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4:1  O men, fear your Lord, who hath created you out of one man, and out of him created his wife, and from them two hath multiplied many men, and women: And fear God by whom ye beseech one another; and respect women who have born you, for God is watching over you
4:2  And give the orphans when they come to age their substance; and render them not in exchange bad for good: And devour not their substance, by adding it to your own substance; for this is a great sin
4:3  And if ye fear that ye shall not act with equity towards orphans of the female sex, take in marriage of such other women as please you, two, or three, or four, and not more. But if ye fear that ye cannot act equitably towards so many, marry one only, or the slaves which ye shall have acquired. This will be easier, that ye swerve not from righteousness
4:4  And give women their dowry freely; but if they voluntarily remit unto you any part of it, enjoy it with satisfaction and advantage
4:5  And give not unto those who are weak of understanding, the substance which God hath appointed you to preserve for them; but maintain them thereout, and clothe them, and speak kindly unto them
4:6  And examine the orphans until they attain the age of marriage: But if ye perceive they are able to manage their affairs well, deliver their substance unto them; and waste it not extravagantly, or hastily, because they grow up. Let him who is rich abstain entirely from the orphans estates; and let him who is poor take thereof according to what shall be reasonable. And when ye deliver their substance unto them, call witnesses thereof in their presence: God taketh sufficient account of your actions
4:7  Men ought to have a part of what their parents and kindred leave behind them when they die: And women also ought to have a part of what their parents and kindred leave, whether it be little, or whether it be much; a determinate part is due to them
4:8  And when they who are of kin are present at the dividing of what is left, and also the orphans, and the poor; distribute unto them some part thereof; and if the estate be too small, at least speak comfortably unto them
4:9  And let those fear to abuse orphans, who if they leave behind them a weak off-spring, are sollicitous for them: let them therefore fear God, and speak that which is convenient
4:10  Surely they who devour the possessions of orphans unjustly, shall swallow down nothing but fire into their bellies, and shall broil in raging flames
4:11  God hath thus commanded you concerning your children. A male shall have as much as the share of two females: But if they be females only, and above two in number, they shall have two third parts of what the deceased shall leave; and if there be but one, she shall have the half. And the parents of the deceased shall have each of them a sixth part of what he shall leave, if he have a child: But if he have no child, and his parents be his heirs, then his mother shall have the third part. And if he have brethren, his mother shall have a sixth part, after the legacies which he shall bequeath, and his debts be paid. Ye know not whether your parents or your children be of greater use unto you. This is an ordinance from God, and God is knowing and wise
4:12  Moreover ye may claim half of what your wives shall leave, if they have no issue; but if they have issue, then ye shall have the fourth part of what they shall leave, after the legacies which they shall bequeath, and the debts be paid. They also shall have the fourth part of what ye shall leave, in case ye have no issue; but if ye have issue, then they shall have the eighth part of what ye shall leave, after the legacies which ye shall bequeath, and your debts be paid. And if a man or woman's substance be inherited by a distant relation, and he or she have a brother or sister; each of them two shall have a sixth part of the estate. But if there be more than this number, they shall be equal sharers in a third part, after payment of the legacies which shall be bequeathed, and the debts, without prejudice to the heirs. This is an ordinance from God: And God is knowing and gracious
4:13  These are the statutes of God. And whoso obeyeth God and his apostle, God shall lead him into gardens wherein rivers flow, they shall continue therein for ever; and this shall be great happiness
4:14  But whoso disobeyeth God, and his apostle, and transgresseth his statutes, God shall cast him into hell fire; he shall remain therein for ever, and he shall suffer a shameful punishment
4:15  If any of your women be guilty of whoredom, produce four witnesses from among you against them, and if they bear witness against them, imprison them in separate apartments until death release them, or God affordeth them a way to escape
4:16  And if two of you commit the like wickedness, punish them both: But if they repent and amend, let them both alone; for God is easy to be reconciled and merciful
4:17  Verily repentance will be accepted with God, from those who do evil ignorantly, and then repent speedily; unto them will God be turned: For God is knowing and wise
4:18  But no repentance shall be accepted from those who do evil until the time when death presenteth it self unto one of them, and he saith, verily I repent now; nor unto those who die unbelievers: For them have we prepared a grievous punishment
