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3:1  Alif, Lam, Meem.
3:2  Allah, there is no God except him, Al-Haeiy (The living), Al-Qayoom (The everlasting).
3:3  He sent down upon you the Book with the right, confirming for what is between its hands; and He sent down the Torah and the Gospel.
3:4  Aforetime, as guidance for the people; and He sent down the Criterion. Surely those who have disbelieved with Allah’s verses, for them a severe torment. And Allah is Mighty, possessor of revenge.
3:5  Surely, Allah is not hidden upon him anything, within the earth or in the sky.
3:6  He is the one who shapes you in the wombs as He wills. There is no God except him, Al-Aaziz (The Almighty), Al-Hakeem (The Wise).
3:7  He is the one who sent down upon you the Book. From it absolutely controlled verses they are the book mother, and others are ambiguous. So as for those within their cores is aberration, so they follow what was ambiguous from it, seeking the infatuation, and seeking its interpretation. And none knows its interpretation except Allah and those the well-grounded in knowledge say, “We believed in it; all is from our Lord.” And none would remember except those possessors of the minds.
3:8  “Our Lord, do not aberrate our cores after you have guided us, and endow us mercy from your presence; surely You are Al-Wahab (The Giver).”
3:9  “Our Lord, surely you are gathering the people for a Day in no doubt in it.” Surely Allah never breaks the appointed promised time.
3:10  Surely those who disbelieved, it will neither avail them their money nor their progeny of a thing from Allah. And those are The Fire Fuel.
3:11  Like the habitual of Pharaoh’s folks and those before them. They were falsified with our verses, so Allah took them with their misdeeds. And Allah is severe in the punishment.
3:12  Say for those who disbelieved, “You will be overcome and mustered to Gohanam (Hell) and wretched is the bedding.”
3:13  Already, there was a verse for you in two groups that met. One group was fighting in Allah’s pathway, and another was infidel. They (The believers) saw them as double of them with eyesight. And Allah supports with His victory whomever He wills. Surely within that is an admonition lesson for the possessors of the sights.
3:14  It was prettified for the people the desires’ love, from the women, and the sons, and the arcaded quintals of the gold and the silver, and the branded horses’, and the livestock, and the tilth. That is the Dunya enjoyment (This world or life), and Allah with Him the finest return place.
3:15  Say, “Shall I inform you with better than that? For those who showed the piety with their Lord are paradises beneath which the rivers are running, immortals therein, and purified spouses, and satisfaction from Allah.” And Allah is Seer with the slaves
3:16  Those who say, “Our Lord, surely we have believed, so forgive us for our misdeeds, and protect us from the Fire torment.”
3:17  The patient ones, and the truthful ones, and the devoutly obedient ones, and the spenders, and the seekers of forgiveness before dawn.
3:18  Allah witnesses that there is no God except him, and the angels, and the possessors of the knowledge, He is standing with the equity. There is no God except him, Al-Aaziz (The Almighty), Al-Hakeem (The wise).
3:19  Surely the religion with Allah, is The Islam. And those who were given the Book, they were not different except after the knowledge came to them - out of hostility between them. And whoever disbelieves with Allah’s verses, so surely Allah is swift in reckoning.
3:20  So, if they wrangle you, so, say, “I - and those who followed me - have submitted my face for Allah.” And say to those who were given the Book, and to the illiterates, “Have you submitted?” So, if they have submitted, then they are guided; but if they turned away, then upon you only is the notification. And Allah is Seer with the slaves.
3:21  Surely those who disbelieved with Allah’s verses, and kill the prophets without right, and kill who command with the equity among the people. So, preach them with painful torment.
3:22  Those whose works had been inhibited, in the Dunya (This world or life) and in the Hereafter; and none for them from supporters.
3:23  Have you not seen those who were given a share among the Book, they are calling to Allah’s Book to judge between them; then a team from them turn away, and they are averters.
3:24  That is because they said, “The Fire will not touch us except for counted days.” And deluded them in their religion, what they were slandering.
3:25  So, how if We gathered them for a Day there is no doubt in it? And each soul fulfilled what it has earned, and they are not being oppressed?
