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14:1  Alif, Laam, Ra. We revealed to you this book, so that by the will of Allah, you may lead people out of darkness into light, towards the path of the most Powerful and the Praiseworthy
14:2  To Allah belongs everything in the heavens and on earth, and for the unbelievers, there is an affliction of the worst severity
14:3  Those who love the life of this world more than that of the life-to-come, place obstacles in the path of Allah. They look for twists to deviate from it. They have strayed far away from the path
14:4  We have always sent messengers who were proficient in the language of their people, so they could explain the matter clearly. Allah guides or leads astray whomever He pleases. He is the most Powerful, the Wisest
14:5  We surely sent Musa with Our signs, commanding, "Lead your people out of darkness, and into light. Remind them of the blessings of Allah. Surely, in it are alerting signs for the grateful and the steadfast."
14:6  And Musa said to his people, "Do you recall the blessings of Allah? He liberated you from the tortures of the pharaohs. They inflicted horrid suffering upon you when they slaughtered your sons and let your womenfolk live! That was, indeed, a gruesome trial from your Mighty Lord."
14:7  And your Lord proclaimed, "If you are grateful, I will grant you much more. Should you be ungrateful, My retribution is very severe, indeed!"
14:8  And Musa said, "What if you express ingratitude, you and everyone else in the world together? Even then, Allah is Free of all wants; He is Praise-worthy!"
14:9  Have you not heard the tales of those gone by __ the people of Nooh, Aads, Samoods, and others after them? Now, no one knows them except Allah. The messengers brought them clear proofs! But they shoved their hands in the messengers´ mouths, _ (forbade them to speak) _ and said, "Here! We reject what you were sent with. We are reluctant and skeptical about your message!"
14:10  The messengers replied, "Do you have misgivings about Allah, Who is the Creator of the heavens and the earth? He offers to forgive your sins and to grant you an extension for a prescribed period." They said, "You are only humans like us, and you intend to turn us away from the deities our parents worshipped. Bring us a convincing miracle first!"
14:11  The messengers said to them "Of course, we are humans like you! But Allah confers His blessings upon such of His servants as He chooses! Without the will of Allah, we cannot bring you any miracles! The believers should bestow their trust in Allah!"
14:12  "And why must we not place our trust in Allah, when He has already shown us our paths? With patience, we shall bear any suffering You inflict upon us. In Allah alone, must the believers bestow their trust!"
14:13  The unbelievers said to the messengers, "We would certainly drive you out of the land, unless you return to the folds of our religion." Their Lord disclosed to them (the messengers), "We will, surely wipe out the evildoers!"
14:14  "In their place, We will settle you in the land. This is for those who fear Our reckoning and heed Our warning!"
14:15  They sought the decision, and every obstinate oppressor lost out
14:16  Hell lies in wait for such ones! There, to drink he shall have pus-filled discharge from wounds
14:17  With difficulty he will sip it, and with trouble he will manage to swallow it down. Death shall accost him from all sides, but die he shall not! Yet another tough torment shall lie in wait for him
14:18  Those, who reject their Lord, shall not benefit from any of their deeds. Their deeds are like ashes, being blown away by strong winds on a stormy day. Theirs is the blunder of the worst kind
14:19  Do they not see that Allah created the heavens and the earth with perfection? If He wants, He can make you extinct and replace you with a different creation
14:20  That is not at all difficult for Allah
14:21  When all of them together appear before Allah, the weak among them shall say to those who had been considered great, "We used to follow you! So, now can you offer any protection against Allah´s wrath at all." They shall reply, "Had Allah guided us, we would have guided you. It is the same for us now, whether we worry or stay calm. There is no escape for us, now."
