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40:1  Haa Miim.
40:2  The sending down of the book is from Allah, the Mighty, the Knowing.
40:3  Protective Forgiver of sin and Accepter of repentance, Severe in requital, the Bountiful. There is no god except Him, towards Him is the destination.
40:4  None dispute concerning the signs of Allah except those who do not believe, so do not let their going to and fro in the cities deceive you.
40:5  The people of Nuh and the parties after them had denied earlier to these (people). And all communities had planned against their messenger to catch him and had disputed through falsehood so that they might make the truth to slip off through it, so I (too) caught them. Then how was My retribution?
40:6  And thus the statement of your Fosterer became binding on those who did not believe that they will be the inhabitants of the fire.
40:7  Those who bear ( the burden of ) the throne ( of the universe ) and those around it, glorify by praising their Fosterer and they believe in Him and seek protective forgiveness for those who believe: “Our Fosterer ! You embrace everything in mercy and knowledge, so protectively forgive those who repent and follow Your way and save them from the punishment of hell.
40:8  Our Fosterer ! and make them enter the gardens of everlasting bliss which You have promised them, and whoever is righteous from among their fathers and their mates and their descendants, You are certainly the Mighty, the Wise.
40:9  And save them from evil deeds, and whom You save from ( the consequences of ) evil deeds on that day, You have indeed shown mercy to him, and that is the great achievement.”
40:10  Those who did not believe will certainly be called out, “Allah’s hatred is greater than your hatred of yourselves ( now, because ) when you were invited towards belief you rejected.”
40:11  They ( will ) say, “Our Fosterer ! twice have You kept us dead and twice have You given us life, so we confess our sins. So is there any way to get out ( from the punishment)?”
40:12  That is because, when Allah alone was prayed to ( i.e. invoked ), you did not believe, and if partners were associated with Him you believed, so judgment belongs to Allah, the High, the Great.
40:13  He it is Who shows you His signs and sends down provision for you from the sky, and no one is mindful except he who turns ( to Him).
40:14  So pray to Allah, making religion exclusively for Him even though the infidels dislike.
40:15  Exalter of grades, Lord of the throne ( of the universe ). The spirit is sent down by His command on Whom He wills of His servants, that warning may be given by him concerning the day of meeting.
40:16  The day when they will come forth, nothing concerning them will be hidden from Allah. To whom belongs the power this day? To Allah, the One, the Omnipotent.
40:17  This day every soul will be rewarded according to what it earned, there will be no injustice this day. Allah is certainly Quick in ( settling ) the account.
40:18  And warn them of the day that is drawing near, when the hearts will be choking near the throats, there will be no intimate friend for those who were unjust nor a mediator who could be obeyed.
40:19  He ( Allah ) knows the misusers of the eyes and that which is hidden in the bosoms.
40:20  And Allah judges with truth while those whom they pray to besides Him, cannot judge anything. Allah is certainly the Hearing, the Seeing.
40:21  Did they not travel in the earth and see how the end of those before them was ( brought about )? They were severer than them in strength and ( in constructing ) memorials in the earth, but Allah caught them for their sins, and there was no one to guard them from Allah.
40:22  That was because, their messengers had come to them with clear proofs but they rejected ( them) so Allah caught them, He is certainly Strong, Severe in requital.
40:23  And We had sent Musa with Our signs and a clear authority,
40:24  to Firawn and Haman and Qaroon, but they said, “( He is a ) magician, a liar.”
40:25  So when he came to them with the truth from Us, they said, “Kill the sons of those who believe with him and leave their women alive.” And the plot of the infidels ( ends ) in nothing but error.
40:26  And Firawn said, “Leave me to kill Musa and let him call his Fosterer, I fear that he will change your religion or he will make corruption to appear in the earth.”
40:27  And Musa said, “I seek the protection of my Fosterer and your Fosterer from every proud person who does not believe in the day of account.”
40:28  And a believing man from among Firawn’s people who had kept his belief a secret, said, “Do you kill a man ( just ) because he says: My Fosterer is Allah and he has come to you with clear proofs from your Fosterer? And if he is a liar then on him will be ( the responsibility of ) his lie, but if he is truthful, then something of that which he is threatening you ( with ), will afflict you. Allah certainly does not guide him who is extravagant, a liar.
40:29  O my people! Yours is the government this day and you are uppermost in the earth, but who will help us against the punishment of Allah if it comes to us?” Firawn said, “I do not show you anything except that which I see ( good for you ) and I do not lead you but to the right way.”
40:30  And he who had believed said, “O my people ! I fear for you ( something ) like the day of ( disaster which befell the ancient ) parties,
40:31  like those of the people of Nuh and Aad and Samood and those after them. And Allah does not intent injustice for ( His ) servants.
40:32  And O my people ! I fear for you the day of summoning,
40:33  the day on which you will turn your backs retreating, there will be no protector for you from Allah and he whom Allah leaves to stray, then there is no guide for him.
40:34  And Yusuf had come to you earlier with clear proofs, but you did not cease to be in doubt about that with which he came, until when he died you said: Allah will never raise a messenger after him. Thus does Allah leave to stray, him who is an extravagant doubter.
40:35  35 Those who dispute concerning the signs of Allah, without ( any ) authority that He has given to them, it is greatly hateful in the sight of Allah and in the sight of those who believe. Thus does Allah set a seal on every proud, rebellious heart.”
40:36  And Firawn said, “O Haman ! build a lofty tower for me that I may reach the ways,
40:37  the ways of the skies, then peep towards the God of Musa, and I definitely consider him to be a lair.” And thus the evil of his deeds was made fair seeming to Firawn and he was turned away from the way, and the plot of Firawn ( led to ) nothing but to ruin.