3:26  Say, “O Allah om, The Sovereignty Owner. You give the sovereignty whom you will, and You strip the sovereignty from whom you will. And You cherish whom you will, and You humiliate whom you will. In Your hand is goodness. Surely You are over everything competent.”
3:27  “You log the night into the day, and You log the day into the night; and you exit the living out from the dead, and You exit the dead out from the living; and You provide livelihood to whoever You will without reckoning.”
3:28  The believers shall not take the infidels as guardians rather than the believers. And whoever does that, he has not from Allah in a thing, except that you protect from them cautiously self-protection. And Allah warns you of Himself. And to Allah is the destiny.
3:29  Say, “If you hide what is in your chests or appear it, Allah knows it.” He knows whatever is in the skies and whatever is in the earth. And Allah is over everything competent.
3:30  On a Day when every soul finds what it has worked from goodness was present. And what it has worked from badness; it will wish if there is an utmost far, duration between it and that. And Allah warns you of Himself. And Allah is Kindness with the slaves.
3:31  Say, “If you were loving Allah, so follow me, Allah will love you, and will forgive your misdeeds for you.” And Allah is Forgiver, Merciful.
3:32  Say, “Obey Allah and the Messenger.” So, if they turned away then Allah does not love the infidels.
3:33  Surely, Allah chose Adam, and Noah, and Abraham’s folk, and Imran’s folk, over the worlds.
3:34  Offspring some of them from some others. And Allah is Hearer, Knowledgeable.
3:35  When Imran’s woman said, “My Lord, I have vowed for You what is in my belly, free, so accept from me; You are Al-Sameiuo (The Hearer), Al-Aalim (The Knowledgeable).”
3:36  So, when she delivered her, she said, "My Lord, I have delivered a female." And Allah was knowledgeable by what she was delivered, "And the male is not like the female. And I have named her Mary, and I was incanting her with you, and her offspring from the outcast Satan.
3:37  So, her Lord accepted her with a fine acceptance, and sprouted her, a fineness sprouting, and sponsored her Zechariah. Whenever Zechariah entered upon her in the prayer niche, he found a livelihood. He said, “O Mary, how did you get this?” She said, “It is from Allah; surely Allah provides livelihoods to whoever He wills without reckoning.”
3:38  Thereupon, Zechariah called his Lord; he said, “My Lord, endow me from Your presence a good offspring; surely You are hearer of the supplication.”
3:39  So, the angels called him, while he stood praying in the prayer niche: That “Allah preaches you (Good tidings) with John (Yahya); confirming with a word from Allah, and a master, and an abstainer, and a prophet; from the righteous.”
3:40  He said, “My Lord, how will it be for me lad, and already reached me, an old age, and my woman is a barren?” He said, “Thus, Allah does whatever He wills.”
3:41  He said, “My Lord, give me a verse.” He said, “Your verse is not to speak to the people for three days, except with signals and remember your Lord a lot, and glorify(Him) in the evening and the early morning.”
3:42  And when the angels said, “O Mary, surely Allah has chosen you, and has pure you. He has chosen you over all the worlds’ women.
3:43  “O Mary, be obedient, devoted to your Lord, prostrate, and kneel with the kneelers.”
3:44  That is from the unseen news, which We reveal to you. And you were not with them when they cast down their pens, who of them would sponsor Mary; nor were you with them when they were disputing.
3:45  When the Angels said, “O Mary, surely Allah preaches (Good tidings) you with a Word from Him. His name is the Messiah, Jesus, Mary’s son, honorable in the Dunya (This world or life) and in the hereafter, and among the near ones.
3:46  And he speaks to the people in the cradle, and in middle-aged, and is among the righteous.”
3:47  She said, “My Lord, how can I have a boy, and no humankind has touched me?” He said, “Thus. Allah creates whatever He wills. If He decreed a command. So, He only says to it, ‘Be,’ and it is.”
3:48  And He will teach him the Book and the wisdom, and the Torah and the Gospel.
