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2:1  Alif, Laam, Meem
2:2  This is the (divine) book! In it, there is nothing doubtful. (It is) the guidance for the pious
2:3  (The guidance for) those who believe in the unseen, establish the ´salat´ and spend (for Our sake) out of what We grant them
2:4  (The guidance for) those who believe in what is revealed to you (O Muhammad, SAW), and in that which was revealed prior to you! Those who are certain about the hereafter _ (the life-to-come)
2:5  Such are the ones guided by their Lord! Such are the successful ones
2:6  And for those who (choose to) reject, it is all the same. They will not believe, whether you warn them or not
2:7  Allah has sealed off their heart and their hearing. A blindfold blocks their sight. There is the gravest (most awful) torment for them
2:8  There are those among mankind who say, ´We believe in Allah and the Last Day´ when in fact, they do not believe
2:9  They (attempt to) deceive Allah and the believers; in reality, they deceive no one but themselves. They just do not realize
2:10  They have the disease (of doubt) in their heart, and Allah makes their disease grow. Because they deny (the truth), there exists a painful punishment for them
2:11  When they are told, "Do not promote disorder and decadence in the world", they respond, "But we are really the reformers!"
2:12  Not at all! They are the ones who are really the corrupters. But little do they realize
2:13  When they are told, ´Believe (in earnest) just as others have believed´, they answer, "Should we believe like the fools?" Not at all! In fact, it is they who are the fools, but they do not know
2:14  When they meet the believers they say, "We believe" but when they are alone with their Shaitans _ (others like themselves) _ they say, "We are actually with you. We were merely mocking and making fun."
2:15  Allah makes fun of them! He allows them an extension, and lets them wander about blindly in their arrogant excesses
2:16  Such ones have traded away the guidance for fallacy and falsehood. Gain is not what their bargain brought them. They are not guided
2:17  Their example is that of those who kindled a fire (to see in the dark). But just as it lit up their surroundings, Allah took away their light _ (their eyesight) _ and left them groping in utter darkness. (Now), they just do not see
2:18  They are deaf, dumb and blind. They will not return
2:19  Or it is like the rainstorm in the sky, which brings in its wake utter darkness, thunder and lightning! Out of the fear of death (and darkness), they stick their fingers in their ears to keep out (the sounds of) thunder. (The might of) Allah surrounds the unbelievers completely
2:20  Lightning almost snatches their sight away. During the flashes of lightning they walk, and they stand still when it is dark. Allah could have taken away their hearing and their sight, had He so willed. Indeed, Allah is capable of doing everything
2:21  Oh mankind! Worship your Lord Who created you, and those before you. Perhaps you will attain piety
2:22  It is He Who stretched the earth for you like a carpet, and the sky (over you) like a canopy. From the sky, He sent down water, and with it He brought forth fruits for your sustenance. Therefore, do not rank others as rivals of Allah. You do know (the truth)
2:23  If you have any doubt about what We have revealed to Our servant (Muhammad, SAW) then present just a single chapter (Sura) like it. Call your witnesses, besides Allah, if you are truthful
2:24  But if you do not _ and surely you shall not _ then fear the fire whose fuel is men and stones. It is prepared for (all) those who do not believe
2:25  Give the good news to those who believe and do the righteous deeds. Theirs shall be the gardens (of paradise) through which run the rivers. There, as they taste the fruits (of paradise), they would remark, "This, we were given before, too (in the world)". There, they would certainly be granted the identical (blessings). There, they shall have pure and immaculate mates. And there, they shall live forever
2:26  Of course, Allah is not ashamed to quote and narrate the parable of a gnat, or anything smaller. Those who believe know that it certainly is the truth from their Lord. But those who disbelieve, say, "What does Allah mean by this parable?" Thereby, He causes many to stray, and leads many others to the right path! By that, He misleads only the sinful rebellious ones
2:27  Those who, after having affirmed solemnly, break their covenant with Allah; those who (violate and) sever that which Allah has deemed inviolable, and has ordered to be joined. They cause chaos in the world. Such ones are the losers
2:28  How can you not believe in Allah? You were (once) lifeless and He gave you life. Then, He will give you death, and then He will bring you back to life. Then, you shall return to Him
2:29  He it is, Who created for you every single thing that exists on earth. Then, He turned to the heavens. He evened and fashioned them into seven heavens. He is fully aware of every single thing
2:30  And (remember) when your Lord said to the angels, "I am going to appoint a deputy (a viceroy) on earth." They said, "Would You place a species on earth that will cause chaos, and shed blood? We chant Your praises, and We venerate and glorify Your name (constantly)." He said, "I, of course know that, which you do not know!"
2:31  And He taught Adam the names of all the things. Then, presented them before the angels and said, "Tell Me the names of all these (things) if you are right."
2:32  They said, "Exalted are You! We know nothing more than what You have taught us. Undoubtedly, You (and only You) are the all-Knowing, the Wisest."
2:33  He said, "Oh Adam, Tell them all the names!" Then, when Adam had told them all the names (Allah) declared, "Did I not tell you that I alone know all the (mysteries and) secrets of the heavens and the earth. I know what you disclose and what you conceal."
2:34  And when We told the angels to prostrate before Adam, they all fell prostrate except Iblees _ (the Shaitan). He refused and displayed arrogance. He was the disbeliever
2:35  And We said, "Oh Adam, you and your wife may live in paradise. Here, the two of you may eat anything you wish, to your heart´s delight. But do not come near this one tree. Else, you would be the wrong doers!"
2:36  But Shaitan made them lapse and stumble; they forgot this (command). He had them both expelled from the happy state they were in. We said, "Get down from here! Both of you _ (Men and Shaitans) _ are each other´s enemies. On the earth shall be your habitat and your sustenance for an appointed term."
2:37  Then, Adam learnt from his Lord the words (to repent with), and He accepted the repentance. Indeed, He it is Who accepts repentance, and He is the most Merciful
2:38  We said, "Get down from the paradise, all of you. (Wait) till the guidance comes to you from Me. Then, whoever follows My guidance shall have no fear. Nor shall he ever grieve."
2:39  "While those, who disbelieve and deny Our revelations, will (actually) be the inmates of fire. They will stay in it forever."
2:40  Oh children of Israel! Bear in mind (all) My favors that I bestowed upon you. Live up to your pledge with Me, and I will fulfill My promise with you. Fear Me (and none else)
2:41  And believe in what I have revealed _ (the Qur´an). It confirms the scriptures you already have. Do not be the first to reject it. Do not sell my verses for a paltry price. And be (forever) conscious of Me
2:42  And, do not cloak (and confuse) the truth with falsehood. Do not suppress the truth knowingly
2:43  And perform the ´salat´ and pay the ´zakat´. Bow down (and submit) along with others, who bow in worship
2:44  You exhort others to acquire piety, but forget (to include) yourself. You do recite the scriptures! Have you, then, no sense
2:45  Seek help and solace through prayers and patience. Of course it is hard, except for those who are humble of heart
2:46  Those who are certain that they shall meet their Lord; that they are definitely going to return to Him
2:47  Oh children of Israel! Remember My favors that I bestowed upon you. Indeed, I gave you precedence over the entire world
2:48  Be conscious of the day when no soul shall avail any other in the least. Mediation will not be accepted from anyone. Ransom will be received from none! They will not be helped at all
2:49  And (remember) when We saved you from the people of the pharaoh? They persecuted you with the most horrendous torture. They slaughtered your sons, and spared your women. In that was a mighty grave trial from your Lord
2:50  And remember when We parted the sea for you? We rescued you when We drowned the followers of the pharaoh before your very eyes
2:51  And (remember) when We appointed for Musa forty nights (on Mount Sinai). During his absence, you took up the worship of a calf! You are the wrongdoers
2:52  Yet, We forgave you for that. Perhaps you would be grateful
2:53  And remember, then We granted Musa the scriptures and the criterion. Perhaps, you would find the right path
2:54  And (remember) when Musa said to his people, "Oh my people! You have certainly wronged yourself by taking up the worship of a calf. (Now), turn to your Maker in repentance and kill (the guilty ones among) yourself. That, in the eyes of your Maker, is better for you." He, then accepted your repentance. Indeed, He it is Who accepts repentance, and He is the most Merciful
2:55  And (remember) when you said, "Oh Musa! We will not believe you, until we can perceive Allah in plain view right before our eyes." So, a bolt of lightning dealt you a deathblow while you looked on
2:56  Then, after your death, We revived you. Perhaps you would be grateful
2:57  We arranged for you the shade of clouds (in the desert), and (as food) We sent down the ´manna´ and the ´salva´ for you. "Eat the wholesome food We grant you." It was not Us they harmed, but they used to harm themselves
2:58  And (remember) when We said, "Enter this town and partake of its bounties with relish; anything you wish. But, go past the gate prostrate (before Allah) and keep uttering ´repentance´. We will forgive your sins, and We will increase the reward of the righteous."
