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5:1  Believers, fulfil all your contracts and responsibilities. Livestock animals are lawful to eat except what will be mentioned to you in the coming verses, and you are not allowed to hunt while you wear the pilgrim’s garb. Allah commands what He wills.
5:2  Believers, don’t violate Allah’s symbols: the sacred months; the sacrificial animals, and animals with garlands around their necks; and those on their way to the Sacred House, seeking grace and pleasure of their Lord. Once you have removed the pilgrim’s garb then you may hunt. Don’t let the hatred of people who once blocked your way to the Sacred Mosque lead you to break the rules. Cooperate in matters of goodness and piety, and don’t cooperate in matters of sin and hostility. Fear Allah, He’s severe in punishing
5:3  You are forbidden to eat: carrion; blood; pork; whatever is slaughtered in a name other than Allah’s; animals killed by strangulation, a blow to the body, fallen from a height, gored; eaten by beasts of prey – unless you are able to slaughter it before it dies – and anything slaughtered on the altars of idols. Nor are you allowed to divide meat by drawing lots using marked arrows; this is clearly sinful. Today, the disbelievers have lost hope of you abandoning your religion; so don’t fear them, fear Me. Today, I have completed your religion for you; I gave My favour in full, and I am pleased that Islam is your religion. So, anyone forced by famine to eat these forbidden meats, without the desire to sin, will find Allah Forgiving, Kind.
5:4  They ask you, Messenger, what is lawful for them. Say: “All healthy foods are made lawful for you, including what you have trained birds and beasts of prey to hunt, teaching them as Allah has taught you; so, eat what they catch for you, as long as you declare Allah’s name over it, be mindful of Allah. Allah is swift in settling the account of your deeds.
5:5  Today, all healthy foods are made lawful for you; the food of People of The Book is lawful for you, and your food is lawful for them. Chaste women from the believers and the people of The Book are lawful to marry after you have given the bridal gift. Live honourably with them, don’t engage in sex outside of marriage, or take them as lovers. Anyone who rejects faith, their deeds will be worthless, and in the Hereafter, they will be the losers
5:6  Believers, when you intend to perform the prayer, wash your face and arms up to the elbow; wipe your head and then wash your feet up to the ankles. If you are in a state of ritual impurity purify yourselves by taking a bath; however, if you are ill, or on a journey, or you have relieved yourselves, or you have touched your wives in a sexual way, and are unable to find water, then take clean Earth and wipe your face and arms with it. Allah doesn’t want to impose hardship on you, but wants to purify and complete His favours on you so you thank Him
5:7  Remember Allah’s favour and the contract He solemnly took from you when you said, “We hear and obey.” Be mindful of Allah, He knows well what is in your hearts and minds
5:8  Believers, be committed to Allah as witnesses for justice, and don’t let hatred of a community stop you being just. Be just, that is closest to piety. Be mindful of Allah. Allah is aware of what you do.
5:9  Allah has promised forgiveness and a great reward to believers who do righteous deeds,
5:10  and disbelievers who deny Our signs will be the companions of Hell.
5:11  Believers, remember Allah’s favour when certain people intended to attack you, but He held them back. So, fear Allah, and let the believers put their trust in Him
5:12  Allah took a contract from the Israelites when We appointed twelve chieftains for them. Then said, “I am with you so long you perform the prayer, pay the Zakat, believe in My messengers and support them, and give Allah a beautiful loan, I will erase your sins and admit you to gardens beneath which rivers flow. Anyone who breaks the contract after that will stray from the right path.