3:49  And a messenger to Israel’s children: “Surely, I have come to you with a verse from your Lord. That I create for you from the clay as a figure of the bird; then I blow into it, so it will be a bird by Allah’s permission. And I heal the blind and the leprous, and I give life to the dead, by Allah’s permission. And I inform you with what you are eating, and what you are storing in your homes. Surely, within that is a verse for you, if you are believers.”
3:50  “And confirming what is between my hands among the Torah, and to make halal (lawful) for you, some of what was forbidden upon you. I have come to you with a verse from your Lord; so, show the piety of Allah, and obey me.”
3:51  “Surely Allah is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him. That is a straight path.”
3:52  So, when Jesus sensed the infidelity from them, he said, “Who are my victory supporters for Allah?” The disciples said, “We are Allah’s victory supporters; we have believed with Allah, and bear witness that we are submitting ones (Muslims).”
3:53  “Our Lord, we have believed in what You sent down, and we have followed the Messenger, so write us with the witnesses.”
3:54  And they guiled (Against Jesus), and Allah guiled; but Allah is the best of those who guile (In goodness).
3:55  When Allah said, “O Jesus, I am expiring you, and raising you to Me, and pure you from those who disbelieved. And I will set up those who followed you superior above those who disbelieved, until The Resurrection Day. Then to Me is your return; so, I will judge between you in what you were differing in.
3:56  So as for those who disbelieved, so I will torture them with a severe torment, in the Dunya (This world or life) and the hereafter, and none for them from supporters.
3:57  And as for those who believed and worked the righteous deeds, so He will fulfill their wages. And Allah does not love the oppressors.”
3:58  That is what We recite upon you from the verses and The Wise Reminder.
3:59  Surely the example of Jesus with Allah is like the example of Adam: He created him from dust, then said to him, “Be,” so he was.
3:60  The right is from your Lord, so do not be among the skeptic ones.
3:61  So, whoever wrangled you about him, after what has come to you from the knowledge, so say, “Come on, let us call our sons and your sons, and our women and your women, and ourselves and yourselves, then we invocate (To Allah) so we set up Allah’s curse upon the liars.”
3:62  Surely this is The Right Stories and there is no God except Allah. And surely Allah is Al-Aziz (The Almighty), Al-Hakeem (The wise).
3:63  So, if they turn away, So Allah is Knowledgeable with the spoilers.
3:64  Say, “O The Book’s People, come to, same word between us and you: that we worship none except Allah, and that we do not associate with Him of a thing, and do not some of us take some others as lords rather than Allah.” So, if they turned away, so you say, “Bear witness that we are Muslims (submitted).”
3:65  O The Book’s People! Why do you wrangle in Abraham, and the Torah and the Gospel were not sent down except after him? So, will you not be reasoning?
3:66  Here you are, you wrangle within what you have knowledge by, so, why do you wrangle in what you do not have knowledge with? And Allah knows, and you are not knowing.
3:67  Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian, but he was a Monotheist, a Muslim. And he was not among the Polytheists.
3:68  Surely the worthiest people with Abraham are those who followed him, and the prophet-this, and those who believed. And Allah is the believer's Guardian.
3:69  A category among the book's people would wish to stray you; and they are not straying except themselves, and they are unaware.
3:70  O, the Book’s People! Why do you disbelieve with Allah’s verses, and you are witnessing?
3:71  O The Book’s People! Why do you confound the right by the invalid, and mute the right and you are knowing?
3:72  And a category among the book's people said, “Believe in what was sent down to the believers in the day’s face, and disbelieve in it at its end, perhaps they may be returning.”
3:73  And do not believe except for whoever followed your religion.” Say, “Surely, the guidance is Allah’s guidance. That may someone will be given alike of what you were given, or they will wrangle you at your Lord. Say, “Surely the bounty is with Allah’s hand; He gives it whoever He wills.” And Allah is all-Encompassing, Knowledgeable.
3:74  He specifies with His mercy whoever He wills. And Allah is the Possessor of The Greatest Bounty.
3:75  And among the book's people is who, if you entrust him with a quintal, he will procure it for you. And among them is who, if you entrust him with a single Dinar, he will not procure it for you, except only as long as you exist upon him standing. That is because they said, “Not upon us pathway in the illiterate.” And they are saying the lies against Allah, and they are knowing.
