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51:1  By the spreaders spreading
51:2  And those carrying loads
51:3  And those moving gently
51:4  And those distributing as commanded
51:5  What you are promised is true
51:6  Judgment will take place
51:7  By the sky that is woven
51:8  You differ in what you say
51:9  Averted from it is he who is averted
51:10  Perish the imposters
51:11  Those who are dazed in ignorance
51:12  They ask, 'When is the Day of Judgment?'
51:13  The Day they are presented to the Fire
51:14  'Taste your ordeal. This is what you used to challenge.'
51:15  But the pious are amidst gardens and springs
51:16  Receiving what their Lord has given them. They were virtuous before that
51:17  They used to sleep a little at night
51:18  And at dawn, they would pray for pardon
51:19  And in their wealth, there was a share for the beggar and the deprived
51:20  And on earth are signs for the convinced
51:21  And within yourselves. Do you not see
51:22  And in the heaven is your livelihood, and what you are promised
51:23  By the Lord of the heaven and the earth, it is as true as the fact that you speak
51:24  Has the story of Abraham's honorable guests reached you
51:25  When they entered upon him, they said, 'Peace.' He said, 'Peace, strangers.'
51:26  Then he slipped away to his family, and brought a fatted calf
51:27  He set it before them. He said, 'Will you not eat?'
51:28  And he harbored fear of them. They said, 'Do not fear,' and they announced to him the good news of a knowledgeable boy
51:29  His wife came forward crying. She clasped her face, and said, 'A barren old woman?'
51:30  They said, 'Thus spoke your Lord. He is the Wise, the Knowing.'
51:31  He said, 'What is your business, O envoys?'
51:32  They said, 'We are sent to a people guilty of sin.'
51:33  'To unleash upon them rocks of clay.'
51:34  'Marked by your Lord for the excessive.'
51:35  We evacuated all the believers who were in it
51:36  But found in it only one household of Muslims
51:37  And We left in it a sign for those who fear the painful punishment
51:38  And in Moses. We sent him to Pharaoh with a clear authority
51:39  But he turned away with his warlords, and said, 'A sorcerer or a madman.'
51:40  So We seized him and his troops, and threw them into the sea, and He was to blame
51:41  And in Aad. We unleashed against them the devastating wind
51:42  It spared nothing it came upon, but rendered it like decayed ruins
51:43  And in Thamood. They were told, 'Enjoy yourselves for a while.'
51:44  But they defied the command of their Lord, so the lightning struck them as they looked on
51:45  They could not rise up, nor could they find help
51:46  And before that, the people of Noah. They were immoral people
51:47  We constructed the universe with power, and We are expanding it
51:48  And the earth—We spread it out—How well We prepared it
51:49  We created all things in pairs, so that you may reflect and ponder
51:50  'So flee towards God. I am to you from Him a clear warner.'
51:51  'And do not set up any other god with God. I am to you from Him a clear warner.'
51:52  Likewise, no messenger came to those before them, but they said, 'A sorcerer or a madman.'
51:53  Did they recommend it to one another? In fact, they are rebellious people
51:54  So turn away from them; you are not to blame
51:55  And remind, for the reminder benefits the believers
51:56  I did not create the jinn and the humans except to worship Me
51:57  I need no livelihood from them, nor do I need them to feed Me
51:58  God is the Provider, the One with Power, the Strong
51:59  Those who do wrong will have their turn, like the turn of their counterparts, so let them not rush Me
51:60  So woe to those who disbelieve because of that Day of theirs which they are promised