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4:1  Oh you people! Fear your Lord who created you (all) from a single soul. (From that single soul), He created its mate, and then out of the two, He propagated (and dispersed) multitudes of men and women. Fear Allah, in whose name you seek and demand your rights. Do not sever the ties of kinship. Of course, Allah watches over you closely
4:2  Give the orphans their assets and inheritance (when they reach the marriageable age). Do not substitute your (faulty and) valueless goods with their valuable wares. Do not gobble up their assets into your own. That indeed is a grave sin
4:3  If you are afraid that you might be unfair to the orphan girls (in your charge), then marry (other) women you like _ two, or three, or up to four of them. However, if you fear that you cannot maintain equality and justice (among your wives) then have (only) one wife, and whatever your right hand owns _ (the captive women). That way you are more likely to avoid injustice
4:4  And willingly pay the women (you marry) their ´mehar´ _ (the nuptial dues). However, if they, on their own, remit a portion of it back to you, then you may enjoy it with cheer and joy
4:5  Do not entrust the (immature and the) weak of mind with the wealth and assets over which Allah has appointed you the guardian. But out of that wealth, feed and clothe them (appropriately) and talk to them in a kind and polite manner
4:6  Keep testing the orphans till they reach the marriageable age. If you perceive them to be of sound judgment, then turn their assets over to them. Do not squander and waste the wealth in haste, lest they grow up (and demand their inheritance). The rich guardian should not charge (for managing the assets of the orphan). The poor guardian may have for himself a (reasonable and) customary share. When you turn their assets over to the orphans, arrange to have others witness (the transfer). Though, Allah is enough to take account
4:7  Men have a share in what parents and close relatives leave behind. (So also), women have a share in what parents and close relatives leave behind. A share is ordained (by Allah), whether the estate is small or large
4:8  If the relatives, the orphans and the needy are present at the time of apportioning (of the heritage), give them something from the heritage and say kind and polite words to them
4:9  The executors (of the estate) should realize that if they were leaving frail young children behind (in this world) they would have grave concerns about them. So, they should fear Allah and say polite and proper words to the orphans
4:10  Those who unjustly (and sinfully) misappropriate the wealth of the orphans, are actually packing their bellies with fire. They shall burn in the blazing fire (of hell)
4:11  Allah gives you instructions concerning (the inheritance of) your children. The male has a share equal to the shares of two females. If there are two or more daughters (and no sons), then they shall equally share two-thirds of what is left behind. Should there be only one daughter, she would inherit half. If the deceased left children, each (living) parent of the deceased shall receive one sixth of the inheritance. If the deceased left no children, and the parents are the only heirs, then the mother gets a third; and if (the parents are not the only heirs and) the deceased has brothers, then the mother inherits a sixth. (The proceeds in every case are) after paying off any legacy bequeathed, and debt incurred. You do not know which of the two deserves to benefit more from you _ your parents, or your children. (These fixed shares are) ordained by Allah! Of course, Allah is the all-Knowing, and the Wisest
4:12  Your share is half of what your wives leave behind, provided they have no child. If they have children, then your share is a quarter of what they leave behind, after paying off any legacy bequeathed, and debt incurred. Your widows´ share is a quarter of what you leave behind, provided you have no children. But if you have children, then their share is an eighth of what you leave behind, after paying off any legacy bequeathed, and debt incurred. If the deceased _ man or woman _ is not survived by any children or parent, but has a brother and a sister, then each of them would inherit a sixth. Should there be more than two (siblings), then they shall share equally in a third, after paying any legacy bequeathed, and debts incurred. (Let there be) no harm (to the heirs). These are instructions from Allah! And Allah is all-Aware, and the most Forbearing
4:13  These are the limits prescribed by Allah. Those who obey Allah, and His messenger, will indeed be ushered by Him into paradise _ with rivers running right through _ to live there forever. And that is the greatest achievement
4:14  Those who disobey Allah and His messenger, and stray beyond His limits, are the ones whom He will hurl into the hellfire. They will stay there forever. There is a humiliating punishment for them
4:15  Obtain the testimony of four eye witnesses among you against any of your women accused of committing a salacious deed _ (an extra marital sexual act). If they testify (and confirm her guilt) then confine her to her home till death claims her, or until Allah ordains an alternate way
4:16  Punish those of you _ both, man and woman _ who commit (such a deed). If they (relent and) repent and mend their ways, then leave them alone. Of course, Allah accepts repentance! He is the most Merciful
4:17  In fact, forgiveness is (incumbent) upon Allah for those who commit the sinful act out of ignorance and indiscretion; those who (repent and) seek forgiveness soon after. They are the ones whom Allah will forgive. Allah is the all-Aware, the Wisest
4:18  There is no forgiveness for those who continue to commit (and insist upon) sinful deeds (all their life). Then, as death confronts one of them, he says, "I seek forgiveness now!" (Likewise), there is no forgiveness for those who die as disbelievers. For such ones We have prepared a painful punishment