3:76  Yes, whoever fulfilled his covenant and showed piety. So, surely Allah loves the pious ones.
3:77  Surely those who purchase with Allah’s covenant, and their faith, a little price, those have no share for them in the Hereafter, nor Allah speaks to them, nor He looks at them on The Resurrection Day, and He will not refine them. And for them is a painful torment.
3:78  And surely from them is a team who twist their tongues with the Book, to let you think it from the Book, while it is not from the Book. And they say, “It is from Allah,” and it is not from Allah. And they say the lies, against Allah, while they are knowing.
3:79  It was not for a humankind that Allah has given him the Book, the wisdom, and the prophethood then he says for the people, “Be my worshippers rather than Allah’s.” But, “Be the Lord’s worshippers with what you were teaching the Book, and with what you were studying.”
3:80  And he will not command you to take the angels and the prophets as lords. Would he command you with infidelity after you had been Muslims?
3:81  And when Allah had taken the prophets Charter, “To whatever I have given you of a book and wisdom; then a messenger came to you confirming what you have with you, to believe in him, and victory, him.” He said, “Do you ratify, and you take upon that my heavy covenant?” They said, “We ratified.” He said, “So be a witness, and I am with you from the witnesses.”
3:82  So, whoever turned away after that, so those are the debauchees.
3:83  So is there other than Allah’s religion, they are seeking, and for Him has submitted whoever is in the skies and the earth, willingly or unwillingly, and to Him they are returning?
3:84  Say, “We believed in Allah, and in what was sent down upon us; and in what was sent down upon Abraham, and Ishmael, and Isaac, and Jacob, and the tribes (Alaspat: children of Jacob); and in what was given to Moses, and Jesus, and the prophets from their Lord. We make no difference between any one among them, and for Him we are submitting.”
3:85  And whoever seeks other than Islam as a religion, it will not be accepted from him, and in the Hereafter, he will be among the losers.
3:86  How will Allah guide a kinfolk who disbelieved after they had believed, and had witnessed that the Messenger is true, and the proofs had come to them? And Allah does not guide the oppressor kinfolk.
3:87  Those, their penalty is that upon them Allah’s curse, and the angels, and the people altogether.
3:88  Immortals therein, neither the torment lightened about them, nor they are respited.
3:89  Except those who repented after that, and repaired; so surely Allah is Forgiver, Merciful.
3:90  Surely those who disbelieve after they have believed, then increase into infidelity, their repentance will not be accepted; and those are the astray ones.
3:91  Surely those who disbelieved and die while they are infidels, it will not be accepted from one among them the earth full of gold even if he offers it for ransom. Those are for them a painful torment, and none for them from the supporters.
3:92  You will not obtain devotion until you spend from what you love. And whatever you spend among a thing, so Allah is with it, Knowledgeable.
3:93  All food was permissible (Halal) for Israel Children, except what Israel forbade upon himself before the Torah was sent down. Say, “So bring the Torah, and then recite it, if you are truthful ones.”
3:94  So whoever slanders the lying against Allah after that, so those are the oppressors.
3:95  Say, “Allah ratified, so follow Abraham’s creed, a Monotheist; and he was not among the polytheists.”
3:96  Surely, the first house placed for the people is the one at Bakkah; blessed, and guidance for the worlds.
3:97  In it are obvious verses; Abraham’s standing place. And whoever enters it he is secure. And for Allah upon the people, the House pilgrimage for whoever is capable of a pathway to it. And whoever disbelieved, so Allah is Self-Enrich about the worlds.
3:98  Say, “O, The Book’s People why do you disbelieve with Allah’s verses, And Allah is upon what you are working, Witness?”
3:99  Say, “O The Book’s People, why do you hinder Allah's pathway from whoever believed, you want it crooked, and you are witnesses? And Allah is not inattentive about what you are working.”
3:100  O you who believed! If you obey a team among those who were given the book, they will turn you away, after your faith, infidels.
