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12:1  A L R those (are) verses/evidences (of) The Book , the clear/evident
12:2  That We descended it an Arabic Koran , maybe/perhaps you reason/comprehen
12:3  We narrate/inform on (to) you the narration's/information's (true stories') best, with what We inspired/transmitted to you, this the Koran , and if you were from before it from (E) the ignoring/neglectin
12:4  When Joseph said to his father: You my father that I, I saw eleven planet(s)/star(s) and the sun and the moon, I saw/them to me prostrating."
12:5  You, my son, do not relay/inform your dream on (to) your brothers, so they conspire/plot to you a plot/conspiracy , that the devil (is) to the human/mankind a clean/evident enemy
12:6  And as/like that your Lord chooses/purifies you and teaches/informs you from the information's/speech's interpretation/explanation, and He completes His blessing on you, and on Jacob's family, as/like He completed it on your fathers (forefathers) before, Abraham, and Isaac, that your Lord (is) knowledgeable, wise/judicious
12:7  In Joseph and his brothers (there) had been signs/evidences to the askers/questioners
12:8  When they said: "Joseph (E), and his brother, (are) more lovable/likable to our father than us, and we (are) a group/band/company, that truly our father (is) in (E) clear/evident misguidance."
12:9  Kill/fight Joseph or throw him/cast him away (to) a land , your father's face becomes free/alone for you, and you be from after it a correct/righteous nation
12:10  A speaker from them said: "Do not kill/fight Joseph, and (but) throw him/throw him away in the well's/deep well's low hidden area/grave, some (of) the caravan unintentionally finds and picks him up, if you were making/doing."
12:11  They said: "You, our father, why for you (that) you do not trust/entrust us on Joseph, and that we (are) to him faithful/sincere (E)?"
12:12  Send him with us tomorrow (in the) future, he eats, drinks and plays and he plays/amuses , and that we are for him protectors/safe keepers (E)
12:13  He said: "That I (it) saddens me (E) that you go away with him, and I fear that the wolf eats him, and (while) you are from him ignoring/neglecting/disregarding."
12:14  They said: "If (E) the wolf ate him, and we are a group/band/company, that we are then losers (E)."
12:15  So when they went/went away with him, and they all unanimously agreed that they put him in the well's/deep well's low hidden area/grave, and We inspired/transmitted to him: "You will inform them (E) with their matter/affair, this, and (while) they are not feeling/knowing/sensing."
12:16  And they came (to) their father (at) evening/first darkness/dinnertime weeping
12:17  They said: "You our father, that we went/went away racing and we left Joseph at ourbelongings/effects/goods, so the wolf ate him, and you are not with believing to us, and even if we were truthful."
12:18  And they came on his shirt/dress with blood falsified , he said: "But your selves enticed/lured for you a matter/affair/order/command, so graceful patience, and God (is) the seeked help/support from on what you describe/categorize."
12:19  And a caravan came, so they sent their brave/tall (scout/waterboy), so he lowered/dropped his bucket/pail, he said: "Oh good news, that (is) a boy/slave ." And they kept him secret (as) goods/merchandise, and God (is) knowledgeable with what they make/do
12:20  And they bought him with a reduced/unjust price, counted/numbered silver coins , and they were in him from the indifferent/uninterested
12:21  And said who bought him from (the) city/border/region/Egypt to/for his woman (wife): "Be generous/kind (in) his home/residence , perhaps he benefits us, or we take him (as) a child (son)." And like that, We highly positioned/secured to Joseph in the earth/Planet Earth, and to teach/instruct him from interpreting/explaining the information/speeches , and God (is) defeater/conqueror on His order/command/matter/affair, and but most (of) the people do not know
12:22  And when he reached his maturity/strength, We gave/brought him judgment/rule and knowledge, and as/like that We reward the good doers
12:23  And who (F) he is in her house/home seduced/enticed him from himself, and she closed/shut the doors/entrances, and said: "Come/come here ." He said: "I seek protection (of) God, that He is my Lord, He did good/beautified my residence/home , that He does not make the unjust/oppressive succeed/win."