4:19  O true believers, it is not lawful for you to be heirs of women against their will, nor to hinder them from marrying others, that ye may take away part of what ye have given them in dowry; unless they have been guilty of a manifest crime: But converse kindly with them. And if ye hate them, it may happen that ye may hate a thing wherein God hath placed much good
4:20  If ye be desirous to exchange a wife for another wife, and ye have already given one of them a talent; take not away any thing therefrom; Will ye take it by slandering her, and doing her manifest unjustice
4:21  And how can ye take it, since the one of you hath gone in unto the other, and they have received from you a firm covenant
4:22  Marry not women, whom your fathers have had to wife; -- except what is already past: -- For this is uncleanness, and an abomination, and an evil way
4:23  Ye are forbidden to marry your mothers, and your daughters, and your sisters, and your aunts both on the fathers and on the mothers side, and your brothers daughters, and your sisters daughters, and your mothers who have given you suck, and your foster-sisters, and your wives mothers, and your daughters-in-law which are under your tuition, born of your wives unto whom ye have gone in, -- but if ye have not gone in unto them, it shall be no sin in you to marry them, -- and the wives of your sons who proceed out of your loins; and ye are also forbidden to take to wife two sisters; except what is already past: For God is gracious and merciful
4:24  Ye are also forbidden to take to wife free women who are married, except those women whom your right hands shall possess as slaves. This is ordained you from God. Whatever is beside this, is allowed you; that ye may with your substance provide wives for your selves, acting that which is right, and avoiding whoredom. And for the advantage which ye receive from them, give them their reward, according to what is ordained: But it shall be no crime in you to make any other agreement among your selves, after the ordinance shall be complied with; for God is knowing and wise
4:25  Whoso among you hath not means sufficient that he may marry free women, who are believers, let him marry with such of your maid-servants whom your right hands possess, as are true believers; for God well knoweth your faith. Ye are the one from the other: Therefore marry them with the consent of their masters; and give them their dower according to justice; such as are modest, not guilty of whoredom, nor entertaining lovers. And when they are married, if they be guilty of adultery, they shall suffer half the punishment which is appointed for the free women. This is allowed unto him among you, who feareth to sin by marrying free women; but if ye abstain from marrying slaves, it will be better for you; God is gracious and merciful
4:26  God is willing to declare these things unto you and to direct you according to the ordinances of those who have gone before you, and to be merciful unto you. God is knowing and wise
4:27  God desireth to be gracious unto you; but they who follow their lusts, desire that ye should turn aside from the truth with great deviation
4:28  God is minded to make His religion light unto you: For man was created weak
4:29  O true believers, consume not your wealth among your selves in vanity; unless there be merchandizing among you by mutual consent: neither slay your selves; for God is merciful towards you
4:30  And whoever doth this maliciously and wickedly, he will surely cast him to be broiled in hell fire; and this is easy with God
4:31  If ye turn aside from the grievous sins, of those which ye are forbidden to commit, we will cleanse you from your smaller faults; and will introduce you into paradise with an honourable entry
4:32  Covet not that which God hath bestowed on some of you preferably to others. Unto the men shall be given a portion, of what they shall have gained, and unto the women shall be given a portion, of what they shall have gained: Therefore ask God of his bounty; for God is omniscient
4:33  We have appointed unto every one kindred, to inherit part of what their parents and relations shall leave at their deaths. And unto those with whom your right hands have made an alliance, give their part of the inheritance; for God is witness of all things
4:34  Men shall have the pre-eminence above women, because of those advantages wherein God hath caused the one of them to excel the other, and for that which they expend of their substance in maintaining their wives. The honest women are obedient, careful in the absence of their husbands, for that God preserveth them, by committing them to the care and protection of the men. But those, whose perverseness ye shall be apprehensive of, rebuke; and remove them into separate apartments, and chastise them. But if they shall be obedient unto you, seek not an occasion of quarrel against them; for God is high and great
4:35  And if ye fear a breach between the husband and wife, send a judge out of his family, and a judge out of her family: If they shall desire a reconciliation, God will cause them to agree; for God is knowing and wise