3:101  And how could you disbelieve, while Allah’s verses are being recited upon you, and within you is His Messenger? And whoever holds firmly to Allah, so he has been already guided to a straight path.
3:102  O you who believed! Show the piety of Allah with His right piety, and do not die except you are Muslims.
3:103  And hold firmly with Allah’s rope, altogether, and do not divide. And remember Allah’s graces upon you; when you were enemies, so He made a coalition between your cores, so with His grace you became brethren. And you were upon the brink of a pit among the fire, so He rescued you from it. Allah thus demonstrates His verses for you, perhaps you may be guiding.
3:104  And let be among you a community calling to goodness, and command with the well-known, and prohibit about the denial. And those are the gainers.
3:105  And do not be like those who separated and disagreed after the proofs came to them; And those will have a great torment.
3:106  On a day when faces will be whitened, and faces will be blackened. So, for those whose faces are blackened: “Did you disbelieve after your faith?” So, taste the torment with what you were disbelieving.
3:107  And for those whose faces are whitened: so, they are in Allah’s mercy; they are therein immortals.
3:108  These are Allah’s verses. We recite them upon you with the right. And Allah doesn’t want oppression for the worlds.
3:109  And for Allah whatever is in the skies and whatever is on the earth, and to Allah all the matters are returned.
3:110  You were the best community brought out for the people. you command with the well-known, and prohibit about the denial, and believe in Allah. And if the book's people believed, it would have been goodness for them. Among them are the believers, and most of them are the debauchees
3:111  They will not harm you, except for hurt. And if they fight you, they will turn their backs on you, then they will not be supported to victory.
3:112  It was stricken upon them, the humiliation wherever they were arrested, except with a rope from Allah, and a rope from the people; and they incurred anger from Allah and were stricken with neediness. That was because they were disbelieving with Allah’s verses and killed the prophets without right. That was with what they disobeyed and they were transgressed.
3:113  They are not the same. From the book's people is a community that is standing; reciting Allah’s verses throughout the night, while they prostrate.
3:114  They believe in Allah and the Last Day, and command with the well-known and prohibit the denial, and they hasten in the goodness. And those are among the righteous.
3:115  And whatever among goodness they do, they will never be denied (Its reward). And Allah is Knowledgeable by the pious.
3:116  Surely those who disbelieved, neither their money nor their progeny will avail about them from Allah of a thing. And those are The Fire 's Companions; they are therein immortals.
3:117  The example of what they are spending in this Dunya life (worldly life) as an example of a wind in it frost inflicts the tilth of a kinfolk who have oppressed themselves, so it destroys it. And Allah did not oppress them, but they were oppressing themselves.
3:118  O you who believed! Do not take from without you an entourage, who will not spare effort to ruin you. They wish you to suffer. The detest has already appeared from their mouths, and what their chests hide is bigger. We have demonstrated for you the verses, if you were reasoning.
3:119  Here you are, you love them, and they do not love you, and you believe with the whole Book. And if they met you, they said, “We believed;” and if they are alone, they bite upon you their fingers from the rage. Say, “Die with your rage; surely Allah is Knowledgeable with the chest's ego.”
3:120  If a goodness touches you, it upsets them; and if a bad deed inflicts you, they are happy with it. And if you are patient and show piety, their plans will not harm you, a thing. Surely Allah by what they work, is encompassing.
3:121  When you left your family, in the morning to settle, the battle-positions for the believers. And Allah was Hearer, Knowledgeable.
3:122  When two categories from you intended to fail, and Allah was their guardian. And upon Allah the believers should rely.
3:123  And already Allah victoried you at Badr, while you were demeaned. So, show the piety of Allah, perhaps you may be thankful.
3:124  When you say to the believers, “Is it not enough for you that your Lord has supplied you with three thousand angels, sent down?”
3:125  Yes; if you are patient and show piety, and they (The enemies) come immediately to you this time, your Lord will supply you with five thousand marked angels.
3:126  And Allah didn’t set up it, except as a preach (Good tidings) for you, and to tranquil your cores with it. And the victory is not except, from Allah Al-Aaziz (The almighty), Al-Hakeem (The wise).
