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15:1  A.L.R. These are indeed the signs indicated in the Book and a part of “easy to understand” Qur’an
15:2  Pretty soon the same people who violently oppose Islam will submit themselves to the will of God regretting why they did not embrace Islam sooner
15:3  Leave them on their own to be preoccupied with their daily affairs of eating, drinking, entertaining themselves and follow their worldly desires which will eventually make them sorry
15:4  Every town which God destroyed, was given a prescribed time for re-thinking and repentance (as a sign of God’s mercy.
15:5  No community is destroyed before its pre-determined time of reflection and re-evaluation nor is given more time than what is fair enough for coming to their senses
15:6  The disbelievers make mockery saying: “This Mohammad guy who claims to receive divine revelation is nothing but a crazy person.”
15:7  They say: “Why God has not sent us His Angles to testify for the truthfulness of Mohammad’s mission?”
15:8  I (God) do not send the Angles for the entertainment of people. When I send my Angles down to establish My Will, there will be no time for you silly people to repent
15:9  I have sent down this Qur’an and I will protect it [what a guarantee more than the promise of Lord All Mighty Himself as a tamper proof ness of Qur’an]
15:10  O’ Mohammad
15:11  we have sent many prophets before you to their own people in the past and they all were laughed at
15:12  With their words, these prophets tried to touch their minds
15:13  However, they did not believe their prophet; being stubborn is the state of mind and a characteristic of the disbeliever
15:14  Even if I (God) open a gate from the heaven for them in the middle of the day so that they may climb over and see with their own eyes whatever is behind the curtain, they will not believe in what they see
15:15  They will say: “We are being hypnotized or something and whatever we see is just an illusion.”
15:16  I am the One Who has set out the zodiac signs in the heaves that has made some so enchanted
15:17  Such places are far beyond the reach of the devils (indicating that Satan and his followers do not have the power to roam freely in the universe.
15:18  If they sneaks around to listen (to the heart beat of the stars as captured by radio telescopes,) a fiery flame will interrupt their trial
15:19  As for the earth, I have spread it out, established firm mountains in it and have provided a balanced environment hospitable to the growth of all kind of suitable things
15:20  On earth, I have provided your necessities (food, water, air) as well as whatever the other creatures (that you do not take care of them) need to continue their lives
15:21  I own everything (that you know of) in infinite amounts (in the universe.) Yet, you will find them proportionately spread on earth (forming a well- balanced eco-system.
15:22  I am the One Who sends the wind to fertilize the land [and to pollinate the vegetations.) I send down your drinking water from the sky. It is not you who store it up
15:23  I am the One Who gives life and death. I am the One Who, at the end, inherits all (as all living species die and He alone remains; therefore, He is the only inheritor.
15:24  I am fully aware of those who advance and those who lag behind
15:25  Rest assured that your Lord one day will summon them all. He is the Most Wise, the Most Knowledgeable
15:26  I created man from an aged mud (like the one used in the pottery.
15:27  As for the jinns, I created them before creating human being, from a blazing fire looking substanc
15:28  I said to the angles: “I am going to create a human being from dried clay of rotten earth.”
15:29  “When I shaped him and breathed into him of My spirit, you must fall prostrate before him.”
15:30  All the angles fell prostrate
15:31  Only Satan refused to join them in prostration
15:32  I asked: “Satan, what prevented you to join them in prostration?”
15:33  He said: “I am not going to prostrate before a being whom You have created from rotten earth.”
15:34  I said: “Get out of here; you are now an outcast.”
15:35  “You will carry My disenchantment until the Day of Judgment.”
15:36  Satan asked: “My Lord! Will you leave me alone until the Day that they all are raised to a new life.?”
15:37  I said: “Your request is granted.”
15:38  “Until that Day which is pre-determined.”
15:39  He said: “My Lord, as you have excluded me from salvation, I will enchant them with their earthly life so much that they are misled into the wrong path.”
15:40  “The only ones that I will fail are your sincere worshippers.”
15:41  The Lord confirmed: “This (sincere devotion and worship) is indeed the way that leads straight to me.”
15:42  “You have no power over My sincere worshippers. You will succeed tempting only those who choose to follow you.”
15:43  “Your followers, then, will be gathered in the Hell.”
15:44  “The Hell has seven gates; each welcoming a certain type of sinners.”