12:24  And she had been intended/resolved with him, and he intended/resolved with her, where it not for that he saw/understood his Lord's proof/evidence, and like that to send away/divert from him the bad/evil/harm and the enormous/atrocious deeds , that he truly is from Our worshippers/slaves, the faithful/loyal/devoted
12:25  And they (B) raced each other (to) the door/entrance, and she ripped/cut his shirt/dress from (the) back/end and they (B) found her master/ruler/leader at/by/near the door/entrance she said: "What (is the) reward/reimbursement (of) who willed/wanted bad/evil/harm with your family/people except that he be imprisoned or painful torture?"
12:26  He said: "She seduced/enticed me from myself." And a witness/testifier from her family/relation/people witnessed/testified: "If his shirt/dress was ripped/cut from (the) front , so she was truthful and he we was from the liars/falsifiers
12:27  And if his shirt/dress was ripped/cut from (the) back/end, so she lied/falsified and he is from the truthful
12:28  So when he saw his shirt/dress (was) ripped/cut from (the) back/end, he said: "That it is from your (F) plotting/conspiring that your (F) plotting/conspiring (is) great."
12:29  Joseph object/turn away from that, and (to her) ask for forgiveness (F) for your crime (F), that you (F) were (F) from the sinners/mistaken
12:30  And women in the city/town said: "Elaziz/the Egyptian ruler's woman (wife) seduces/entices her youth/slave/servant from himself, he had affected her deeply/deeply impassioned her lovingly , that we see/understand her (E) in evident misguidance."
12:31  So when she heard with their (F) cheating/deceit , she sent to them (F), and she prepared for them (F) a recliner/support/cushion and she gave/brought each one (F) from them (F) a knife and said: "Get out/appear/emerge on them." So when they saw him, they (F) greatened/exalted/revered him, and they (F) cut off/cut to pieces/amputated their (F) hands, and they said: "Remoteness to God that (is) not a human, that this (is) except (an) honoured/kind/noble angel/owner/possessor ."
12:32  She said: "So that (is) what you blamed/reprimanded me in him, and I had seduced/enticed him from himself so he held fast/protected himself from evil , and if (E) he does not make/do what I order/command him, he will be imprisoned (E) and (he) will be (E) from the lowly/humiliated ."
12:33  He said: "My Lord, the prison/jail (is) more likable to me from what they call me to it, and unless you divert from me their conspiring I incline to (give up) to them (F), and I be from the lowly/ignorant ."
12:34  So his Lord answered/replied to him, so He diverted from him their (F) conspiring , that He truly is the hearing/listening, the knowledgeable
12:35  Then it appeared to them from after what they saw/understood the evidences/signs they imprison him (E) until a time
12:36  And two youths/adolescents entered with him the prison/jail, one of them (B) said: "That I , I see myself, I press/squeeze an intoxicant ." And the other said: "That I, I see myself, I carry/bear over my head bread, the birds eat from it, inform us with its interpretation/explanation, that we see/understand you (are) from the good doers."
12:37  He said: "Feeding/food does not come to you (B) (which) you will be provided with it except I informed you with its interpretation/explanation, before (it) comes to you, that is what from what my Lord taught/instructed me , that I left a nation's religion/faith (that) do not believe with/by God, and they are, with the end (other life), they are disbelieving."
12:38  And I followed my father's/forefather's, Abraham's and Isaac's and Jacob's faith/religion, (it) was not for us that we share/make partners with God from a thing, that is from God's grace on us, and on the people, and but most of the people do not thank/be grateful
12:39  You my two companions/friends (of) the prison/jail, are separate Lords better or God the one, the defeater/conqueror
12:40  You do not worship from other than Him except names you named it, you and your fathers/forefathers, God did not descend with it from a proof/evidence , that the judgment/rule (is) except to God, He ordered/commanded that you not worship except (only) Him that (is) the religion the straight , and but most of the people do not know
12:41  You my two companions/friends (of) the prison/jail, but, one of you (B) so he gives drink an intoxicant (to) his lord, and but the other, so he be crucified/placed on a cross , so the birds eat from his head, the matter/affair which in it you (B) ask for an opinion/clarification was passed judgmen t/ordered (resolved)
12:42  And he said to whom he thought/assumed that he is saved from them (B): "Mention me at your lord." So the devil made him forget, his lords' reminder , so he stayed/waited in the prison/jail (a) few/some (between - ) years
12:43  And the king said: "I see seven fat/fleshy cows, seven weak/bony/starved eat them (F), and seven green ears/spikes of wheat, barley etc. and others dry. You, you the nobles/groups/assembly give me your opinion/clarify for me in my dream, if you were to the dream(s) explaining (interpreting)."