3:127  To cut off a limb from those who disbelieved, or suppress them, so they overturned as failers.
3:128  You have not from the matter of a thing. Or He repents upon them or torments them. So, they are oppressors.
3:129  And for Allah whatever is in the skies and whatever is in the earth. He forgives for whom He wills, and He torments whoever He wills. And Allah is Forgiver, Merciful.
3:130  O you who believed! Do not eat the usury as multiple multiplications and show the piety of Allah, perhaps you may be gaining.
3:131  And be piety of the Fire which is prepared for the infidels.
3:132  And obey Allah and the Messenger, perhaps you may be mercied.
3:133  And hasten towards forgiveness from your Lord, and a paradise as wide as the skies and the earth, prepared for the pious.
3:134  Those who are spending in prosperity and the bane, and the suppressors of the rage, and the pardoners about the people. And Allah loves the benefactors.
3:135  And those who, when they did an obscenity or oppressed themselves, remembered Allah, so they asked forgiveness for their misdeeds, and who forgives the misdeeds except Allah? And they did not insist upon what they did while they knew.
3:136  Those, their reward is forgiveness from their Lord, and paradises beneath which the rivers are running, they are therein immortals. And grace is the workers’ wage.
3:137  Already many routes (Sunnah) have passed away before you. So, travel within the earth, so observe how it was the consequence of falsifiers?
3:138  This is a statement for the people, and guidance, and an admonition for the pious.
3:139  And do not debilitate, nor grieve. And you are the superior ones, if you are believers.
3:140  If an ulcer touches you, so already a similar ulcer has touched the kinfolk. And such days We alternate them between the people, and Allah will know those who believe, and take martyrs among you. And Allah does not love the oppressors.
3:141  And Allah will examine those who are believed and crush the infidels.
3:142  Or did you consider entering The Paradise, while Allah has not known those from you who efforted and He has known the patient ones?
3:143  And already you were wishing for death before you met it. So, already you have seen it, while you look on.
3:144  And Muhammad was not except a messenger. Already have passed away before him the messengers. So, if he is dead or is killed, will you overturn upon your heels? And whoever overturns on his heels will not harm Allah in anything. And Allah will recompense the thankful ones.
3:145  And it was not for a soul to die except by Allah’s permission, as a postponed Book. And whoever wants the reward of the Dunya, We will give him from it; and whoever wants the reward of the Hereafter, We will give him from it; and We will recompense the thankful ones.
3:146  And how many among a prophet fought alongside with him numerous of The Lord worshippers? So, they did not debilitate for what inflicted them in Allah’s pathway, and they did not weaken, nor did they give in. And Allah loves the patient ones.
3:147  And they were not their saying except, “Our Lord, forgive us our misdeeds, and our extravagance in our matter, and firmly fix our feet, and victory us upon the infidels kinfolk.”
3:148  So, Allah gave them the reward of the Dunya (this world), and the finest reward of the Hereafter. And Allah loves the benefactors.
3:149  O you who believed! If you obey those who disbelieved, they turn you back upon your heels, so you overturn losers.
3:150  Nay, but Allah is your Guardian, and He is the best of the victory givers.
3:151  We will throw the horror into the cores of those who disbelieved, with what they have associated with Allah with what He had not sent down with it a Sultan. And their shelter is the Fire, and a wretched lodgment for the oppressors.
3:152  Allah has truly confirmed His promise to you, when you massively killed them with His permission; until when you failed, and conflicted in the matter, and disobeyed after He had shown you what you love. From you whoever wants the Dunya (this world), and from you whoever wants the hereafter. Then He diverted you away about them, to try you; and already He pardoned you. And Allah is the possessor of a bounty upon the believers.
3:153  When you were running uphill, and not casting a glance for anyone, and the Messenger was calling in behind you. So He rewarded you by sorrow with sorrow, in order to not grieve over what has left you, nor for what inflicted you. And Allah is with what you are working, Expert.
