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3:1  Alif, Laam, Mee
3:2  (He is) Allah! There is no god but He, the Ever living, the Eternal
3:3  He revealed to you the book with the truth; it confirms the scriptures that came before it. (It is) He (Who) revealed the Torah and the Gospels
3:4  In the past, as guidance for mankind! (Now) He has revealed the criterion (to discern the truth). For those who reject the signs of Allah, there exists the severest (most awful) torment. Allah is the most Powerful; (He is) the Lord of Revenge
3:5  Indeed, (He is) Allah! Nothing at all on earth _ nor anything in the heavens _ is (ever) hidden from Him
3:6  He it is, Who shapes you in (your mothers´) wombs any way He wills. There is no god but He, the most Powerful, the Wisest
3:7  He it is, Who revealed to you the book. It contains verses that are (decisive and) crystal clear, _ those are the essence and substance of the book _ and others that are allegorical. Those with (malice and) doubt in their hearts, desire to create mischief and go after such allegorical verses. They seek to interpret them (to suit their own preconceived notions). No one knows their real meaning except Allah! Those with sound (well grounded) knowledge say, "We believe in the entire Qur´an. All of it is from our Lord." Actually, those with insight heed the advice
3:8  (They pray), "Our Lord, do not let our hearts go astray, now that You have guided us aright. By Your grace, grant us mercy. Indeed, You are absolutely the very best of the Bestowers!"
3:9  "Our Lord, You will certainly gather all of mankind on the day (of Judgment), about which there is no doubt." Of course, Allah never fails to fulfill His promise
3:10  The wealth, and the children of the unbelievers, will not help them a bit against Allah; and they will become the fuel for the fire
3:11  Like the people of the pharaoh and those before them! They rejected Our signs, so Allah seized them for their sins. Allah is very strict and severe in retribution
3:12  Say to those who denied, "Soon you would be overcome, and gathered in hell. It is the worst of the abode!"
3:13  You already had a sign in the two armies that met (in the battle of ´Badar´). One army fought for the sake of Allah, while the other was the unbeliever! The believers saw with their eyes that the unbelievers were twice their own numbers. Thus, Allah strengthens with His help whomever He pleases. In that is surely a lesson for those with insight
3:14  The love and passion for (certain) things _ women, offspring, treasures of gold and silver, branded (high bred) horses, cattle, and land _ have been made tempting and alluring for mankind. (However), this is only a brief enjoyment of the life of this world. That which is with Allah, is actually the most excellent abode
3:15  Say, "Shall I tell you about something (far) better than that? For the righteous ones, there exists with their Lord the gardens of paradise, through which run the rivers. There, the believers shall have eternal abodes, immaculate mates, and the acceptance and approval of Allah. And Allah (vigilantly) watches over His created servants."
3:16  (The paradise is for) those who say, "Our Lord, we really believe! Forgive our sins, and save us from the suffering of the fire (of hell)."
3:17  Such are the steadfast, the obedient _ those who spend (for His sake), and seek His forgiveness in the early hours of the morning
3:18  Allah bears witness _ and so do the angels, and the men of learning _ that there is no god but He. In (perfect) balance does He maintain His creation! There is no god but He, the most Powerful and the Wisest
3:19  Indeed, the (only true) religion according to Allah is Islam _ (submission to His will). Those who formerly received the scriptures sought to oppress one another, and (out of mutual jealousy) disputed each other. (They did so), after (true) knowledge had already come to them. Whoever rejects the signs of Allah, will find that Allah is indeed very swift in calling to accounts
3:20  If they argue with you, say "I and those who follow me, have surrendered our entire beings to Allah." Ask them both: those given the scriptures, as well as the illiterate pagans, "Are you willing to submit (to Allah)?" If they submit, then of course they are the rightly guided. If they turn away, then in fact (the responsibility) upon you is to convey (the message). Allah watches over His created servants
3:21  Give the news of a torturous torment to those who rejected the revelations of Allah, killed the prophets against all right (and reason), and killed others who enjoined just dealings
3:22  Such are the ones whose deeds have lost all their worth in this life, as well as in the life to come. They will have no helpers
3:23  (Oh prophet), haven´t you seen those who were given their share of the scriptures? They are being invited towards the book of Allah so the disputes between them could be settled. But a faction of them turns away (in disbelief) and evades
3:24  That is so because they say, "The fire (of hell) will not touch us, except for a few days." That, which they (forged and) fabricated in their religion, duped them
3:25  So how shall it be when We gather them all on the day (of Judgment), about which there is absolutely no doubt. Then, each person shall receive, to the full extent, the rewards (and consequences) he has earned. They shall not be wronged at all
3:26  Say, "Oh Allah, The Lord and Master of the (divine) empire! You grant the kingdom _ (influence and authority) _ to whomever You wish, and You take away the kingdom from whomever You want. You confer honor upon whom You wish, and You bring dishonor upon whomever You wish. (Nothing but) good occurs by Your hand. Indeed, You have power over all things!"
