)
5:38  And cut off the hand of the thief, whether a man or a woman. It is the punishment for what they committed. An exemplary punishment from Allah, and Allah is the Mightiest, the Wisest
5:39  But if someone (relents and) repents his evil deeds and mends his ways, then of course Allah will accept his repentance. Indeed, Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful
5:40  Do you not know that it is Allah to whom belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth? He can punish whom He wants, and He may forgive whom He pleases. Allah has the power to do anything
5:41  Oh messenger! Do not let those who rush to reject (the truth) cause you any grief. Among them are those who say, "We believe!" by their tongue, while their hearts do not believe. Among them are (many) Jews who listen solely for the sake of lying (later on). They spy for others who do not come to you. They (misquote you and) change the words out of context. (To their followers) they say, "Accede and accept if you are told such and such, and be weary if you are told anything different." You (Oh Muhammad, SAW) have no authority at all to help the one whom Allah wants to (tempt and) test through an ordeal. They are among those whose hearts Allah has chosen not to cleanse and purify. Disgrace (and defeat) is their lot in this world, and in the life-to-come they shall face the severest (most awful) punishment
5:42  They listen (and spy) merely to lie, and they eat (and live off) the forbidden things! If they come to you and ask you to arbitrate matters concerning them, you may do so, or decline. They cannot harm you a bit if you ignore them. However, if you opt to decide their disputes, then be fair and equitable. Indeed, Allah loves those who are just
5:43  Why do they come to you for judgment? They have the Torah with them, and it does contain the commandments of Allah. Yet they ignore it. In fact, these people are not the believers
5:44  Surely, it was We Who revealed the Torah with its guidance and the light. The prophets _ all of whom had submitted (to the will of Allah) _ judged the Jews according to it. So did the rabbis and the scholars. They were entrusted with the task of preserving the book of Allah. To that fact they are the witnesses! So do not be afraid of people; rather fear Me!" (Oh Jews), do not trade away My revelations for a paltry price _ (the worldly gain). Those who fail to direct their affairs according to what Allah has revealed, are indeed the unbelievers
5:45  In the Torah, We had prescribed for them (the principle): A life for a life, an eye for an eye, a nose for a nose, an ear for an ear, and a tooth for a tooth. And for wounds inflicted, a fair retaliation is proper (and due). But if the victim forgoes (the right to retaliate), then that act of charity would be the atonement for his sins. Unjust and evil are those who fail to direct their affairs according to what Allah has revealed
5:46  And We caused Jesus, son of Mary to follow in the footsteps of the prophets. He confirmed the scriptures _ the Torah, that was there before him. To him, We gave the Gospels which confirmed the guidance and the light revealed in the earlier book _ the Torah. It contained the guidance and the admonition for the pious
5:47  The people of the Gospel should decide their affairs according to what Allah has revealed in the Gospel. Wicked and evil are those who fail to render judgment according to what Allah has revealed
5:48  And, (Oh Muhammad, SAW) We have revealed to you the truth in this book _ (the Qur´an). It confirms the scriptures that were (revealed) before it, and it supercedes them. So judge between them according to what Allah has revealed to you. Do not deviate from the truth that has come to you, by yielding to their whims and wishes. For each (of the three groups) we laid down the law and a prescribed program. Had Allah wanted, He could have made you (all) into a single nation. But (He did not), so He may test you all according to what He has granted you. So rush towards _ and compete with each other for _ the righteous deeds. Towards Allah shall you all return! Then, He will tell you about all that you used to dispute
5:49  So judge between them according to what Allah has revealed to you, and do not follow their whims and wishes. Beware of them, lest they entice you away from anything Allah has revealed to you. If they turn away, you would know that in fact Allah intends to inflict a suffering upon them for some of their sins. Indeed, most people are disobedient (and wicked)