4:36  Serve God, and associate no creature with him; and shew kindness unto parents, and relations, and orphans, and the poor, and your neighbour who is of kin to you, and also your neighbour who is a stranger, and to your familiar companion, and the traveller, and the captives whom your right hands shall possess
4:37  for God loveth not the proud or vainglorious, who are covetous, and recommend covetousness unto men, and conceal that which God of his bounty hath given them, -- we have prepared a shameful punishment for the unbelievers;
4:38  and who bestow their wealth in charity to be observed of men, and believe not in God, nor in the last day; and whoever hath Satan for a companion, an evil companion hath he
4:39  And what harm would befall them if they should believe in God, and the last day, and give alms out of that which God hath bestowed on them? Since God knoweth them who do this
4:40  Verily God will not wrong any one even the weight of an ant: And if it be a good action, he will double it, and will recompense it in his sight with a great reward
4:41  How will it be with the unbelievers, when we shall bring a witness out of each nation against itself, and shall bring thee, O Mohammed, a witness against these people
4:42  In that day they who have not believed, and have rebelled against the apostle of God, shall wish the earth was levelled with them; and they shall not be able to hide any matter from God
4:43  O true believer , come not to prayer when ye are drunk, until ye understand what ye say; nor when ye are polluted by emission of seed, unless ye be travelling on the road, until ye wash yourselves. But if ye be sick, or on a journey, or any of you come from easing nature, or have touched women, and find no water; take fine clean sand and rub your faces and your hands therewith; for God is merciful and inclined to forgive
4:44  Hast thou not observed those unto whom part of the scripture was delivered? They sell error, and desire that ye may wander from the right way
4:45  but God well knoweth your enemies. God is a sufficient patron, and God is a sufficient helper
4:46  Of the Jews there are some who pervert words from their places; and say, we have heard, and have disobeyed; and do thou hear without understanding our meaning, and look upon us: Perplexing with their tongues, and reviling the true religion. But if they had said, we have heard, and do obey; and do thou hear, and regard us: Certainly it were better for them, and more right. But God hath cursed them by reason of their infidelity; therefore a few of them only shall believe
4:47  O ye to whom the scriptures have been given, believe in the revelation which we have sent down, confirming that which is with you; before we deface your countenances, and render them as the back parts thereof; or curse them, as we cursed those who transgressed on the sabbath day; and the command of God was fulfilled
4:48  Surely God will not pardon the giving Him an equal; but will pardon any other sin, except that, to whom He pleaseth: And whoso giveth a companion unto God, hath devised a great wickedness
4:49  Hast thou not observed those who justify themselves? But God justifieth whomsoever He pleaseth, nor shall they be wronged a hair
4:50  Behold, how they imagine a lie against God; and therein is iniquity sufficiently manifest
4:51  Hast thou not considered those to whom part of the scripture hath been given? They believe in false gods and idols, and say of those who believe not, these are more rightly directed in the way of truth, than they who believe on Mohammed
4:52  Those are the men whom God hath cursed; and unto him whom God shall curse, thou shalt surely find no helper
4:53  Shall they have a part of the kingdom, since even then they would not bestow the smallest matter on men
4:54  Do they envy other men that which God of his bounty hath given them? We formerly gave unto the family of Abraham a book of revelations and wisdom; and we gave them a great kingdom
4:55  There is of them who believeth on Him; and there is of them who turneth aside from Him: But the raging fire of hell is a sufficient punishment
4:56  Verily those who disbelieve our signs, we will surely cast to be broiled in hell fire; so often as their skins shall be well burned, we will give them other skins in exchange, that they may taste the sharper torment; for God is mighty and wise
4:57  But those who believe and do that which is right, we will bring into gardens watered by rivers, therein shall they remain for ever, and there shall they enjoy wives free from all impurity; and we will lead them into perpetual shades
4:58  Moreover God commandeth you to restore what ye are trusted with, to the owners; and when ye judge between men, that ye judge according to equity: And surely an excellent virtue it is to which God exhorteth you; for God both heareth and seeth
4:59  O true believers, obey God, and obey the apostle, and those who are in authority among you, and if ye differ in any thing, refer it unto God and the apostle, if ye believe in God, and the last day: This is better, and a fairer method of determination
4:60  Hast thou not observed those who pretend they believe in what hath been revealed unto thee, and what been revealed before thee? They desire to go to judgment before Taghut, although they have been commanded not to believe in him; and Satan desireth to seduce them into a wide error