3:27  "You cause the night to cloak the day, and You make the day dawn over the night. You bring the living out of the dead, and You make the dead emerge from the living. Without any limit or measure, You grant sustenance (and wealth) to whomever You want."
3:28  The believers should not take as friends the unbelievers in preference to the believers _ unless they sense (and suspect) harm (and harassment) from the unbelievers. Whoever does that shall have nothing from Allah at all. Allah cautions you to beware of Him! Towards Allah is your final destination
3:29  Say, "Allah knows whatever lies in your hearts, whether you hide it or make it known (to others). He knows everything in the heavens and on earth. Allah has power (and complete control) over all things!"
3:30  That day, every person will find every single act of righteousness he ever did, as well as every wrong deed he ever committed, presented (before the Lord, as evidence for and against him). He will wish (that day), that there were a long stretch (of space) between him and his bad deeds. Allah cautions you to beware of Him! And Allah is full of Kindness for (His created) servants
3:31  Say, "If you love Allah, then follow me. Allah will love you! And He will forgive your sins. Allah is the most Forgiving, and the most Merciful!"
3:32  Say, "Obey Allah, and obey the messenger!" But if they turn away (beware), Allah does not like the unbelievers
3:33  Indeed, Allah has (picked and) preferred Adam, Nooh, the family of Ibraheem and the family of the Imran over the entire mankind
3:34  They are from a single line of descent _ (biologically and spiritually). Allah hears-all, and knows-all
3:35  (He heard) when a woman of Imran said, "Oh my Lord, I have indeed pledged to dedicate and consecrate to You that, which is in my womb. So accept this offering from me. Indeed, You are the all-Hearing and the all-Knowing."
3:36  When she delivered, she said, "My Lord, I gave birth to a female." Allah was well aware of what she had delivered. The male is not like a female; and (Mary said), "I have named her Mary. I seek Your protection for her and her progeny from the (evil of the) accursed Shaitan."
3:37  So, her Lord honored her prayers with a gracious and generous acceptance. He made her grow up to be a virtuous (woman), and entrusted her to the care of Zakariah. Whenever Zakariah visited her in the sanctuary, he found her well supplied with food. He would ask, "Oh Mary! Where did you get this?" She said, "This is from Allah. Indeed Allah provides unrestricted sustenance to whomever He wants."
3:38  Right then, Zakariah prayed to his Lord saying, "My Lord, grant me by Your grace a virtuous son. Indeed, You are the One Who hears the prayers!"
3:39  As he stood for ´salat´ in his chamber, angels called him, "Allah gives you the news of a son called Yahya (John), who would confirm the word from Allah. He will be notably noble, absolutely chaste, (pure and virtuous), and a righteous prophet."
3:40  (Zakariah) said, "My Lord, how can I have a son? Old age has overcome me, and my wife is infertile. (Allah) said, "Precisely so! Allah does what He wants!"
3:41  (Zakariah) said, "My Lord, appoint a (premonetary) sign for me." (Allah) said, "Your sign is that you will not (be able to) speak to people for three days, except by gestures. So, remember your Lord a lot (during that period), and glorify (your Lord) in the afternoons and in the mornings."
3:42  And (remember) when the angels said to Mary, "Oh Mary! Indeed Allah picked and purified you, and preferred you over all the women of the world."
3:43  "Oh Mary! (With devotion and humility), submit to your Lord. Prostrate and bow down (before Him) along with those who bow down."
3:44  These are the tales of the unseen (distant past) which We reveal to you. You were not among them, as they cast (lots with) their pens (to determine) who would (be the legal guardian and) assume the care of Mary. You were not among them when they (disagreed and) quarreled
3:45  And (remember) when the angels said, "Oh Mary, Allah gives you the good news of ´the word´ from Him. His name shall be Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, held in high honor in this world and the hereafter; and he will be one of those nearest (to Allah)."
3:46  "From the cradle, he shall speak to mankind, and (also later) as an adult. He will be the righteous one!"
3:47  She said, "Oh my Lord, how can I have a child? No man has ever touched me!" (Allah) said, "Precisely so! Allah creates what He wants. When He decrees anything, He (simply) says to it ´Be!´ and it becomes."
3:48  And He (Allah) will teach him (Jesus) the book and the wisdom, and the Torah and the gospels
3:49  As a messenger to the children of Israel (he will say), "I have brought you the proof from your Lord. Out of clay, I fashion the figure of a bird and by Allah´s leave, it turns into a (real) bird when I blow into it. By Allah´s leave, I cure those who are blind by birth, and the lepers. I bring the dead (back) to life by Allah´s leave. I inform you of that which you eat, and of that which you store up in your homes. Surely, in that is a definite proof for you, if you are the believers."
3:50  "(I have come) to confirm the Torah that has existed before me, and to make lawful for you some of what was forbidden to you. I have brought you the proof from your Lord. So fear Allah, and follow me!"