4:19  Oh you who believe! It is not (proper and) lawful for you to inherit from a woman against her will. Nor (is it proper or lawful) to take back anything you gave her (as a gift) _ unless she commits an openly lewd and salacious act (an extra marital sexual act). Associate with her in an honorable manner. You may dislike her. Yet, it is possible that you may dislike something, though Allah may have placed in it a great deal of good
4:20  In case you want to replace a wife with another, do not take back anything you may have given to her in the past, even if it were a very large sum. Would you take back (your gift) by resorting to slander and a flagrant injustice
4:21  How can you take anything back, after you have already consummated the relationship (and enjoyed each other)? She has secured from you a firm commitment
4:22  Do not wed the women, whom your father (or grandfather) had married. But whatever has already happened (in the past), has happened. That is indeed a lewd deed, an abominable act, a profane practice
4:23  Forbidden for you to marry are: your mothers, your daughters and your sisters, your father´s and your mother´s sisters, your brothers´ and sisters´ daughters, your foster mothers (that is, any women) who (may) have breast fed you, and the foster sisters who have shared the breast milk with you. (Also forbidden are) the mothers of your wives, and the stepdaughters under your care from your wives with whom you have had conjugal relations. But if you did not consummate the marriage (before you divorced her), then there is no sin (for you to marry her daughter). It is forbidden for you to marry the wives of your (biological) sons (that is, those who spring) from your loin. (It is forbidden) for you to gather two sisters in wedlock at the same time. But whatever has happened (in the past), has happened. Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful
4:24  (Also forbidden are) women already in wedlock, except those (captive women) your right hand possesses. Allah has decreed that for you! Baring those already mentioned, all other women are lawful for you, provided you seek them with your wealth in honest wedlock, and not for illegal sexual liaison. Pay the women you marry, their ´mehar´ _ (nuptial dowry) _ as a sacred trust. You bear no blame if you pay the ´mehar´ and later agree upon something else (about the dowry) with mutual consent. Indeed Allah is the all-Knowing and the Wisest
4:25  If any one of you lacks the means to wed a free believing woman, he may marry a believing woman among those (captives and slaves) your right hand possesses. Allah is well aware of your (state of) belief; you belong to one another. So, marry them with the permission of their family. Pay the women their ´mehar´ _ (nuptial dowry) _ according to the customary manner. Let the women enter into wedlock, and not have illegal sexual liaisons, nor have secret paramours. After entering into wedlock, if such women commit a salacious act, (adultery), their punishment would be half of the punishment a free woman (committing the same offense) would receive. This (exemption of marrying captive women) is for the one who fears distress (from a lack of self-restraint). However, it is better for you to be patient and restrain yourself. Allah is the most Forgiving, and the most Merciful
4:26  Allah wants to make (matters) clear to you, and to guide you along the ways of those (righteous ones) before you. He accepts your repentance. Allah is all-Knowing, the Wisest
4:27  Allah wants to turn towards you with (His) mercy, while those who have surrendered to their lusts want you to slide down the slippery slope (of sin)
4:28  Allah wants to lighten your burden. Man was created weak (of will)
4:29  Oh you who believe! Do not devour each other´s wealth unfairly _ (through force or fraud). Rather, enter into (a legitimate) trade (and deal fairly) with mutual consent and agreement. Do not kill (destroy) each other. Indeed Allah is full of mercy for you
4:30  We will, soon, hurl into the hellfire anyone who indulges in such aggression and injustice. This is easy for Allah
4:31  If you stay away from the major sins you have been asked to avoid, We will rid you of your minor sins and offenses. We will usher you past the threshold (of paradise) with eminence and honor
4:32  Do not covet the honor and excellence Allah has granted some of you over others. Man shall have the reward for what they earn, while women shall have the reward for what they earn. Entreat Allah for His bounties and blessings. Certainly, Allah has (the infallible) knowledge about all things
4:33  We have assigned the heirs for whatever the parents and close relatives leave behind. But (abide by your promises and) give the share to those your right hand has pledged. Indeed, Allah is the witness to every (pledge and every) thing
4:34  Men are (appointed) in charge (and the caretakers) of women _ (they are held responsible for maintaining the women physically, financially, and emotionally) _ because Allah has given the one precedence over the other. Also, because they spend their means (to support the women). Thus, the virtuous women are obedient. They guard the rights of their husbands in their absence _ (the right) that Allah has upheld. If you perceive defiance (and disloyalty) from your women, admonish them, (then) keep them apart from your bed, and (then, as a last resort) beat them. If they relent and obey, do not seek the means to harass them. Of course, Allah is the most High, the Greatest
4:35  If you fear a breach (of relationship) between the husband and wife, appoint two arbiters _ one from his family and one from hers. If both of them want reconciliation, Allah will cause a consensus between the two. Indeed, Allah is the all-Knowing, and the most Aware
4:36  Serve Allah, and associate no one with Him. Be kind and gracious to your parents; (also be kind) to the kinsfolk, the orphans, the needy, the neighbor who is a kin as well as the one who is not, the fellow traveler, the wayfarer and the slaves (and captives). Of course, Allah does not like the conceited braggarts
4:37  Those who act miserly, and ask others to do the same, hide the bounties Allah has bestowed upon them. For the disbelievers, We have prepared a disgraceful punishment