4:61  And when it is said unto them, come unto the book which God hath sent down, and to the apostle; thou seest the ungodly turn aside from thee, with great aversion
4:62  But how will they behave when a misfortune shall befall them, for that which their hands have sent before them? Then will they come unto thee, and swear by God, saying, if we intended any other, than to do good, and to reconcile the parties
4:63  God knoweth what is in the hearts of these men; therefore let them alone, and admonish them, and speak unto them a word which may affect their souls
4:64  We have not sent any apostle, but that he might be obeyed by the permission of God: But if they, after they have injured their own souls, come unto thee, and ask pardon of God, and the apostle ask pardon for them, they shall surely find God easy to be reconciled and merciful
4:65  And by thy Lord they will not perfectly believe, until they make thee judge of their controversies; and shall not afterwards find in their own minds any hardship in what thou shalt determine, but shall acquiesce therein with entire submission
4:66  And if we had commanded them, saying, slay your selves, or depart from your houses; they would not have done it, except a few of them. And if they had done what they were admonished, it would certainly have been better for them, and more efficacious for confirming their faith
4:67  and we should then have surely given them in our sight an exceeding great reward
4:68  and we should have directed them in the right way
4:69  Whoever obeyeth God and the apostle, they shall be with those unto whom God hath been gracious, of the prophets, and the sincere, and the martyrs, and the righteous; and these are the most excellent company
4:70  This is bounty from God; and God is sufficiently knowing
4:71  O true believers, take your necessary precaution against your enemies, and either go forth to war in separate parties, or go forth all together in a body
4:72  There is of you who tarrieth behind; and if a misfortune befall you, he saith, verily God hath been gracious unto me, that I was not present with them
4:73  But if success attend you from God, he will say, -- as if there was no friendship between you and him, -- would to God I had been with them, for I should have acquired great merit
4:74  Let them therefore fight for the religion of God, who part with the present life in exchange for that which is to come; for whosoever fighteth for the religion of God, whether he be slain, or be victorious, we will surely give him a great reward
4:75  And what ails you, that ye fight not for God's true religion, and in defence of the weak among men, women, and children, who say, O Lord, bring us forth from this city, whose inhabitants are wicked; grant us from before thee a protector, and grant us from before thee a defender
4:76  They who believe fight for the religion of God; but they who believe not fight for the religion of Taghut. Fight therefore against the friends of Satan, for the stratagem of Satan is weak
4:77  Hast thou not observed those unto whom it was said, withhold your hands from war, and be constant at prayers, and pay the legal alms? But when war is commanded them, behold, a part of them fear men as they should fear God, or with a greater fear, and say, O Lord, wherefore hast thou commanded us to go to war, and hast not suffered us to wait our approaching end? Say unto them, The provision of this life is but small; but the future shall be better for him who feareth God; and ye shall not be in the least injured at the day of judgment
4:78  Wheresoever ye be, death will overtake you, although ye be in lofty towers. If good befall them, they say, this is from God; but if evil befall them, they say, this is from thee, O Mohammed: Say, all is from God; and what aileth these people, that they are so far from understanding what is said unto them
4:79  Whatever good befalleth thee, O man it is from God; and whatever evil befalleth thee, it is from thy self. We have sent thee an apostle unto men, and God is a sufficient witness thereof
4:80  Whoever obeyeth the apostle, obeyeth God; and whoever turneth back, we have not sent thee to be a keeper over them
4:81  They say, obedience: Yet when they go forth from thee, part of them meditate by night a matter different from what thou speakest; but God shall write down what they meditate by night: Therefore let them alone, and trust in God, for God is a sufficient protector
4:82  Do they not attentively consider the Koran? If it had been from any besides God, they would certainly have found therein many contradictions
4:83  When any news cometh unto them, either of security or fear, they immediately divulge it; but if they told it to the apostle and to those who are in authority among them, such of them would understand the truth of the matter, as inform themselves thereof from the apostle and his chiefs. And if the favour of God and his mercy had not been upon you, ye had followed the devil, except a few of you
4:84  Fight therefore for the religion of God, and oblige not any to what is difficult, except thy self; however excite the faithful to war, perhaps God will restrain the courage of the unbelievers; for God is stronger than they, and more able to punish