3:51  "Truly! Allah is my Lord, and your Lord! Therefore, worship Him (alone); that is the straight path!"
3:52  When Jesus sensed (disbelief and) denial on the part of the children of Israel, he asked, "Who will be my supporter in the cause of Allah?" The disciples responded (promptly), "We are the helpers of Allah! We believe in Allah. Bear witness, that we are really the obedient ones _ (the muslims)!"
3:53  "Our Lord, we believe in that which You have revealed, and we follow the messenger. So enroll us among those who bear witness (to the truth)."
3:54  They _ (the unbelievers, the children of Israel) _ hatched a scheme (to kill Jesus), and Allah put His (own) plan into action. Allah is absolutely the very Best of the planners
3:55  (Remember) when Allah said, "Oh Jesus, I am certainly going to recall (and receive) you, and raise you towards Myself. I will rid you of (the filthy environment and) those who disbelieve (in you). Until the Day of Judgment, I will place those who follow you over and above those who disbelieve (in you). Eventually, towards Me you will all return. Then, I will decide and settle all matters of dispute between you."
3:56  In the life of this world as well as the life to come, I will inflict a severe torment upon those who disbelieve. They will have no helper
3:57  And He will award the due rewards to, and compensate to the full extent, (all) those who believe (in Him) and do the righteous acts. And Allah does not like the evildoers
3:58  What We recite to you is the revelation (from Allah) and the wisdom filled reminder
3:59  Indeed, according to Allah, the matter of (the birth of) Jesus is similar to the example of (the creation of) Adam; He created Adam from dust and said, "Be!" Thus, he became
3:60  (This is) the truth (that comes) from your Lord. So, do not be a skeptics
3:61  Definite knowledge has come to you (about Jesus). Despite that, if anyone (disputes the facts and) argues with you, say, "Come! Let us call (and assemble) our sons and your sons, our women and your women, and ourselves and yourselves. Then, let us invoke (the wrath of) Allah, and pray and plead for the curse of Allah to befall the liars."
3:62  (Concerning Jesus), this certainly is the true account. There is no god, except Allah; and Allah is definitely the most Powerful, and the Wisest
3:63  If they turn away (beware)! Allah is well Aware of the mischief mongers
3:64  Say, "Oh people of the scriptures! Come, let us rally around the belief that is common between us: that we will worship no one except Allah, that we will not associate anything with Him, and that neither of us will take, instead of Allah, others like ourselves as our Lord." If they turn away, then say, "You bear witness that it is we who are the obedient ones _ (the muslims)!"
3:65  Oh people of the scriptures! Why do you debate (and differ) about (the sect) Ibraheem (belonged to)? Neither the Torah, nor the Gospels were revealed till (long) after his time. Do you then, have no sense
3:66  Here you are (again)! You have already differed (and bickered) concerning matters about which you had some knowledge. Why must you wrangle concerning matters about which you have no knowledge? Allah knows (all), while you know nothing (at all)
3:67  Ibraheem was neither a Jew nor a Christian. In fact, he was an obedient and sincere devotee of Allah; he was not among the idolaters
3:68  The people who can rightfully claim (allegiance to) Ibraheem, are of course those who obeyed him; and (now) this prophet (Muhammad, SAW) and those who believe (in this prophet). And Allah is the Protector of the believers
3:69  A group of the people of the scriptures would love to lead you (all) astray. But, they only lead themselves astray, and no one else. They (just) do not realize
3:70  Oh people of the book! Why do you reject the revelations (and signs) of Allah, though you bear witness (to the truth) yourself
3:71  Oh people of the book! Why do you drape the truth with falsehood? (Why do) you knowingly conceal the truth
3:72  A faction of the people of the book said (to each other), "At the start of the day, express belief in what has been revealed to the believers, but renounce it in the evening. Perhaps, (by such means) they would (repudiate and) turn back (from their beliefs)."
3:73  (They say), "Do not believe anyone unless he follows (the tenets of) your (own) sect." (To that), say, "The true guidance, in fact, is the guidance of Allah!" (They also say), "Do not believe that another (prophet) is granted the same (revelation) as was (once) given to you. Otherwise, they will argue with you before your Lord." Say, "Indeed, the bounties (of all sorts) are in the hands of Allah. He grants (whatever He wants to) whomever He wants. Allah (and His mercy) is Boundless; He is the all-Knowing!"
