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50:1  Q. (Qaf.) By the glorious Quran.
50:2  They are surprised that a warner has come to them from themselves, so the disbelievers say: “This is a strange thing!
50:3  When we die and become dust (will we be raised)? This is an unlikely return.”
50:4  We definitely know what the earth reduces from them, and a book that keeps (track of everything) is with Us.
50:5  No, but they denied the truth when it came to them, and they are in a state of confusion.
50:6  Do they not look at the sky above them, that how We built it and beautified it, and it has no cracks?
50:7  And We spread out the earth, and We placed firm mountains in it, and We grew all kinds of beautiful (plants) in it.
50:8  An observation and a reminder for every repenting servant.
50:9  And We sent down blessed rain from the sky, and with it We grew gardens and seed of the harvest,
50:10  and tall date palms having layered cluster (of dates),
50:11  as a provision for Our servants, and We gave life to a dead land with it. The coming out (of graves) is like that.
50:12  People of Noah and inhabitants of Raas (the well) and Thamud denied before them
50:13  and Aad and Pharaoh and brothers of Lot
50:14  and inhabitants of the wood and people of Tubba (a Yemenite dynasty), all of them denied the messengers, so My threat (of punishment) came true.
50:15  Were We tired by the first creation? No, but they are in doubt about the new creation.
50:16  And We have certainly created human being and We know what his soul seduces him to, and We are closer to him than the jugular vein,
50:17  when the two receivers (or recorders) sitting on the right and on the left receive (and record his works),
50:18  he does not speak a word unless there is a watcher with him ready (to record).
50:19  And the agony of death comes in truth, which is what you were keeping away from it.
50:20  And the horn is blown. That is the day of the threat.
50:21  And everyone comes with a driver (who steers him) and a witness.
50:22  You were negligent of this (day), so We remove your cover from you, and today your eyesight is sharp.
50:23  And his companion (angel) says: “This is (his record) that is ready with me.”
50:24  (And it will be said:) “Throw into hell every stubborn disbeliever,
50:25  who prevented from the good, exceeded the limits, and was a doubter,
50:26  the one who set up another god with God, so throw him into the severe punishment.”
50:27  His companion (devil) will say: “Our Lord, I did not make him rebel, but he was lost far (from the right path).”
50:28  He (God) says: “Do not dispute before Me while I have sent the threat to you in advance.
50:29  The word (of punishment) from Me will not be changed, and I am not a wrongdoer to My servants.”
50:30  On the day when We say to hell: “Are you filled?” and it says: “Are there some more?”
50:31  And the garden is brought near for those who are cautious (of God), and it is not far.
50:32  This is what was promised to all who turn (to God) keeping (His commands),
50:33  anyone who fears the beneficent in the secret and comes with a repenting heart,
50:34  (We tell him) enter it with peace (and well-being), this is the eternal day.
50:35  They have whatever they want in it, and there is more with Us.
50:36  And how many generations did We destroy before them who were more courageous (and powerful) than them, and they explored throughout the land? Is there any way (or place) of escape?
50:37  There is certainly a reminder in that for anyone who has a heart or listens while he is attentive.
50:38  And We have certainly created the skies and the earth and whatever is between them in six stages and no fatigue touched us.
50:39  So, persevere (and be patient) about what they say and glorify your Lord with praise before the sunrise and before the sunset.
50:40  And glorify Him part of the night and after the prostration (showing humbleness at the end of prayers).
50:41  And listen, the day when the caller calls out from a nearby place,
50:42  a day when they hear the awful blast in truth, that is the day of coming out (of graves).
50:43  Indeed, We give life and We cause death, and the final return is to Us.
50:44  The day when the earth breaks open for them (and they come out of it) quickly. This is a gathering that is easy for Us.
50:45  We know better about what they say. You are not to force them. So, remind with the Quran anyone who fears My threat.