4:38  And (also) for those who flaunt (and flash), when they spend their wealth, in order to show off to the people. They do not believe in Allah or the Day of Judgment. Whoever has Shaitan as an intimate companion has indeed an evil companion
4:39  What harm could have come to them, if they had believed in Allah and the Last Day, and had spent a little out of the sustenance Allah had granted them? Allah is well-Aware of them
4:40  Indeed, Allah will not wrong anyone _ not even worth the weight of an atom! (In fact) if there is a good deed, He doubles it. (In addition) He will award an immense reward, on His own
4:41  (Just imagine) what will it be like (on the Day of Judgment)! Against each nation, We will call (Our messengers as) a witness. Against these people, (Oh prophet) We will call you as a witness
4:42  That day, those who disbelieved and defied the messenger would wish that the earth was leveled flat over them. They would not be able to hide anything from Allah
4:43  Oh you who believe! Do not come near ´salat´ if you are drunk, until you know what you utter. Nor if you are spiritually unclean (after a sexual contact) _ unless you are traveling _ until you (bathe and) clean yourself. If you are sick or traveling, or if any of you has been to the toilet, or if you have come in (sexual) contact with (your) women and you do not find water (to clean yourself), then perform ´Tayyamum´. Find a clean slab of soil and (after touching it) run your hand over your face and hands. Indeed, Allah is Lenient and Merciful
4:44  Do you not look at those, who were given a portion of the scriptures? They use it to purchase misguidance! They want you to lose the right path, too
4:45  And Allah knows your enemies very well. As your protector, Allah is sufficient! Allah is sufficient as a helper
4:46  (Oh prophet), among the Jews are some, who (when they come to visit you) change words out of context. (They use pun and play upon words. They pretend to say, ´we heard and we obeyed´, and ´wait, we did not hear´. Instead, with a twist of their tongue, they make it sound (as if they said), "We heard and we disobeyed", and "Listen, may you go deaf!" and ´Raina´ _ (an insult in Hebrew). Thus, they slander the (true) faith. It would have been much better for them and more upright, had they said, "We heard and we obey" and "Listen to us, and be patient with us". Because of their disbelief, Allah has cursed them! Little is what they believe
4:47  Oh you who were given the scriptures (earlier)! Believe in the revelation We have sent (to Muhammad, SAW), confirming your earlier scriptures. Believe it, before We (distort and) blot out your faces and make them reel backwards. Or We may lay a curse on them like We cursed the people of the Sabbath-breakers. The command of Allah always comes to pass
4:48  In fact, Allah does not forgive ´shirk´ _ (an act of associating others as equal to Him). Baring that, He may forgive anything He wants, and whomever He pleases. The one who commits ´shirk´ has indeed invented a singularly sinister sin
4:49  Haven´t you seen those, who (boast and) claim sanctity for themselves? It is, in fact, Allah Who (purifies and) sanctifies whomever He wants. They shall not be wronged _ not even worth a fibril on a date-stone
4:50  See how they make up lies about Allah? That, of itself, is a flagrant sin
4:51  Haven´t you seen those who were granted a portion of the scriptures? They believe in superstition and (they rally around) ´Taghut´ _ (entities and institutions aligned against Allah). Concerning the disbelievers, they say, "They are closer to the right path than the believers."
4:52  Such are those whom Allah has cursed! You will not find any helper for the one cursed by Allah
4:53  Do they have a share in the kingdom (of Allah)? Had it been so, they would not have granted people even a speck on a date-stone
4:54  Are they envious of mankind, because of what Allah granted them by His grace? We did bestow upon the descendants of Ibraheem the book and the wisdom, and We granted them a mighty empire
4:55  Among the descendants of Ibraheem are some who believe in him. Indeed, the blazing inferno of hell shall suffice for those who reject and turn away
4:56  Of course, We will soon let those who reject Our revelations, burn in the fire of hell. As often as their hide burns (to a char), We will replace it with a new skin for them, so they may taste the torment (all over again). Allah is the Almighty, the all-Wise
4:57  We will soon admit into paradise _ through which run the rivers _ all those who believe and do the righteous deeds. There, they shall live forever. There, they shall have the chaste and immaculate spouses. We will usher them into a lavishly diffuse and dense shade
4:58  Allah has surely ordered that you should restore the trusts (reposed in you) to their rightful owners. (Also that) you should render a fair and equitable judgment, whenever you are asked to judge between people. Allah gives you the most excellent advice. Indeed, Allah hears-all! And He sees-all
4:59  Oh you who believe! Obey Allah, obey the messenger, and (obey) those who occupy a position of authority among you. Then, should there arise a dispute among you concerning anything, refer it to Allah and the messenger _ if you (really) believe in Allah and the Last Day. That is much better and will (prove to) be the best outcome
4:60  (Oh prophet)! Aren´t you aware of those, who claim to believe in what has been revealed to you, as well as that, which had been revealed before you? Yet, they seek the decisions (concerning their lives) from the ´taghut´ _ (those arrogant ones rebelling against Allah) _ even though ´taghut´ is precisely what they were ordered to reject and refute. Shaitan wants to lead them astray, and far away
4:61  When told, "Come to what Allah has revealed, (come) to the messenger", you find that the hypocrites shy away in repulsion
4:62  Why is it that, when disaster strikes because of what their own hands have caused, they come to you swearing? They say, "By Allah, we only wanted to promote good will, and be gracious!"