5:50  Do they, then, seek the rules (and rites) of the (pagan) ignorance (of earlier days)? For a nation with faith, who could be a better Judge (and Guide), if not Allah
5:51  Oh you who believe! Do not accept the Jews and the Christians as your friends. They are each other´s friends. Whoever befriends them is actually one of them. Indeed Allah does not guide the unjust people
5:52  Yet, you will see that those with disease (of doubt) in their heart would (always) rush to (befriend) them. They say, "We are concerned that the fortunes will change and a disaster will strike us." But perhaps Allah will grant you victory, or grant you another favor by His grace. Then, these people would feel sorry for the secrets they hold within their hearts
5:53  The believers will say, "Are these the ones who swore by Allah so solemnly that indeed, they will stand by you?" Their deeds came to naught and they turned out to be the real losers
5:54  Oh you, the believers! If anyone of you forsakes (and renounces) his faith, (he should know that) Allah will soon bring another people (in your place). Those whom He loves, and who would love Him! They would be lenient and tolerant towards the believers, and stern and unyielding with the unbelievers. They would strive their utmost for the cause of Allah, and would not fear the censure of the critics and the faultfinders. Such is the grace of Allah, which He bestows upon whom He wills. Allah is Boundless and Infinite, and all-Knowing
5:55  In fact, your patron and protector can only be Allah, His messenger and other believers _ those who establish the ´salat´, pay the ´zakat´, and kneel humbly (before Allah)
5:56  Those who accept Allah, His messenger and other believers as their patrons and protectors (will find that) only the party of Allah will triumph
5:57  Oh you who believe! Do not accept as your friends those who mock your faith and treat it as a joke, whether they are among those given the book before you (the Christians and the Jews), or other unbelievers. Fear Allah (exclusively) if you really are the believers
5:58  As you sound the call for (people to come to) ´salat´, they cut jokes and make fun of it. That is because they are a people who do not use their reason
5:59  Say, "Oh people of the book! Are you hostile and vengeful towards us just because we believe in Allah, and that which was revealed to us, and revealed before us? Indeed, most of you are truly wicked!"
5:60  (Say), "Shall I tell you about the recompense from Allah which is certainly far worse? (Deserving a worse fate are): those whom Allah has cursed, those upon whom fell the wrath of Allah, those whom Allah turned into monkeys and pigs, and the devotees of the arrogant and the evil. Their plight is the worst; they are the farthest away from the straight path."
5:61  When they come to you they say, "We believe" but in fact they came with disbelief (and doubt), and they left much the same way. Allah is well aware of everything they conceal
5:62  You see most of them hurrying (happily and eagerly) towards sin and transgression. They consume forbidden (food and illegitimate) gains. Despicable indeed is what they have been doing
5:63  Why do their rabbis and their religious scholars not forbid them from uttering sinful (blasphemous) words, and from consuming prohibited (food and illegitimate) gains? Despicable, indeed, is what they devise
5:64  The Jews say, "Allah´s hands are shackled." On the contrary, their (own) hands are chained and restrained; and accursed are they for what they say. In fact, His hands are unimpeded and outstretched; He dispenses (His bounties) as He wills. The fact is, what your Lord has revealed to you has rather increased the (attitude of) rebellion and disbelief in most of them. (Therefore), We have instilled hatred and hostility among them till the day of resurrection. Whenever they foment the flames of war, Allah snuffs them out. They (always) strive to spread corruption in the world. Allah does not like those who spread corruption
5:65  Had the people of the book believed and feared, We would have rid them of their sins (and their faults and flaws), and (We) would have ushered them into the blessing-filled paradise
5:66  Had they put into practice the Torah, the Gospel, and other revelations sent to them by their Lord, they would have received bounties from (the heavens) above and from (the earth) under their feet. Some of them do pursue the right course, but what most of them practice is evil