5:13  When the Jews broke their contract, We cursed them, and hardened their hearts. They misquote verses from the Book and neglect parts of what they were taught. Even today you can see treachery in most, except for a few of them. Despite that you should pardon them and overlook their faults. Allah loves those who benefit others
5:14  We took a contract from those who said “We are Christians.” When they neglected parts of the teachings, We whipped up enmity and resentment among them, which will continue till Judgement Day. Allah will inform them of what they invented
5:15  People of The Book, Our Messenger has come to clarify a lot of things in the Book that you used to cover up and to pardon your disobedience. A light from Allah has come to you, and a clear Book,
5:16  by this Allah guides anyone who follows the paths of peace in search of Divine pleasure. The Quran by His authority takes them out of darkness into the light, and guides them on the straight path
5:17  Those who say: “The Messiah, the son of Maryam, is God” are denying the truth. Say: “Who has the power to stop Allah, if He so wished, to finish off the Messiah, son of Maryam, his mother and life from the face of the Earth?” Allah has control of the Heavens, the Earth and whatever exists between them; He creates what He wills. Allah has the power over everything
5:18  The Jews and Christians say, “We are the children of Allah and His beloved.” Say: “So why does He then punish you for your sins? The reality is you are ordinary human beings from His creation. He forgives anyone He wants, and He punishes anyone He wants.” Allah has control of the Heavens, the Earth and whatever exists between, and finally they will return to Him.
5:19  People of The Book, Our Messenger came to explain the truth after an interval – when no messengers appeared – so that you can’t say: “No herald of good news or warner ever came to us.” But now, a herald of good news and a warner has come to you. Allah has control over everything
5:20  So, when Musa said, “My people, remember Allah’s favour on you, He appointed prophets and kings among you, and gave you what no one else was given in the world.
5:21  My people, enter the Holy Land Allah has promised you, and don’t turn your backs, or you will become losers.”
5:22  They said, “Musa, fearsome people live there. We won’t enter until they leave, once the have left, we’ll go in.”
5:23  Two of their Allah-fearing men said, “March against them and enter through the gate, if you enter through it, you will conquer. Put your trust in Allah if you are believers.”
5:24  They said, “Musa, we will never enter the land as long as they remain there. Go and fight, you and your Lord, we’ll stay here.”
5:25  Musa said, “My Lord, I only have control over myself and my brother, so separate the two of us and these sinful people.”
5:26  Allah said, “The Holy Land is now forbidden for them. They shall roam the wilderness for forty years, so don’t worry about these sinners.
5:27  Give them an exact account of two sons of Adam. When both offered a sacrifice, and it was accepted from one but not from the other, Cain angrily said, “I’m going to kill you.” Abel replied, “Allah only accepts from the pious.
5:28  If you raise your hand to kill me, I will not raise my hand to kill you. I fear Allah, Lord of the universe.
5:29  I hope you’ll be burdened with mine and your sins and become one of the companions of the Fire; that is a fitting reward for wrongdoers.”
5:30  Yet Cain was tempted by his passion to kill his brother Abel, so he killed him and became a loser in this world and the next.
5:31  Allah sent a crow, it dug the ground to show him how to bury his brother’s corpse. He said, “How pathetic am I! I am no better than this crow, I can’t even hide my brother’s corpse?” So he was regretful
5:32  Because of that murder, We decreed for the Israelites that whoever kills another person – unless it is in lawful retaliation for taking a life or for creating terror in the country – it is as though he has killed the whole of humanity, and anyone who saves a life, it is as though he has saved the whole of humanity. Our messengers came to them with clear signs, but many of them became extremists in their country
5:33  The fitting punishment for those who start war to destroy the people of Allah and His Messenger is: the death penalty, or crucifixion, or amputation of their hands and feet on opposite sides, or be exiled from the city. That’s how they will be disgraced in this world, and in the Hereafter they will be severely punished,
5:34  except for those who repent before you arrest them. Know, Allah is Forgiving, Kind
5:35  Believers, be mindful of Allah and search for ways to draw close to Him and strive in His way, so you may be successful.
5:36  Even if the disbelievers owned everything on Earth twice over and tried to ransom themselves with it from the punishment of Judgement Day, it would not be accepted from them; theirs will be a painful punishment.
5:37  They will long to come out of the Fire but won’t be able to do so; theirs will be a lasting punishment
5:38  The penalty for thieves, male and female, is to cut off their hands to the wrist, a deterrent from Allah. Allah is Almighty, Wise.