3:74  He selects (and singles out) for His mercy, whomever He wants. Allah is the Lord of great honor
3:75  Among the people of the scriptures are some who would readily return (your trust) to you, even if you entrust them with a lot of money. Among them are also those who would not pay you back, even if you entrusted him with a single ´dinar´, unless you stand over them (and demand it) constantly. This is so, because they say, "There is no liability upon us about matters concerning the illiterate _ (the non-jews)." They deliberately utter lies about Allah
3:76  On the contrary! Whoever fulfills his pledge, and fears (Allah, will find) that Allah of course loves those who adopt piety
3:77  Of course, those who trade away the covenant of Allah and their own pledges for the paltry price (in this world), shall have no share in the life-to-come. On the day of Resurrection, Allah will not talk to them, nor (will He even) look at them; and He will not cleanse them (of their sins). For them, there exists a painful punishment
3:78  Some of them twist their tongues and distort (the text as they quote) the scriptures. You would think it was part of the scriptures, although it is not in the scriptures (at all). They claim that it is from Allah, when (in fact) it is not (the revelation) from Allah. Knowingly, they utter lies about Allah
3:79  It is not (conceivable) that a man, upon whom Allah confers the book, the wisdom, and the prophethood, would later say to people, "Be my devotees (and worship me) instead of Allah!" Rather (he would say), "Be the faithful servants of Allah, since you teach the scriptures and study them."
3:80  He could never ask you to take the angels and (other) prophets as your Lords. Could he order you to deny the truth, even though you had already surrendered (to Allah)
3:81  When Allah made a covenant with the prophets, He said, "I have certainly given you the book and the wisdom. Later, a messenger will come to you confirming (the truth) that you already possess. You must believe him, and you must help him." (Allah) said (to the prophets, and their followers), "Do you agree (to do that), and will you accept (this condition of) My covenant?" They said, "We agree." (Allah) said, "Be witness (to that, and bear that in mind). I am (also there) with you as a witness."
3:82  So those who turned away after that are really the (rebellious and) disobedient miscreants
3:83  Do they seek (a way of life) other than the religion of Allah although, willing or not, everyone (and everything) in the heavens and on earth submits to Him? Towards Him, they shall all be made to return
3:84  Say, "We believe in Allah and in that which was revealed to us, as well as that which was revealed to Ibraheem, Ismail, Ishaque, and Yaqub and the tribes. (We believe in) that which was conferred by their Lord upon Musa, Jesus and the (other) prophets. We do not make any distinction among them. We have submitted to Him."
3:85  If anyone desires (or adopts a way of life) other than Islam, it will never be accepted. In the life-to-come, he will be among the losers
3:86  How would Allah guide the people who deny (the truth) after having professed belief at first, after they testified that the messenger is true, and after clear proof had come to them? Allah does not guide the nation of evil doers
3:87  The befitting recompense for such people is that the curse of Allah, as well as the curse of His messenger and all mankind, should be upon them
3:88  They shall live in that state forever. Never will their suffering ease, nor shall they ever have a (moment of) a respite
3:89  Except those who (regret and) repent afterwards, and mend their ways. (If they do) then indeed, Allah is the most Forgiving, and the most Merciful
3:90  Of course, the repentance will never be accepted from those who, having believed (at first), disbelieve, and then increase (and grow stubborn) in denial. Such ones have (truly) gone astray
3:91  Indeed, not even an earth-full of gold, if offered as ransom, would be accepted from those who disbelieve and die as disbelievers. For such ones, there exists a painful punishment. They shall not have any helpers
3:92  You will never attain piety (and virtue), until you spend that (in the cause of Allah), which you love (and hold so dear). Allah has full knowledge of whatever you spend (in His cause)
3:93  Every (kind of wholesome) food was (deemed) lawful for the children of Israel, but Israel, (prophet Jacob), forbade himself (certain food on his own) before the Torah was revealed. (Oh Muhammad, SAW), say (to the Jews), "Bring out the Torah, and recite it to us, if you have been truthful."
3:94  Those who invent lies about Allah after that would indeed be the evildoers
3:95  Say, "Allah speaks the truth! So, (forsaking all others), follow the creed of Ibraheem as a (fervent) devotee. He was not an idolater
3:96  Of course, the very first house (of worship) built for mankind is certainly the one in Makkah. (It is) full of blessings and guidance for the entire world
3:97  In that (House) are many clear signs _ (for example) the place where Ibraheem stood (and prayed). Whoever enters it obtains (inner) peace (and security). Mankind owes it to Allah to perform the pilgrimage of the House __ anyone who can (afford and) find the means to do so. But if anyone refuses (to perform the pilgrimage), then of course, Allah (is Self-sufficient and) stands in no need of (anyone in) the universe
3:98  Say, "Oh people of the Book, why do you deny the signs of Allah? Allah is the witness to every thing you do!"
3:99  Say, "Oh people of the book, why do you drive away those who believe from the path of Allah? Why do you seek to make the path seem crooked, even though you are the witness (that it is the straight path)?"