14:22  Once it is all over (on the judgment day), Shaitan will say, "Allah gave you a pledge. His promise was real and came true. I too pledged, but I deserted and failed you! I had no hold over you. I merely proposed and you accepted. So, now, condemn yourself and not me. I cannot respond to your screams for help, nor can you heed my cry for aid. I deny your act of associating me with Allah." For the evildoers, there is a painful punishment
14:23  And those who believe and do good deeds would be ushered into paradise. Rivers run right through it. Their Lord willing, they would live in it forever! In it, they would be greeted with salutes of ´peace´
14:24  Do you not see how Allah strikes the parable of the ´kalima tayyaba´ (the noble words)? It resembles the healthy tree, with roots firmly planted and branches reaching the sky
14:25  By the Lord´s will, it bears fruit all the time! Allah quotes this example, so that people may understand
14:26  And the parable of the evil words is like a repulsive diseased tree. It is uprooted from the land and has no stability
14:27  With this firm statement, Allah strengthens the believers in this world and in the afterlife. He leads the transgressors astray. Allah does what He wills
14:28  Did you not see those who treated the blessings of Allah with ingratitude and landed their people in the house of ruin
14:29  The hell, which they will enter, is the worst dwelling
14:30  They invent partners for Allah, in order to throw others off the course. Say, "Enjoy yourself! For surely, you will proceed forth right into the fire!"
14:31  Convey My instructions to those of My servants who believe, that they should establish ´salat´ and give charity __ openly and in secret __ out of what We have granted them, before the day arrives when neither trade nor friendship will avail
14:32  Allah is the Creator of the heavens and the earth. He sends rain from the sky. With that water, He brings out the produce for you to eat. He ordered the ships to submit to you! With His commands, they sail across the seas! He also tamed the rivers for you
14:33  And for you, He tamed the sun and the moon; they are forever on course. He subjected the night and the day to benefit you
14:34  He granted you whatever you asked for. His blessings upon you are so numerous, they are incalculable! Man, indeed, is ungrateful and unjust
14:35  And Ibraheem said, "My Lord, make this town (Makkah) peaceful and secure, and steer me and my progeny away from idol-worship!"
14:36  "My lord, these idols have driven a lot of people astray. Surely, whoever obeys me is my follower. However, if anyone disobeys me, then indeed, You are the most Kind and the most Forgiving!"
14:37  "Oh our Lord! Surely, I have settled my family close to Your sanctified house, in a barren valley devoid of all cultivation, in order that they establish ´salat´. Oh our Lord, make their hearts lean towards it, and provide them Your bounties so they may express their gratitude!"
14:38  "Surely, our Lord, You are aware of what we conceal as well as what we declare! And nothing is ever hidden _ whether in the heavens or on earth _ from Allah!"
14:39  "All praise is for Allah, Who gave me (two sons) Ismail and Ishaq, despite my old age. Surely, my Lord hears the supplication!"
14:40  "Oh my Lord, make me and my family firm on ´salat´, and oh my Lord, accept my prayers."
14:41  "Oh my Lord! Forgive me, my parents and all believers on the day the final accounting will be held!"
14:42  Do not even pause to consider that Allah could be unmindful of what the evil ones are doing. He only postpones their fate till the day when their eyes will be glazed and fixed
14:43  Holding their heads high, running scared, _ their eyes popping out of their sockets _ they will be frightened out of their wits
14:44  And (Oh Mohammed, SAW) alert the people about that day when the punishment will land on them. At that time, the evildoers will say, "Oh our Lord, allow us just a little more time! We promise to heed Your call and obey the messengers." ... (what)? ... "You used to swear, did you not, that you will never have to contend with any adversity?"
14:45  You inhabit the locality of those people (of the previous age) who had harmed their own selves. It should be amply clear to you how We dealt with them. We have cited you their examples
14:46  They played their tricks! But Allah had an answer to all their tricks. Their tricks were so effective. Mountains could vanish by their tricks
14:47  Do not even doubt that Allah can ever breach His promise with the messengers. Indeed, Allah is Exalted in Power, the Lord of Revenge
14:48  That day, the earth will be transformed into something altogether different. So will the heavens. And every one will appear before Allah, the Conqueror, and the only One
14:49  That day, you will see the criminals, bound up in shackles and chains
14:50  Their shirts will consist of molten tar, and fire will wrap their faces
14:51  So that Allah may duly compensate each soul! And Allah is very swift in calling to accounts
14:52  This is the message for the people, so that they may come to know. So that they may be forewarned that God is only One, and so that the sensible ones may heed the advice