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39:1  The sending down of the books is from Allah, the Mighty, the Wise.
39:2  We have sent down to you the book containing the truth, so serve Allah making religion exclusively for Him.
39:3  Beware! religion is exclusively for Allah. And those who have taken guardians besides Him (say); “We do not serve (worship) them, except (with the aim) that they may bring us nearer to Allah,” Allah will certainly judge between them in that which they differ. Allah certainly does not guide him who is a liar, ungrateful.
39:4  Had Allah intended to take a son, He could have chosen whom He willed from among those whom He created, Glory be to Him, He is Allah, the One, the Omnipotent.
39:5  He created the skies and the earth in reality. He winds the night over the day and He winds the day over the night (which indicates that the earth rotates). And He has compelled the sun and the moon (to follow His laws), each one moves on for an appointed term. Beware! He is the Mighty, the Protectively Forgiving. the Protectively Forgiving.
39:6  He created you from a single soul then He made from it, its mate, and He send down for you eight pairs of cattle. He creates you in the womb of your mothers, creation after creation in triple darkness. This is Allah your Fosterer, His is the kingdom, there is no god except Him. How then are you turned away?
39:7  If you are ungrateful, then Allah is certainly Independent of you, and He does not like ingratitude for His servants and if you are grateful, He likes it for you. And no bearer of burden will bear the burden of another, then towards your Fosterer is your return and He will inform you about that which you used to do, He is certainly the Knower of what the bosoms possess.
39:8  And when harm afflicts man, he prays to his Fosterer turning towards Him, then when He grants to him favor from Him, he forgets (even) that for which he had prayed to Him earlier, and sets up equals for Allah that he may mislead (people) from His way. Say, “Enjoy a little in your ingratitude, you will certainly be among the inhabitants of the fire.”
39:9  Is he who devoutly prostrates and stands (for worship) during the hours of night, being cautious of the hereafter, and hopes for the mercy of his Fosterer (equal to one who does not do this)? Say, “Are those who know and those who do not know equal?” Only men of understanding are mindful.
39:10  Say, “O servants (of Allah) who believe! fear your Fosterer. For those who do good in this world is good and the earth of Allah is vast. Only those who are patient will be paid back their reward without measure.”
39:11  Say, “I am commanded that I should serve Allah, making religion exclusively for Him,
39:12  and I am commanded that I should be the first of those who submit (as Muslims).”
39:13  Say, “I fear the punishment of the great day, if I disobey my Fosterer.”
39:14  Say, “I serve Allah, making my religion exclusively for Him,
39:15  so you serve (worship) that which you will (to serve) besides Him. “Say, ‘The losers are certainly those who cause loss to themselves and their people on the day of resurrection. Beware! that is a clear loss.”
39:16  For them there will be coverings of fire from above them and coverings from below them. Allah makes His servants fear through that. O My servants! then fear Me.
39:17  And those who keep away from serving (worshipping) false deities and turn towards Allah, for them is good news, so convey the good news to My servants,
39:18  who hear a statement then follow the best of it, those are the persons whom Allah has guided and those are the persons who understand.
39:19  Then if there is a person on whom the stated punishment is due, then can you save him who is in the fire?
39:20  But those who fear their Fosterer, for them are built high palaces above which are (still) higher palaces (multistoried buildings), beneath which rivers flow, a promise of Allah, Allah does not go against His promise.
39:21  Did you not see, that Allah sends down water from the sky then makes it move as springs in the earth, then brings out through it vegetation of different colors, then it dries up, then you see it become yellow, then He makes it pieces? There is certainly a reminder in that for men of understanding.
39:22  Then is he, whose bosom Allah has opened for Islam so that he is (guided) by the light from his Fosterer, (like him who is in darkness)? So sorrowful is the state of those whose hearts are hardened against the remembrance of Allah, they are in a clear error.
