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51:1  Your Lord swears by the blowing winds
51:2  Your Lord swears by those clouds that are carrying a heavy mass of water
51:3  Your Lord swears by those clouds that glide with ease
51:4  Your Lord swears by those clouds that distribute their water equally throughout their trip by the order of the Almighty
51:5  That whatever your Lord has promised will take place
51:6  That one day you will be questioned for what you have done in your life
51:7  In spit of the fact that you observe the majestic heaven, which God has created with many trajectories in it,…
51:8  you keep disputing the truth that He has revealed to you
51:9  God, therefore, will turn away from those who have chosen to deny their Creator
51:10  Doomed are those who choose their religion based upon guesses and incomplete evidences
51:11  Who are deeply ignorant and careless about their religion
51:12  They jokingly ask: “When will be the Day of Judgment? Why does not it happen soon, if it is true?]&rdquo
51:13  The answer is: “When they will be thrown into the Fire.”
51:14  They will be told: “Taste the result of your mischief. This is the event that you wanted to take place soon.”
51:15  On that Day, the righteous ones will be welcomed to the gardens with water springs
51:16  They will joyfully receive the reward that their Lord will give them for doing good deeds in their worldly lives
51:17  They cut their sleeping at night short to worship their Lord
51:18  And around dawn ask their Lord for forgiveness
51:19  And gave a part of their wealth to the needy ones (whether the latter asked for it or not) realizing that what they own is not completely theirs
51:20  Earth is full of signs [indicating the existence of God, Oneness of God, hasting toward a doomed destiny, etc.] for those who believe
51:21  In your own selves, too, the believer find many signs to strengthen their faith
51:22  Your provision, as well as whatever is promised to you [destiny, talent, new discoveries, achievements, etc.], is already decided in the heaven
51:23  By the Lord of Heaven [the world of unseen] and the earth [materialistic world] whatever you have heard is as true as any truth that you speak yourself about
51:24  Have you ever heard the story of the Abraham’s honored guests
51:25  When they [angles appearing like human beings] reached him they wished peace for him. Abraham returned their salutation saying: “Peace also be with you my noble stranger guests.”
51:26  He asked his family to roast a fat cow for his guests
51:27  When they did not touch the food, Abraham asked “Do not you want to eat?”
51:28  As they refused to eat, fear overtook him. The angles said: “Do not be afraid, we are here to give you a good news: Pretty soon God will give you a wise and knowledgeable son.”
51:29  His wife, overhearing them, came out (struck her forehead) saying: “From an old and barren woman like me?”
51:30  They said: “That is what your Lord has decided; He is the Most Wise, the Most Knowledgeable.”
51:31  Abraham asked then: “It sounds that you have come to accomplish an important mission.”
51:32  They replied: “We are sent to punish the guilty people [of Prophet Lot].&rdquo
51:33  “To shower them with hot clays.”
51:34  “Each stone being marked by Lord to punish a specific sinner.”
51:35  “Another mission of ours is to evacuate the town from believers.”
51:36  “But we have found only one Muslim (submitted to God) household [Lot’s household].&rdquo
51:37  “We set it up as an example for those who do not want to face the punishment of the Lord.”
51:38  And the story of Moses whom God sent with the most clear signs to Pharaoh
51:39  But Pharaoh rejected did not believe in those miracles out of pride and said: “This man is either crazy or a magician.”
51:40  Then I (God) punished him and his army by casting them into the sea. He is the one to be blamed for his fate
51:41  And the story of Ad whom God sent a disastrous wind to his guilty people
51:42  Which destroyed anything on its path
51:43  And the story of Thamud when they were told: “You are given only a short time to enjoy [may you take advantage of it and change] your style of life.”
51:44  As they continued to challenge their Lord, they were overtaken by a sudden thunderbolt
51:45  They did not even have time to stand up and run
51:46  And the story of Noah’s people whom I destroyed as they were so wicked
51:47  I (God) have created the universe myself and will continue to expand it [confirmation of the expansion theory of the universe after the Big Bang.]
51:48  I have made the earth habitable for its inhabitant; excellently designed [eco-system]
51:49  I have put a pair of everything in it so that you may wonder about the creative power of your Creator
51:50  Tell them: “Take refuge in God; I (Mohammad) am sent to you as His Warner.”
51:51  “Do not set up another God [idol, boss, money, woman, etc.] to worship beside Him; I am sent to you as His Warner.”
51:52  This is a trend: whenever a Prophet is sent to a people, they would say: “He is a crazy magician.”
51:53  Is it because they have arrived to such after a rational debate? Indeed not. The fact of the matter is that such accusations are the natural reactions of rebellious people
51:54  So, forget about them. Your job has been to relay the message. You (Mohammed) are not responsible for their behaviors
51:55  Continue admonishing; the believers will benefit from the admonition
51:56  I have created men and extra-terrestrials (Jinns) to serve only me [not a ruler, a woman, a constitution, etc.]
51:57  I (God) do not need any provision from them, nor do I ask them to feed Me
51:58  On the contrary, God, the supreme and the Most Powerful, is the One Who provides provision for his creatures
51:59  The sinners will have the same destiny as those who sinned before them. Tell them not to jokingly ask Me to accelerate it
51:60  What a miserable Day will be when the disbelievers face their fate