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15:1  Alif Lam Ra. Those are verses of the book and of a Quran most evident.
15:2  Perhaps those who disbelieved would wish if they had been of those who submitted themselves to Allah.
15:3  Forsake them to eat and to enjoy and for the vain hope to distract them but in time they will come to know.
15:4  And We never destroyed any township except that there was an appointed book for it.
15:5  And no nation can go ahead of its appointed time nor can they lag behind [it].
15:6  And they said, “O you unto whom the remembrance has been revealed, you are truly a possessed madman.”
15:7  Why then you don't bring us the angels if you are among the truthful.
15:8  We do not send down the angels except by the truth and [when We do] then they will not be given respite.
15:9  Truly it is We Ourselves who have sent down the remembrance and truly it is We who are going to protect it.
15:10  And We indeed sent before you [messengers] to communities of past nations.
15:11  But there was none among the messengers who came to them except that they used to mock at him.
15:12  Thus do We cause it [the truth] to penetrate through the hearts of the evildoers.
15:13  But they will not believe in it and thus example of fate of past nations has already gone [before them].
15:14  And even if We had opened a door for them out of the heaven and they continue to ascend therein
15:15  even then they will certainly say, “It is just that our sights were spellbound. Nay! But we are people who have been bewitched by sorcery”.
15:16  And indeed We have placed constellations of stars in the heaven and We have adorned it for the beholders.
15:17  And We have protected it [the heaven] from every pelted Satan
15:18  except the one that eavesdrops, he will be pursued by a clear shooting star.
15:19  And the earth, We extended it and We placed in it mountains and We caused to grow in it everything duly weighed.
15:20  and We have appointed for you therein means of livelihood and for those for whom you are not the providers.
15:21  And there is no single thing except that its treasures are with Us but We do not send it down except in a definite amount.
15:22  And We sent the winds which are rousers [for the clouds] so We sent down from the heaven water and so We caused you to drink it but you are not the one charged for being treasurers for it.
15:23  And Truly it is Us alone who give life and give death and it is Us who are the inheritors
15:24  And indeed We know those who passed before you and indeed We know those who are yet to come [after you].
15:25  And truly it is your Lord who will gather them altogether for truly He is All-wise, All-knowing
15:26  And indeed We created the human being from a resounding clay from a fermented dark mud
15:27  and the Jinns We had created them before from a fire of pure substance.
15:28  And when your Lord said to the angels, “I am going to create a human from resounding clay from fermented dark mud.
15:29  And whenever I have duly fashioned him and have blown into him from My spirit, then fall down for him in prostration.
15:30  So the angels prostrated themselves, all of them together
15:31  except Iblis who refused to be with those who prostrate.
15:32  He [Allah] said, “O Iblis, what is it with you that you are not with those who prostrate?”
15:33  He [Iblis] said, “I am not going to prostrate for a human whom You have created from a resounding clay from a fermented dark mud.”
15:34  He [Allah] said, “Therefore go out from there for certainly you are cast out of grace”
15:35  and surely the curse will be upon you till the day of recompense.
15:36  He [Iblis] said, “O my Lord, therefore give me respite till the day that they [human beings] will be raised.”
15:37  He [Allah] said, “Surely you are of those who are given respite
15:38  till the day of the appointed time.”
15:39  He [Iblis] said, “O my Lord! For the reason that You have banished me from the way, I will surely make life in the earth seemly goodly to them and I will surely cause all of them altogether to lose the way
15:40  except your slaves among them whom You have consecrated for Your own self.”
15:41  He [Allah] said, “This is a way that leads straight unto Me.
15:42  And indeed as for My slaves, there is no authority for you over them except the ones who follow you from among the constricted ones”
15:43  And Lo! Hell is indeed going to be the promised place for them altogether.
15:44  For it are seven gates and for every gate a definite portion of them is assigned.
15:45  Those who revere Allah are in the midst of gardens and running fountains of pure water.
15:46  Enter you therein with peace and [dwell therein] in safety.