3:100  Oh you, who believe! If you (heed and) obey (any of) the groups that received the scriptures (earlier), they will make you the disbelievers even after you have believed
3:101  How can you disbelieve (now)? You are the ones to whom the verses of Allah are being recited, and among you is the messenger of Allah. Whoever holds on firmly to Allah is, of course, guided along the straight path
3:102  Oh you who believe! Fear Allah as He rightfully deserves to be feared. And beware! Do not die except as obedient servants _ (as muslims)
3:103  Cling firmly to the rope of Allah, all of you together (as a single entity)! Do not fall into disunity. Remember the favors of Allah upon you, when you were each other´s enemy? He brought your hearts together; and so by His grace you became (like) brothers. You were (perched precariously) at the brink of a fire filled abyss. But He saved you from it. Thus Allah makes the revelations clear to you. Perhaps you will find the right path
3:104  There must (always) be a group among you calling others towards excellence (in character and conduct) _ enjoining (and encouraging) virtue, and forbidding the wrong (and the indecent). Such are the successful ones
3:105  Do not be like those who splintered (into sects) and differed (among themselves), even though clear proofs had already come to them. It is they, for whom there exists the severest (most awful) punishment
3:106  That day, some faces would be bright (and radiant with joy), and some faces would be darkened (and grim with grief). Those with darkened faces (will be told), "Aren´t you those who rejected (the truth) after having believed (at first)? Now taste the torment! (It is) the result of your rejection."
3:107  While those with bright faces would abide in the mercy of Allah forever
3:108  We recite to you these revelations of Allah with the (absolute) truth. Allah does not want to be unjust to (anyone in) the universe
3:109  To Allah belongs everything in the heavens, and on earth. All matters are referred to Allah for decisions
3:110  You are indeed the best of people ever brought forth for mankind. You enjoin (virtue and) the right (conduct), and you forbid the wrong (and the indecent). Had the people of the book believed, it would have been for their own good. Some among them are the believers, but most of them are evildoers
3:111  Except for a petty (and passing) distress, they will never (be able to) harm you (substantially). If they fight against you, they will turn their backs to you (and flee). They will receive no help
3:112  Disgrace is decreed for them, wherever they may be! Except in the name of Allah, or for the sake of humanity (they may find some relief). They invoked the wrath of Allah, so wretchedness is written as their destiny. This is because they rejected the revelations of Allah and killed the prophets without a just cause, and because they were rebellious and strayed (far) beyond the bounds
3:113  All of them are not alike. Some of the groups among the people of the book have stayed upright (and on the right path). They recite the verses of Allah in the small hours of the night and fall prostrate (before Him)
3:114  They believe in Allah and the Last Day. They enjoin (virtue and) the right (conduct), and forbid the wrong (and the indecent). They rush towards excellent deeds _ (the virtuous and charitable deeds). They are the righteous ones
3:115  Any good deed they perform will not go unrecognized (or unrewarded). Allah is very well aware of the pious ones
3:116  As for those who continue to reject (the truth), their riches and their offspring would not help them a bit against Allah. They are the inmates of fire, and shall remain there forever
3:117  What they spend during the life of this world may be likened to the frosty frigid wind, that blows across and ravages the (ripe) harvest of the people who have sinned against themselves. Allah is not unjust to them, but in fact, they are cruel to their own souls
3:118  Oh you who believe! Do not take as your intimate friends, anyone other than your own _ (the believers). The others _ (the unbelievers) _ spare no effort to corrupt you. They love to see you in trouble. (Malice and) hatred has already burst forth from their lips, but what their hearts hold back is far worse. We have explained the verses to you. If you would only understand
3:119  Here you are! You have love (and fondness) for them, but they do not love you at all, (even though) you believe in all the scriptures. When they see you, they say, "We believe!" But when they are alone, they bite off their fingertips in their rage towards you. Say, "Die (and fade away) in your fury! Allah is well Aware of that which is in your heart."
3:120  They grieve when something good comes your way, and they rejoice when ill luck strikes you. So, provided you persevere patiently, their (two-faced) chicanery (and deceit) will not harm you a bit. Indeed, Allah holds in His sway everything they do
3:121  (Remember) when you left your home at day break, in order to post the believers to their base in the battlefield! Allah is the all-Hearing and the all-Knowing
3:122  (And remember) when the two groups among you lost heart (and almost fell out), even though Allah was their Friend and Protector? In Allah (alone), should the believers place their trust
3:123  Allah had surely helped you at (the battle of) ´Badar´, though you were (utterly) weak (and fewer in number). Therefore, fear (Allah, and be conscious of Him) so that you may be grateful
3:124  (Remember) when you said to the believers, "Will it not be enough for you (to know) that your Lord will (bolster and) help you with three thousand angels sent down (to assist you)?"