2:59  But the evildoers changed the word that was prescribed to them, to one that was quite different. Therefore, from the sky We sent down a blight upon the evil doers, because they used to disobey repeatedly
2:60  And (remember) when Musa asked for water? We said, "Strike that rock with your staff!" Twelve springs gushed forth from the rock and each tribe knew its water supply (exactly). "Eat and drink the provisions Allah has granted, and do not act wickedly in the world like mischief makers."
2:61  And (remember) when you said, "Oh Musa! We are weary of just one kind of food (all the time). So call your Lord for us and ask Him to provide us with what the earth produces _ the herbs, the cucumbers, the corn, the garlic and the onions. (Musa) said, "Do you want to substitute the superior (and the sublime) with that which is petty _ (the mean and the mundane)? Go and settle in any town, and there you will find all that you ask for." Disgrace and wretchedness were decreed for them. They drew the wrath of Allah upon themselves, because they repeatedly rejected the revelations (and signs) of Allah, and (because) they killed the prophets without a reason! Because they disobeyed, and used to stray beyond the bounds
2:62  In fact, all those _ be they the believers, the Jews, the Christians or the Sabians _ who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and do the righteous deeds shall have their reward with their Lord. They shall have no fear, nor shall they ever grieve
2:63  And (remember) when We got a firm pledge from you as We caused the mountain, ´Toor´, to tower high above you. (We said), "Hold on fast, with all your strength, to what We grant you; and (always) remember the guidance it contains. Perhaps you would attain piety."
2:64  But, even then you (ignored and) turned away. Had it not been for the favors of Allah upon you, and His grace, you would have been the losers (long ago)
2:65  Of course, you know very well (the fate of) those of you who exceeded the bounds (and broke the laws) of Sabbath. We said (to them), "You be the apes, despised and spurned!"
2:66  We turned them into an (eye opening) example for their generation, and for others to follow. (We turned them into) an admonition for the pious
2:67  And (remember that incident) when Musa said to his people, "Allah, in fact, commands you to slaughter a cow." They said, "Are you joking with us?" (Musa) said, "I seek refuge with Allah that I would be so ignorant."
2:68  They said, "(Oh Musa), call your Lord for us and have Him ascertain for us, (exactly) what is it (that He wants slaughtered)?" Musa said, "In fact, He says that the cow should neither be too old nor too young, but rather of an age between the two extremes. Now carry out what you are told!"
2:69  (Again) they said, "(Oh Musa), call your Lord for us, and have Him ascertain for us its color." (Musa) said, "He says that the cow is yellow; bright and brilliant yellow that delights the onlookers."
2:70  They said, "Call your Lord (again) for us to ascertain (exactly) which (cow) is it? In fact, all cows look alike to us. If Allah wills, we would of course be guided aright (and would find the right cow)."
2:71  (Musa)) said, "As a matter of fact, He says that this cow is not yoked or burdened. It does not plough the land, nor does it irrigate the field. It is unscathed, and without a blemish; it is free of faults." They said, "Now you have brought the truth." Then they slaughtered it, but they almost didn´t do it
2:72  And (remember) when you had killed a person and had accused each other (of his murder)? Allah was going to bring out into the open that which you were hiding
2:73  So We said, "Strike the corpse with a piece (of the carcass)." Thus, Allah brings the dead back to life. He displays His signs to you. Perhaps, you would understand
2:74  Yet, even after that your heart grew (cold and) callous; as if they were rocks. Rather, they became harder than rocks. Because, there are rocks through which springs gush forth! Moisture oozes through some (rocks) as they split apart. And there are rocks that (tremble and) come tumbling down because of the fear of Allah. And Allah is not unaware of anything you do
2:75  Do you expect them to believe in you? (Such are they, that) a group of them hears the word of Allah, understands it well, and then deliberately (twists and) distorts its meaning
2:76  When they meet the believers, they say, "We believe!" But when they are alone with each other, they say, "Would you report to them what Allah has revealed to you? So they may (successfully) argue and plead against you before your Lord? Do you not understand?"
2:77  Are they not aware that Allah knows what they narrate in secret as well as what they proclaim
2:78  Some of them are illiterate and know nothing about the scriptures. They (only) have wishful fancies and (rely upon) conjecture
2:79  And misery is for (their scholars,) those who write a book with their own hands and then say, "This is from Allah!" In return for that, they acquire a petty price. Woe to them for what they write with their hands! Woe to them for what they earn with it
2:80  And they say, "The fire will not touch us except for a few days, if at all." Say, "Do you have a pledge from Allah (concerning that)? A firm pledge that Allah will not breach? Or do you say about Allah that, which you do not know?"
2:81  Of course! Those who commit evil and are wrapped (and steeped) in sin will be the inmates of the fire! They shall stay in it forever
2:82  While those who believe and do the righteous deeds, are the inhabitants of paradise. In it, they shall live forever
2:83  And (remember) when We entered into a pact with the children of Israel. We said, "You shall worship none except Allah. You shall be good (and dutiful) to your parents, and kind and courteous to your kindred, the orphans and the needy. You shall be polite to people! (Furthermore), you shall perform the ´salat´ and pay the ´zakat´. But, with the exception of a few, you all turned away and ignored (the pledge)."
2:84  And (remember) when We obtained a firm pledge from you that, "You shall not shed the blood of any of your own (people), nor expel them from their homes." Then, you assented and affirmed (the pledge), and you are the witnesses
2:85  Yet, it is you who killed one another. You drove one of your groups out of their homes. With sin and transgression aforethought, you assisted their enemies against them. You demanded ransom when some of your own people were brought as captives before you. In fact, you were forbidden to expel them from their homes (in the first place). Do you believe in just some parts of the scriptures, and reject the rest? What is the fair recompense for the one among you who does that? (What else) except disgrace in the life of this world? On the day of resurrection, they are destined to be consigned to the (severest) most grievous punishment. Allah is not unaware of anything you do
2:86  These are the ones who bought the life of this world at the cost of the life-to-come. Their torment will not be lightened, nor will they be helped
2:87  It was We Who gave Musa the Book (the Torah). Then, after him, We sent down many messengers, one after the other. It was We Who gave Jesus, son of Mary, several undeniable proofs; and it was We Who supported him with the exalted Angels. You behaved arrogantly whenever the messengers brought something your hearts disapproved. You called some of them liars, and even killed a few
2:88  They boast, "Our hearts have been protected and rendered resistant to your reasons." (The actual words: covered with a protective layer). On the contrary! As a consequence of their rejection, Allah has cursed them; and now, very few amongst them will ever believe
2:89  And now there has come to them a book (the Qur´an) from Allah, confirming that (book) which is already with them. Prior to this, they used to cite their book as authority during arguments with the idolaters. Yet, now that it has come to them, they reject it, even though they have recognized it (to be true)
2:90  They have knowingly rejected the truth because of their animosity of a people, one of whom has been chosen by Allah as a messenger. Allah showers His blessings upon whomever He wishes! So, they earned Allah´s wrath even as He was already angry at them. A disgraceful punishment awaits the disbelievers
2:91  When they are invited to accept the message that Allah has revealed, they say, "We only believe in what was sent down to us." They reject everything that is revealed elsewhere, even if it is the truth; even if it confirms that which they already possess. Ask them, "Why, then, did you kill the prophets of Allah, if you consider yourselves to be the true believers?"
2:92  Musa brought to you the clear signs. Yet, as soon as his back was turned, you took a calf as your god. You surely are the transgressors
2:93  And remember when We raised the (Mountain) ´Toor´ over you, and We took a firm promise from you. We said, "With all your strength, hold on fast to that which We award you, and do heed the instructions!" To that you replied, "We heard but we shall not obey!" Because of their rejection the love of the calf sank deep into their hearts. Say, "Are you really the true believers? Your belief sure makes you perform despicable acts!"
2:94  Say, "If you believe that the Hereafter is reserved exclusively for you and other people shall have no part of it, then you should not be afraid to die. Let us hear you wish for death (out loud), if you are sincere."