3:154  Then He was sent down after sorrow, slumber as secure. It overcame a category among you, while another category cared only for themselves. They assume by Allah other than the right, the ignorance assumption, they say “Is it for us from the matter of a thing?” Say, “Surely the whole matter is for Allah.” They hide within themselves what they do not appear to you. And they say, “If it was from the matters for us of a thing, we would not be killed here.” Say, “If you were in your homes, it would emerge those who the killing was written upon, to their places of death” And Allah will try what is within your chests, and will examine what is within your cores. And Allah is Knowledgeable with the chest's ego.
3:155  Surely those from you who turned away on a day when the two gatherings met, surely was The Satan, only who slipped them with some with what they have earned. And already Allah has pardoned them. Surely Allah is Forgiver, A Clement.
3:156  O you who believed! Do not be like those who disbelieved, and said to their brethren (if they went abroad on the earth, or were forayers) “If they had been with us, they would not have died or been killed.” So that Allah may set this as regret in their cores. And Allah gives life and causes death. And Allah is with what you are working, Seer.
3:157  And if you are killed in Allah’s pathway or die, then forgiveness and mercy from Allah are better than what they are accumulating.
3:158  And if you are dead, or killed, toward Allah you are mustering.
3:159  So, it is with mercy from Allah that you dealt gently with them. And if you were rude, Harsh core they would have dispersed from around you. So, pardon them, and ask forgiveness for them, and consult them on the matter. So when you have intended, So you rely on Allah; surely Allah loves the relying ones.
3:160  If Allah victoried you, so there is no overcomer for you. And if He lets down you, so who will victory you after Him? And on Allah, the believers shall rely.
3:161  It was not for a prophet to defraud. And whoever defrauds will bring with what he defrauded on The Resurrection Day. Then every soul will be fulfilled for what it has earned, and they will not be oppressed.
3:162  So who followed Allah's satisfaction is the same as who incurred by wrath from Allah and his shelter is Gohanam (Hell) and wretched is the destiny?
3:163  They are of degrees with Allah, and Allah is Seer with what they are working.
3:164  Already Allah has conferred favor upon the believers, as He missioned in them a messenger from themselves, who recites upon them His verses, and refines them, and teaches them the Book and the wisdom; and surely, they were before, in obvious astray.
3:165  Or when a calamity inflicted you, you already were inflicted like it, you said, “From where is this?” Say, “It is from yourselves.” Surely Allah is over everything competent.
3:166  And what inflicted you on the day when the two gatherings met, so it was with Allah’s permission; and He would know the believers.
3:167  And to know those who are hypocrites. And it was said to them, “Come, fight in Allah’s pathway, or defend.” They said, “If we knew fighting, we would have followed you.” On that day they were closer to infidelity than they were to the faith. They say with their mouths what is not in their cores; and Allah is knower with what they are muting.
3:168  Those who said to their brethren and sat “If they had obeyed us, they would not have been killed.” Say, “Then ward off from yourselves the death, if you are truthful ones.”
3:169  And do not consider those who were killed in Allah’s pathway as dead. Nay, but they are alive, at their Lord, having livelihood.
3:170  Rejoicing with what Allah has given them from His bounty, and cheerful with those who have not yet joined them, among those who are behind them; verily there is no fear on them, nor are they grieving.
3:171  They are cheerful with graces from Allah, and a bounty, and surely Allah will not waste the believers’ wage.
3:172  Those who responded for Allah and the Messenger, after the ulcer had inflicted them. For those who excelled among them and show piety is a great wage.
3:173  Those to whom the people have said, “The people have accumulated against you, so awe of them.” So, this increased them, in faith, and they said, “Sufficient for us is Allah and he is the gracious trustee.”
3:174  So they overturn with a grace from Allah, and a bounty, and no badness has touched them. And they followed Allah’s satisfaction. And Allah is a possessor of a great bounty.
3:175  That is only Satan is frightening his guardians; so, do not fear them, and fear Me, if you are believers.
3:176  And let not grieve you, those who hasten into infidelity. They will not harm Allah anything. Allah wants to not set up for them a share in the Hereafter. And for them a great torment.
3:177  Surely those who purchased the infidelity with the faith will not harm Allah in anything. And for them a great torment.