4:85  He who intercedeth between men with a good intercession shall have a portion thereof; and he who intercedeth with an evil intercession shall have a portion thereof; for God overlooketh all things
4:86  When ye are saluted with a salutation, salute the person with a better salutation, or at least return the same; for God taketh an account of all things
4:87  God! There is no God but He; He will surely gather you together on the day of resurrection; there is no doubt of it: And who is more true than God in what he saith
4:88  Why are ye divided concerning the ungodly into two parties; since God hath overturned them for what they have committed? Will ye direct him whom God hath led astray; since for him whom God shall lead astray, thou shalt find no true path
4:89  They desire that ye should become infidels, as they are infidels, and that ye should be equally wicked with themselves. Therefore take not friends from among them, until they fly their country for the religion of God; and if they turn back from the faith, take them, and kill them where-ever ye find them; and take no friend from among them, nor any helper
4:90  except those who go unto a people who are in alliance with you, or those who come unto you, their hearts forbidding them either to fight against you, or to fight against their own people. And if God pleased He would have permitted them to have prevailed against you, and they would have fought against you. But if they depart from you, and fight not against you, and offer you peace, God doth not allow you to take or kill of them
4:91  Ye shall find others who are desirous to enter into a confidence with you, and at the same time to preserve a confidence with their own people: So often as they return to sedition, they shall be subverted therein; and if they depart not from you, and offer you peace, and restrain their hands from warring against you, take them and kill them wheresoever ye find them; over these have we granted you a manifest power
4:92  It is not lawful for a believer to kill a believer, unless it happen by mistake; and whoso killeth a believer by mistake, the penalty shall be the freeing of a believer from slavery, and a fine to be paid to the family of the deceased, unless they remit it as alms: And if the slain person be of a people at enmity with you, and be a true believer, the penalty shall be the freeing of a believer; but if he be of a people in confederacy with you, a fine to be paid to his family, and the freeing of a believer. And he who findeth not wherewith to do this, shall fast two months consecutively, as a penance enjoined from God; and God is knowing and wise
4:93  But whoso killeth a believer designedly, his reward shall be hell; he shall remain therein for ever; and God shall be angry with him; and shall curse him, and shall prepare for him a great punishment
4:94  O true believers, when ye are on a march in defence of the true religion, justly discern such as ye shall happen to meet, and say not unto him who saluteth you, thou art not a true believer; seeking the accidental goods of the present life; for with God is much spoil: Such have ye formerly been; but God hath been gracious unto you; therefore make a just discernment, for God is well acquainted with that which ye do
4:95  Those believers who sit still at home, not having any hurt, and those who employ their fortunes and their persons for the religion of God, shall not be held equal. God hath preferred those who employ their fortunes and their persons in that cause, to a degree of honour above those who sit at home: God hath indeed promised every one paradise, but God hath preferred those who fight for the faith before those who sit still
4:96  by adding unto them a great reward, by degrees of honour conferred on them from him, and by granting them forgiveness, and mercy; for God is indulgent and merciful
4:97  Moreover unto those whom the angels put to death, having injured their own souls, the angels said, of what religion were ye? They answered, we were weak in the earth. The angels replied, was not God's earth wide enough, that ye might fly therein to a place of refuge? Therefore their habitation shall be hell; and an evil journey shall it be thither
4:98  Except the weak among men, and women, and children, who were not able to find means, and were not directed in the way
4:99  these peradventure God will pardon, for God is ready to forgive and gracious
4:100  Whosoever flieth from his country for the sake of God's true religion, shall find in the earth many forced to do the same, and plenty of provisions. And whoever departeth from his house, and flieth unto God and his apostle, if death overtake him in the way, God will be obliged to reward him, for God is gracious and merciful
4:101  When ye march to war in the earth, it shall be no crime in you if ye shorten your prayers, in case ye fear the infidels may attack you; for the infidels are your open enemy
4:102  But when thou, O prophet, shalt be among them, and shalt pray with them, let a party of them arise to prayer with thee, and let them take their arms; and when they shall have worshipped, let them stand behind you, and let another party come that hath not prayed, and let them pray with thee, and let them be cautious and take their arms. The unbelievers would that ye should neglect your arms and your baggage while ye pray, that they might turn upon you at once. It shall be no crime in you, if ye be incommoded by rain, or be sick, that ye lay down your arms; but take your necessary precaution: God hath prepared for the unbelievers an ignominious punishment