12:44  They said: "A confused mixture (of) dreams, and we are not with interpreting/explaining the dreams with knowing."
12:45  And who was saved/rescued from them (B) and he remembered after a generation (and said): "I inform you with its interpretation/explanation, so send me."
12:46  Joseph, you the always very truthful, give us your opinion/clarify for us in seven fat/fleshy cows, seven weak/bony/starved eat them (F), and seven green ears/spikes of wheat, barley etc. and others dry, maybe/perhaps I return to the people, maybe/perhaps they know
12:47  He said: "You sow/seed/plant seven years habitually/consistently, so what you harvested/gathered, so leave it in its ear/spike (of corn, barley etc.), except little from what you eat."
12:48  Then comes from after that seven (years) strong (severe), they eat what you advanced (stored) for them, except little from what you preserve
12:49  Then comes from after that, a year in it the people be rained upon, and in it they press/squeeze
12:50  And the king said: "Come with him to me (bring him)." So when the messenger came to him , he said: "Return to your Lord, so ask/question him, what (is) the women's affair/condition/ thought which cut off/amputated their (F) hands, that my Lord (is) with their plotting/conspiring knowledgeable."
12:51  He said: "What (is) your matter/affair/concern when you (P/F) seduced/enticed Joseph from himself." They said: "Remoteness to God , we did not know from (of) bad/evil/harm on him." Elaziz's/the Egyptian ruler's woman (wife) said: "Now the truth appeared , I seduced/enticed him from himself, and that he is from (E) the truthful."
12:52  That (it is) to him to know that I, I did not betray/become unfaithful to him with the unseen/hidden and that God does not guide the betrayer's/unfaithful's plot/conspiracy
12:53  And I do not acquit myself, that the self (is) incessantly commanding/urging (E) with the bad/evil/harm, except what my Lord had mercy upon, that my Lord (is) forgiving, merciful
12:54  And the king said: "Come with him to me (bring him), I choose/select him to myself." So when he conversed/spoke to him , he said: "That you are today near us , highly positioned , faithful/loyal ."
12:55  He said: "Make/put me on the land's/Earth's safe's/storages (treasures), that I am (an) honest protector/guard knowledgeable."
12:56  And as/like that We highly positioned to Joseph in the land/Earth he establishes/resides from it when/where he wills/wants, We strike/mark with Our mercy whom We will/want, and We do not loose/waste/destroy the good doers reward
12:57  And the ends' (other life's) reward (E) (is) better to those who believed and were fearing and obeying
12:58  And Joseph's brothers/brethren came, so they entered on him, so he knew them, and they are to him ignorant (not recognizing)
12:59  And when he outfitted them with their preparation/equipment (goods) , he said: "Come to me with a brother to you from your father, do you not see/understand, that I, I fulfill/complete the measuring/weighing device, and I am best of the senders of the descenders (hosts)?"
12:60  So if you did not come to me with him so (there is) no measurement/weight for you at me, and do not approach/near me
12:61  They said: "We will entice/solicit from him his father, and we are making/doing (E)."
12:62  And he said to his youths/servants : "Put their goods/merchandise in their packsaddles, maybe/perhaps they know (recognize) it when they returned to their family/people , maybe/perhaps they return."
12:63  So when they returned to their father, they said: "You our father, the measuring/weighing device (the goods) was prevented/prohibited from (for) us, so send with us our brother, we take (goods) by measure/weight, we are for him protectors/guards (E) ."
12:64  He said: "Do I, I entrust you on him, except as I entrusted you on his brother from before? So God (is the) best protector , and he (is) most merciful (of) the merciful."
12:65  And when they opened their belongings/goods they found their goods/merchandise returned to them, they said: "You our father, we do not ask/desire , this (is) our goods/merchandise returned to us, and we bring food and supplies (to) our family/people , and we protect our brother, and we be increased a (transport) camel's weight , that (is) easy weight ."