5:39  Allah relents towards him who repents after wrongdoings and reforms himself, He is Forgiving, Kind.
5:40  Don’t you know Allah controls everything in the Heavens and Earth? He punishes anyone He pleases, and He forgives anyone He pleases. Allah has power over everything
5:41  Messenger, don’t be saddened by those rushing headlong into disbelief, they say: “We believe,” while there is no belief in their hearts, and likewise some who call themselves Jews. They are listening eagerly to lies and other people who have yet to come to you; they deliberately misquote the verses after the revelation has been laid down, saying, “If you are given this ruling, accept it, but if not, then beware.” If Allah wishes to test anyone, you will have no means to save him from Allah. Allah doesn’t wish to clean their hearts since they don’t want that. They will suffer disgrace in this world, and they will be severely punished in the Hereafter
5:42  They listen eagerly to lies and live on deceitfully-earned wealth. If they come, you may either judge them or turn them away. If you decide to turn them away they will not harm you in the least; however, if you judge between them, be just. Allah loves the just.
5:43  How is it they ask you to judge when they have the Torah containing Allah’s laws; and after asking you, they still turn away. Those aren’t believers.
5:44  He revealed the Torah, which has guidance and light. The prophets who submitted themselves to Allah’s will used to judge the Jews according to it, as did the rabbis and the scholars according to what they had preserved of the Book of Allah, and they were witnesses. So, don’t fear people but fear Me, and don’t sell My verses for a small price. Whoever doesn’t judge by Allah’s revelation are the disbelievers
5:45  In the Torah We commanded: a life for a life; an eye for an eye; a nose for a nose; an ear for an ear; a tooth for a tooth; all injuries like for like. Whoever gives up his right out of charity, that will serve as an atonement for him on Judgement Day, but whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed will be the wrongdoers
5:46  Afterwards, We sent Isa, son of Maryam, to follow in their footsteps. He confirmed what was revealed in the Torah before him, and We gave him the Gospel, in which there is guidance and light, and it confirmed what was in the Torah, as a guidance and clear warning for the mindful.
5:47  So let the people of the Gospel judge with what Allah has revealed in it, and whoever doesn’t judge by what Allah has revealed are sinners
5:48  We revealed to you the Quran, full of truth, confirming what was revealed before from the Book, and superseding all earlier revelation. So, judge between them according to what Allah has revealed, and don’t follow their whims that contradict the truth that has come to you. To every community in the past, We gave a specific law and a way of life. Had Allah wanted, He would have made you one nation, but He chose to test you regarding what He gave you; so compete with each other in doing good works. In the end you will all return to Allah, and He will clarify your differences
5:49  Judge between them according to what Allah has revealed, and do not follow their whims. So beware they don’t tempt you away from what Allah has revealed to you. If they choose to turn away, then you should know that Allah intends to punish them because of their sins, many are sinners.
5:50  Do they want the old law of the Age of Ignorance? There is no better rule than Allah’s, for firm believers
5:51  Believers, don’t take the Jews and the Christians as protectors; they’re only each other’s protectors. Anyone who takes them as his protector might as well join them. Allah doesn’t guide people who do wrong.
5:52  You will see people with sickness in their hearts rushing to join them, saying, “We fear tragedy may strike us.” It may be that Allah will grant us victory or bring about some other positive outcome, causing them to regret what they kept secret in their hearts.
5:53  The believers will say, “Didn’t they swear a solemn oath; by Allah they were with you?” Their deeds have proved to be worthless, and they are the losers
5:54  Believers, if anyone leaves his religion then Allah will bring forward people He loves and who love Him, who are gentle towards the believers and unflinching against the disbelievers, who strive in the path of Allah and aren’t afraid of the critics’ comments. That positive attitude is a favour of Allah; He gives it to whomever He pleases. Allah is Vast, All-Knowing.
5:55  Allah is your only true protector, along with His Messenger and the believers who perform the prayer, pay Zakat and bow down to Allah.