3:125  Indeed, provided you endure with patience and piety, your Lord will assist you with (not three, but) five thousand ranked angels, even if the enemy launches a sudden surprise assault
3:126  Allah gives you this good news so that your hearts would (rejoice and) be reassured by it. Help does not arrive, except by the will of Allah, the Almighty and the Wise
3:127  (He will grant you victory) in order to sever a (significant) section (and strength) of the unbelievers, and to crush them so they may retreat in frustration
3:128  It isn´t your concern at all (Oh Muhammad, SAW) whether He (relents and) turns to them (in forgiveness), or inflicts a (severe) punishment upon them. They certainly are the wrong doers
3:129  To Allah, belong all that is in the heavens, and all that is on the earth. He forgives whom He wills, and He punishes whom He wills. Allah is the oft-Forgiving and the most Merciful
3:130  Oh you who believe! Do not (deal in, or) devour usury, doubling and redoubling (the principal amount). Fear Allah, so you may prosper
3:131  And fear the fire that is prepared for the unbelievers
3:132  And obey Allah and the messenger. Perhaps you may receive mercy
3:133  Hurry towards forgiveness from your Lord, and the paradise which is as vast as the heavens and the earth. It is prepared for the pious
3:134  (Paradise is for) those who spend (for the sake of Allah) in good times and bad. Those who repress their rage, and forgive their fellow men; Allah loves the righteous
3:135  Those who, if they ever (falter and fail, and) err into a base and indecent act, _ and thus wrong their own souls _ remember Allah (soon afterwards) and entreat Allah for forgiveness of their sins. Who else, except Allah can forgive sins? They do not knowingly persist in (and rationalize, or insist upon) the wrong they had perpetrated
3:136  The reward for such ones is forgiveness from their Lord, and the paradise through which run the rivers. There, they shall live forever. How excellent are the rewards for those who do good deeds
3:137  Many civilizations have gone by prior to your time. So, travel about in the land and observe how (severe) were the consequences for those who disbelieved
3:138  This (Qur´an) is a (plain and poignant) statement _ the guidance and the admonition for those who fear (Allah)
3:139  Do not weaken and do not grieve. You will come up on top, if you are the believers
3:140  If you have sustained a wound, _ (a blow in the battlefield) _ others too have suffered a similar kind of wound, earlier. These are the vicissitudes of life that We circulate among mankind by turns. Thus, Allah tests the true believers among you, so He may pick the martyrs among you. Allah does not like the wrongdoers
3:141  In order that Allah may scrutinize (and vindicate) the believers, and crush (and purge) the unbelievers
3:142  Do you suppose you would gain admission into paradise, although Allah has yet to test you? Who among you strives (for His cause), and who endures and perseveres
3:143  You had certainly wished to die (for His cause) before you (actually) came face-to-face with death (on the battlefield). Now you have seen it up close with your own eyes
3:144  Muhammad, (SAW) is no more than a messenger. (Many other) messengers have gone by before him. If he dies, or is slain, will you retreat and turn around on your heels? Anyone who turns back on his heels, would never hurt Allah a bit. Soon, Allah will reward the grateful ones
3:145  No soul can die except by Allah´s leave, and at a preordained time. We will bestow (the benefits) here (in this world) upon anyone who wants (the results and) rewards (of his effort) in this world. We will bestow (the benefits and the rewards) there (in the hereafter) upon anyone who desires the reward in the life after death. Soon, We will reward the grateful ones
3:146  Many prophets fought (for the sake of Allah), and many devoted religious men (fought by their side) too. They did not lose heart because of the suffering they endured in the path of Allah. They did not weaken, and they did not (give up and) demean themselves. Allah loves those who persevere
3:147  All they ever said, and prayed for is this: "Our Lord, forgive our sins, and the excesses we have committed in our affairs. (Lord)! Make our foothold secure (and strong), and grant us victory over the nation of unbelievers."
3:148  So Allah granted them the rewards (and benefits) in this world, as well as the very best of the bounties in the life after death. Allah loves those who do the righteous deeds
3:149  Oh you who believe! If you obey the unbelievers, they will turn you back on your heels; you would then end up being the losers
3:150  The fact is, Allah (alone) is your Patron and Protector. He is the very Best of the allies
3:151  (Soon), We will cast panic (and dismay) in the hearts of the unbelievers. (This is) because they associate partners with Allah, for which He has sent down no authority! Fire shall be their lodging! Evil is the abode of the evil doers
3:152  Allah had certainly made good on His promise to you. (Initially), it was you who routed them by His will, until you lost heart and began to dispute (and defy) the order (of the messenger). You violated (the order) as soon as He displayed to you that which you (longed for and) loved _ (the spoils of war). Among you are some who, covet (the benefits and pleasures of) this world, and among you are others who desire the (benefits of the) afterlife. Thus, in order to put you through a test, He diverted you from your foe. He has, in fact (already) forgiven you. Allah is most Gracious to the believers