2:95  They will never ever wish for death, because they are aware of their own misdeeds. Allah knows the transgressors
2:96  You will surely find that they are greedier than any other people _ even more than the idolaters _ to live a long life. Each one of them longs to live the life of a thousand years. But a long life is not going to save them from the torment in any way. Allah watches (vigilantly) everything they do
2:97  Inform the one who is the enemy of Gibrael _ (the angel who brought the revelation). It is of course by Allah´s leave that he revealed the Qur´an to your heart. It confirms that which preceded it. It is the guidance and the good news for the believers
2:98  Whoever is the enemy of Allah, His angels, His messengers, (angels) Gibrael and Mikael (should know that) indeed, Allah is the enemy of those who reject the truth
2:99  We have certainly revealed to you the most manifest signs (the crystal clear revelations)! No one except the immoral (miscreants) reject them
2:100  Isn´t it always the same? Whenever they enter into a covenant (with Allah), some of them cast it aside. The fact is, most of them do not believe
2:101  And now, there has come to them a messenger from Allah who has confirmed that which they already have with them. Yet, some of those who were given the scriptures (earlier) toss the book of Allah behind their backs. (They act) as if they know nothing
2:102  They pursued whatever the Shaitans recited (and related) to them in the name and authority of King Sulaiman. It was not Sulaiman who disbelieved (or disobeyed). The Shaitans disbelieved (and denied). They taught people the craft of magic and that (esoteric) art that was revealed to the two angels, Harut and Marut at Babylon. Before the two angels would teach that craft to anyone, they would declare, "We are actually just a trial for you. So do not (succumb to temptations and) be the disbelievers." Yet they studied from those two (angels), that which caused estrangement between a man and his wife. No one could they harm by it, except by Allah´s permission. They studied that which could only hurt them; it did not benefit them (at all). They definitely knew that the one who acquires this (craft) shall have no share in the (blessings of the) life-to-come. And evil indeed was what they purchased (and paid for) with their souls! If only they knew
2:103  The rewards from Allah would have been much better, had they just believed and warded off evil. If they only knew
2:104  Oh you who believe! Do not say (to the messenger), "Rai´na" _ (´listen to us´ in Arabic, but an insult in Hebrew). Rather say, "Bear with us, and hear us out." There is a painful punishment for the unbelievers
2:105  The unbelievers _ be they among the people of the scriptures, or among the idolaters _ would not like to see any blessings ever conferred upon you by your Lord. But, for His mercy Allah selects whom He wants. Allah is the Lord of Infinite Grace and Bounties
2:106  We do not annul any of Our revelations nor let it be forgotten, unless We replace it with a better one, or (at least) the one similar to it. Do you not know that Allah has power over all things
2:107  Do you not know that it is indeed Allah to Whom belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. You have no protectors or helpers other than Him
2:108  Would you ask your messenger the same sort of questions Musa was asked earlier? In fact, anyone who chooses disbelief over faith has strayed far away from the right way
2:109  Many of the people of the book like to convert you back to disbelief after your acceptance of faith. (They do so) because of their (egocentric) envy, even though the truth has become clear to them. So forbear and overlook (their arrogance), until Allah enforces the command. Of course Allah has absolute power over all things
2:110  Establish the ´salat, and pay the ´zakat´. With Allah, you will find (the reward for) every righteous deed you send ahead. Indeed, Allah is well aware of every single thing you do
2:111  They say, "No one shall ever enter paradise unless he was a Jew or a Christian." These are merely their wishful fancies. Say, "Quote your proof, if you are truthful."
2:112  On the contrary! Anyone who surrenders his entire being to (the will of) Allah, and is among the righteous ones, shall have his reward with his Lord. Such ones shall have no fear, nor shall they ever grieve
2:113  The Jews assert that the Christians do not follow anything (that is true), and the Christians claim that the Jews follow nothing (that is true). Yet, they recite the (same) book. Others with no knowledge (of the scriptures) have also made similar claims. On the Day of Judgment, Allah will render judgment concerning all matters of dispute between them
2:114  Can anyone be more unjust (and evil) than the one who forbids people from mentioning His name in Allah´s Houses of worship, and does his utmost to hurt them? In fact, such (unjust) ones are themselves not worthy of being let into the Holy House except in fear. Disgrace is their lot in this world, and in the life-to-come they shall have the severest (most awful) punishment
2:115  The East, and the West belong to Allah. Face any direction, and right there is the face of Allah (in that very direction)! Indeed, Allah is the Infinite, the all-Knowing
2:116  They said, "Allah begot a son!" Exalted is He! In fact, everything in the heavens and on earth belongs to Him. All things (and beings) submit to Him in obedience
2:117  (He is) the (Initiator and the) Originator of the heavens and the earth. Once He decrees anything, He (merely) says to it, "Be!" and it becomes
2:118  Those who have no knowledge (of reality) said, "Why does Allah not speak to us (Himself)? Why does a sign not come to us?" People (who lived) before them had also said the same thing in (more or less) the same words. Their hearts are closely aligned! We have (already) made Our signs manifest for the nation that has the certainty of belief
2:119  (Oh prophet), We have certainly sent you with the truth; as a bearer of good news, and as a warner. You will not be asked about the inmates of the hellfire
2:120  The Jews and the Christian will never be pleased with you, unless you follow their creed. Say, "The guidance of Allah is the real guidance." The (certainty of) knowledge has come to you. If, despite that you followed their whims and wishes, then (know for sure that) you will not find any protector or helper against Allah
2:121  They, to whom We have given the book, recite it as it deserves to be recited. They really do believe in it; whereas those who deny it are the losers
2:122  Oh children of Israel! Recall My (special) favors that I bestowed upon you. Indeed, I gave you precedence over the entire world
2:123  Fear that day when no person shall assist another in the least. No ransom will be accepted from anyone, and no mediation (of any kind) will benefit anyone
2:124  And (remember) when his Lord put Ibraheem through a trial by means of (a series of) commands, and he fulfilled all of them? Then He said, "I am certainly going to appoint you the leader of mankind!" (Ibraheem) said, "And my descendants, (too)?" Allah said, "My promise does not pertain to the unjust _ the evildoers!"
2:125  And (remember that) We designated the House of Worship (built by Ibraheem) to be the resort of peace, and a sanctuary for mankind. So, consider the place where Ibraheem stood to be the (sacred) place to pray. We entrusted Ibraheem and Ismail with the duty of keeping My house (clean and) pure for those who go around it (in a ritual of ´Tawwaf´), those who confine themselves there (to worship in seclusion), and those who bow down and prostrate (before Allah)
2:126  And (remember that) Ibraheem prayed, "My Lord, make this land a peaceful and tranquil place. Provide its residents _ those of them who believe in Allah and the Last Day _ with (the means of) livelihood and (plentiful) fruits (and benefits of peace). Allah said, "I will let even the one who disbelieves and denies, enjoy (life) for a brief while. Then, I will thrust him into the torment of the fire!" It is the worst of the destinations
2:127  As Ibraheem _ and with him, his son Ismail _ raised the foundation of the House of Worship, he prayed, "Our Lord, accept this (deed) from us. Indeed, You hear all and you know all!"
2:128  "Our lord! Let us submit and be Your obedient servants. Let our offspring submit and be Your obedient nation. Show us the rites and the ways (to worship You). Accept our repentance! Indeed, (Lord), You it is Who accepts repentance; and You are the most Merciful!"
2:129  Our Lord, raise a messenger among our offspring, who would recite to them Your revelation. (A messenger) who would teach them the scriptures and the wisdom, and would purify them. Indeed, You are the Mightiest and the Wisest
2:130  And who can forsake (or ignore) the creed of Ibraheem, unless he wants to make a fool of himself? We certainly chose him (as Our friend) in his life of this world, and of course in the life to come, He will be among the righteous
2:131  When his Lord said to him, "Surrender", he responded (promptly), "I submit to the Lord of the universe!"
2:132  Ibraheem left instructions for his sons _ and so did Yaqub (for his sons) _ saying, "Oh my sons! Allah has certainly chosen the true religion for you. So, be sure that you do not die unless you were an obedient _ (lit: a muslim) _ servant (of your Lord)
2:133  In fact, do you not bear witness yourself that when death came to Yaqub, he asked his sons, "Whom will you worship after I am gone?" They said, "We will worship (Allah), your God! The God of your forefathers Ibraheem, Ismail, and Ishaque! The One (and only) God. To Him, we submit."