5:56  Anyone who turns to Allah for protection, His Messenger and the believers, should know Allah’s party will be victorious
5:57  Believers, do not take as allies those who treat your religion as a joke and a game, whether they are from the people who were given the Book before you or the disbelievers. Be mindful of Allah, if you are true believers.
5:58  When you are called to the prayer, they poke fun at it since they don’t understand.
5:59  Say: “People of The Book, what do you have against us, other than we believe in Allah and in what was revealed to us and to those before us? Most of you are sinners.”
5:60  Say: “Shall I tell you of an even worse kind of reward from Allah? Anyone incurring the curse and anger of Allah will become like monkeys, pigsland the worshippers of false gods. They are in a far worse position, and have wandered far from the right path.
5:61  If they come to you saying, “We believe,” they have entered the same state of denial that they were in previously. Allah knows well what they conceal.
5:62  You will see many of them rushing towards sinfulness, enmity and consuming unlawful gains. How foul is what they are in the habit of doing!
5:63  If only the rabbis and scholars would have stopped them from their sinful speech and consuming unlawful gains. How foul is what they do
5:64  The Jews said, “Allah is tight-fisted.” May their hands be tied, and may they be cursed for what they have said. Allah’s hands are wide open, He gives generously as He pleases. What’s revealed to you increases their rebelliousness and disbelief. We have cast enmity and hatred between them until Judgement Day. Every time they kindle the fire of war, Allah extinguishes it; so they move about the country creating terror, and Allah dislikes those who create terror.
5:65  Had the People of The Book believed and become mindful, then We would erase their sins and admit them into the gardens of bliss.
5:66  And if only they were to apply the Torah, the Gospel and what has been revealed to them from their Lord, they would be given plenty to eat from the sky above and from beneath their feet. Some of them are moderate in their behaviour, but many behave wickedly
5:67  Messenger, communicate all that’s revealed to you by your Lord, if you don’t, you won’t have delivered His message. Allah will protect you from the people who wish to harm you. Allah does not guide the disbelievers
5:68  Say: “People of the Book, you will have no excuse on Judgment Day unless you implement the Torah and the Gospels and what has been revealed to you from Your Lord.” What has been revealed to you causes many of them to increase in their rebelliousness and disbelief, so don’t feel pity for the disbelievers.
5:69  The believers, the Jews, the Sabians and the Christians, and anyone who believes in Allah and the Last Day and performs honourable deeds, they shouldn’t fear, they shouldn’t grieve
5:70  We made a contract with the Israelites and sent many messengers to them. However, every time a messenger came to them with a revelation that didn’t suit their wishes, they denied some and killed others,
5:71  and they didn’t think it was a test, so they chose to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear. Then Allah relented towards them, but once again many of them chose to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear. Allah clearly sees what they are doing
5:72  Those who say, “Allah is the Messiah son of Maryam,” have committed an act of disbelief. The Messiah said: “Jews, worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord. Whoever associates anything with Allah, Allah will forbid his entry to Paradise, and his home will be the Fire, and there shall be no helpers for the wrongdoers.”
5:73  Likewise those who say, “Allah is one of three,” have committed an act of disbelief. There is no god apart from the One God. If they don’t stop saying what they say, the disbelievers among them will be severely punished.
5:74  Why don’t they repent before Allah and seek His forgiveness? Allah is Forgiving, Most Kind
5:75  The Messiah son of Maryam was a messenger, like the many messengers who went before him, and his mother was a truthful woman; both ate like other humans. See how We explain Our signs to them, and look how they ignore the truth?
5:76  Say: “Why, instead of worshipping Allah, do you worship what can neither help nor harm you?” Allah is the Hearer, the Knower.
5:77  Say: “People of The Book, don’t go beyond the bounds of truth in your religion, and don’t follow the whims of people who went astray before you, misleading many others, themselves wandering far off the straight path.
5:78  The disbelievers among the Israelites were cursed by Dawud and Isa, son of Maryam, because they were disobedient and went beyond the limits of the Torah:
5:79  they didn’t condemn wrong in their society. They were wretched!