5:67  Oh messenger! Proclaim (and spread far and wide) the revelation sent to you by your Lord. If you fail to do that, you would have failed to convey the message. Allah will protect you against (the mischief of) mankind. Allah certainly does not guide the nation that disbelieves
5:68  Say, "Oh people of the book! You are not at all rightly guided unless you put into practice the Torah, the Gospel, and other revelations sent to you by your Lord." (Oh Muhammad, SAW) the fact is, what your Lord has revealed to you has rather increased the (attitude of) rebellion and disbelief in most of them. Do not grieve or feel sorry for the unbelieving nation
5:69  (Oh) those (of you) who believe, and those who became the Jews, the Sabians and the Christians! Whoever believes in Allah, the Last Day, and does the righteous deeds shall have no fear. Nor shall he ever grieve (or be sorry)
5:70  We certainly took a solemn pledge from the children of Israel, and sent messengers towards them. But they disbelieved (and disobeyed) whenever the messengers brought them a command that was against their wishes and desires. Some of the messengers they rejected and belied, others they (rebelled against and) killed
5:71  They assumed that they would never be tried (or punished). So they opted to be blind and (turned a) deaf (ear). Even then, Allah forgave them (repeatedly). Yet, most of them stayed blind and deaf. Allah observes everything they do
5:72  Those who say, ´Allah is actually Christ, son of Mary´ have most certainly committed a blasphemy. Christ had said, "Oh children of Israel worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord! In fact Allah has banned paradise for anyone who associates partners with Allah. Fire shall be his abode. The evildoers shall have no helpers."
5:73  Those who say, "Allah is the third of three (the Trinity)" have most certainly committed a blasphemy. There is no god except the One true God _ Allah! A painful punishment will surely torment those disbelievers who do not quit making such (blasphemous) statements
5:74  Why don´t they repent and turn to Allah for forgiveness? Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful
5:75  Christ, son of Mary was no more than a messenger! Many messengers have passed before his time. His mother was a righteous woman and (like all mortals) both of them had to eat (to live). See how clear have We made Our signs for them! Yet, see how they wander astray
5:76  Say, "Instead of Allah, do you worship beings that have no ability (at all) either to harm you or grant you benefits? Allah (on the other hand) hears-all and knows-all
5:77  Say, "Oh people of the book, do not (overstate and) exaggerate anything in your faith. Do not stretch (and falsify) the truth. Do not be swayed by the whims and conjectures of the earlier nations, who themselves strayed and misled many. They are far removed from the straight (and steady) path."
5:78  The disbelievers of the children of Israel were cursed by the tongue of David, and of Jesus son of Mary. This is because they (disobeyed and) strayed beyond the bounds
5:79  They failed to forbid each other from committing the wrongful wicked deeds. What they used to do was definitely hideous
5:80  (Today) you will find that most of them have taken the unbelievers as their allies. Evil indeed is what their souls have (attained and) sent ahead (for reckoning). Allah´s wrath is upon them, and they shall stay in the torment forever
5:81  If they had believed in Allah, the prophet, and the revelations sent to them, they would not have taken the unbelievers as their friends. But many of them are wicked
5:82  You will find that, compared to any other people, the Jews and the idolaters are definitely more hostile towards the believers. You will (also) find that for the believers, (the least hostile and) the friendliest people are those who say, "We are Christians". This is because, among them are many learned persons, monks and others who are not proud
5:83  When they listen to the revelations received by the messenger (Muhammad, SAW), you will see their eyes overflowing with tears. They recognize the truth and cry out, "Our Lord, we believe! Include us among those who bear witness."
5:84  "Why should we not believe in Allah and the truth that has come to us? We are indeed eager for our Lord to count us among the righteous people!"