3:153  As you (fled and) ran (up the hill) in panic without even looking back at any one, the messenger stood there behind you calling you back. Then, He let you undergo one setback after another, so you would not grieve over what eluded you, nor over the adversity that afflicted you. Allah is well Aware of all you do
3:154  Then, after the distress, He sent down a sense of security over you. A (serene) slumber overcame a group among you. Another group that cared only about itself (fretted and) entertained wrongful notions about Allah. Notions (that were born) of ignorance! They said, "Have we the (right of) decision in any matter?" Say (to them), "The (right of) decision in all matters rests with Allah (exclusively)." They do not declare to you what they conceal in their hearts. They (actually) said (in their heart), "If we had a say in the matter, we would not have been killed here." Say, "Even if you had stayed home, those who were destined to be killed would have emerged on their own, and gone forth to that (exact) spot where they were to die." So that, Allah may put to test (and expose) that which is (buried) in your chest. So that, He may scrutinize (and purify) that, which is in your heart. Allah is well Aware of what exists in your chest
3:155  Indeed, those who turned away (from their duty) on the day the two armies met each other did so because, as a result of the deeds they had committed, Shaitan caused them to slip and stumble,. But now Allah has pardoned them. Allah is oft Forgiving, the most Forbearing
3:156  Oh you who believe! Do not be like the unbelievers. About their brothers who travel in the land or go into battle, they say, "Had they been with us they would not have died. They would not have been killed. " Allah has let such notions be the source of (sorrow and) a bewailing (mournful) lament in their hearts. It is Allah Who gives life and death! And Allah watches everything you do
3:157  Surely, if you are slain in the path of Allah, or (happen to) die, then the forgiveness of Allah and (His) mercy (shall be yours) _ far better than the worldly wealth you amass
3:158  Whether you die (at home) or are slain (in the path of Allah), you would certainly be gathered (and presented) before Allah
3:159  It is because of the mercy of Allah that you, (Oh Muhammad, SAW), are lenient (and polite) with them. For, had you been callous and hard of heart, they would have (disbanded and) dispersed from around you. So, pardon them, seek forgiveness for them and seek their advice in matters (that concern them). Then, once you arrive at a decision, put your trust in Allah. Indeed, Allah loves those who place their trust (in Him)
3:160  No one can overcome you, if Allah helps you. And if He forsakes you, is there anyone who can help you after that? So, let the believers put their trust in Allah
3:161  It is not (possible) for a Prophet to deceive (anyone) ever. Whoever cheats and defrauds (others) will, on the Day of Judgment, bring (and carry the burden of) his deceit with him. Each one will then be paid in full for everything he had earned. No one will be wronged at all
3:162  Could the one who seeks the approval (and acceptance) of Allah, ever be like the one who (deserves and) draws the wrath of Allah? Hell shall be his abode, and it is the (most) despicable destination
3:163  They have different status in the sight of Allah! And Allah (vigilantly) watches over everything they do
3:164  By raising a messenger in their midst, and from among them, Allah has certainly conferred a favor upon them. The messenger recites to them His revelations, purifies them, and teaches them the scriptures and the wisdom. Prior to that, they were clearly misguided and lost
3:165  Then, when a disaster struck _ though you had earlier inflicted (upon your enemies) a disaster of twice that magnitude _ you said, "Where is this from?" Say, "It came from yourself, because of your own (sins)." Allah has power over everything
3:166  The adversity you suffered on the day the two armies met was by Allah´s leave, so He may test the believers
3:167  And so He may test the hypocrites! They were told, "Come, fight in the path of Allah, or (at least) defend (yourself against the enemy)." But they responded, "We would have followed you, if we had known (for sure) that there would be a battle." That day, they were nearer apostasy than belief. By their lips, they were declaring that which (just) wasn´t there in their hearts. Allah is well Aware of what they conceal
3:168  They sat (idly) at home and said about their brethren (who fought in the path of Allah), "Had they listened to us, they would not have been killed." Say (to them), "Then (when your time comes) avert death off yourself, if you are truthful."
3:169  Do not ever think that, those slain in the path of Allah are dead. In fact, they are living! (Ranked high) with their Lord, they receive their sustenance
3:170  They are very happy with what Allah has bestowed upon them by His grace. They (also) rejoice for those who remain behind, and have yet to join them. They shall have no fear; nor shall they ever grieve
3:171  They rejoice (and bask) in the blessings and the bounties bestowed upon them by Allah. Certainly, Allah does not waste the reward of the pious
3:172  There is a gracious reward for those of them who perform the righteous deeds, fear (Allah), and respond to (the call of) Allah and the messenger, even though they had sustained (reverses) _ the (physical or emotional) wounds
3:173  Others said to them, "(A lot of) people have really come together against you. So beware of them! "But (instead) that caused them to surge in belief, and they exclaimed, "For us, Allah suffices. He is absolutely the very Best of the trustees."