4:63  Allah knows fully well whatever exists in their hearts. So bear with them and admonish them with words that will touch their inner selves
4:64  We did not send any messenger, except to be obeyed in accordance with His will. When the hypocrites had caused an outrage against themselves, they should have come to you. If they had sought forgiveness from Allah, and if the messenger had (also) sought forgiveness on their behalf, they would surely have found that Allah is all Forgiving and the most Merciful
4:65  Not at all! By your Lord, they can never really be the believers unless they accept you as a judge concerning all matters of dispute between them. (They cannot be the believers) until they find no conflict in their mind concerning any matter you have settled and put to rest; until they accept all your decisions with complete and total submission
4:66  Barely a few would have complied, had We ordered them to lay down their lives or to leave their homes. They would have fared better, had they done what they were being advised. It would have strengthened their faith
4:67  Then, We would surely have granted them an exquisite reward by Our grace
4:68  And We would certainly have guided them towards the straight path
4:69  Whoever obeys Allah and the messenger shall reside in the company of those whom Allah has blessed _ the prophets, the sincere and the truthful, the martyrs, and the righteous ones. They are such excellent companions
4:70  Such is the honor and bounty that comes from Allah! Sufficient, indeed, is Allah as the all-Knowing (Lord)
4:71  Oh you who believe! (Always) be on your guard! Go forth (on expeditions) in small detachments, or advance together (as a group)
4:72  Among you is the one who loiters behind (and declines to fight for Allah). Then, if misfortune befalls you, he says, "Allah favored me, else I would be there (to face the misfortune) with them."
4:73  And if Allah´s bounties come your way, he says _ as though there never existed any love between him and you _ "Alas! If only I had been with them, I would have achieved some splendid success!"
4:74  Those who have traded away the life of this world for (the benefits of) the life-to-come, ought to fight for the sake of Allah. To anyone who fights for the sake of Allah, We will award the most generous reward whether he is killed (in the process) or comes out victorious
4:75  What is wrong with you? Why would you not fight for the sake of Allah on behalf of the weak and oppressed men, women and children? Those who pray (to Allah), "Our Lord! Rescue us from this town; its residents are cruel. Raise, by Your grace, an ally for us. Grant us by Your will a helper!"
4:76  Those who believe, do fight for the sake of Allah, while those who reject faith fight for the cause of ´taghut´ _ (all rebellious forces aligned against Allah). So, fight against the minions of Shaitans. Feeble indeed is the wily guile of Shaitan
4:77  Aren´t you aware of those who were told to restrain their hands _ (keep from fighting), to establish ´salat´, and to pay the ´zakat´? (Later) when fighting was enjoined upon them, some of them have begun to fear people like they should fear Allah. In fact, (their fear of people is) even more than (their) fear of Allah. They say, "Our lord! Why did You enjoin fighting upon us? Why did You not give us a respite for a little while longer?" Say, "Brief are the comforts of this life! The life-to-come is better indeed for those who do their duty! You will not be wronged at all _ not even worth a fibril upon a date-stone."
4:78  Death will overtake you no matter where you are, even if you were (hiding) in a fortified lofty tower. If something good happens to them, they say, "This is from Allah." But when misfortune strikes, they say, "This is from you." Say, "All of it is from Allah!" What is wrong with these people? They hardly understand anything
4:79  Whatever good happens to you is indeed, from Allah. Whatever ill befalls you, is of course (caused) by your own selves. (Oh Prophet)! We sent you as a messenger for mankind. Allah is enough as a witness
4:80  The one who obeys the messenger has in fact obeyed Allah. We have not sent you as a warden over anyone who turns away
4:81  They say, "We are obedient!" But as they leave your presence, some of them (gather at night and) conspire to do just the opposite of what you said. Allah is recording their nightly cabals. So, let them be, and place your trust in Allah. Sufficient is Allah as a trustee
4:82  Why don´t they ponder over the Qur´an? Had it been from a source other than Allah, they would have found a great deal of conflict (and contradiction) in it
4:83  When they come upon a news that has a bearing upon (public) safety or hazard, they spread it around. (Instead), they should convey it to the messenger, or others in authority among them _ those with ability to draw the correct conclusion from it. If Allah had not bestowed His favors and His mercy upon you, then you would have _ barring a few among you _ done the bidding of Shaitan
4:84  So, fight for the sake of Allah. You are accountable for none but yourself. But urge the believers (to fight). It might just be that (by your hand) Allah will curb (and curtail) the might of the disbelievers. Allah is Mightier and more Powerful! His torture is the most Severe
4:85  Whoever pleads (and intercedes for) a good cause shall get a share (of the reward) from it. Whoever (pleads and) intercedes for an evil cause shall bear the share of the burden (of sin). Allah maintains a strict vigil over everything
4:86  When someone welcomes you with a greeting, respond with an even better salute, or (at least) return the same greeting. Indeed, Allah will take into account every single thing
4:87  (He is) Allah! There is no god but He! He will most certainly gather you on the day of resurrection. There is no doubt about that! Who could be more truthful (and sincere) in his assertion than Allah