3:178  And those who disbelieved should not consider that We only respite them to goodness for themselves. We only respite for them to increase in sinfulness. And for them a humiliating torment.
3:179  Allah did not forsake the believers upon what you are upon it, until He distinguishes the malignant from the good. Nor would Allah disclose you upon the unseen, but Allah elects among His messengers whoever He wills. So, believe in Allah and His messengers. And If you believe and show piety, So you would have a great wage.
3:180  And those who are skimping with what Allah has given them from his bounty should not consider that is goodness for them. Nay, but it is evil for them. They will be encircled with what they are skimping with it on The Resurrection Day. And for Allah is the inheritance of the skies and the earth, and Allah is with what you are working, Seer.
3:181  Already Allah has heard the saying of those who said, “Allah is poor, and we are rich.” We will write down what they said, and their killing of the prophets without right; and We will say, “Taste the burning torment.”
3:182  “That was with what your hands have forwarded, and surely Allah is not oppressor towards the slaves.”
3:183  Those who said, “Surely Allah covenant to us, that we shall not believe in any messenger until he brings us with an oblation, to be eaten by the fire.” Say, “Messengers have already come to you before me with the proofs, and with what you have said; so why did you kill them, if you were truthful ones?”
3:184  So, if they falsified you, then already messengers before you were falsified. They came with the proofs, and the Zaboors (The Scriptures), and the Illuminating Book.
3:185  Every soul will taste The Death, and you only fulfill your wages on The Resurrection Day. So, whoever budges out about the Fire, and enters The Paradise, he already has won. And the Dunya life (world) is except only for vanity enjoyment.
3:186  You will be tried in your money and yourselves; and you will hear from those who are given the Book before you, and from those who are associating, much hurt. And if you are patient and show piety, so surely that is among the matter's determination.
3:187  And when Allah took a charter of those who were given the Book: “You shall demonstrate it to the people, and not mute it.” So they forsake it behind their backs, and purchase with it a little price. So, how wretched is what they were purchasing.
3:188  Do not consider those who rejoice by what they brought about, and they love to be praised with what they have not done, so do not consider them to have won away from the torment, and for them a painful torment.
3:189  And for Allah the sovereignty of the skies and the earth. And Allah is over everything competent.
3:190  Surely in the creation of the skies and the earth, and in the difference of the night and the day, are verses for the possessors of the minds.
3:191  Those who remember Allah while standing, and sitting, and on their sides; and they think in the creation of the skies and the earth: “Our Lord, You did not create this in an invalid, glorified are You, so protect us from the Fire Torment.”
3:192  “Our Lord, surely whomever You enter him the Fire, so already You have disgraced him. And none for the oppressors from the supporters.”
3:193  “Our Lord, surely we have heard a caller calling for the faith that: ` Believe in your Lord,' so we have believed. Our Lord! So forgive us our misdeeds, and atone for us, our bad deeds, and deceased us with the devotees.”
3:194  “Our Lord, and give us what You have promised us through Your messengers, and do not disgrace us on The Resurrection Day. Surely You will never break the appointed promised time.”
3:195  So, their Lord responded to them: “Surely, I will not waste the work of any worker among you, whether male or female. Some of you from some other. So, for those who emigrated, and were brought out from their homes, and were hurt in My pathway, and fought and were killed, I will atone about them, their bad deeds, and will enter them paradises beneath which the rivers are running a reward from Allah. And Allah has the finest reward.”
3:196  Do not deceive you, the fluctuation of those who disbelieved in the towns.
3:197  A little enjoyment then their shelter is Gohanam (Hell) and wretched is the bedding.
3:198  But those who show piety of their Lord: for them are paradises beneath which the rivers are running, a hospitality with Allah they are therein immortals. And What is with Allah is goodness for the devotees.
3:199  And surely among the Book's people are whoever believes in Allah, and in what was sent down to you, and in what was sent down to them. humble for Allah, and they do not purchase with Allah’s verses a little price. Those, for them their wage with their Lord. Surely Allah is swift in reckoning.
3:200  O you who believed! Be patient, and keep patience, and be a linked garrison and show the piety of Allah, perhaps you may be gaining.