5:85  Because of what they said, Allah would reward them with paradise, through which run the rivers. There, they will live forever! Such is the reward for the righteous
5:86  While those who reject and refuse to believe Our revelations shall be the people of the hellfire
5:87  Oh you who believe! Do not deny yourself anything wholesome that Allah has made lawful for you. Do not exceed the limit. Indeed Allah does not like (the transgressors) _ those who trespass beyond the bound
5:88  Partake of the lawful and wholesome sustenance Allah has granted you. Fear Allah, in Whom you (profess to) believe
5:89  Allah will not hold you responsible for whatever is not meant or deliberate in your oaths. But He will take you to task for whatever you swear to and pledge in earnest. The penalty for that, (breaking your pledge), consists of either the feeding of ten poor people with the food you would give your own family on an average (day), or providing them with clothing; or the freeing of a slave. The one who cannot afford any of that, may observe fasts for three days. That is the atonement for breaching your sworn pledges. So observe and abide by your oaths. Thus, Allah makes His message manifest for you, so you would be grateful
5:90  Oh you who believe! The liquor (and all intoxicants), the games of chance, idols (and shrines), and all divining devices _ (lots, cards, dices, crystal balls) _ are the filthy handiwork of Shaitan, stay away from them, so that you may succeed
5:91  In fact, by means of intoxicants and gambling, Shaitan seeks to sow hatred and hostility among you, and seeks to keep you from the remembrance of Allah and the ´salat´. So, will you quit (these vices) now
5:92  Obey Allah, obey the messenger and beware! Should you turn away, remember that Our messenger is responsible only to convey and make the message manifest
5:93  The believers who acted righteously bear no sin for anything they ate (in the past), so long as they are dutiful (now), stay steadfast in belief and do the right thing. Therefore, be mindful of your duties and believe. Again, fear Allah and be righteous
5:94  Oh you who believe! Allah will surely put you through a trial (during the pilgrimage) by letting the game animals wander within your easy grasp, and within the range of your spears. Thus Allah will mark those who fear Him, despite the fact that they are unable to see Him. There shall be a painful punishment for anyone who strays beyond the bounds thereafter
5:95  Oh you who believe! Do not kill (or hunt) a game animal while you are in a state of ´Ihram´ _ (the attire of pilgrimage). The penance for anyone of you who hunts (during ´Ihram´) is an offering at the Kaaba similar to what was killed _ as judged by two just men among you. The atonement (for that act) is the feeding of the poor, or fasting for an equivalent number of days, so he may taste the consequence of his evil act. Allah forgives whatever has happened in the past, but He will exact retribution if anyone repeats (the offense). Allah is the most Powerful; He is the Lord of Revenge
5:96  Lawful for you to hunt is the fish _ the game from the sea (or other bodies of water) to eat or to carry with the caravan. But, so long as you stay in ´Ihram´, the game animals of the land are prohibited for you. Fear Allah, towards Whom you would be gathered (for reckoning)
5:97  Allah has appointed the ´Kaaba´, the hallowed House, as a symbol (of solidarity and security) for (all) mankind, and (it is He Who has appointed) the sacred month, the sacrificial animals, and the animals garlanded as a mark of offering (at the ´Kaaba´). Thus, you would know that Allah is well aware of all that exists in the heavens and on earth. Allah has the (complete and comprehensive) knowledge of every (single) thing
5:98  Know it well! Allah is very severe in (inflicting) punishment and He is the most Forgiving, the most Merciful
5:99  The messenger is duty bound only to convey the message. Allah knows what you disclose as well as what you conceal
5:100  Say, "The evil and the virtuous cannot be equal, even though the abundance of evil pleases and fascinates you." So fear Allah, Oh you endowed with (reason and) intellect. Perhaps you will prosper
5:101  Oh you who believe! Do not ask questions about matters which, if disclosed, can only cause you hardship. And disclosed they would be, if you ask about these matters while the Qur´an is being revealed. Allah will overlook that (this time). Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Forbearing
5:102  A nation prior to you had asked questions concerning such matters. As a result they lost their faith
5:103  Allah did not sanction (a special status for) the ´Bahirah´, the ´Saiba´, the ´Wasilah´, or the ´Haam´ _ (animals with characteristics revered by the pagans). Rather, the unbelievers made up such lies about Allah. Most of them just have no sense
5:104  When they are told, "Come to what Allah has revealed, come to the prophet" they say, "Whatever we found our forefathers doing is good enough for us." Even though their forefathers knew nothing at all, nor were they guided
5:105  Oh you who believe! You are liable for your own selves. Those who go astray cannot harm you a bit, provided you follow the guidance. Towards Allah is the ultimate return for all of you. Then, He will tell you everything you used to do
5:106  Oh you who believe! If you find death close at hand, and you want to make out your last will, appoint as witnesses, two just men among you _ or among other people, should the calamity strike while you happen to be traveling. If you are in doubt (about the witnesses) detain them after ´salat´ and let them swear by Allah saying, "We will not trade our testimony for worldly gain, nor will we hide the testimony of Allah. Else we would be the sinners."