2:134  That generation has now passed. For them, is what they earned. Yours shall (only) be what you will earn. You will not be asked about what they used to do
2:135  They say, "Become the Jews, or become the Christians, and (only then) you will be guided." (Oh prophet), tell them, "(We would) rather follow the creed of Ibraheem, who was the exclusive devotee (of Allah). He was not among those who set up others as equal to Allah."
2:136  (Oh believers)! say, "We believe in Allah and the revelation sent to us, as well as the revelation sent towards Ibraheem, Ismail, Ishaque, Yaqub and the tribes. (We believe in) that which was given to Musa and Jesus, and (also) that which was given to (other) prophets by their Lord. We do not discriminate against any of them. To Him, we have surrendered completely."
2:137  They are rightly guided, if their belief is identical to that of yours. But, if they turn away, then of course, they are (opposed to it and) in dissension. On your behalf, Allah will be sufficient against them. He hears-all and knows-all
2:138  (Imbue) the hue (and the halo) of Allah! What better shade of color to acquire than that of Allah? We are His sincere devotees
2:139  (Tell them), "Are you going to argue with us concerning Allah? He is our Lord, and your Lord! We have our deeds, and you have yours to account for. We have devoted ourselves (exclusively) to Him."
2:140  Or do you claim that Ibraheem, Ismail, Ishaque, and the tribes were Jews? Or were they Christians? Say, "Do you know better, or does Allah? Can anyone be more unjust and evil than he who hides from Allah the proof (which happens to be) in his possession? Allah is not unaware of anything you do!"
2:141  That generation has now passed. For them, is what they earned. Yours shall (only) be what you will earn. You will not be asked about what they used to do
2:142  The stupid ones among the people will wonder, "What made them (the muslims) face away from the ´Qibla´ they used to turn towards, while praying?" (´Qibla´: the primal center of worship _ the direction to turn to, while praying). Say, "The East and the West belong to Allah. He guides whom He wants to the straight path."
2:143  Thus, We have made you a balanced (and upright) nation; so you may be the witness over mankind, and the messenger would be the witness over you. We had designated your previous ´Qibla´ _ (the prayer direction) _ as a test: so as to distinguish those of you who follow the messenger, apart from those who turn back on their heels. It was (a choice) difficult (and daunting), except for those whom Allah guided. Allah is not the One to let your faith go to waste. Allah is certainly full of kindness and mercy for mankind
2:144  (Now) We have seen your face turning eagerly (and repeatedly) towards the heaven (for guidance). So, We will divert you (away from the present ´Qibla´) and let you switch to the ´Qibla´ of your liking. (Henceforth, while praying), turn to face the direction of the sacred mosque (at Makkah). Those given the scriptures (earlier) do definitely know that indeed, it is the truth from your Lord. Allah is not unaware of what they do
2:145  The people of the book will surely not adopt (or honor) your ´Qibla´ even if you brought them all the signs. You are not going to adopt their ´Qibla´ either. Nor do they, (the Christians and the Jews), adopt each other´s ´Qibla´. You would certainly be the evildoer if you followed their whims and wishes, despite the fact that (true) knowledge has definitely come to you
2:146  They, to whom We gave the scriptures (earlier), recognize it (and him, Muhammad SAW,_ the message and the messenger), just like they recognize their own children. The fact is, a faction of them knowingly hides the truth
2:147  (That is) the truth from your Lord! So, do not be among those who doubt
2:148  Each one has an aim (the revered ideal), the direction he turns to (and pursues). Excel one another, and hasten towards the righteous deeds, (the moral imperative)! Wherever you may be, Allah will bring you out and gather you all together. Allah is capable of doing everything
2:149  No matter where you might be (at the time of prayer), turn your face in the direction of the sacred mosque (at Makkah). That definitely is the truth from your Lord. Allah is not unaware of anything you do
2:150  Wherever you are (at the time of prayer), turn your face in the direction of the sacred mosque (at Makkah). Wherever you might be, turn your face towards it, so that except for the evildoers, people would not have any cause to argue against you. And do not fear the evildoers; fear Me! Because, I will complete (and conclude) My blessings upon you, so that you would be guided aright
2:151  Just like We sent a messenger to you! (A messenger) who recites to you Our revelations, purifies you, and teaches you the book and the wisdom _ (an answer to Ibraheem´s prayers). He teaches you that, which you did not know
2:152  You remember Me, and I shall remember you! Offer your thanks to Me, and do not (ever) be ungrateful
2:153  Oh you who believe! Seek help through patience and prayer, (the ´salat´). Indeed, Allah is with those who are steadfast
2:154  Do not say, "They are dead!" about those slain in the path of Allah. In fact, they are alive! You just cannot (in this life) perceive (that life)
2:155  We will most certainly put you through the test with a taste of fear and famine, the loss of assets and life, and the loss of crops (and products). Give the good news to the steadfast (those who show fortitude)
2:156  Those who exclaim when calamity strikes, "Surely, to Allah we belong! And surely, towards Him we will return!"
2:157  Such are they! The blessings and mercy of their Lord are upon them. They are the rightly guided ones
2:158  Of course, the (hills of) ´safa´ and ´Marwa´ are among the symbols of Allah. Anyone who goes on Hajj (the pilgrimage), or the ´umrah´ (the visit), to the house (of Allah) may perform the ritual of running to and fro between these hills. There is no sin in that. It is better to perform this (ritual) on purpose. Allah knows the grateful ones; He is the all-Knowing
2:159  Indeed, Allah has cursed _ and others entitled to curse also curse _ those who hide the proofs and the guidance We have revealed; (especially) since We explained to the people so clearly in the scriptures
2:160  Except for those who repent, mend their ways, and openly assert (the truth); towards them, I will relent. I accept repentance, and (I am) the most Merciful
2:161  In fact, all of them _ Allah, the angels, and the human beings _ curse those who disbelieve, and die as disbelievers
2:162  They will stay cursed (in hell) forever. Never will their torment be relieved, nor will they have a reprieve
2:163  Your God is only One, (Allah). There is no god but He, the most Merciful, the most Beneficent
2:164  Indeed, (there are signs) in the creation of the heavens and the earth, in the contrast and alternation of the night and the day, and in the ships that sail through the ocean carrying benefits for mankind. (There are also signs) in the rain water Allah sends down from the sky. With it, He revives the dead (and barren) land back to life. He scatters all sorts of animals across the land. (There are signs) in the shifting and drifting of the winds and the clouds. They are (pressed into service and) held afloat between the sky and the earth. Very definitely, there are (all these) signs for a nation that reflects
2:165  Yet, some people setup others, besides Allah, as His equals (and rivals); and they love those beings, as only Allah should be loved. (On the other hand) the believers are most ardent in their love for Allah. If the evil doers could only see (now) the torment that they would (for sure) see (on the Day of Judgment)! The power and might of all kinds belong solely to Allah; and Allah is very Severe in (inflicting) punishment
2:166  As they see the torment, those (leaders of the unbelievers) who led others would disown (any liability for the sins of) their followers. Their ties (of fraternity and fellowship) would thus break off
2:167  Then, the followers would (regretfully) remark, "If we only had a second chance, we would rid ourselves of them just like they wash their hands of us (today)." In this manner, Allah will display their deeds to them as a source of bitter regret and remorse. Never shall they emerge from the fire
2:168  Oh mankind! Eat the lawful and wholesome (food) that exists on the earth. Do not follow in the footsteps of Shaitan. Indeed, he is the professed enemy of yours
2:169  What he bids you to do is evil, (sinister) and sinful; and (he bids you) to say about Allah that, which you do not know
2:170  When they are asked to follow that which Allah has revealed, they say, "No! We would rather follow the path that we found our forefathers pursuing." Even if their forefathers understood nothing? (Even if) they were misguided
2:171  The example of the unbelievers _ (An advice to them, is like a bleat to a sheep) _ is that of a shepherd calling a flock. They (the sheep, and so also the unbelievers) hear nothing but shrieks and shouts. They are deaf, dumb and blind. They do not understand (a thing)
2:172  Oh you who believe! Eat the wholesome things that We have granted you as sustenance. Show your gratitude to Allah, if it is He (alone) Whom you worship
2:173  What He has forbidden you (to eat) are dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine, and anything (slaughtered and) offered in any other name except that of Allah. But there is no sin if one is compelled by dire circumstances (to eat the forbidden food), provided it is not out of habit or rebellion. Indeed, Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful
2:174  There are those who conceal (from mankind) what Allah has revealed in the book. In return, they accept a paltry price _ (a pittance, the worldly gain). In fact, they stuff their bodies with nothing less than the fire. (On the Day of Judgment) Allah will not speak to them, and He will not cleanse them (of their sins). There is a painful punishment for them
2:175  They are the ones who bought misguidance in place of guidance, and (chose) torment instead of forgiveness. How daringly defiant! They readily risked the fire (of hell)
2:176  This is so, despite the fact that Allah has certainly revealed the book with the absolute truth. Of course, those who dispute the book have dissented (and strayed) far away
2:177  Piety is not (a ritual requiring) that you turn your faces towards the East or the West (during ´salat´). Rather, pious is he who believes (firmly) in Allah, the last day, the angels, the scriptures, and the prophets. (Pious is he, who) spends his wealth (in charity) _ out of love for Him _ on his kinsfolk, the orphans, the poor, and the wayfarer. (Pious is the one who) gives (help) to those who ask (for help), and (spends money) to free slaves. And (pious are those who) establish ´salat´, pay the ´zakat´, and fulfill the pledges made by them. Those who endure and display fortitude during poverty and adversity, and during times of crises. Such are the people who are sincere! Such are the pious ones
2:178  ´Qisas´ _ (just retribution and blood money) _ is prescribed to you in cases involving (manslaughter and) murder. (If) the free man (murders), then (that) free man (should be charged). If a slave, then (that) slave, and if a woman, then (that) woman. (The offender alone and no one else is accountable). If the offender receives forgiveness from the victim´s brother (and guardian), then compliance of (the rules of) blood money and a fair award to the victim´s family is obligatory. This is the relief (and a reprieve) from your Lord. A mercy (from Him)! There is the painful punishment for anyone who transgresses after that
2:179  Oh people endowed with (knowledge and) insight! (The principle of) ´Qisas´ embodies (the gift of) life for you! Perhaps, you would adopt piety
2:180  You are being instructed. If death approaches any of you and he leaves behind wealth, then let him draw up a will in a fair manner, and let him bequeath his belongings to his parents and kinsfolk. That is an obligation upon the pious
2:181  Later on, if the one who hears the will falsifies it, then (of course) the one who changes the will shall incur the sin. Of course Allah hears all, and knows all
2:182  But the one who, fearing that the testator had sinned and veered off (the just course), corrects and adjusts the will, incurs no sin. Allah is the most Forgiving, the most Merciful
2:183  Oh you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you just as it was prescribed for those before you. Perhaps you would attain piety
2:184  (Fasting is obligatory for) a certain number of specified days. But if any of you is sick or on a journey, then the same number of other days (may be substituted). The one who suffers hardship (because of fasting) may (redeem himself and) feed a needy person. If he, of his own accord, does better (and feeds more than one person), then he would do so for his own good. However, it is much better for you to fast, if you only knew
2:185  Ramadhan is the month during which the Qur´an was revealed. It is (not only) the guidance for mankind, (but is also) the self-evident proof of (the truth of) that guidance, and (it is) the criterion (of the right and the wrong conduct). Whoever among you lives to see that month, must observe fasts (during that month). Whoever among you is sick or on a journey, (must fast) the same number of other days. Allah wants to make matters easy for you; He does not want to impose hardships on you. So complete the period (of fasting). Glorify Allah (and thank Him) for the guidance He has granted. Perhaps, you would be grateful
2:186  And when My servants ask about Me (tell them that) in fact, I am (always) nearby. I answer the prayers and pleas of the callers when they implore Me. Therefore, they should submit to Me and believe in Me. Perhaps, they would be led along the right path
2:187  It is permissible for you to approach your wives (sexually) during the night of the fasting (day). They are (like) your garments _ (close to you: they clothe your nakedness, and your passions) _ and you are (like) their garments. Of course, Allah knows that you (had succumbed to desire and) were cheating yourself (by engaging in sexual activity during the nights of fasting). He has accepted your repentance and has pardoned you. Now, you may have (social and sexual) relations with your wives (during the night of fasting). Seek from their company that _ (peace and progeny) _ which Allah has ordained for you. (You may) eat and drink until the white streak (of dawn) becomes visible (on the horizon) against the darkness. Thereafter, complete the fast till nightfall. Do not have (sexual) contact with your wives when you confine yourself in a mosque (to worship). These are the bounds of Allah. Do not approach them (much less exceed them). Thus, Allah makes His revelations manifestly clear for mankind. Perhaps, you would fear (Allah) and attain piety
2:188  Do not usurp each other´s possessions unfairly _ by foul means and fraud. Do not, knowingly and sinfully, give (bribes, or false) statements to a judge (or others in authority, intending) to usurp the (rights and) possessions of others
2:189  They ask you about the (cyclical changes in the) moon. Say, "It serves as a calendar for mankind, and to mark the time for pilgrimage." Piety is not (a ritual requiring) that you enter your home through its rear. Piety is to (know and) fear Allah. Enter your homes through its front door, and fear Allah. Perhaps, you would prosper
2:190  In the path of Allah, fight those who wage a war against you. But do not exceed the limit. Indeed, Allah does not like the transgressors
2:191  Kill them wherever you find them. Expel them from where they drove you away. Persecution and oppression are worse than killing. Do not do battle with them near the sacred house of worship (Makkah), unless it is they who engage you in battle there. If they fight you there, then slay them (there). That is the due punishment for the disbelievers
2:192  If they desist, then of course Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful
2:193  Fight (and confront) them till corruption and repression cease, and until faith in Allah (and justice) prevails! But if they desist, then let there be no aggression, except against the oppressors
2:194  The sacred months are (of course) the sacred months. (But) there is retribution for (the violation of) every prohibition. Therefore, if they violate the prohibition (and attack you), then you may do the same in retaliation against the aggression they commit. But, know (for sure) that Allah is indeed with the pious
2:195  Spend your wealth for the cause of Allah. Do not, by your own doings, put yourself in harm´s way. Do the right thing. Of course, Allah loves the righteous
2:196  Carry out and conclude (the rites of) Hajj _ (the pilgrimage), or the ´umrah´ _ (the visit); do so for the sake of Allah. If you are held back (by circumstances), then make an offering you can afford with ease. Do not shave off your head (the last of the rituals of Hajj or Umrah) till the offering has reached its destination. The one who is sick, or suffers from an affliction of the scalp, may redeem himself by fasting, giving alms, or making an offering. When you are safe (and in Makkah), and anyone wishes to perform the ´umrah´ before (it is time for) Hajj, he should make an offering he can afford with ease. But if he cannot afford to make an offering, he should fast three days during Hajj, and seven days when he returns (home). That makes ten days of fasting in all. This applies to the one whose family is not present at the Holy house of worship. Fear Allah, and know (for sure) that Allah is indeed very severe in (inflicting) punishment
2:197  The month of Hajj (is specified and fixed, and) is well known. Whoever decides to perform Hajj (must visit the sacred House) during that month (and) must abstain from sexual relations. He must abstain from wickedness, and wrangling of all sorts. Allah knows whatever good you do. For your journey, pack and carry along with you the provisions and supplies. (However), the best provision to bring along is piety. Fear Me, oh men of reason (and intellect)
2:198  You incur no sin if you seek the bounties of your Lord (by trading during pilgrimage). When you leave the plains of ´Arafat´ in multitudes, remember (and glorify) Allah (a lot) near the sacred ground of ´Mushar´. Remember Him as (much as) He has guided you. Prior to this, you were certainly unguided
2:199  Then, move along with the multitude of people moving along. Seek the forgiveness of Allah. Indeed, Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful
2:200  Again, when you have concluded the rites of Hajj, remember (and glorify) Allah like you used to remember your forefathers; in fact, even more than that _ (and with a greater zeal). Among people are those who say, "Our Lord, grant us your bounties in this life." Such ones shall have no part (of the blessings) in the life-to-come
2:201  Among people are some who say, "Grant us the blessings in this life, as well as the blessings in the life-to-come, and save us from the torment of hell."