12:66  He said: "I will never/not send him with you until you give me a promise/covenant from God to bring him to me (E) except that be (except if you are) surrounded/maneuvered to outsmart with you." So when they gave him their promise/covenant, he said: "God (is) on what we say (a) guardian/trustee ."
12:67  And he said: "You my sons, do not enter from one door/entrance, and enter from separate doors/entrances, and I do not suffice/enrich from you from God from a thing, that the judgment/rule (is) except to God, on Him (E) I relied/depended , and on Him so should rely/depend the reliant/dependent
12:68  And when they entered from where their father ordered/commanded them, and (it) was not to suffice/enrich from them from God from a thing, except a need/necessity in Jacob's self he accomplished it, and that truly he is (an owner) of knowledge to what We taught/instructed him , and but most of the people do not know
12:69  And when they entered on Joseph, he gave shelter/refuge (hosted) his brother to him, he said: "That I, I am your brother, so do not be miserable because (of) what they were making/doing ."
12:70  So when he prepared/outfitted/(supplied) them with their preparation/equipment (supplies), he put the cup in his brother's packsaddle, then an announcer/informer, announced/informed: "You, the caravan ,that you are stealing/robbing (E)."
12:71  They said, and they approached/came on (to) them: "What (are) you losing/missing ?"
12:72  They said: "We miss/fail to find the king's cup , and to who (E) came with it a (transport) camel's load , and I am with it a leader/grantor."
12:73  They said: "By God, you had known we did not come to corrupt in the land/Earth and we were not stealing/robbing."
12:74  They said: "So what (is) his reward if you were lying/denying ?"
12:75  They said: "His reward whom (it) is found in his packsaddle, so it is his reward ." As/like that We reimburse the unjust/oppressive
12:76  So he began with their bags/containers , before his brother's bag/container , then he brought it out from his brother's bag/container, as/like that, We plotted/conspired to Joseph, he was not to take his brother in the king's religion/domain , except that God wills/wants, We raise whom We will/want stages/degrees , and above each (owner) of knowledge (is more) knowledgeable
12:77  They said: "If he steals/robs, so a brother to him had stolen/robbed from before." So Joseph kept it secret in himself, and did not show it to them, he said: "You are a worse position , and God (is) more knowledgeable with what you describe/categorize."
12:78  They said: "You, you Elaziz/Egyptian ruler, that to him (is) an old aged big father, so take/receive any of us (in) his place/position, that we, we see you from the good doers."
12:79  He said: "I seek protection (of) God, that we take except whom we found our belongings/effects/goods at him then we are unjust/oppressive (E) ."
12:80  So when they despaired from him, they cleared secretly conversing, their oldest said: "Did you not know that your father, had taken on you a promise/covenant from God and from before what you abused/exceeded the limit in (on) Joseph, so I will never/not leave/depart the land until my father permits/allows for me, or God judges/rules for me, and he (is) best (of) the judges/rulers."
12:81  Return to your father so say: 'You, our father, that your son stole/robbed, and we did not witness/testify except with what we knew, and we were not to the unseen observing/guarding .
12:82  'And ask/question the village/urban city which we were in it, and the caravan which we came in it, and we are, truthful (E).
12:83  He (their father) said: "But your selves enticed/tolerated for you an order/command/matter/affair, so graceful patience, perhaps God that (He) brings them to me all together, that He (is) the knowledgeable, the wise/judicious ."
12:84  And he turned away from them, and he said: "Oh my sorrow, on Joseph," and his two eyes whitened, from the sadness/grief, and he is suppressed
12:85  They said: "By God you still remember/mention Joseph until you be sick and weak/diminished or you be from the perishing/dying ."
12:86  He said: "But I complain my grief/condition and my sadness/grief to God and I know from God what you do not know."
12:87  You my sons go so feel/seek information from Joseph and his brother, and do not despair from God's happiness/rest/mercy , that it truly is no (one) despairs from God's happiness/rest/mercy except the nation the disbelieving. (NOTE: THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AND , REFER TO THE DICTIONARY
12:88  So when they entered on (to) him, they said: "You, you Elaziz/Egyptian ruler, the harm touched us and our family and we came with little/poor or bad goods/merchandise, so fulfill/complete for us the measuring/weighing device and give charity on us, that God rewards the charity givers."