4:88  Why are there two opinions among you concerning the hypocrites? Because of the wrong they have wrought, Allah has made them revert (to disbelief). Do you wish to guide the one whom Allah has led astray? You will not find any way out for the one whom Allah misleads
4:89  The hypocrites wish that you would reject faith just like they have. Then, you will (descend down to their level and) be equal to them. Therefore, do not choose them as friends unless they (emigrate and) leave their homes in the path of Allah. If they revert (to open hostility), then seize and slay them wherever you see them. Do not take them as friends or protectors, nor as helpers
4:90  Except for those (hypocrites) who find refuge with a nation with whom you have a treaty! Or unless they come to you such that their hearts cringe and neither allow them to fight you, nor their own people. Had Allah willed, He would have given them power over you, and they would have fought you. Therefore, if they stay aloof and do not fight you, or if they make overtures of peace, then Allah has given you no reason to commit aggression against them
4:91  You will find other hypocrites who seek to stay safe from you, as well as from their people. But, (as soon) as they are tempted with a lure, they plunge headlong into mischief. If they do not stay neutral, and do not make overtures of peace towards you, and do not restrain their hands, then seize and slay them wherever you see them. In their case, We have given you a clear sanction
4:92  It is not (conceivable) for a believer to kill another believer _ unless it was (unintended, accidental or) by mistake. Whoever kills a believer by (accident or) mistake must set free a believing slave (as a penance), and must pay blood money as compensation to the family of the deceased _ unless the family waives (the blood money) out of charity. If the deceased belonged to a nation at war with you and was also a believer, then the penance shall be the freeing of a believing slave, (but no blood money). If the believing deceased belonged to a nation with whom you have a pact of alliance, then the penance involves payment of blood money to the family (of the believing deceased), in addition to the freeing of the believing slave. The one who does not find (the financial means) must observe fasts daily for two consecutive months to seek forgiveness from Allah. Of course, Allah is all-Knowing and the Wisest
4:93  Hellfire is the punishment for anyone who kills a believer intentionally and willfully. He shall stay there forever. He incurs the wrath and the curse of Allah. For such a one, He has prepared the severest (most awful) torment
4:94  Oh you who believe! When you go out (to fight) in the path of Allah, make a distinction (between friends and foes). If someone wishes you the greeting of Islam, do not _ seeking the benefits of this world _ be quick and say, "You are not the believer." Allah has the most abundant booty and benefits for you. In fact, you were like that once, but Allah bestowed His favors upon you. Therefore, (verify and) ascertain the facts first. Indeed, Allah is very well Aware of everything you do
4:95  The two are not equal: those who sit at home (and do not join the fighting) _ unless they have a reason; they are handicapped _ and those who strive hard in the path of Allah with their wealth and lives. Over those who sit at home, Allah has excelled and elevated to a higher honor those who strive hard with their wealth and lives. Compared to those who sit at home, Allah will award a far greater reward to those who wage a struggle
4:96  (He will bestow upon them) a much higher honor by His grace, as well as forgiveness and mercy! Allah is the most Forgiving, and the most Merciful
4:97  There are those who have wrought a wrong upon themselves (by not migrating with the prophet, as ordered). The angels (of death), would take possession of their souls and ask, "What was wrong with you?" They would answer, "We were too weak and oppressed in the land!" The angels will say, "Wasn´t the land of Allah vast and spacious enough, so you could emigrate (and seek refuge) elsewhere?" Such ones would have an abode in hell. What a despicable destination
4:98  Except for the men, women and children who are weak and oppressed! They are unable to muster the means (to migrate), and (therefore) find no way out
4:99  Perhaps, Allah will grant forgiveness to those (weak) ones. Allah is oft-Pardoning, and the most Forgiving
4:100  Whoever leaves his home in the path of Allah, will find many places in the land to dwell, and (many means of) livelihood. The reward definitely falls due on Allah for the one who forsakes his home for the sake of Allah and His messenger, but death overcomes him (during the process). Allah is the most Forgiving, the most Merciful
4:101  You incur no sin, if you shorten ´the salat´ while traveling through the land, for fear of an attack by the unbelievers. Indeed, the unbelievers are your professed enemies
4:102  (Oh prophet! During the battle) if you are among the believers leading ´the salat´ then let (only) one group stand in salat behind you; let them bear their arms while they stand in ´salat´. After they perform the prostration, let them move to the rear (and stand guard). Let the other group that has not yet performed their ´salat´ come forward and stand behind you. (But during all this time) they should be on guard and bear their arms. The unbelievers would love to catch you unawares and neglectful of your weapons and your belongings, so they can launch a surprise attack and route you with a single swoop. You incur no sin, if you put down your weapons, because you experience a distress due to rain or because you are ill. But (always) be on guard. Indeed, Allah has prepared a humiliating punishment for the unbelievers
