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51:1  By the scatterers who scatter
51:2  and by those pregnant with their burden
51:3  and by those running on easily
51:4  and by the distributors of affairs!
51:5  verily, what ye are threatened with is surely true
51:6  And, verily, the judgment will surely take place
51:7  By the heaven possessed of paths
51:8  verily, ye are at variance in what ye say
51:9  He is turned from it who is turned
51:10  Slain be the liars
51:11  who are heedless in a flood (of ignorance)
51:12  They will ask, 'When is the day of judgment?
51:13  The day when at the fire they shall be tried.
51:14  'Taste your trial! this is what we wished to hasten on!
51:15  Verily, the pious are in gardens and springs
51:16  taking what their Lord brings them. Verily, they before that did well
51:17  But little of the night they slept
51:18  and at the dawn they asked forgiveness
51:19  And in their wealth was what was due to him who asked, and him who was kept back from asking
51:20  And in the earth are signs to those who are sure
51:21  and in yourselves,- what! do ye not then see
51:22  And in the heaven is your provision and that which ye are promised
51:23  But by the Lord of the heaven and the earth! verily, it is the truth,- like that which ye do utter
51:24  Has the tale of Abraham's honoured guests reached thee
51:25  When they entered in unto him and said, 'Peace!' he said, 'Peace!-a people unrecognised.
51:26  And he went aside unto his people and fetched a fat calf
51:27  and brought it nigh unto them; said he, 'Will ye then not eat?
51:28  And he felt a secret fear of them: said they, Fear not.' And they gave him glad tidings of a knowing boy
51:29  And his wife approached with a noise, and smote her face, and said, 'An old woman, barren!
51:30  Said they, 'Thus says thy Lord, He is knowing, wise.
51:31  Said he, 'And about what is your errand, O ye messengers?
51:32  They said, 'Verily, we are sent unto a sinful people
51:33  to send upon them stones of clay
51:34  marked from thy Lord for the extravagant.
51:35  And we sent out therefrom such as were in it of the believers
51:36  but we only found therein one house of Muslims
51:37  And we left therein a sign to those who fear the grievous woe
51:38  And in Moses; when we sent him to Pharaoh with obvious authority
51:39  But he turned his back towards his column and said, 'A sorcerer or mad!
51:40  And we seized him and his hosts and hurled them into the sea; for he was to be blamed
51:41  And in 'Ad, when we sent against them a desolating wind
51:42  that left naught on which it came without making it ashes
51:43  And in Thamud, when it was said to them, 'Enjoy yourselves for a season.
51:44  But they revolted against the bidding of their Lord; and the noise caught them as they looked on
51:45  And they could not stand upright, and they were not helped
51:46  And the people of Noah of yore; verily, they were an abominable people
51:47  And the heaven - we have built it with might, and, verily, we do surely give it ample space
51:48  And the earth - we have spread it out; and how well we lay it out
51:49  And of everything have we created pairs, haply ye may be mindful
51:50  Flee then to God; verily, I am a plain warner from Him to you
51:51  And do not set with God another god; verily, I am a plain warner from Him to you
51:52  Thus there came no apostle to those before them, but they said, 'A sorcerer, mad!
51:53  Do they bequeath it to each other? Yea, they are an outrageous people
51:54  So turn thy back upon them, so thou wilt not be to blame
51:55  And remind; for, verily, the reminder shall profit the believers
51:56  And I have not created the ginn and mankind save that they may worship me
51:57  I do not desire any provision from them, and I do not wish them to feed me
51:58  Verily, God, He is the provider, endowed with steady might
51:59  Verily, for those who injure (the Apostle) shall be a portion like the portion of their fellows, but let them not hurry Me
51:60  Then woe to those who misbelieve from their day which they are threatened