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43:1  Ha-Mim. (Only Allah and the Messenger [blessings and peace be upon him] know the real meaning.
43:2  By the illumined Book
43:3  Verily, We have made it, the Qur’an, in the Arabic (language) so that you may understand
43:4  And verily, it is inscribed with Us in (al-Lawh al-Mahfuz [the Preserved Table]), the origin of all the Books. It is certainly exalted (over all the Books), full of wisdom
43:5  And should We withhold this Reminder from you because you are a people who exceed limits
43:6  And how many a Messenger We sent amongst the preceding communities
43:7  And no Prophet came to them, but they used to make fun of him
43:8  And We destroyed the people who were more powerful than these (disbelievers of Mecca). And the annals of the bygone people have been cited (on many preceding occasions)
43:9  And if you ask them: ‘Who has created the heavens and the earth?’ they will certainly say: ‘The Almighty, All-Knowing (Lord) has created them.
43:10  (He is) the One Who has made the earth a cradle for you, and has made for you pathways in it so that you may reach the destination
43:11  And He Who sent water from the sky according to a measure (of necessity). Then with that, We gave life to the dead city. You will also be brought forth (after death from the earth) in the same way
43:12  And He Who has brought into existence creatures of all kinds and made for you ships and vessels and the cattle you ride (on sea as well as on land)
43:13  So that you may sit on their backs (i.e., seats) firmly, then remember the favour of your Lord. When you sit firmly on it (the seat of your means of transport), say: ‘Glory be to Him Who has made it subservient to us, whereas we could not bring it under control
43:14  And indeed, we are bound to return to our Lord.
43:15  And those (polytheists) have made some of His servants His component (of divinity by declaring them His children). Verily, man is blatantly ungrateful
43:16  (O disbelievers! Reply according to your calibre of thinking:) ‘Has He chosen (for Himself) daughters out of His Creation and has specified sons for you?
43:17  Whereas when the news is given to any one of them (of the birth of a daughter at his home) whom they have held as an image of the Most Kind (Lord), his face turns dark and he is filled with anger and grief
43:18  And (will Allah make her His offspring for partnership and assistance in His affairs) who is raised in refinery and is not bold (in giving her opinion expressly) in a contention (owing to her mild, modest and feminine temperament)
43:19  And they have declared the angels who are the servants of the Most Kind (Lord) to be women. Were they present at the time of their creation? (They were not, so) now their witness will be recorded, and they will be interrogated (on the Last Day)
43:20  And they say: ‘If the Most Kind (Lord) had intended, we would not have worshipped these (idols).’ They do not know anything about this (as well). They only tell lies out of fancy
43:21  Have We given them before this any Book which they stick to as an authority
43:22  (No,) but they say: ‘Indeed, we found our fathers following a course (and a religion), and surely we are rightly guided (following) in their footsteps.
43:23  And the same way, We never sent any Warner to a town before you, but their chiefs and the affluent people amongst them said: ‘Surely, we found our fathers following a course and a religion, and certainly we are following in their footsteps.
43:24  (The Messenger) said: ‘Even though I bring you a way (and Din [Religion]) better than that on which you found your fathers?’ They said: ‘We deny whatever you have been sent with.
43:25  So We took revenge on them. So see what was the end of those who denied
43:26  And when Ibrahim (Abraham) said to his father (i.e., his uncle but called him father as he brought him up) and his people: ‘Surely, I despise all these things that you worship
43:27  Except for Him Who has created me. So He alone will show me the path very soon.
43:28  And Ibrahim (Abraham) made that (formula of the Oneness of Allah) the lasting word amongst his descendants and race so that they may remain bent (towards Allah)
43:29  In truth, I bestowed upon these people and their ancestors (worldly) provision (for the sake of and due to the mediation of Ibrahim [Abraham]) until there came to them the truth (the Qur’an) and the Messenger (blessings and peace be upon him) with clear and illumining exposition
43:30  And when the truth reached them, they said: ‘This is magic and we deny it.