15:47  And We pulled out of their bosoms any form of rancor and as brothers they recline on couches facing one another.
15:48  Fatigue shall not touch them therein and nor are they going to be expelled from there.
15:49  Give glad tidings to My slaves that I indeed am The Oft-Forgiving, The Most Merciful
15:50  but also that My punishment truly is the painful punishment.
15:51  And relate unto them the news of the guests of Abraham.
15:52  When they entered upon him and they said, “Peace.” He said, “We indeed feel overawed of you.”
15:53  They said, “Do not be afraid for we do bring you glad tidings of a boy who will be well knowing.”
15:54  He said, “Are you giving me glad tidings [of the birth of a son] even though old age has attained me? Of what then are you giving me glad tidings?”
15:55  They said, “We have brought you glad tidings by the truth, do not then be of those who despair.”
15:56  He said, “And who despairs from the mercy of his Lord except those who are gone astray.”
15:57  He said, “What then is your business in hand O you the messengers?”
15:58  They said, “We have been sent to a people who are evildoers
15:59  except the family of Lot for we certainly are going to save them altogether
15:60  excepting his [Lot’s] wife we have ordained that she most certainly will be among the bygones.”
15:61  And then when the messengers came to the family of Lot
15:62  he said, “You indeed are a people who are strange.”
15:63  They said, “ Nay! We have come to you with that about which they used to be in confusion.
15:64  And we have come to you with the truth and we indeed are sincere in our claim.
15:65  Go forth with your family while a portion of the night remains and follow them in the rear and no one among you should look back and proceed whither you are commanded to.”
15:66  And We revealed unto him that decree [to this effect] that the root of these [people] is going to be cut off in the morning.
15:67  And the people of the city came celebrating.
15:68  He [Lot] said, “These indeed are my guests therefore do not put me to shame.
15:69  And revere Allah and do not humiliate me.”
15:70  They said, “Did we not forewarn you against [harboring] any people?”
15:71  He said, “Here are my daughters [to marry] if you must do what you want to do [to satisfy your lust].”
15:72  By your life [O Muhammad] they indeed were groping blindly in the midst of their drunkenness.
15:73  But suddenly the mighty shriek seized them at the daybreak.
15:74  And so We turned the city upside down and We rained upon them pebbles of baked clay.
15:75  In that indeed are signs for those who can identify the traces.
15:76  And it indeed stands on a way which is straight.
15:77  In that indeed is a sign for the believers.
15:78  And the dwellers of the wooded valley too were indeed wrongdoers.
15:79  And We have exacted retribution from them and Lo! Both of them are indeed in a clear book.
15:80  And even so the dwellers of the rocky mountain did belie our messengers.
15:81  And We brought unto them Our signs but they continued to turn away from them.
15:82  And they used to carve out of the mountains houses feeling secure.
15:83  And so the mighty shriek seized them in the morning.
15:84  And all that they used to earn was of no avail to them.
15:85  And We have not created the heavens and the earth and what is between them except by the truth and truly the final hour is certainly going to come therefore turn away in a graceful manner.
15:86  Truly your Lord is The All-creator, The All-knowing.
15:87  And Indeed We have given unto you seven of the oft-repeated [signs] and the magnificent Quran.
15:88  And do not stretch your gaze to that which We have granted as a temporary enjoyment to certain kinds of them and do not grieve over them and lower your wings for the believers.
15:89  And say, “I indeed I am the most manifest warner.”
15:90  Even so like We sent down [the book] to those who were dividers.
15:91  They who made the Quran into portions.
15:92  And by your Lord, We will question them altogether
15:93  about that what they used to do.
15:94  So speak out about that which you are commanded and turn away from those who ascribe partners to Allah.
15:95  We certainly will take care of the mockers for you.
15:96  Those who have made another deity besides Allah, in time they will come to know.
15:97  And We do know that your chest compresses because of that which they say.
15:98  But glorify the praises of your Lord and be of those who prostrate [for Him].
15:99  And worship [supplicate] your Lord until certitude comes to you