2:202  Such people shall have their due share of blessings (in this life as well as the life to come) according to what they have earned. Allah is very swift in settling accounts
2:203  Remember Allah (a lot) during the specified days (in ´Mina´). Then, whoever hastens back (home) after just a couple of days, commits no offense. The one who stays longer does not incur any sin, provided he stays in piety. Fear Allah and know (for sure) that before Him you will all be (summoned and) gathered together
2:204  Among people are the likes of the ones whose suave talk about this world charms and astounds you. He (professes good intentions and) invokes Allah as the witness over what exists in his heart. But (in reality) he is the most dogged and quarrelsome opponent
2:205  When he prevails, he eagerly expends his energy in spreading mischief and corruption in the world; he destroys harvest and the human race. Allah does not like corruption
2:206  Whenever he is told, ´Fear Allah´, his vanity (holds him back and) keeps him staunch and steady on (the road to) sin. For him, hell shall suffice! How wretched is that resting-place
2:207  Among people are also those, who would willingly sell themselves out of the desire to please Allah. And of course, Allah is full of compassion for (His) servants
2:208  Oh you who believe! Submit to peace, the religion of Islam, fully (unreservedly) and unconditionally. Do not follow in the footsteps of Shaitan. Indeed, he is the (professed and) manifest enemy of yours
2:209  The clear proofs have already come to you. Despite that, if you lapse and stumble (into disobedience and disbelief), then know (for sure) that Allah is the Mightiest and the Wisest
2:210  Now, what they await is nothing more than for Allah Himself _ and the angels _ to come to them through the cover of clouds, and settle the matter with certainty. All matters are referred to Allah (for decisions)
2:211  (Just) ask the children of Israel, how many clear signs have We displayed to them. Whoever changes the mercy of Allah (into misery) after it reaches him, (will find that) Allah is indeed very severe in inflicting punishment
2:212  The (temporal) life of this world has been made attractive and adorable for the unbelievers. So they scoff (and poke fun) at those who believe. On the day of resurrection, far superior to them would be those who fear (Allah, and are dutiful). Allah gives (the provisions) without any limit to whom He pleases
2:213  Mankind was all a single community (with a single faith). Then, (they differed and so) Allah raised prophets (among them) as bearers of good news, and as warners. He also revealed to them the scripture containing the truth, so it may settle matters about which people had differed among themselves. They did not (splinter and) differ until after the manifest proofs had already come to them; (and they differed) because of mutual hatred (and jealousy). Then, by His leave, Allah guided the believers towards the truth concerning all matters in which they had differed. Allah guides to the straight path whomever He wants
2:214  Did you think that you would enter paradise (without a test)? You have not yet faced the kind of trials that the people in the past _ (the believers) _ had to undergo. They were afflicted with (bitter) adversity aqnd suffering. They were shaken up so severely (by the trial) that the prophets and the believers who followed them, cried out, "Where is Allah´s help?" (They were told), "Yes! The help of Allah is close by!"
2:215  They ask you as to what (and on whom) should they spend. Say, "Whatever good you do (and the money you spare) should (first) be for your parents and the near ones, and (then) for the orphans, the needy and the wayfarers. Indeed, Allah knows well whatever good you do!"
2:216  Warfare (for the sake of Allah) has been ordained for you, though it is not something you like. It is possible that the thing you detest might just (turn out to) be good for you. It is possible that the thing you like (the most) might in reality be bad for you. Allah knows (all) while you know nothing (at all)
2:217  They ask you about warfare during the sacred month. Say, "Fighting during the sacred month is serious (offense). But according to Allah, far worse is preventing people from the path of Allah, rejecting Him and (blocking access to) the sacred House of worship, and the ousting of its occupants. Corruption (and oppression) is (far) more serious than bloodshed. They will not cease to engage you in combat, till they turn you away from your faith, if they (ever) can. Those who abandon the (true) faith and die as unbelievers, would lose (the worth of) all their (good) deeds in this world and the life-to-come. They are the inmates of the fire, and there, they shall abide forever
2:218  (Conversely), those who believe, and those who migrate and strive hard for the sake of Allah, actually (deserve and) look forward to Allah´s mercy. And (of course) Allah is the most Forgiving, and the most Merciful
2:219  They ask you about the alcoholic drinks and the games of chance (the gambling). Say, "Both of them carry a lot of sin, and (also) have a little benefit for mankind. But the sin (inherent) in them far exceeds their benefits. They ask you as to what they should spend (in the path of Allah)? Say, "Whatever you can spare!" Allah makes His commands clear to you. Perhaps you will reflect
2:220  (You may ponder) about (the transient nature of) this life, and (the permanence of) the life-to-come! They ask you about the orphans. Say, "The best (conduct) is to better (their conduct and condition). If you allow your affairs (and assets) to mingle, then of course they are your brethren. Allah knows well the one who (spoils and) covets, and also the one who improves (and reforms). He could have imposed a hardship on you. Indeed, Allah is the most Powerful and the Wisest
2:221  (Oh believers), do not marry the unbelieving idolatrous women, unless they believe. A believing slave girl is better than any polytheist woman, no matter how pleasing (and appealing) she may seem to you. Do not marry (your daughters to) the idolatrous men unless they believe. A believing slave is better than a polytheist man, no matter how appealing he may appear to you. They call you towards the fire, while Allah invites you towards paradise and forgiveness by His leave. He makes His verses clear for the people. Perhaps you would bear in mind
2:222  They ask you about menstruation. Say, "It is a vulnerable (and unclean) condition. So, keep away from (having sexual intercourse with) your women during menstruation. Do not approach them till they are (off their period and) clean. Once they have (bathed and) cleansed themselves, you can then come to them as Allah has ordained you to do. Indeed Allah loves those who turn to Him constantly, and He loves those who maintain a clean state (of being)
2:223  Your wives are (like) your plowing fields; so enter (and cultivate) your fields in any manner you wish. And (first) send ahead (a prayer) for yourself. Fear Allah (always), and be sure that you (all) shall meet Him (one day). Give the glad tidings to the believers
2:224  Do not let your oaths in Allah´s name be an excuse against your doing good _ acting piously, and keeping peace between people. And Allah is the all-Hearing and the all-Knowing
2:225  Allah will not hold you accountable for your (unwitting and) idle oaths, but He will surely hold you accountable for the oaths that your hearts desire (and assert in earnest). And Allah is the most Forgiving, and the most Forbearing
2:226  Those who swear to sever (sexual) relations with their wives, have to wait four months. If they change their mind (during this period) then, (of course) Allah is the most Forgiving, and the most Merciful
2:227  And (after that period) if they are (still) firm upon (their decision to) divorce, then Allah is the all hearing, and the all-Knowing
2:228  Divorced women must wait (and remain single) _ for a period of three menstrual cycles. It is not permissible for them to conceal that, (the life,) which Allah has planted in the womb, if they believe in Allah and the Last Day. During this period, their husbands have the right to take them back, in case they desire reconciliation. Women have their rights, similar to the rights over them, which are well known. Of course, men are (as regards rights and responsibilities) a notch above women. And Allah is the most Powerful, and the Wisest
2:229  Divorce can only be (revoked) twice. After that, the divorced woman must be retained with honor (and love) or allowed to leave with (kindness and) grace. It is not permissible for you to take back anything you had given to her, except when (divorce occurs because) the two of them fear that they might not be able to abide by the bounds of Allah. If you fear that the two of you may not be able to stay within the bounds of Allah, then there is no sin upon either of you if she gives back something to gain her freedom. These are the bounds of Allah. Do not transgress them. Those who overstep the bounds of Allah are indeed the evildoers
2:230  If he divorces her (for the third time), then she shall be unlawful for him thereafter, unless she weds another man and he (too) divorces her. (In that case), there is no sin upon the two if they come together (in wedlock), provided they think that they can observe (and stay within) the bounds of Allah. These are the bounds of Allah, and He expounds them for the nation that understands
2:231  After you divorce your wife and she completes the (prescribed) term, then either hold her back (in wedlock) amicably or let her leave honorably. Do not hold her in order to hurt (or harass) her, else you would transgress (the bounds of Allah). Whoever does that commits an outrage upon himself. Do not take the laws of Allah as a jest (or treat them frivolously). Remember the favors of Allah upon you, and the scriptures and the wisdom He has revealed to you. It instructs you (towards the right path). So, be (devoted and) dutiful towards Allah and be sure that indeed Allah knows every single thing
2:232  Once you have divorced your wives and they have completed the prescribed term (of waiting), then do not prevent them from taking (other prospective) husbands. (The two may wed) in an accepted manner, provided there is a mutual consent. The one who believes in Allah and the Day of Judgment is (hereby) being admonished. It is closer to piety, and closer to purity. Allah knows it (all), and you know nothing (at all)
