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50:1  Q; God, hereby, swears to this very glorious Qur’an
50:2  Why should disbelievers consider it weird that God, out of mercy, has chosen a person from among themselves to relay His message to them
50:3  The disbelievers wonder, how after being turned into dust, one day they will be raised to be questioned about what they have done while living on earth
50:4  God already knows how many of them the earth has devoured as everything is registered and preserved (say like a video tape)
50:5  What a shame that the disbelievers reject a truth, revealed to them, out of sheer ignorance
50:6  How can they deny God’s word when they can easily look up in the sky and see the majesty of their Lord Who has created the heavens, has adorned it with the stars and haps put the most accurate mechanism foot the universe to function
50:7  Can not they look around and see the earth that God has spread out with mountains and marvelous…
50:8  species that grow in it and appreciate God’s realm of creation
50:9  Can not they appreciate the rain that I (God) send down from the sky…
50:10  to produce for them gardens of fruits, fields of grains and tall palm trees with range clusters of date as their provision? For the same token that God brings to life a dead land, one Day…
50:11  He will bring you back to life
50:12  Disbelieving before them were the people of Noah, Rass and Thamud
50:13  As well as Ad, Pharaoh and the brothers of Lot
50:14  And the Dwellers of the Wood and the people of Tubba. Every one of them denied My Prophets until my punishment was proven to be true to them
50:15  The same God that has created the existing universe and ordered, is He not capable of resurrect you? [The astronomers suggest that: if there is enough matter in the universe, once every few tens of billion years the matter in universe is being condensed and a new Big Bang creates a new universe.]
50:16  I have created man and know very well what evil thoughts he entertains inside himself. As a matter of fact, I (God) am closer than his jugular vein to man
50:17  To each man two angles (known as right hand side and left hand side) are appointed to register his deeds
50:18  Not even a word spoken is being missed in their registration
50:19  The whole truth starts to reveal itself as soon as the agony of death touches the person. The same death that you were trying to escape
50:20  When the horn is blown, it will be the Day that you have been promised
50:21  Every soul will be brought to face his Lord by a driver accompanied by a lifelong witness
50:22  God will say: “You were caring less for this day. Now that the veil is removed, you can see clearly
50:23  Man’s companion will then say: “Here is the one that you put me in charge of.”
50:24  It will be commanded: “Throw into Hell every stubborn disbeliever.”
50:25  “Who was full of doubt, forbidding charity and passed the bounds of morality in everything he did.”
50:26  “The one who had adopted other lords beside the Lord, give him the worse punishment of the Hell.”
50:27  His companion (Satan) will say: “Our Lord, I did not misled him, he himself (in his freedom of choose) chose to rebel.”
50:28  God will say: “Do not dispute at my presence, I have sufficiently warned you.”
50:29  “My sentence is final. I am not unjust to my servants [to forgive their enemies]
50:30  On that Day, when your Lord asks Hell, “Are you full?”, the Hell will reply, “Is there any more?”
50:31  Paradise will be brought closer to the righteous one so that he may not take an extra effort to walk toward
50:32  They will be told: “This is what was promised to you; to every one who sincerely repented to his Lord and submitted to His Laws.”
50:33  “To every one who minded his Lord, the unseen and submitted with a sincere devotion.”
50:34  “Enter with peace in Paradise as this is the beginning of your eternal life.”
50:35  They will be given anything that they desire as well as additional unexpected rewards.”
50:36  I (God) have destroyed many nations before them. They were much stronger (not only in their own land) and had brought other nations under their domination. Where can then these (weak people) find a refuge (if God decides to punish them)
50:37  Indeed there is a lesson in this for the one who is conscious and have an ears which carefully listens
50:38  I (God) am the One Who created this universe in six period without getting exhausted and loosing My Power
50:39  Deal with patience with the disbelievers and let them say whatever nonsense they may and worship your Lord before sunrise and before sunse
50:40  as well as during night and after formal prayers
50:41  Get ready for the Day that a caller will call you closely to raise up from death
50:42  That will be the Day that all the people will be hearing the true call and will get out death
50:43  It is I (God) who give life and death and to Me you will all return on that Day
50:44  On that Day the earth will crack down and the people will rush out of it in hast. This resurrection is indeed easy for your Lord
50:45  Indeed I (God) know what the disbelievers say. You (Mohammad) are not in a position to oblige them to embrace Islam. Your only task is to admonish those who mind my warnings with this Qur’an