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43:1  Haa Mim.
43:2  By the book that makes ( things ) clear.
43:3  We have made it an Arabic Quran that you may understand.
43:4  And it is in the original book with Us, high, full of wisdom.
43:5  What ! shall We then keep away the reminder from you, ignoring ( you, just ) because you are an extravagant people?
43:6  And how many a prophet did We send among the ancients?
43:7  And there did not come to them ( any ) prophet but they mocked at him.
43:8  So We destroyed those who were stronger than these in taking hold, and the example of the ancients has gone ( before them ).
43:9  And if you ask them, “Who created the skies and the earth?” They will definitely say, “The Mighty, the Knowing has created them.”
43:10  He Who made the earth ( suitable for ) habitation for you, and He made for you roads therein, that you may find the right way.
43:11  And He Who sent down water from the sky according to a programme, then We raise ( to life ) therewith a dead land, thus, you ( too ) will be brought out.
43:12  And He Who created pairs of all ( things ) and made for you the ships, and from among the cattle , those on which you ride,
43:13  that you may balance yourselves on their backs, then remember the favour of your Fosterer on you when you balance yourselves on them and say, “Glorified be He Who has subjected these to us ( for our use ) and we were not able to do it,
43:14  and we will certainly return to our Fosterer.”
43:15  And they assign to Him from His servants, a part ( as sons, daughters, partners, etc), man to be certain is clearly ungrateful.
43:16  What ! has He taken daughters from what He has created and chosen sons for you?
43:17  And when one of them is given the news of ( the birth of a daughter, something ) similar to that which he assigns to the Beneficent ( Allah ), his face is shadowed black and he is full of grief.
43:18  What ! ( do they assign to Allah daughters ) who are brought up in ornaments and who are without clarity during a dispute?
43:19  And they regard the angels, who are servants of the Beneficent ( Allah ), ( as ) females. Did they witness their creation? Their evidence will be recorded and they will be questioned.
43:20  And they say, “If the Beneficent ( Allah ) had willed, we would not have worshipped them.” They do not have any knowledge about that, they do nothing but guess.
43:21  Or did We give them a book before this so that they are holding fast to it?
43:22  No, they say, “We found our fathers on ( these ) religious procedures and we are guided by their footsteps.”
43:23  And thus We had not sent any warner before you to any town but those well-off therein, said, “We found our fathers on ( these ) religious procedures and we are followers of their footsteps.”
43:24  ( The warner had ) said, “Even if I bring to you guidance which is better than that on which you found your fathers?” They said, “We are certainly rejecters of that with which you are sent.”
43:25  So We inflicted retribution on them, then see how the end of the deniers was ( brought about ).
43:26  And when Ibrahim said to his father and his people, “I am free from that which you serve ( worship )
43:27  except Him Who initiated my creation, so He will certainly guide me,”
43:28  and he made this a statement that remained among those who followed him, that they may return ( to the right path ).
43:29  No, I made these and their fathers enjoy, till there came to them the truth and a messenger ( making things ) clear.
43:30  And when the truth came to them they said, “This is magic and we do not believe in it.”
43:31  And they said, “Why was this Quran not sent down on ( some ) great man from ( either of ) the two cities ( of Mecca or Taif )?”
43:32  Do they distribute the mercy of your Fosterer? We distribute among them their livelihood in the life of this world; and We have elevated some of them over others in grades that some of them may take others in subjection ( and extract work ), and the mercy of your Fosterer is better than that which they amass.
43:33  And were it not that ( the whole of ) mankind would have become one community, We would have made for those who do not believe in the Beneficent ( Allah ), their houses with roofs of silver and the stairs ( too, climbing ) on which they go up,
43:34  and the doors of their houses and the couches on which they recline ( all of silver ),
43:35  and ( given them other items of ) decoration. But all that is nothing but an enjoyment of the life of this world, while the hereafter with your Fosterer, is for those who guard ( against evil ).
43:36  And he who turns away from the remembrance of the Beneficent ( Allah ), We appoint a devil for him, so that he becomes his comrade,
43:37  and the ( devils ) turn them way from the away, but they think that they are rightly guided,
43:38  until when he comes to Us, he says, “I wish that between me and you there were the distance of the two east’s,” so the comrade is an evil ( one ).
43:39  And ( your regrets ) will not be of (any ) profit to you this day when you were unjust ( earlier ), ( and the decision will be ) that you will be sharers in the punishment.
43:40  Can you then make the deaf to hear, or guide the blind and he who is in clear error?
43:41  So if We take you away, then We will certainly inflict retribution on them.