5:80  You will see many of them seeking the protection of disbelievers. How wretched is what they’ve stored for themselves, inviting Allah’s wrath and punishment forever!
5:81  If they had believed in Allah, the Prophet and what was revealed to him, and hadn’t taken the disbelievers as allies! Alas most of them are shameless sinners
5:82  Of all the people, you will find the most hostile to the believers are some Jews and idolaters, and you will find the nearest and most affectionate to the believers are those who say, “We are Christians” because among them are priests and monks who are not arrogant.
5:83  When they hear what’s revealed to the Messenger, you’ll see their eyes well up with tears as they recognise its truth, saying, “Our Lord, we believe, so count us among the witnesses.
5:84  Why shouldn’t we believe in Allah and what came to us of the truth, and why shouldn’t we long for our Lord to join us with the righteous?”
5:85  So may Allah reward them for what they have said, with gardens under which rivers flow, to live there forever: that is the reward of the righteous!
5:86  Those who disbelieve and deny Our signs are the prisoners of Hell
5:87  Believers, don’t declare unlawful healthy foods made lawful by Allah, and don’t go beyond the limits set by Him; Allah dislikes those who go beyond the limits.
5:88  Eat the lawful and healthy food that He has provided you, and be mindful of Allah who you believe
5:89  Allah won’t take you to task over oaths you make thoughtlessly, however, He will take you to task over any contracts that you seal with solemn oaths. The atonement for the breaking of oaths is: feed ten needy people the same food as you would typically feed your family; clothe them, or free a slave. Whoever hasn’t the means to do this should fast for three days. That is the atonement for breaking oaths that you have sworn, so keep your oaths. This is how Allah explains His verses so that you might be grateful
5:90  Believers, wine, gambling by drawing lots, the use of pagan sacrificial altars, or foretelling the future with arrows are filthy works of Satan; reject them so that you may succeed in life.
5:91  Satan wishes to sow enmity and hatred between you using wine and gambling, and to divert you from the remembrance of Allah and performance of the prayer. So, won’t you stop?
5:92  Obey Allah and the Messenger, and beware. If you turn away that will be bad, you know Our Messenger’s duty is to deliver the message clearly.
5:93  The believers who do righteous deeds shouldn’t be blamed for what they consumed in the past, so long as they are mindful believers, doing righteous deeds, and thereafter they continue to be mindful and to believe in Allah, and now they are still mindful and striving for perfection. Allah loves the righteous
5:94  Believers, Allah will test you by bringing the animals you hunt within reach of your hands and spears, so Allah marks out whoever fears Him without ever having seen Him; so whoever after this warning goes beyond the limits set by Allah will suffer a painful punishment.
5:95  Believers, don’t hunt and kill animals while you are in the sanctified state of pilgrims. The penalty for killing an animal intentionally is: sacrifice a livestock animal near the Kaaba that is judged to be equivalent by two just men; atone by feeding the needy or fast an equivalent number of days to realise the seriousness of his action. Allah has pardoned what happened in the past, but whoever transgresses from now on, Allah will punish him. Allah is the Almighty, the Avenger.
5:96  Catching fish from the sea and eating it are made lawful for your benefit and for the traveller. However, you are forbidden to hunt on land while you are in the sanctified state of the pilgrim; so be mindful of Allah, before Whom you will be gathered.
5:97  Allah has made the Kaaba a sacred house, built for the benefit of humanity, along with the sacred months, and the sacrificial and garlanded animals. This is so you know Allah has knowledge of all that is in the Heavens and on Earth. Allah knows everything
5:98  You must realise that Allah is severe in His punishment, nevertheless Forgiving, Kind.
5:99  The Messenger’s duty is to convey the message, Allah knows well what you reveal and what you conceal.
5:100  Say: “The good and bad are not the same, though the abundance of the bad will surprise you. So be mindful of Allah, you who are understanding, so you may succeed.
5:101  Believers, don’t ask too many questions, if they were answered they would cause you difficulty, and if you ask while the Quran is being revealed they will be made clear to you. Allah has kept silence about them. Allah is Forgiving, Gentle.