43:31  And they said: ‘Why has this Qur’an not been sent down upon some high-ranking personage (i.e., some chief, landlord, or the affluent) of the two towns (Mecca and Ta’if)?
43:32  Is it they who distribute the mercy (of the Prophethood) of your Lord? We distribute amongst them (the resources of) economy in the life of this world, and We alone raise some of them in grades (of wealth and resources) over the others. (Do We do this so that) some of them (who are rich) should make fun of the others (who are poor? This is mockery of poverty if, due to this, you do not consider someone as deserving the mercy of the Prophethood.) And the mercy of your Lord is better than that (wealth) which they amass (and become arrogant)
43:33  And had it not been that mankind (converging on disbelief) would have become one community, We would have made, for those who disbelieve in the Most Kind (Lord), silver roofs for their houses and silver staircases by which they ascend
43:34  And likewise, (silver) doors of their houses and the couches (too) on which they recline
43:35  And (embellish) ornamentation of gold and jewels (over this silver work). But all that is the temporary and worthless possession of the life of this world. And (the beauty and ornamentation of) the Hereafter is with your Lord (which is) only for the pious
43:36  And whoever turns away from the remembrance of the Most Kind (Lord), We appoint a Satan to dominate him and stick to him constantly
43:37  And these (satans) hinder them from the path (of guidance), but they maintain the wrong perception that they are on the path of guidance
43:38  Until when he will come to Us, he will say (to his companion, Satan): ‘Alas! Would that there had been between me and you the distance of east and west; So (you were) the most evil companion indeed!
43:39  And this Day it is not profitable for you (to have this aspiration), whereas you kept doing wrong (all your life. Today) all of you will share the torment
43:40  Then will you make the deaf hear, or show the path of guidance to the blind and those who are in open error
43:41  So if We take you away (from the world), even then We shall take revenge on them
43:42  Or We show you that (torment) which We have promised them. Certainly, We have absolute control over them
43:43  So hold fast to this (Qur’an) which has been revealed to you. Surely, you are (firm) on the straight path
43:44  And verily, this (Qur’an) is a great honour for you and for your Umma (Community). And, (O people,) you will soon be asked (how strong and firm a relation you established with the Qur’an)
43:45  And ask the Messengers We sent before you whether We made any gods to be worshipped instead of the Most Kind (Lord)
43:46  And certainly, We sent Musa (Moses) with Our signs to Pharaoh and his chiefs. He said: ‘Indeed, I am the Messenger of the Lord of all the worlds.
43:47  So when he came to them with Our signs, there they began laughing at them (the signs)
43:48  And never did We show them any sign but (that) it used to be far greater than the resembling sign preceding it. And (eventually) We seized them (many a time) with the torment so that they might desist (from the evil course they followed)
43:49  And they said: ‘O magician, pray to your Lord for us according to the promise He has made to you. (Then) surely we shall be guided.
43:50  But when (granting the prayer of Musa [Moses]) We removed from them that torment, they at once violated the promise
43:51  And Pharaoh (arrogantly) proclaimed amongst his people, saying: ‘O my people, is the kingdom of Egypt not under my control, and (are) these streams (not mine) which are flowing beneath my (palaces)? So do you not see
43:52  (Is it not the fact that) I am better than this worthless, lowly man who cannot even talk clearly
43:53  Then (if he is a truthful Messenger,) why are the bracelets of gold not sent upon him, or why do the angels not come with him in ranks (in succession)?