4:103  After you conclude the ´salat´, remember Allah a lot _ standing up, sitting down or reclining. Then, once you feel secure again, perform the full (uncurtailed) ´salat´. Indeed, performing the ´salat´ at its prescribed time is mandated for the believers
4:104  Do not weaken or slacken in the pursuit of your enemy. (Remember), they too have sustained the same kind of damage and hardship as you have endured. But you expect to receive that from Allah, which they do not expect. Of course, Allah knows all, and is the Wisest
4:105  Indeed, We have revealed to you the book with the (absolute) truth. So that, you may judge among people (in accordance) with what Allah has guided you. Do not act as a pleader and a proponent for the treacherous _ those who betray their trust
4:106  Seek forgiveness from Allah! Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful
4:107  Do not plead on behalf of those who betray themselves. Indeed, Allah does not like those who are treacherous and sinful _ (those who breach and betray the trust reposed in them)
4:108  They conceal (their deeds) from mankind, but they cannot (ever) conceal anything from Allah. He is there with them at night, when they plot and utter (blasphemous) words that displease Him. Indeed, Allah surrounds them with (a complete knowledge of) what they do
4:109  Here you are, pleading and arguing on their behalf in the life of this world! But, on the day of Resurrection, who is going to plead before Allah on their behalf? Who will serve as their spokesman and supporter
4:110  The one who commits a sinful act or wrongs himself, and thereafter implores Allah for forgiveness, will find that Allah is the most Forgiving, and the most Merciful
4:111  Whoever commits a sin, actually commits it against himself. For, Allah is the all-Knowing, the Wisest
4:112  Whoever commits a moral offense or a sin, and throws the blame on an innocent person, actually bears (in addition to the sin of lying) the sin of slander _ a flagrant sin
4:113  Actually, the favors of Allah and His blessings are upon you. Otherwise, a group that had intended and attempted to lead you astray (would have prevailed). But they mislead no one except themselves, and they cannot harm you a bit. Allah has revealed to you the Book and the wisdom, and He has taught you that which you did not know. Allah´s favors upon you are enormous
4:114  Most of the secret counsels contain nothing good or wholesome, unless it is for (the purpose of) encouraging charity and righteous deeds, or for affecting peace and reconciliation among people. If someone does that, seeking the pleasure of Allah, then We will soon grant him an enormous reward
4:115  After the guidance has been revealed and explained, if anyone parts his way with the messenger and follows a path different from that of the believers, then We will divert him along his (chosen) path. We will hurl him in the hell (in the hereafter). What a despicable destination
4:116  Indeed, Allah does not (ever) forgive ´shirk´ _ (the sin of associating partners with Him) _ anything else He will forgive for whomever He wills. He, who commits ´shirk´ has in fact lost his way, and has gone far astray
4:117  That which they invoke instead of Him, are (just some) false female idols. In fact, they do not call anyone but Shaitan, the wretched rebel against Allah
4:118  Allah cursed (Shaitan), and (in response) he said, "I will lure away a large number of Your servants (as my followers)."
4:119  "I will definitely mislead them. I will certainly stir up vain and wanton desires in them. I will command them and they will split the ears of the cattle _ (a common practice of the idol worshippers). I will persuade them, and they will change and corrupt the nature (of the order) of things that Allah has created." Whoever takes Shaitan as his master instead of Allah, has indeed incurred a severe and significant loss
4:120  Shaitan holds out false promises to his followers, and arouses in them the wanton and vain desires. The promise of Shaitan is nothing but chicanery _ a deception
4:121  Hell is the abode for all such people. They will find no way to escape from it
4:122  We will soon usher into the gardens of paradise _ with rivers flowing right through them _ all those who believe and act righteously. They will live there till eternity. The promise of Allah is the (absolute) truth. What could be more credible and incontrovertible than the word of Allah
4:123  The final outcome (in the life-to-come) will not depend upon your (wishful) claims and aspirations, nor upon those of the people of the book. Whoever commits evil shall face the punishment for it, and he will not find any protector or helper besides Allah
4:124  All those who do the righteous deeds _ men as well as women, provided they are the believers _ shall enter paradise. They will not be wronged at all, (nor deprived of their rightful reward) _ not even worth a dint on a date stone
4:125  Can there be any one with a better way of life than the person who submits his will to (the will of) Allah, performs the righteous deeds and follows the creed of Ibraheem, the devotee of Allah exclusively? And Allah did choose Ibraheem as His devoted friend
4:126  To Allah belongs everything in the heavens and on earth. And Allah surrounds (and holds in His sway) every single thing
4:127  They seek your opinion about women. Say, "Allah instructs you about them and (reminds you about) what was recited to you (earlier) in the book concerning the orphan girls. (Out of greed), you desire to marry them but you are not prepared to give them their lawful share and their rights _ (the nuptial dowry and a share in inheritance) _ that have been ordained for them! (He) also (instructs you) about the helpless and oppressed children. You should treat the orphans with justice. Indeed, Allah is very well aware of any (and every) good deed you ever do!"