5:102  People before you asked such questions and when they were answered, then they denied it
5:103  Allah didn’t order the veneration of: camels whose ears are split before being turned loose; she-camels which roam free; camels dedicated to idols that can’t be slaughtered; and camels which mustn’t be mounted; rather it was the disbelievers who invented lies about Allah, and most of them lack the power of reason.
5:104  When they are told: “Come closer to what Allah has revealed and to His Messenger,” they say, “What we found our forefathers practising is enough,” yet their forefathers knew nothing and had no guidance.
5:105  Believers, you are responsible for yourselves. Those who are misguided can’t harm you if you stay on the right path. You will all return to Allah, and He will tell you what you did
5:106  Believers, when death approaches you, get two just persons to be witnesses to your last will and testament. If you are on a journey when the pangs of death strike, take any two witnesses from another tribe. Keep the two witnesses back after the prayer and, should you have any doubts, let them both swear by Allah: “We will not sell the testimony for any price, even if a close relative is involved, nor will we hide Allah’s testimony, in that case, we would be sinful.”
5:107  If it turns out that the two witnesses are judged guilty of a sin of perjury, then let two other witnesses take their place from amongst those whose right has been taken away, then let them both swear by Allah: “Our testimony is more truthful then theirs, and we haven’t transgressed, in that case, we would be wrongdoers.”
5:108  It’s more fitting they produce their testimony in this way or stand in fear that the previous oaths be upheld after they had pronounced their oaths. Be mindful of Allah and listen carefully. Allah does not guide the disobedient
5:109  On the day when Allah will gather His messengers and ask, “What response did you get?” They will say, “We have no knowledge. You are the Knower of the unseen realms.”
5:110  Then Allah will ask, “Isa, son of Maryam, do you remember My favours on you and your mother: I helped you with the Holy Spirit , so you could speak to people when you were in the cradle and preach when you were a young man. I taught you the Book, wisdom, Torah and the Gospel, and gave you miracles: you made clay birds and blew into them so they flew like live birds; you healed the blind and the lepers, and with My permission, you raised the dead from their graves. And remember I protected you from the attacks of Israelites when you preached to them with clear signs, and their disbelievers said, “This is magic!
5:111  Once I inspired the disciples “Believe in Me and My Messenger,” they said, “We believe, and bear witness we have submitted ourselves to the will of Allah.”
5:112  The disciples said: “Isa, son of Maryam, can Your Lord send down from Heaven a table laden with food?” Isa said: “Fear Allah, if you are believers.”
5:113  They said, “We want to eat from it for reassurance, to know for certain that you have told us the truth, and we will be the witnesses of this miracle.”
5:114  Isa, son of Maryam, prayed: “God, Our Lord, send down from Heaven a table laden with food, which becomes a festival for the believers of past and future, and a sign from You, and provide for us, for You are the Best Provider.”
5:115  Allah said, “I will send it down for you. Whoever denies My favour after this miracle, I will punish him with a punishment that no creature has ever been punished with.
5:116  On the Day of Judgement, Allah will say: “Isa son of Maryam, did you tell people, ‘Take me and my mother as two gods besides Allah’?” He will say: “Glory be to you! How could I say something that I had no right to say, had I said it, You would know. You know what’s in my innermost being, and I don’t know what is in Yours. You are the Knower of the unseen realms
5:117  I only told them what You commanded me to say: ‘Worship Allah, my Lord and Your Lord,’ I was a witness all the time I live amidst them. Then, when You took me to Yourself, it was You Who were the Guardian over them. You Witness everything.
5:118  If You punish them, they’re Your servants, and if You forgive them, You are the Almighty, Wise.”
5:119  Allah said, “This day the truth of the truthful will benefit them; they will be in gardens under which rivers flow, living there forever. Allah is well pleased with them, and they are pleased with Him.” That is the glorious victory.
5:120  Control of the Heavens, the Earth, and whatever lies within them belongs to Allah, and He has power over all things.In the name of Allah, the Kind, the Caring