5:107  Later, if it comes to light that the two witnesses merit (the suspicion of) sin, then let two others from among the rightful heirs (of the deceased) take the place of the earlier witnesses. Let them swear by Allah (saying), "Our testimony is truer and more valid than their testimony, and we do not stray beyond the bounds (of truth). Else, we would be the evil doers."
5:108  That way, it is more likely that they will bear witness (properly and truthfully) as they should. They will fear that sworn testimony of others might contradict their own sworn testimony. Fear Allah and listen (carefully)! Allah does not guide the evil disobedient nation
5:109  The day Allah assembles (all) the messengers, He will ask them, "What response did you receive (from your people)?" They would say, "We have no knowledge. Indeed, You (alone) are the All-knower of all things hidden and unseen."
5:110  (That day) Allah will say, "Oh Jesus, son of Mary! Recall the favors I bestowed upon you and your mother. I aided you with the Holy Spirit (the angel Gibrael), and you spoke to mankind as an infant, and also as an adult. I taught you the art of writing, and the insight; and the Torah and the Gospel. You shaped clay into the likeness of a bird, and as you breathed into it, by My leave it turned into a real bird. You restored the sight of the born blind, and you cured lepers by My leave. You brought the dead back to life by My leave. (Remember also that) I restrained the children of Israel and kept them from (hurting) you. (Although) you brought them the clear incontrovertible proofs, yet the disbelievers among them (dismissed all the proofs and) said, "This is nothing but evident magic!"
5:111  When I inspired the disciples (of Jesus), "Believe in Me and My messengers", they said, "We believe! Bear witness that we are the obedient ones!"
5:112  When the disciples said, "Oh Jesus, son of Mary! Can your Lord send down for us the table spread (with food) from the heaven?" (Jesus) said, "Fear Allah, if you really are the believers."
5:113  They said, "We wish to eat such a meal so that our minds may rest easy and we may know (for sure) that you had told us the truth. So that we may bear witness to that (sign)."
5:114  Jesus, son of Mary prayed, "Oh Allah, Our lord! Send down to us from the heavens a table spread (with food). Let it be an ever recurring feast for us _ for the first and the last of us. Let it be a sign from You. And give us (the sustenance) _ our (daily) bread. For, You are (absolutely) the very Best of the providers."
5:115  Allah said, "I am going to send it down for you. But if any of you disbelieves after that, I will punish him with the torment the like of which I have never inflicted upon any one in the universe."
5:116  Allah will say (on the Day of Judgment), "Oh Jesus, son of Mary! Did you ever instruct people, "Worship me and my mother as two other gods along with Allah"? Jesus will answer, "Exalted are You! It is not my place to say anything I have no right (to say). Had I said that, You would have already known it. You know what is in my mind, while I do not know what is in Your mind. Indeed, You have (absolute) knowledge about (absolutely) everything hidden and unseen."
5:117  "I said to them only (and exactly) what You had commanded me to say, ´Worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord.´ I bore witness to what they did as long as I was among them. But, after You recalled me, You _ (and not me) _ were the Watcher over them. For, You are the Witness to every single thing!"
5:118  "If You punish them, then they are of course Your servants. And if You forgive them, You are the Almighty, and the Wisest!"
5:119  Allah will say, "This day, the truthful shall receive the benefit of their truthfulness. Theirs shall be the paradise through which run the rivers. They shall live there forever. Allah is well pleased with them, and they are well pleased with Him. That is the greatest triumph."
5:120  To Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, and everything therein. He has (absolute) power over all things