4:103  And when ye shall have ended your prayer, remember God, standing, and sitting, and lying on your sides. But when ye are secure from danger, complete your prayer; for prayer is commanded the faithful, and appointed to be said at the stated times
4:104  Be not negligent in seeking out the unbelieving people, though ye suffer some inconvenience; for they also shall suffer, as ye suffer, and ye hope for a reward from God which they cannot hope for; and God is knowing and wise
4:105  We have sent down unto thee the book of the Koran with truth; that thou mayest judge between men through that wisdom which God sheweth thee therein; and be not an advocate for the fraudulent
4:106  but ask pardon of God for thy wrong intention, since God is indulgent and merciful
4:107  Dispute not for those who deceive one another, for God loveth not him who is a deceiver or unjust
4:108  Such conceal themselves from men, but they conceal not themselves from God; for He is with them when they imagine by night a saying which pleaseth Him not, and God comprehendeth what they do
4:109  Behold, ye are they who have disputed for them in this present life; but who shall dispute with God for them on the day of resurrection, or who will become their patron
4:110  Yet he who doth evil, or injureth his own soul, and afterwards asketh pardon of God, shall find God gracious and merciful
4:111  Whoso committeth wickedness, committeth it against his own soul: God is knowing and wise
4:112  And whoso committeth a sin or iniquity, and afterwards layeth it on the innocent, he shall surely bear the guilt of calumny and manifest injustice
4:113  If the indulgence and mercy of God had not been upon thee, surely a part of them had studied to seduce thee; but they shall seduce themselves only, and shall not hurt thee at all. God hath sent down unto thee the book of the Koran and wisdom, and hath taught thee that which thou knewest not; for the favour of God hath been great towards thee
4:114  There is no good in the multitude of their private discourses, unless in the discourse of him who recommendeth alms, or that which is right, or agreement amongst men: Whoever doth this out of a desire to please God, We will surely give him a great reward
4:115  But whoso separateth himself from the apostle, after true direction hath been manifested unto him, and followeth any other way, than that of the true believers, we will cause him to obtain that to which he is inclined, and will cast him to be burned in hell; and an unhappy journey shall it be thither
4:116  Verily God will not pardon the giving Him a companion, but He will pardon any crime besides that, unto whom He pleaseth: And he who giveth a companion unto God, is surely led aside into a wide mistake
4:117  The infidels invoke beside Him only female deities; and only invoke rebellious Satan
4:118  God cursed him; and he said, verily I will take of thy servants a part cut off from the rest
4:119  and I will seduce them, and will insinuate vain desires into them, and I will command them and they shall cut off the ears of cattle; and I will command them and they shall change God's creature. But whoever taketh Satan for his patron, besides God, shall surely perish with a manifest destruction
4:120  He maketh them promises, and insinuateth into them vain desires; yet Satan maketh them only deceitful promises
4:121  The receptacle of these shall be hell, they shall find no refuge from it
4:122  But they who believe, and do good works, We will surely lead them into gardens, through which rivers flow, they shall continue therein for ever, according to the true promise of God; and who is more true than God in what He saith
4:123  It shall not be according to your desires, nor according to the desires of those who have received the scriptures. Whoso doth evil, shall be rewarded for it; and shall not find any patron or helper, beside God
4:124  but whoso doth good works, whether he be male or female, and is a true believer; they shall be admitted into paradise, and shall not in the least be unjustly dealt with
4:125  Who is better in point of religion, than he who resigneth himself unto God, and is a worker of righteousness, and followeth the law of Abraham the orhodox? Since God took Abraham for his friend
4:126  And to God belongeth whatsoever is in heaven and on earth; God comprehendeth all things
4:127  They will consult thee concerning women; answer, God instructeth you concerning them, and that which is read unto you in the book of the Koran concerning female orphans, to whom ye give not that which is ordained them, neither will ye marry them, and concerning weak infants, and that ye observe justice towards orphans: Whatever good ye do, God knoweth it
4:128  If a woman fear ill usage, or aversion from her husband, it shall be no crime in them if they agree the matter amicably between themselves; for a reconciliation is better than a separation. Mens souls are naturally inclined to covetousness: But if ye be kind towards women, and fear to wrong them, God is well acquainted with what ye do