15:45  As for the righteous people, they will end up in beautiful gardens full of springs
15:46  They will enter therein, peacefully and secure
15:47  I will erase all bad feelings [that they might have developed in their worldly life towards each other] from their memory. Thus, they will become like brothers, enjoying themselves while sitting face to face in reclining plush furniture
15:48  They will never feel any sickness nor will they be evicted from Paradise
15:49  O’ Prophet! let My servants know that I am Forgiver and the Most Merciful
15:50  Also let them know that My punishment is the most painful
15:51  Now inform the about Abraham’s guests
15:52  When they arrived, they said: “Peace be with you.” He said, “You frighten me.”
15:53  They replied: “Do not be afraid. We have brought you a good news: You will be blessed with a wise son.”
15:54  Abraham said: “What! How can you give an old man like me a good news like this? Are you sure?”
15:55  They said: “This good news is nothing but the truth. You should not act like those who have given up.”
15:56  Abraham confirmed: “Only those who do not believe in God will give up.”
15:57  He continued: “What is your mission.”
15:58  They said: “We are sent to punish a guilty nation (Sodom and Gommhora.)”
15:59  “We will save Lot’s family.”
15:60  “Except his wife. God has decided to leave her with the doomed ones.”
15:61  Then the executioners went to Lot’s town (Sodom & Gommhora.
15:62  Lot welcomed them and said: “You look stranger to me.”
15:63  They replied: “Not really; we are here to deliver the punishment that the disbelievers always were making fun of.”
15:64  “We are truthful ones armed with the truth!”
15:65  “Depart with your people in the last hours of the night. Stay behind them and ask them not to look back. Go straight where you are commanded to go.”
15:66  Thus I informed Lot about My decision concerning the next day destruction of those people
15:67  Meanwhile the people of the town rushed joyfully to the house of Lot (to have fun with his guests.
15:68  He said: “These are my guests; do not embarrass me.”
15:69  “Fear God and do not put me to shame.”
15:70  They said: “We have already told you not to talk about morality with us?”
15:71  He said: “Take my daughters instead, if you must.”
15:72  Alas they were drunk and out of their mind
15:73  So they were subjected to a sever blast early in the morning
15:74  I turned their houses upside down and rained upon them heated stones
15:75  Those who are intelligent will learn a lesson from their story
15:76  Their ruins are still there
15:77  so that the believers refer to it as a lesson
15:78  The people of “Thick Forest” (blessed with Prophet Shu’aib, they called themselves Midianites after they capital city and referred to as Tabuk these days) were also indulged in sins
15:79  They too were subjected to my punishment. Their ruins are also available for sightseeing
15:80  The People of Al-Hijr (located at north-west of Madina) also rejected their Prophets
15:81  I sent them thus My revelations, but they preferred to disregard them
15:82  They used to carve secure houses inside the mountains
15:83  Then a rumbling overtook them in the morning (that made their secure houses of no protection to them.
15:84  Whatever they had gained was of no help to them
15:85  I have created the heavens, the earth, and whatever is between not for fun. Know that the end of the world will come. Therefore, graciously forgive their ignorance (and continue spreading the word.
15:86  Know that your Lord is the Creator, the Most Knowledgeable
15:87  I have given you seven verses (most probably the seven verses which opens Qur’an) and this Glorious Qur’an
15:88  Do not wonder why they (disbelievers) are blessed with the worldly wealth nor become sad for their (deplorable mental) condition. Just pay your attention to the believers
15:89  And say: “I am only a plain Warner.”
15:90  This warning is like the one that I sent [in the past] to those who divided their religion into different sects
15:91  The disbelievers accept the Qur’an only partially (like the Jews who are criticized in Ch. for having accepted a part of their book and not believing in the rest.
15:92  By your Lord, I will question them all abou
15:93  (and hold responsible for) what they were doing
15:94  So; carry out what you are ordered to do and disregard those who worship more than One God
15:95  Never mind if they subject you to the mockeries
15:96  Those who set up other gods beside God, will surely find out the truth (one way or the other.
15:97  I know well how much you suffer by what they say
15:98  Glorify your Lord (as a mean of lifting your moral,) be thankful to Him and Prostrate yourself in worship [the same way that Jesus (see Matthew 19-and other prophets (see Joshua 5:& 7:6 and Genesis 17:were worshipping the Lord.]
15:99  Keep on worshipping your Lord, until you reach the absolute belief