43:42  Or We may show you that which We have promised them, as We are the Holders of power over them.
43:43  So hold fast to that which is communicated to you, you are certainly on the straight path.
43:44  And this is certainly a reminder for you and your people and you all will be questioned.
43:45  And ask those of the messengers whom We sent before you, “Did We appoint besides the Beneficent (Allah, any other) gods to be served ( worshipped ) by them?”
43:46  And We had sent Musa with Our signs to Firawn and his chiefs, so he said, “I am a messenger of the Fosterer of the worlds.”
43:47  But when he brought to them Our signs, then they laughed at them.
43:48  And We did not show them any sign, but it was greater than its sister , and We afflicted them with the punishment that they might return ( towards Us ).
43:49  And they said, “O you magician ! pray to your Fosterer according to His agreement which He has made with you (to remove the punishment from Us), we will certainly be of those who are guided.”
43:50  But when We removed the punishment from them, then they went against their word.
43:51  And Firawn announced among his people saying, “O my people! is not the kingdom of Egypt mine? And these rivers flowing beneath me? Do you not then see?
43:52  And am I not better than this (person) who is disgraceful and can hardly express himself clearly?
43:53  Why then, bracelets of gold have not been put on him or angels come down along with him as companions?”
43:54  Thus he sought to make light to his people (Musa’s esteem), so they followed him, they were certainly a transgressing people.
43:55  So when they angered Us We inflicted retribution on them and drowned them all together.
43:56  And We made them a precedent and an example for others.
43:57  And When the son of Maryam is cited as an example, then your people raise a hue and cry thereat,
43:58  and say, “Are our gods better or he?” They do not strike you (with) this statement but for disputation. No, they are a disputing people.
43:59  He was nothing but a servant on whom We had bestowed favour and We had made him an example for the children of Israel.
43:60  And if We will, We could make angels from you, succeeding (you) in the earth.
43:61  And he (Isa) is certainly the knowledge (a sign) for the hour of doom, so do not doubt about it and follow me, this is the straight path.
43:62  And do not let the devil turn you away (from the straight path), he is certainly an open enemy to you.
43:63  And when Isa came with clear proofs, he said, “I have indeed come to you with wisdom and to make clear to you some (of the things) about which you disagree, so fear Allah and obey me.
43:64  Allah is my Fosterer and your Fosterer, so serve (worship) Him, this is certainly the straight path.”
43:65  But parties from among them disagreed, so, sorrowful will be the state of those who were unjust because of the punishment of the painful day.
43:66  Do they wait for anything except the hour of doom, that it should come upon them suddenly while they do not perceive?
43:67  Friends on that day will be enemies of one another except those who had guarded (against evil).
43:68  O My servants! there is no fear on you this day nor shall you grieve,
43:69  those who believed in Our signs and had submitted (as Muslims),
43:70  enter the garden, you and your mates, you will be made happy.
43:71  Bowls of gold and cups will be sent round for them, and therein there will be what their souls desire for and delight for the eyes and you will stay therein.
43:72  And that is the garden which you will be made to inherit because of that which you used to do.
43:73  For you therein are many fruits from which you will eat.
43:74  The criminals will certainly remain in the punishment of hell.
43:75  It will not be lightened for them and they will be in despair therein.
43:76  And We were not unjust to them but they were themselves unjust.
43:77  And they will call out, “O Malik (Angel incharge of hell)! let your Fosterer make an end of us.” He will say, “You certainly have to stay (here),
43:78  we had come to you with the truth but most of you were of those who had a dislike for the truth.”
43:79  Or have they settled an affair? But We are the settlers (of affairs).
43:80  Or do they think that We do not hear their secret talks and conferences? Why not, and Our messengers with them, they record.
43:81  Say, “If the Beneficent (Allah) had a son, then I would have been the first of the servants.”
43:82  Glorified be the Fosterer of the skies and the earth, Lord of the throne (of the universe), He is above what they describe.
43:83  So leave them involved in idle talk and play until they meet their day which they are promised.
43:84  And He it is Who is the God in the sky and the God in the earth and He is the Wise, the Knowing.
43:85  And blessed is He Whose is the kingdom of the skies and the earth and that which is between them. And with Him is the knowledge of the hour of doom and towards Him you will be returned.
43:86  And those whom they pray to, besides Him, do not have the power of recommendation, except they who bear witness with truth while they know.
43:87  And if you ask them who created them, they will definitely say, “Allah.” Then how are they turned away (from the truth)?
43:88  And he (prophet) says, “O my Fosterer ! these are the people who certainly do not believe.”
43:89  So turn away from them and say, “Peace,” but they will know.