43:54  So he made fools of his people (by these utterances) and they followed him. They were, indeed, a disobedient people
43:55  But when they spurred Our wrath (by denigrating the dignity of Musa [Moses]), We took revenge on them and drowned them all
43:56  So We made them a tale and a lesson of warning for the communities to succeed
43:57  And when the example of (‘Isa [Jesus]) the son of Maryam (Mary) is given, your people laugh (mockingly)
43:58  And say: ‘Are our gods better or he (‘Isa [Jesus])?’ They say this only to have a dispute with you. No doubt, they are very quarrelsome
43:59  He (‘Isa [Jesus]) was only an (exalted) servant whom We blessed with favour. And We made him an example (of Our might) for the Children of Israel
43:60  And had We so willed, We would have made angels who would have been your successors to replace you in the earth
43:61  And surely (when) he, (Isa [Jesus], descends from heaven), he will be a sign of (the nearness of) the Last Hour. So do not doubt it at all. And keep following Me. This is the straight path
43:62  And let not Satan hinder you (from this way) at all. No doubt he is your open enemy
43:63  And when ‘Isa (Jesus) came with evident signs, he said: ‘Surely, I have come to you with wisdom and understanding, and (with the purpose) that I may make clear to you some of the matters on which you disagree. So fear Allah and obey me
43:64  Surely, Allah is the One Who is your Lord and my Lord (as well). So worship Him alone. That is the only straight path.
43:65  Then various sects cropped up amongst them. So those who did wrong, woe to them on account of the torment of a grievous Day
43:66  What are they waiting for (save) the Hour that should seize them all of a sudden whilst they have no awareness of it
43:67  On that Day, all friends and acquaintances will become enemies to one another except the pious. (Only their friendship and nearness [wilaya] will prove fruitful.
43:68  (It will be said to them:) ‘O My (intimate) servants, there is no fear for you this Day, nor shall you grieve.
43:69  (It is) they who believed in Our Revelations and were always obedient (to Us)
43:70  Enter Paradise, you and your intimate companions* (all); you will be honoured (with blessings, comforts and the pleasures of Paradise)
43:71  The plates and drinking cups made of gold will be passed around amongst them, and all those things which the hearts will long for, and (that which) will cool the eyes will be available there. And you will dwell there forever
43:72  And, (O Godfearing folk,) this is the Paradise of which you have been made the owners, a recompense of those (works) which you used to do
43:73  There are abundant fruits in it for you to eat
43:74  Indeed, the sinners will live forever in the torment of Hell
43:75  Which will never be decreased for them, and they will be lying there in endless despair
43:76  And We have not wronged them, but they were themselves the wrongdoers
43:77  And they will cry out (to the guard of Hell): ‘O master, (better it is if) your Lord causes us to die.’ He will say: ‘(Now) you will live (in the same plight) forever.
43:78  Surely, We brought you the truth, but most of you disliked the truth
43:79  Have they (the disbelievers of Mecca) finalized (any scheme against the Messenger [blessings and peace be upon him])? So We (too) are going to take the ultimate decision
43:80  Do they think that We do not hear their secret talk and whisperings? Why not? (We do listen.) And the angels sent by Us also remain with them, writing
43:81  Say: ‘If (supposing the impossible) the Most Kind (Lord) had a son (or children), I would have been the first one to worship (him).
43:82  The Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Lord of the Throne, Glory be to Him, Transcendent above all what they ascribe (to Him)
43:83  So leave them. Let them remain indulged in vain talk and absurd sport until they meet the Day which they are promised
43:84  And He is the One Who is God in the heaven and God in the earth (as well) and He is Most Wise, All-Knowing
43:85  And Most Blessed is He to Whom belongs the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth and (also of all) that is between them. And He has the knowledge of the Last Hour (as well), and you will be returned to Him alone
43:86  And those whom they (the disbelievers) worship instead of Allah have no power to intercede. But, (on the contrary, they do have the power of intercession) who bear witness to the truth, and they also know it (with certitude)
43:87  And if you ask them: ‘Who has created them?’ they will certainly say: ‘Allah.’ Then where are they wandering disorientated
43:88  And by his (Esteemed Messenger’s) saying: ‘O Lord, surely, they are a people who (somehow) do not tend to believe.
43:89  So, (O My Beloved,) turn your face away from them and say (like this: ‘Alright, our greeting is:) Peace!’ Then soon they will come to know (their end)