12:89  He said: "Did you know what you made/did with Joseph and his brother, when you are lowly/ignorant ?"
12:90  They said: "Are you, you are (E) Joseph?" He said: "I am Joseph and that (is) my brother, God had blessed on us, that who, whom fears and obeys, and is patient, so that God does not loose/waste/destroy the good doer's reward ."
12:91  They said: "By God, God had preferred/chosen you over us and that truly we were sinners (E)."
12:92  He said: "No blaming/reproaching on you today , God forgives for you, and He (is) most merciful (of) the merciful."
12:93  Go with my shirt/dress, this, so throw it on my father's face/front he comes (becomes) seeing/understanding , and bring me with your family/people all/all together
12:94  And when the caravan parted/went out , their father said: "That I, I find (E) Joseph's smell , unless you prove me wrong ."
12:95  They said: "By God, that you are in your misguidance the old/old time."
12:96  So when that the announcer of good news came, he threw it (the shirt) on his face/front , so he returned seeing/understanding , he said: "Did I not say to you that I know from God what you do not know?"
12:97  They said: "You, our father ask for forgiveness for us for our crimes, that we were sinners/mistaken/erroneous ."
12:98  He said: "I will/shall ask for forgiveness for you from my Lord, that he is the forgiving, the merciful."
12:99  So when they entered on Joseph, he gave shelter/refuge (hosted) his parents to him, and he said: "Enter (the) city/border/region/Egypt , if God willed/wanted safe/secure."
12:100  And he rose his parents on the throne and they fell down to him prostrating, and he said: "You my father, that (is the) interpretation/explanation (of) my dream from before, my Lord had made it truthfully , and He had done good/bettered with me when He brought me out from the prison/jail, and He came with you from the desert from after that the devil spoiled between me and between my brothers, that my Lord (is) kind/soothing to what He wills/wants, that He is the knowledgeable, the wise/judicious
12:101  My Lord, you had given me from the possession and free will and you taught/instructed me from interpreting/explaining the information/speeches , creator/bringer to being (of) the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, you are my guardian in the present world and the end (other life), make me die a Moslem/submitter , and make me catch up/join me with the correct/righteous
12:102  That (is) from the unseen's/hidden's information/news, We inspire/transmit it to you, and you were not by/near them when they all unanimously agreed their matter/affair, and (while) they are cheating/deceiving/scheming
12:103  And most of the people are not with believing, and even if you held onto stingily and desired strongly (were careful)
12:104  And you do not ask/question them on (for) it from a reward/wage/fee, that it is except (a) reminder to the creations all together/(universes)
12:105  And how many from an evidence/sign/verse in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, they pass on (to) it, and they are from it objecting/opposing
12:106  And most of them do not believe with God, unless and (while) they are sharing/taking partners (with Him)
12:107  Did they become safe that (a) cover/disaster from God's torture comes to them, or the Hour/Resurrection comes to them suddenly/unexpectedly and (while) they do not feel/know/sense
12:108  Say: "This (is) my way/path I call to God, on (an) evidence/clear sightedness, me and who followed me, and praise/glory (to) God, and I am not from the sharers/takers of partners (with God)."
12:109  And We did not send from before you except men We inspire/transmit to them from (about) the villages'/urban cities' people/relation , did they not walk/move/ride in the earth/Planet Earth, so they see/wonder about how was (the) end/turn (result of) those who (were) from before them, and the end's (other life's) home/house (E) (is) best to those who feared and obeyed, so do you not reason/understand/comprehend
12:110  Until when the messengers despaired , and they thought/assumed that they had been lied to/denied, Our victory/aid came to them, so We save/rescue whom We will/want, and Our courage/might/power does not be returned from the nation the criminals/sinners
12:111  In their narration/information (stories there) had been an example/warning to those of the pure minds/hearts (it) was not an information/speech to be fabricated and but confirmation (to) which (is) between his hands and detailing/explaining/clarifying every thing, and guidance, and mercy to (a) nation believing