2:233  The (divorced) mother shall nurse her children for two full years, if he (the father) wants the suckling period completed. The father must bear her living expenses _ the cost of food and clothing in an accepted manner. No one should be burdened more than one´s ability to bear. Let the mother not suffer (unduly) because of her child, nor the father on account of his child. The heirs carry the same liability (as that of the father). There is no harm if both (parents), after mutual consultation and consent, want the infant weaned. There is (also) no harm if you decide to hire a wet-nurse to suckle the child, provided you pay her what is due in an accepted manner. Fear Allah, and know (for sure) that Allah (vigilantly) watches over everything you do
2:234  The surviving widows of the deceased among you, must remain unmarried for a period of four months and ten days. After they complete their (prescribed) term (they are free to decide their future); you bear no sin for anything they do with themselves in an accepted manner. Allah is well aware of everything you do
2:235  You bear no sin if you drop a hint to those (widowed) women of marriage proposal, or keep (such thoughts) to yourself. Allah knows that naturally you would think about them. But do not engage in a secret tryst; do not go beyond uttering the generally recognized remark. Definitely, do not contract (or consummate) marriage in secret before the prescribed period of waiting is over. Know it (for sure) that indeed Allah knows whatever is in your heart. So fear Him, and know (for sure) that Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful
2:236  You bear no sin if you divorce your wives before having (a sexual) contact (with them), and before settling (the amount of) the nuptial premium (for them). Yet, you should make provisions for them (even then); the affluent in keeping with his means, and the poor according to what he can afford. A fair provision is an obligation upon the pious
2:237  And if you divorce your wives before having (sexual) contact, but after settling (the amount of) the nuptial premium, then you are liable to pay half of the stipulated amount. (However), there is no harm if the woman gives up her half, or (there is no harm if the groom,) the one who is responsible for tying the wedding knot (pays the full amount and) waives his half. (For the groom) to forgo (his half) is closer to piety. But do not (forgo or) forget to show courtesy (and kindness) to one another. Indeed, Allah (vigilantly) watches everything you do
2:238  Mind the ´salat´ (meticulously), and perform the ´salat´ (especially the middle one) in excellence _ (with concentration and care). Stand before Allah with devotion
2:239  (During war and emergency) if you (are in a state of) fear, then (perform the ´salat´) standing up, (walking), or on horseback. Then, as soon as you have peace, remember Allah in the manner He has taught you _ which you (previously) did not know
2:240  Those among you who face death and leave behind widows, should bequeath to them the living expenses for (at least) a year, as well as the residence. (However) you bear no sin if they leave on their own, to pursue whatever they want in an accepted manner. Allah is Almighty, and all-Wise
2:241  The divorced woman has a right to a reasonable livelihood; and (to provide) it is an obligation upon the pious
2:242  Thus, Allah clearly explains His revelation to you, so that you would understand
2:243  Are you not aware of (the fate of) those who, because of the fear of death, fled their homes in thousands. Allah said to them, "Die!" Then He restored them back to life. Indeed, Allah is full of kindness and grace for mankind. But most of the people do not offer thanks
2:244  Fight for the cause of Allah, and know (for sure) that Allah is all-Hearing, and all-Knowing
2:245  Is there any one among you who would lend Allah a (handsome) virtuous loan, so He may multiply it many times for you? Allah it is, Who ceases or eases (your livelihood, and your earnings). Before Him, you shall all be made to return
2:246  Are you not aware of the (undue demands of the) leaders of the Israelites after Musa? They said to their prophet, "Assign (and enthrone) someone as our king, so we may fight for the cause of Allah." (The Prophet) said, "Might it happen that you would (hesitate and) fail to fight, if fighting was actually prescribed for you?" They replied, "Is anything wrong with us? Why would we not fight for the cause of Allah? We, and our children, have been driven out of our homes!" Yet, except a few, they all turned away when fighting was actually ordained for them. Allah is very well aware of the evil doers
2:247  The Prophet said to them, "Indeed, Allah has raised Talut (Saul) to be your king." They replied, "Why does he get to be the king? Compared to him, we have a better (and more rightful) claim to be the king. He does not abound in wealth and riches!" (The Prophet) said, "In fact, Allah preferred him to you; He has excelled him in knowledge, (strength), and stature. Allah entrusts His kingdom to whomever He wills. Allah is the Infinite, the all-Knowing!"
2:248  And their Prophet said to them, "In fact, (you will receive) the sign of (the divine endorsement of) his kingship: (during his reign) a wooden ark will fall into your hands. (It will have) a reassuring peace from your Lord, and the relics and remains of the family of Musa, and the family of Haroon. The angels will carry it to you. Indeed, that shall be the definite sign for you, if you are the believers."
2:249  When Talut set out (on a mission) with his army, he said, "Allah is surely going to put you through a test by the river. Whoever drinks (and quenches his thirst with) the water from the river shall not be (a devotee of) mine. Truly, (a follower of) mine would be the one who avoids the taste of the water from the river, save a sip or two out of the hollow of his hand." But, except for a few, they all drank the water from the river. When Talut, and those who believed in him, crossed (the river), the others said, "We do not have any strength left today against Goliath and his armies." Those who were certain about meeting their Lord, replied, "How often has it been that a smaller group prevailed over a much larger group, by Allah´s leave?" And Allah is certainly with the patient ones
2:250  As they advanced to confront Goliath and his forces, they implored (Allah), "Our Lord! Pour on us (a generous helping of) patience, plant our feet firmly and give us victory over the nation of unbelievers."
2:251  By Allah´s leave, they routed the unbelievers. Da´ood killed Goliath and Allah granted Da´ood the Kingdom and the wisdom, and taught him what He wished. This world would be full of (corruption and) chaos, had Allah not arranged to dislodge (and rid) one set of people by another. Allah is full of kindness and grace for the entire universe
2:252  (Oh Muhammad, SAW), We recite to you the revelation of Allah with the absolute truth. Of course, you are the messenger sent (by Us)
2:253  We have excelled (and preferred) some of the messengers over others. To some of them, Allah spoke (directly). He raised some to higher degrees (of honor) than others. We granted the manifest proofs to Jesus, son of Mary, and We strengthened him with the Holy Spirit _ (the angel Gibrael). Had Allah wished, those who followed the prophets, would not have fought each other, (especially) since they had seen the clear proofs. But they differed (and splintered into groups): some of them believed, while there were some of them who disbelieved. Had Allah wished, they would not have fought (each other). But Allah does what He wants
2:254  Oh you who believe! Spend (in Our way) out of the wealth We have bestowed upon you, before that day arrives. (Fear that day) when there shall be neither trade, nor friendships, and nor (even) a mediation (to save you). The unbelievers are really the evil doers
2:255  Allah! There is no god but He! He is the Eternal and the Ever-living! Neither drowsiness, nor sleep ever seizes Him! Everything in the heavens and everything on the earth belongs to Him. Who can dare intercede in His presence except by His leave? He knows everything that lies ahead of them and everything that is behind them. They shall never know anything about Him except what He wills. His chair _ (His authority and influence, His domain and command) _ extends over the heavens and the earth. Preserving and protecting them does not tire (or burden) Him (in the least). He is the most High, the Greatest
2:256  There is no compulsion (and coercion) in religion. The right (and the upright) has been sifted (and marked out clearly) from the wrong (and the ruinous). Whoever defies the forces of evil and believes in Allah, has indeed latched on to a safe and secure grip. It will not snap or split. Allah is the all-Hearing and the all-Knowing
2:257  Allah is the friend and patron of those who believe. He brings them out of the depths of darkness into light. While those who do not believe, have the forces of evil as their friends; they lead them out of light, into the very depths of darkness. Such ones shall be the inmates of the fire. They will stay there forever
2:258  Are you not aware of the person _ (the emperor)_ who argued with Ibraheem about his Lord, (simply) because Allah had granted him an empire. Ibraheem said to him, "My Lord is the One Who grants life and gives death." (The emperor) said, "I, too, give life and death." Ibraheem said, "In fact, Allah it is, Who causes the sun to rise from the east. You cause it to rise from the west (if you can)." Thus, the one who disbelieved was left perplexed and speechless. Allah does not guide the nation of wrong doers
2:259  Just as the case of the man who passed by (the ruins of) a town that lay upside down on its roofs. He said (to himself), "How will Allah bring the people of this town back to life after death?" Thereby, Allah let him die (and stay dead) for a hundred years. Then, He brought him back to life and asked him, "How long did you stay (dead)?" The man replied, "I stayed a day or perhaps a part of it." (Allah) said, "In fact, you have stayed (in this state) a hundred years. Look at your food and your drink. It hasn´t become stale at all. Now, look at your donkey. We will turn you into a sign for (other) people. Look at the bones and watch how We gather them all together; then watch how We clothe them with flesh." As the reality became evident to him, he remarked,"I know now that Allah is capable of doing all things!"