4:129  Ye can by no means carry your selves equally between women in all respects, although ye study to do it; Therefore turn not from a wife with all manner of aversion, nor leave her like one in suspense: If ye agree, and fear to abuse your wives, God is gracious and merciful
4:130  but if they separate, God will satisfy them both of His abundance; for God is extensive and wise
4:131  and unto God belongeth whatsoever is in heaven and on earth. We have already commanded those unto whom the scriptures were given before you, and we command you also, saying, fear God; but if ye disbelieve, unto God belongeth whatsoever is in heaven and on earth; and God is self-sufficient, and to be praised
4:132  for unto God belongeth whatsoever is in heaven and on earth, and God is a sufficient protector
4:133  If He pleaseth He will take you away, O men, and will produce others in your stead; for God is able to do this
4:134  Whoso desireth the reward of this world, verily with God is the reward of this world, and also of that which is to come; God both heareth and seeth
4:135  O true believers, observe justice when ye bear witness before God, although it be against your selves, or your parents, or relations; whether the party be rich, or whether he be poor; for God is more worthy than them both: Therefore follow not your own lust in bearing testimony, so that ye swerve from justice. And whether ye wrest your evidence, or decline giving it, God is well acquainted with that which ye do
4:136  O true believers, believe in God and his apostle, and the book which he hath caused to descend unto his apostle, and the book which He hath formerly sent down. And whosoever believeth not in God, and his angels, and his scriptures, and his apostles, and the last day, he surely erreth in a wide mistake
4:137  Moreover they who believed, and afterwards became infidels, and then believed again, and after that disbelieved, and increased in infidelity, God will by no means forgive them, nor direct them into the right way
4:138  Declare unto the ungodly that they shall suffer a painful punishment
4:139  They who take the unbelievers for their protectors, besides the faithful, do they seek for power with them? Since all power belongeth unto God
4:140  And he hath already revealed unto you, in the book of the Koran, the following passage, when ye shall hear the signs of God, they shall not be believed, but they shall be laughed to scorn. Therefore sit not with them who believe not, until they engage in different discourse; for if ye do ye will certainly become like unto them. God will surely gather the ungodly and the unbelievers together in hell
4:141  They who wait to observe what befalleth you, if victory be granted you from God, say, were we not with you? But if any advantage happen to the infidels, they say unto them, were we not superior to you, and have we not defended you against the believers? God shall judge between you on the day of resurrection; and God will not grant the unbelievers means to prevail over the faithful
4:142  The hypocrites act deceitfully with God, but he will deceive them; and when they stand up to pray, they stand carelesly, affecting to be seen of men, and remember not God, unless a little
4:143  wavering between faith and infidelity, and adhering neither unto these nor unto those: And for him whom God shall lead astray, thou shalt find no true path
4:144  O true believers, take not the unbelievers for your protectors, besides the faithful. Will ye furnish God with an evident argument of impiety against you
4:145  Moreover the hypocrites shall be in the lowest bottom of hell fire, and thou shalt not find any to help them thence
4:146  But they who repent and amend, and adhere firmly unto God, and approve the sincerity of their religion to God, they shall be numbered with the faithful; and God will surely give the faithful a great reward
4:147  And how should God go about to punisth you, if ye be thankful and believe? For God is grateful and wise
4:148  God loveth not the speaking ill of any one in public, unless he who is injured call for assistance; and God heareth and knoweth
4:149  Whether ye publish a good action, or conceal it, or forgive evil, verily God is gracious and powerful
4:150  They who believe not in God, and his apostles, and would make a distinction between God and his apostles, and say, we believe in some of the prophets and reject others of them, and seek to take a middle way in this matter
4:151  these are really unbelievers: And we have prepared for the unbelievers an ignominious punishment
4:152  But they who believe in God and his apostles, and make no distinction between any of them, unto those will we surely give their reward; and God is gracious and merciful
4:153  They who have received the scriptures will demand of thee, that thou cause a book to descend unto them from heaven: They formerly asked of Moses a greater thing than this; for they said, shew us God visibly. Wherefore a storm of fire from heaven destroyed them, because of their iniquity. Then they took the calf for their God, after that evident proofs of the divine unity had come unto them: But we forgave them that, and gave Moses a manifest power to punish them