3:174  And they came back (home) with the blessings and bounties of Allah. No harm came to them! They (coveted and) sought the approval (and acceptance) of Allah; and Allah is the Lord of infinite bounty
3:175  The fact is, it is Shaitan who instills (into you) the dread of his (disciples and) allies. But don´t be afraid of them! Rather, if you are the believers, fear Me
3:176  Do not be saddened by those who rush (willingly) into disbelief. Indeed, they will not hurt Allah in any way. Allah has willed that He will not assign any share for them in the life-to-come. For them there exists a terrible (most awful) torment
3:177  In fact, those who purchase disbelief, at the expense of belief, would never hurt Allah at all. There is a painful punishment for them
3:178  The unbelievers should not consider it good for them (in anyway), that We have granted them some respite. In fact, We have withheld (Judgment) in their case, so they may (amass and) add to their sins. For them, there exists a humiliating (most disgraceful) punishment
3:179  Allah is not going to leave the believers in the (same) state they are in. He will (sift, sieve and) set apart the wicked from the virtuous. Allah will not disclose the unseen (mysteries of the universe) to them (individually). For that, Allah selects messengers from among them, whomever He wants. So, believe in Allah and His messenger. You shall have a gracious reward, if you believe (in Allah) and fear (Him)
3:180  There are those who stingily cling to what Allah bestows upon them by His grace. (They don´t give charity). Let them not think that it is good for them. In fact, it is woeful (and perilous) for them. On the Day of Judgment, they would be strapped and shackled (around the neck) by that which they (now) hoard (so eagerly). The heritage of the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah; and Allah is well Aware of everything you do
3:181  Allah certainly heard the taunting remarks of those who said, "Allah is poor, while we are rich." We will record their remarks, and also the fact that they have killed the prophets without a just cause. We will say (to them), "Here! Taste the torment of the blazing fire!"
3:182  This is (precisely) what your own hands have caused. Allah is certainly not unjust to His servants
3:183  (There are) those who said, "In fact, Allah has bound us by a pledge, that we shall not accept (anyone as) a messenger, unless (he performs the miracle of sacrifice, whereby) his offering is devoured by the (divine) fire (from the sky)." Say (to them), "Messengers had come to you before me with very clear signs including the one you have mentioned. Why then, did you kill them, if you are truthful?"
3:184  (Oh Muhammad, SAW), if they reject you, (remember that) many messengers prior to you had been rejected, including those who brought very clear proofs, the scriptures, and the illuminating book
3:185  Every soul shall have to taste death! The day of Resurrection is when you (can and) shall receive your dues to the fullest extent _ (the consequence of your deeds). (That day), whoever is pulled away from hell, and is ushered into the paradise, will really have triumphed. The life of this world is (nothing but) an illusive enjoyment _ a (mere) deception
3:186  You will most certainly be tested by means of your possessions and your own person. You would definitely hear (many) hurtful remarks, (insults, and affronts) not only from those who were given the scriptures before you, but also from those who associate others with Allah. (Despite that), if you persevere patiently, and be pious, then that is indeed an act of courage and fortitude
3:187  And when Allah accepted a pledge from those who were given the scriptures, (He said), "You must definitely (expound the book and) let it be known fully to mankind; you must not hide it." But they tossed this (instruction) behind their backs. They traded it away for a paltry price. Evil is what they bargained
3:188  Do not think that, those who exult in what they were given, and love to be praised for what they haven´t done (are safe). Do not think that they are exempt from the torment. There exists a painful punishment for them
3:189  To Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. Allah has power over all things
3:190  Of course, the creation of the heavens and the earth, as well as the (contrast and) alternation between the night and the day offer (many) signs for those with intellect
3:191  Those who remember Allah (at all times) _ standing up, sitting down, and lying on their side, and those who ponder over the creation of the heaven and the earth (conclude), "Our Lord, You did not create (all) this in vain (and to no avail). Exalted are You! Shield us from the fire (of hell)."
3:192  "Our Lord, You would certainly humiliate those whom You commit to the fire. Never will the wrong doers find any help!"
3:193  "Our lord! We certainly heard a caller (Muhammad, SAW) inviting (all) towards faith (saying) ´Believe in your Lord´, and so we believed. Our Lord, forgive our sins, rid us of our bad deeds, and after death, let us be among the devoted and the dutiful!"
3:194  "Our Lord, grant us that which You have promised us through Your messengers. Do not let us suffer humiliation on the day of resurrection. Of course, You never go back on Your promise."
3:195  And their Lord responded to their prayers, "I never waste the efforts of any doer (of good deeds) among you _ whether a man or a woman. You are descendants of each other. I will surely cleanse the offenses committed by those who emigrated and were driven out of their homes _ those who were (harassed and) persecuted in My cause; (those who) fought and were slain (for My sake). I will definitely admit them into the gardens (of paradise) through which run the rivers. (That is) the reward from Allah; and Allah has the most excellent rewards!"
3:196  Do not ever let the (pomp and) prosperity of the unbelievers in the land fool you (or cause you to envy them)
3:197  (This is but) a brief enjoyment! After that, their abode is hell; it is, of course, the worst resting place
3:198  Whereas, there exist gardens of paradise _ through which run the rivers _ for those who fear their Lord. (A generous gift of welcome) _ a hospitable reception from Allah! That which exists with Allah for the devoted and the dutiful, is much better
3:199  There are certainly some among the people of the book who believe in Allah, and in that which is revealed to you, as well as that which was revealed to them (earlier). Humbly, they submit to Allah; they do not trade away the revelations of Allah for a paltry price. Such ones shall receive their reward from their Lord. Indeed, Allah is prompt in settling scores
3:200  Oh you who believe! Persevere patiently, bear (hardship) steadfastly, be ready (for the right deed) and fear Allah! Perhaps you will prosper