39:23  Allah has sent down the best statements (in the form of) a book, (these statements are) similar (to each other and not contradictory and are) repeated. The skins of those who fear their Fosterer tremble (in response to the effect produced) by it, then their skins and their hearts soften towards the remembrance of Allah. That is guidance of Allah, He guides through it whom He wills, and whom Allah leaves to stray then there is no guide for him.
39:24  Then is he, who will have to guard the evil punishment of the day of resurrection from his face, (like him who is safe from it)? And it will be said to those who were unjust, “Taste that which you earned.”
39:25  Those before them (had also) denied, so they did not perceive from where the punishment came to them.
39:26  Thus Allah made them taste disgrace in the life of this world and the punishment of the hereafter is greater, if only they knew.
39:27  And We have set forth for mankind, every (kind) of similitude in this Quran that they may be mindful.
39:28  An Arabic Quran without any crookedness, that they may guard (against evil).
39:29  Allah sets forth the example of a man who is under (the control of many) partners differing with each other, and (another) man wholly (under the control) of one man, are the two equal in likeness? Praise is due only for Allah, no, the majority of them does not know.
39:30  You will certainly die and they (too) will certainly die,
39:31  then on the day of resurrection, you will certainly dispute one with another in the presence of your Fosterer.
39:32  Then who is more unjust than he who speaks a lie against Allah and denies the truth when it comes to him? Will not the home for the infidels be in hell? in hell?
39:33  And he who comes with truth and he who testifies it, those are the persons who guard (against evil),
39:34  for them, with their Fosterer, is what they will (for), that is the reward of the doers of good,
39:35  because Allah will remove from them (the ill effect of even) the worst of that which they did, and reward them with their reward (which will be) better than that which they used to do.
39:36  Is not Allah sufficient for His servant? And they frighten you with those besides Him, and whom Allah leaves to stray, then there is no guide for him.
39:37  And whom Allah guides, then there is none who can mislead him. Is not Allah Mighty, Inflicter of retribution?
39:38  And if you ask them, “Who created the skies and the earth?” Then will definitely say, “Allah.” Say, “They have you considered that which you pray to, besides Allah, if Allah intends to harm me, could they remove from me His harm, or if He intends to be merciful to me, could they withhold from me His mercy?” Say, “Allah is sufficient for me, those who put their trust, do put their trust in Him.”
39:39  Say, “O my people! work according to your ability, I (too) am working, so you will come to know,
39:40  on whom will the punishment come, which will disgrace him, and on whom will fall the eternal punishment.”
39:41  We have sent down to you the book containing the truth, for mankind, so one who receives guidance, then (the benefit of) it is for his ownself, and one who goes astray, then (the loss of) his going astray is only on him, and you are not a trustee over them.
39:42  Allah takes the souls (i.e. consciousness of human beings) at the time of their death, and (He takes the soul) of the person who does not die, during his sleep, then He withholds that on which He has decreed death and sends (back) the others till an appointed term. Certainly there are signs in that for a people who reflect. which He has decreed death and sends (back) the others till an appointed term. Certainly there are signs in that for a people who reflect.
39:43  Have they taken (for worship, things) besides Allah, (for) the purpose of mediation? Say, “Even if they have no control on anything and have no sense?”
39:44  Say, “(The power to grant permission for) mediation is totally Allah’s. His is the kingdom of the skies and the earth, then towards Him you will be returned.”
39:45  And when Allah alone is mentioned, the hearts of those who do not believe in the hereafter, get bored and when those besides Him are mentioned, at that moment they become joyful.
39:46  Say, “O Allah! Initiator of the creation of the skies and earth, Knower of the unseen and the seen, You will judge between Your servants regarding that in which they differ.”
39:47  And if those who are unjust, had all that is in the earth and the like of it with it, they would give it as ransom (to free themselves) through it from the evil punishment of the day of resurrection. And (something) from Allah, which they had not (even) thought of, will become manifest to them.
39:48  And the evil which they had earned will become manifest to them, and that which they used to mock at, will surround them.
