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51:1  By the scattering (winds) that scatters
51:2  and by the carriers of a heavy load (of rain)
51:3  and by the (ships) sailing with ease
51:4  and by the distributor of affair (the angels)
51:5  what you are promised is certainly true
51:6  and the judgment is certainly a reality
51:7  And by the sky having pathways (and orbits)
51:8  indeed you are of different opinion
51:9  Anyone who is deviated, he is deviated from it (Quran and the truth)
51:10  Death to the liars (and conjecturers)
51:11  Those who are neglectful in a flood (of ignorance)
51:12  They ask: when is the judgment day
51:13  A day that they are tortured over the fire
51:14  Taste (the result of) your trial, this is what you used to want it in a hurry
51:15  Indeed those who control themselves are in gardens and springs
51:16  Taking what their Master gave them. Indeed they were good doers before this
51:17  They used to sleep a little of the night
51:18  and they ask forgiveness by the dawns
51:19  and there was a (portion) in their wealth due for the beggars and the disadvantaged
51:20  And there are signs for those who are certain on the earth
51:21  and in yourselves. Do you not see
51:22  And your provision and what you are promised is in the sky
51:23  By the Master of the skies and the earth, it is certainly true, same as (it is true that) you speak
51:24  Did the story of the noble guests of Abraham reach you
51:25  When they entered upon him and they said: peace (and well-being). He said: peace (and well-being) strangers
51:26  Then he went to his family and brought a fat (roasted) calf
51:27  Then he placed it close to them saying: do you not eat
51:28  Then he felt afraid of them, they said: do not be afraid. And they gave him good news of a knowledgeable son
51:29  Then his wife came forward screaming, striking her face, and she said: I am an infertile old woman
51:30  They said: that is what your Master said, indeed He is the wise, the knowledgeable
51:31  He said: you messengers, so what is your business
51:32  They said: we were sent to a group of guilty ones
51:33  so that we send upon them stones of clay
51:34  marked by your Master for the excessive ones
51:35  So We brought out anyone who was among the believers in it
51:36  But We only found a house of the submitted ones in it
51:37  And We left a sign in it for those who fear the painful punishment
51:38  And in (the story of) Moses when We sent him to Pharaoh with a clear authorization
51:39  Then he turned away with his base (of supporters) and said: a magician or a madman
51:40  So We took him and his troops, then We threw them in the sea, and he was to blame
51:41  And in (the story of) Aad when We sent upon them the destructive wind
51:42  It did not leave anything that it came upon it, except making it as the decomposed thing
51:43  And (the story of) Thamud when they were told: enjoy yourselves for a while
51:44  Then they rebelled against their Master’s command, so the thunderbolt took them while they were looking
51:45  Then they could not stand up and they could not take revenge (or defend)
51:46  And people of Noah in the past, indeed they were disobedient people
51:47  We built the sky with Our power and We are certainly expanding (it)
51:48  And We spread out the earth, and how good We spread out
51:49  And We created pairs of everything, so you may take notice
51:50  So run away to God. Indeed I am a clear warner for you from Him
51:51  And do not set up another god with God. Indeed I am a clear warner for you from Him
51:52  Likewise, no messenger came to those before them unless they said: a magician or a madman
51:53  Did they recommend (one another) to it? No, they are rebellious people
51:54  So turn away from them, you are not to blame
51:55  And (continue to) remind, as indeed the reminder benefits the believers
51:56  And I did not create Jinn and humans except to serve Me (and no one else)
51:57  I do not want any provision from them and I do not want them to feed Me
51:58  Indeed God is the provider having the power and the definitive strength
51:59  So indeed there are shares (of punishment) for those who did wrong same as shares of their companions, so they should not ask Me to rush
51:60  So woe to those who disbelieved from their day that they are promised