4:154  And we lifted the mountain of Sinai over them, when we exacted from them their covenant; and said unto them, enter the gate of the city worshipping. We also said unto them, transgress not on the sabbath day. And we received from them a firm covenant, that they would observe these things
4:155  Therefore for that they have made void their covenant, and have not believed in the signs of God, and have slain the prophets unjustly, and have said, our hearts are uncircumcised; -- but God hath sealed them up, because of their unbelief; therefore they shall not believe, except a few of them:
4:156  And for that they have not believed on Jesus, and have spoken against Mary a grievous calumny
4:157  and have said, verily we have slain Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the apostle of God; yet they slew him not, neither crucified him, but he was represented by one in his likeness; and verily they who disagreed concerning him, were in a doubt as to this matter, and had no sure knowledge thereof, but followed only an uncertain opinion. They did not really kill him
4:158  but God took him up unto Himself: And God is mighty and wise
4:159  And there shall not be one of those who have received the scriptures, who shall not believe in him, before his death; and on the day of resurrection he shall be a witness against them
4:160  Because of the iniquity of those who judaize, we have forbidden them good things, which had been formerly allowed them; and because they shut out many from the way of God
4:161  and have taken usury, which was forbidden them by the law, and devoured men's substance vainly: We have prepared for such of them as are unbelievers a painful punishment
4:162  But those among them who are well grounded in knowledge, and the faithful, who believe in that which hath been sent down unto thee, and that which hath been sent down unto the prophets before thee, and who observe the stated times of prayer, and give alms, and believe in God and the last day; unto these will we give a great reward
4:163  Verily We have revealed our will unto thee, as We have revealed it unto Noah and the prophets who succeeded him; and as we revealed it unto Abraham, and Ismael, and Isaac, and Jacob, and the tribes, and unto Jesus, and Job, and Jonas, and Aaron, and Solomon; and We have given thee the Koran, as We gave the psalms unto David
4:164  Some apostles have We sent, whom We have formerly mentioned unto thee, and other apostles have We sent, whom We have not mentioned unto thee; and God spake unto Moses, discoursing with him
4:165  apostles declaring good tidings, and denouncing threats, lest men should have an argument of excuse against God, after the apostles had been sent unto them; God is mighty and wise
4:166  God is witness of that revelation which He hath sent down unto thee; He sent it down with his special knowledge: The angels also are witnesses thereof; but God is a sufficient witness
4:167  They who believe not, and turn aside others from the way of God, have erred in a wide mistake
4:168  Verily those who believe not, and act unjustly, God will by no means forgive, neither will He direct them into any other way
4:169  than the way of hell; they shall remain therein for ever: And this is easy with God
4:170  O men, now is the apostle come unto you, with truth from your Lord; believe therefore, it will be better for you. But if ye disbelieve, verily unto God belongeth whatsoever is in heaven and on earth; and God is knowing and wise
4:171  O ye who have received the scriptures, exceed not the just bounds in your religion, neither say of God any other than the truth. Verily Christ Jesus the son of Mary is the apostle of God, and his word, which he conveyed into Mary, and a spirit proceeding from him. Believe therefore in God, and his apostles, and say not, there are three Gods; forbear this; it will be better for you. God is but one God. Far be it from Him that He should have a son! Unto Him belongeth whatsoever is in heaven and on earth; and God is a sufficient protector
4:172  Christ doth not proudly disdain to be a servant unto God; neither the angles who approach near to his presence: And whoso disdaineth his service, and is puffed up with pride, God will gather them all to Himself, on the last day
4:173  Unto those who believe, and do that which is right, He shall give their rewards, and shall superabundantly add unto them of his liberality: But those who are disdainful and proud, He will punish with a grievous punishment; and they shall not find any to protect or to help them, besides God
4:174  O men, now is an evident proof come unto you from your Lord, and We have sent down unto you manifest light
4:175  They who believe in God and firmly adhere to him, He will lead them into mercy from him, and abundance; and He will direct them in the right way to himself
4:176  They will consult thee for thy decision in certain cases; say unto them, God giveth you these determinations, concerning the more remote degrees of kindred. If a man die without issue, and have a sister; she shall have the half of what he shall leave: And he shall be heir to her, in case she have no issue. But if there be two sisters, they shall have between them two third parts of what he shall leave; and of there be several, both brothers and sisters, a male shall have as much as the portion of two females. God declareth unto you these precepts, lest ye err: And God knoweth all things