4:128  In case a woman fears abuse, mistreatment or desertion by her husband, there is nothing wrong for the two of them to compromise and come to terms. It is better to make peace (and restore harmony). The soul is certainly swayed by greed. If you are righteous and ward off evil, then (be assured that) Allah is very well Aware of everything you do
4:129  Even if you (sincerely) desire (and try), you will not be able to maintain equality among (all) your wives. So do not lean towards one to an extent that you leave others (apprehensive and) in abeyance. If you mend your ways and fear (Allah), then indeed Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful
4:130  If the husband and wife (decide to) separate, Allah will provide sustenance to both of them out of His abundance. Allah is the Infinite, the Wisest
4:131  To Allah belongs everything in the heavens and on earth. We had instructed those who received the scriptures before you and (now We instruct) you too, (Oh believers), that you should fear Allah. But if you reject, then (remember that) everything in the heavens and on earth, does indeed belong to Allah! And Allah is Free of all wants and Worthy of all praise
4:132  Yes indeed, everything in the heavens and on earth belongs to Allah, and Allah suffices as an advocate _ (He is worthy of your trust)
4:133  Oh you people, if He wills He can make you extinct and bring others in your place! Allah has the power to do (that and) everything (else)
4:134  Anyone who prefers (to receive) the result and the recompense in the life of this world, (should know that) Allah has the rewards (to bestow) not only in this life, but also in the life-to-come. Of course, Allah hears-all, and observes everything
4:135  Oh you who believe! Be upright, and uphold justice staunchly. (Always) bear testimony for (the sake of) Allah, even if it goes against you, your parents or your near relatives. (Bear true testimony) whether it is (for or against) a rich man or a poor man. (The commands of) Allah has priority over (the concern for) any of them. Do not pursue your passions, lest you lapse into injustice. If you (conceal), distort or (otherwise) fail to mention the truth, then remember, Allah is very well Aware of everything you do
4:136  Oh you who believe! Believe (sincerely) in Allah, His messenger, and the scriptures He has revealed to His messenger (Muhammad, SAW) as well as the scriptures He had revealed previously. Whoever fails to believe in Allah, His angels, His books, His messengers, and the Day of Judgment has indeed strayed and has wandered far away (from the right path)
4:137  Indeed, Allah is never going to forgive those who believe (at first) and then reject (the truth), then claim to believe again only to return to disbelief once again, and thereafter increase in disbelief. He is never ever going to forgive them, or guide them to the right path
4:138  Give such hypocrites the news that a painful punishment awaits them
4:139  There are those who pick the unbelievers ¬_ instead of the believers _ as their friends and protectors. Do they seek power and prestige from (their association with) the unbelievers? In fact, all the power and prestige belongs entirely to Allah
4:140  It has (already) been revealed to you in the Book (the Qur´an) that: you should not sit with a group when you hear the verses of Allah being rejected and ridiculed in that company, until they (change the topic and) engage themselves in a different subject. Otherwise, you will become like them. Indeed, Allah is going to gather the hypocrites and the unbelievers together in the hell
4:141  There are some (hypocrites) who are waiting to see your fate. If victory comes to you from Allah, they will say to you, "Were we not with you?" However, if fate favored the unbelievers, they will say to them, "Could we not have (fought against you and) overwhelmed you? Didn´t we keep the believers from (defeating) you?" Allah will render his judgment between you (and them) on the Day of Judgment. Allah will never allow the unbelievers a way over the believers
4:142  The hypocrites seek to deceive Allah, but it is actually He Who dupes them. They are lethargic (and listless) when they stand for ´salat´ _ (they) only (wish) to be noticed by others (and just go through the motions of ´salat´). Little do they remember Allah
4:143  They waver and fluctuate. They are neither with this group nor with that. You will never find a way (out) for the one whom Allah leads astray
4:144  Oh you who believe! Do not pick the unbelievers instead of the believers, as your friends and allies. Do you want to place before Allah a clear proof of your guilt
4:145  Indeed, the hypocrites shall occupy the lowest level of hell _ (its deepest abyss),. You will not find anyone who would (want to) be their helper
4:146  But those of them who repent, make amends, hold on firmly to Allah, and devote their religion sincerely and exclusively for Allah are going to be with the believers. Soon, Allah will grant the believers an enormous reward
4:147  If you believe and express gratitude, why would Allah want to punish you (for your past sins)? Indeed, Allah is ever so appreciative (of the grateful ones)! And He is the all-Knowing
4:148  Allah does not like anyone _ except the one who is wronged _ to speak ill (of others) in public. Allah hears and knows everything
4:149  Whether you disclose or hide the good (deeds), and pardon (others for) the evil (done to you, know it, that) Allah is the oft-Pardoning, the (infinitely) Capable
4:150  Indeed, those attempting to make a distinction between Allah and the messengers, are actually the ones who reject Allah and the messengers. They say, "We believe in some but we reject the others." They want to strike a course midway between the two _ (the right and the wrong path)
4:151  Such ones are positively the staunch (and stubborn) unbelievers. We have prepared a humiliating punishment for the unbelievers
4:152  Allah will soon grant the rewards to those who believe in Allah and His messengers, and do not make any distinction between them (the messengers). Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful
4:153  The people of the book demand that you cause a book to descend from the heavens in their presence. They had made even greater (and more unreasonable) demands from Musa. They said, "Let us see Allah plainly (with our own eyes)." Because of their wickedness, a lightning thunder-bolt struck them down. Later, even after clear proofs had come to them, they took the calf as their god. Yet, We forgave that (transgression). We gave Musa, a manifest mandate