39:49  So when harm afflicts man he prays to Us, then when We grant to him a favor from Us, he says, “This has been given to me only on the (account of my) knowledge.” No, it is a trail, but majority of them does not know.
39:50  Those before them had (also) said it, but that which they used to earn did not make them carefree from (the consequences of their evil deeds),
39:51  so that the evil of that which they earned afflicted them. And those who are unjust from among these, the evil of that which they earn will afflict them (too), and they will not be able to defeat (Allah). defeat (Allah).
39:52  Do they not know that Allah enlarges the provision for whomever He wills and straitens (it for whomever and whenever He wills). Certainly there are signs in that for a people who believe.
39:53  Say, “O My servants who have committed excesses against their own souls! do not despair of the mercy of Allah. Allah certainly protectively forgives all the sins, He is certainly Protectively Forgiving, Merciful.”
39:54  And turn towards your Fosterer and submit to Him before the punishment comes to you, then you will not be helped.
39:55  And follow the best which is sent down to you from your Fosterer before the punishment comes to you suddenly while you do not perceive,
39:56  lest a soul should say, “My regrets on being negligent towards Allah’s side, and I was of those who mocked,”
39:57  or say, “If Allah has guided me I (too) would have been among those who guarded (against evil),”
39:58  or say at the time it sees the punishment, “Had there been a second chance for me (to go back to the world, then) I would be of those who do good.”
39:59  No, My signs had come to you but you denied them and you considered yourself great and you were among the infidels.
39:60  And on the day of resurrection, you will see the faces of those who lied against Allah, (coloured) black. Is not the home of the proud in hell ?
39:61  And Allah will save those who guarded (against evil) because of their achievement, evil will not touch them nor will they grieve.
39:62  Allah is the Creator of everything and He is a Trustee over everything.
39:63  His are the keys of the skies and earth. And those who do not believe in the signs of Allah, those are the persons who are the losers.
39:64  Say, “Then do you advise me to worship (something) other than Allah, O you ignorant people?”
39:65  And it has been communicated to you and those before you: If you associate partners (with Allah), your work will definitely become fruitless and you will definitely be among the losers.
39:66  No, then serve Allah and be among those who are grateful.
39:67  And they have not estimated Allah with the estimation due to Him. And the earth will be totally in His grip on the day of resurrection, with the skies rolled up in His right hand. Glorified is He and high (above) that which they associate as partners (with Him).
39:68  And it will be blown into the trumpet (structure of the universe), so whoever is in the skies and whoever is in the earth will fall down senseless except he whom Allah wills. Then it will be blown into it a second time when they will stand seeing.
39:69  And the earth will shine with the light of its Fosterer. And the record (of deeds) will be laid down and the prophets (informers) and the witnesses will be brought, and it will be judged between them with justice and they will not be dealt with unjustly.
39:70  And every soul will be paid back in full for that which it did, and He knows best about that which they do.
39:71  And those who did not believe will be driven to hell in troops until when they come to it, the doors of it will be opened and its guards will say to them, “Did messengers from among yourselves not come to you, reciting to you the signs of your Fosterer and warning you about the meeting of this day of yours?” They will say, “Why not, but the statement of punishment has become binding on the infidels.” unishment has become binding on the infidels.”
39:72  It will be said, “Enter the doors of hell to stay therein.” So evil is the home of the proud.
39:73  And those who feared their Fosterer will be driven to the garden in troops until when they come to it, the doors of it will be opened and the guards of it will say to them, “Peace be on you, you are happy (lucky), so enter it to stay.”
39:74  And they will say, “Praise is due only for Allah Who has been true to us in His promise and He has made us to inherit the earth, we can settle down in the garden wherever we will.” So excellent is the reward of the workers.
39:75  And you will see the angels inclining from (all) round (towards) the throne* glorifying by praising their Fosterer. And it will be judged between them with justice and it will be said, “Praise is due only for Allah, the Fosterer of the worlds.” * Probably the capital of the Universe.