2:260  And (remember) when Ibraheem said, "My Lord, (would you) show me how you will raise the dead back to life?" (Allah) said, "Do you not believe?" (Ibraheem) said, "(I ask) so my heart may rest assured." (Allah) said, "Take four birds, and (tame and) train them to (respond to) your call. Then, (cut them up and) place each piece on a (different) mountain. Then call them. They will (respond and) come to you in a hurry. Know (and be sure) that Allah is indeed the most Powerful, and the Wisest!"
2:261  The example of those who spend their wealth in the path of Allah, is that of a kernel (of corn). Each seed (when sown) grows seven ears of corn. Each ear has a hundred kernels in it. Allah increases (the good deed) manifolds for whomever He wants. Allah is the Infinite, the most Aware
2:262  Those who spend their wealth in the path of Allah _ (provided) they do not, afterwards, inflict abuse (on the recipients of charity) by bragging and boasting about their generosity _ shall have their reward with their Lord. They shall not have any fear, nor shall they ever grieve
2:263  A kind and courteous word and forgiveness is (much) better than the charity, that is followed by (such an emotional) abuse. Allah is free of all wants, and the most Forbearing
2:264  Oh you who believe! Do not mar (and void) your charity by stressing your generosity, and by inflicting (emotional) abuse. Do not be like those who spend their wealth (in charity) solely to be seen _ (to gain public esteem). They neither believe in Allah nor in the life-to-come. Their example is that of the boulder covered by a thin layer of topsoil. When a rainstorm strikes, (the topsoil washes off and) the rock is left bare. They won´t be able to benefit from the good deeds they earn. Allah does not guide the nation of unbelievers
2:265  (On the other hand) the example of those who spend their wealth seeking the acceptance and approval of Allah, and with the certainty of belief (that they would be rewarded), is that of fertile garden on high ground. In case there is a heavy rainfall, its yield doubles. But even light moisture suffices. Allah watches (vigilantly) over everything you do
2:266  Would any of you like to own a fertile garden _ right through which run the rivers _ containing date palms and grape-vines, and yielding all kinds of fruit? But what if, in the old age, and when the children are very young and helpless, that garden is struck and completely scorched by a whirlwind? In this manner, Allah explains clearly to you the revelation. Perhaps, you would ponder
2:267  Oh you who believe, spend (in the path of Allah) the wholesome things you have earned, and the best of the products We bring out from the land for you. Do not pick out the worst and the worthless things to give in charity, which you would yourself accept _ if you do at all _ (reluctantly and) with disdain. Know it (for sure) that Allah is Self-sufficient and Praiseworthy (in His own right)
2:268  Shaitan scares you with (the prospect of) poverty, and bids you to adopt (lewd and) shameless conduct, while Allah promises you His forgiveness and (His) bounties! Allah is the Bounteous, the most Aware
2:269  He grants wisdom to whomever He wants. The one given the wisdom has really been granted an abundant (and enduring) wealth. But only those with insight heed (the advice)
2:270  Allah is certainly well Aware of anything you spend by way of charity, or anything you pledge (to spend) as an offering. The wrong doers do not have any helpers
2:271  It is good if you (give openly and) let your charity be known. But truly excellent it would be, if you give to the poor and let your charity remain a secret. Allah will rid you of your sins! And Allah is very well Aware of everything you do
2:272  It is not upon you to grant them guidance. Allah guides whom He wants! Whatever good (money) you spend is only for your own good. If you spend to seek the pleasure of Allah, then whatever good (money) you spend would be returned to you to the fullest extent. You would not be wronged at all
2:273  (Charity is most appropriate) for those who are impoverished because they are (engaged and engrossed) in the cause of Allah, and are restricted (in their ability to earn). They cannot travel and move about in the world (in search of livelihood). Because of their modesty, those who are ignorant (of their circumstances), consider them well to do. You can recognize them by their features. They do not entreat and beg people for help. Allah is indeed very well Aware of anything you spend (in His cause)
2:274  Those, who spend their wealth (in the way of Allah) during the night and the day, secretly as well as openly, shall have their reward with their Lord. They shall have no fear, nor shall they ever grieve
2:275  (On the Day of Judgment), those who take (the income from) interest and usury would not (be able to) stand straight. (When resurrected), they would stand like a crazed and confounded man _ as if Shaitan had touched and afflicted them. That is because they say, "Usury (and interest) is just like (the profit from) commerce." But Allah has permitted (the profit from) commerce, and He has prohibited interest (and usury). Whoever stops (taking interest) after he receives admonition from his Lord, will not be punished for his past actions. His matter rests with Allah. But those who persist shall be the inmates of the fire. There, they shall stay forever
2:276  Allah makes (the benefits of) interest decline (and dwindle), while He causes the charity to grow (and flourish). Allah dislikes all the unbelievers _ the (ungrateful) sinners
2:277  Of course, those who believe, act righteously, establish ´salat´ and pay the ´zakat´, shall certainly have their reward with Allah. They shall have no fear, nor shall they ever grieve
2:278  Oh you who believe! Fear Allah and write off (all outstanding) interest (due you) that still accrues, if you (really) are the believers
2:279  If you do not do so, then (hear this): Allah and His messenger declare war upon you. If you repent, you are entitled to (receive) the principal amount lent. You should do no wrong, nor should you be wronged
2:280  Grant a delay (to the debtor) if he is up against hard time, until his (financial) situation eases. To waive the debt by way of charity would be better for you, if only you knew
2:281  Fear the day when you will all be gathered before Allah. Then, each person will be paid in full for every single deed he has earned. They will not be wronged (at all)
2:282  Oh you who believe! When you contract a debt for a fixed term, reduce it to writing. Let a scribe record the terms in a fair manner. The scribe whom Allah has taught to write should not refuse to write. He should record (the transaction). The one who incurs the debt should spell out the terms. He should fear Allah and not omit anything. If the borrower lacks understanding, or is feeble (minded), or is otherwise unable to dictate, then his guardian should dictate (the conditions of the loan) in a fair manner. Call upon two of your men to act as witnesses (to the contract). Should two men not be available (to act as witnesses), then take one man and two women _ if one of them errs, the other would remind her _ that are acceptable to you as witnesses. The witnesses should not refuse if called upon to testify. Do not neglect to write down (all) the (specific) terms (and provisions) of the contract, be they small or big. That, according to Allah is a more reliable evidence, and more likely to dispel doubts (and suspicions). You bear no sin if you fail to record the on-the-spot exchange of goods for cash, that goes on between you (all the time). But, take witnesses when you enter into a commercial contract. Do not harass or harm the scribe or the witnesses. It would be wicked and immoral for you to do so. Fear Allah! (Of course) Allah teaches you (righteousness). Allah has full knowledge of every single thing
2:283  If you happen to be traveling, and cannot find a scribe, then you may pledge (or pawn) goods in hand (for cash). If one of you trusts another (with any matter), then he who is trusted should (fulfill his pledge and) discharge the trust faithfully. He should fear Allah, his Lord, and not hide (any of) the evidence. Whoever hides evidence surely has a sinful heart. Allah has full knowledge of every single thing you do
2:284  To Allah belongs everything in the heavens and on earth. Whether you reveal whatever is in your heart or keep it a secret, Allah will call you to account for it. He forgives whom He wills, and He punishes whom He wills. Allah is capable of doing every single thing
2:285  The messenger believes in whatever is revealed to him by his Lord; so do the believers! They all believe in Allah, His angels, (all) His scriptures, and (all) His messengers. (They say), "We do not differentiate between any of His messengers!" And they say, "We hear, and we obey. (We do seek) Your forgiveness, Our lord! And towards You is our journey´s end!"
2:286  Allah does not burden any soul beyond its endurance. For it is what it earns, and against it is what it commits. "Our Lord, do not condemn us for what we forget, or err. Our Lord, do not levy upon us the (kind of) burden You laid upon those before us. Our Lord, do not impose upon us a burden that is greater than our strength to withstand. Pardon us, grant us forgiveness, and have mercy on us. You are our Protector! Grant us victory over the nation of unbelievers