4:154  At that time We made a covenant with them. We caused Mount ´Toor´ to protrude and hang over them. We said to them, "Go through the gate (in humility, bowing down) in prostration." We said to them, "Do not exceed (or side step) the limits of the Sabbath-laws." We took a sacred (inviolable) covenant from them
4:155  (We punished them) because of their breach of the sacred covenant, and their rejection of the signs of Allah; (We punished them because of) the wrongful slaying of the prophets by them, and their (boastful) statements, "Our hearts are (safe and) sheathed (against your sermons)." Rather, because of their disbelief, Allah stamped a seal on their hearts. Little is what they believe
4:156  (We punished them) because of their rejection (of the messenger Jesus), and their atrocious utterances of slander against Mary
4:157  (We punished them because of) their (blatant and boastful) statement, "We killed Jesus, the son of Mary, the Massiah, the messenger of Allah!" But they did not kill him, and they did not crucify him! It just appeared to them to be so! Those who differ are certainly in doubt about that matter. They do not have a definite knowledge. (They have nothing) except their assumptions and conjectures. They definitely did not kill him
4:158  The fact is, Allah raised him (towards Himself) and Allah is the most Powerful, the Wisest
4:159  In (the throes of) death, every single one of the people of the book would certainly (come to know, and would) believe in Jesus. On the Day of Judgment, he (Jesus) will be a witness against them
4:160  Thus, for those who became Jews We forbade _ (as a punishment) for their wickedness _ the wholesome things that We had (earlier) made lawful for them. (This is so) because (so often) they turned away _ (and turned so many away) _ from the path of Allah
4:161  (And, that is so because) they take (and trade in usury and) interest _ (a practice) prohibited for them, and (because) they bilk and cheat people of their possessions under false pretense _ (by fraud and deceit). For the unbelievers among them, We have prepared a painful punishment
4:162  However, the learned scholars among them with extensive knowledge, and the believers accept what is revealed to you (Oh Muhammad, SAW) as well as what was revealed before you. Those who perform the ´salat´ diligently, pay the zakat, and believe in Allah and the afterlife, are actually the ones to whom We will grant the greatest of rewards
4:163  We sent the revelation to you, just like We inspired Nooh, and the other prophets after him; (just like) We inspired Ibraheem Ismail, Ishaque, Yaqub and the tribes, Jesus, Ayub, Yunus, Haroon and Sulaiman. We gave Da´ood the book of ´Zaboor´ (the Psalms)
4:164  (We sent inspiration to) the messengers We have mentioned to you earlier, and (also to) the messengers We never mentioned to you. (But) with Musa, Allah spoke directly _ (not just through angels, or by inspiration)
4:165  Messengers were the bearers of good news and (dire) warnings. After the messengers, mankind should have no pleas or pretext to offer before Allah; and Allah is the most Powerful and the Wisest
4:166  (Skeptics may doubt), but Allah Himself testifies to (the truth of) what He has revealed to you, (Oh Muhammad, SAW). He has sent to you this revelation with His (unerring and infallible) knowledge. The angels testify (to that fact) also! And Allah suffices as the Witness
4:167  Indeed, those who disbelieve and hinder (others) from the path of Allah have lost their way, and have strayed far away
4:168  Allah will not forgive those who disbelieve and do wrong. He will not guide them on to the road (to salvation)
4:169  Instead (He will lead them along) the road to hell. They will stay there forever. That is really easy for Allah
4:170  Oh mankind! The messenger has brought you the truth from your Lord. So, believe! (It is) better for you. But if you deny, then remember that everything in the heavens and on earth belongs to Allah, and Allah is the all-Knowing, the Wisest
4:171  Oh People of the book! Do not (overstate and) exaggerate your religious beliefs; do not say anything except the truth about Allah. The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary was in fact (nothing more than) the messenger of Allah and His word which He cast upon Mary. (Jesus was) a soul created by Him. So, believe in Allah and His messenger. Do not say (that Allah is) three! Desist! It is better for you (if you desist). Verily, Allah is (only) One. He is (too glorified and) too exalted to have a son. Everything in the heavens and on earth belongs to Him. Allah suffices as a Disposer of all matters and things! (He needs no mediator)
4:172  Never was (Jesus) the Messiah, too arrogant to be treated as the created servant of Allah, nor are the angels who are the closest (to Allah). He will soon summon to Himself all those who scornfully avoid worshipping Him
4:173  Allah will award to the fullest extent the due rewards to those who believe and do the righteous deeds; and (then) by His grace, He will grant them even more (of His bounties). He will inflict a painful punishment upon (all) those who acted arrogantly and refrained from worshipping Him. Other than Allah, they will not find a friend or anyone to help
4:174  Oh mankind! (This Qur´an) _ the (incontrovertible) proof has come to you from your Lord. We have revealed to you (the beacon) _ the manifest light
4:175  Soon, He will admit into His mercy and His grace (all) those who believe in Him and hold fast on to Him. He will guide them towards Himself, _ (towards) the straight path
4:176  People seek your verdict. Say, "Allah gives you instructions concerning the inheritance of distant relatives. If a man passes away and has no (living parent or) child, but has a sister, then she inherits half of what he leaves behind. (Similarly) he would inherit from his sister, if she was childless. If a man was survived by two sisters (and no direct heir) they both would inherit two-thirds of what he leaves behind. If the deceased had (no direct heirs, but) brothers and sisters, then the share of the male shall be equal to the share of two females. Allah clarifies matters for you, lest you go astray. Allah is very well Aware of all things