40:38  And he who had believed said, “O my people ! follow me I will guide you to the right way.
40:39  O my people ! this life of the world is only ( a temporary ) provision while the hereafter, that is certainly the home for staying.
40:40  Whoever does evil, then he will not be rewarded except with the like of it, and whoever does righteous work from among men or women and he or she is a believer then those will enter the garden wherein they will be provided without measure.
40:41  And O my people! how is it that I invite you towards safety while you invite me towards the fire?
40:42  You invite me for not believing in Allah, and to associate with Him (things), about which I do not have knowledge, while I invite you towards the Mighty, the Protectively Forgiving.
40:43  Assuredly, that towards which you invite me, is itself not fit to be prayed to in this world or in the hereafter, and our turning is towards Allah, and the extravagant, they will be the inhabitants of the fire,
40:44  then you will remember what I had said to you, and I entrust my affair to Allah, Allah is certainly a Seer of (His) servants.
40:45  So Allah saved him from the evil of that which they planned and an evil punishment engulfed Firawn’s people.
40:46  The fire, they are presented before it morning and evening, and the day the hour of doom will be established ( it will be said ), “Make the people of Firawn enter the severest punishment.”
40:47  And when they will dispute with each other in the fire, the weak will say to those who considered themselves great, “We were your followers, so will you make us free form a portion of the fire?”
40:48  Those who considered themselves great will say, “We all are in it, Allah has certainly judged between ( His ) servants.”
40:49  And those in the fire will say, to the guards of hell, “Pray to your Fosterer to lighten for us (at least for) a day ( something ) of the punishment.”
40:50  They will say, “Did your messengers not come to you with clear proofs?” They will say, “Yes, why not?” The ( guards ) will say, “Then ( in that case ) you ( yourselves ) pray,” but the prayer of the infidels will be in vain.
40:51  We certainly help Our messengers and those who believe, ( both ) in the life of this world and on the day when the witnesses will stand,
40:52  the day on which their excuse will not benefit those who were unjust, and for them there will be a curse and for them there will be an evil home.
40:53  And We gave Musa the guidance and We made the children of Israel inherit the book,
40:54  ( as ) guidance and a reminder for men of understanding.
40:55  So be patient, the promise of Allah is certainly true and seek protection for your sin and glorify by praising your Fosterer in the evening and the morning.
40:56  Those who dispute concerning the signs of Allah without ( any ) authority that has come to them, there is nothing in their bosoms ( hearts ) except ( the desire to be ) great, which they will certainly never attain, so seek the protection of Allah, He is certainly the Hearing, the Seeing.
40:57  The creation of the skies and the earth is certainly greater than the creation of human beings, but the majority of human beings does not know.
40:58  And the blind and the seeing are not equal, nor are those who believe and do righteous works ( equal to ) the evil doers, little is it that you mind.
40:59  The hour of doom will certainly come, there is no doubt in it, but the majority of human beings does not believe.
40:60  And your Fosterer has said, “Pray to me I will respond to you. Those who consider themselves great to serve ( worship ) Me, they will certainly enter hell, humbled.”
40:61  It is Allah Who has made the night for you, that you may rest therein, and the day visible. Allah is certainly Gracious to human beings, but the majority of human beings is not grateful.
40:62  That is Allah your Fosterer, Creator of everything, there is no god except Him, then how are you turned away ( from the truth )?
40:63  Thus were turned away those who used to knowingly reject the signs of Allah.
40:64  It is Allah Who has made the earth a place of stay for you, and the sky a construction ( a structure above you ), and He gave you form, then made your forms excellent and provided you with good things. That is Allah your Fosterer, so blessed be Allah the Fosterer of the worlds.
40:65  He is the Living, there is no god but He, so pray to Him, making religion exclusively for Him. Praise is due only for Allah, the Fosterer of the worlds.
40:66  Say, “I am forbidden to worship those whom you pray to, besides Allah, when clear proofs have come to me from my Fosterer, and I am commanded to submit to the Fosterer of the worlds.
40:67  He it is Who created you from the soil, then from the sperm, then from that which clings and hangs like a leech, then He brings you out as a child, then ( He keeps you alive ) so that you reach your ( age ) of strength, then ( He keeps you alive ) so that you become old, and among you is he who is taken back ( i.e. dies ) earlier, so that ( all of ) you reach the ( end of the ) appointed term, and that you may understand.
40:68  He it is Who gives life and causes to die. So when He decides an affair, then He says to it only, “Be,” so it is.
40:69  Did you not see towards those who dispute concerning the signs of Allah, how they are turned away?
40:70  Those who deny the book and that with which We sent Our messengers, they will come to know,
40:71  when they will be tied in their necks and chained to be dragged
40:72  into the boiling water, then in the fire they will be burned.
40:73  Then it will be said to them, “Where are those whom you used to associate as partners ( with Allah ),
40:74  ( and to whom you prayed to ) besides Allah?” They will say, “They have gone away from us, no, we did not pray to anything earlier.” Thus Allah will leave the infidels to stray.
40:75  That is because you used to exult in the earth without having the right to do so and because you used to be proud.
40:76  Enter the doors of hell to stay therein, so evil is the home of the proud.
40:77  So be patient, Allah’s promise is certainly true, so whether We show you something of that which We promise them or We take you back ( i.e. cause you to die ), ultimately towards Us will they ( all ) be returned.
40:78  And We had sent messengers before you. Among them are those about whom We did narrate to you and among them are those about whom We did not narrate to you. And it is not for a messenger to come with a sign without Allah’s permission. So when the command of Allah came, it was judged with truth, and there lost those who were on falsehood.
40:79  It is Allah Who has made the cattle for you that you may ride ( some ) of them and eat ( some ) of them,
40:80  and ( there are other ) benefits for you in them, and that through them you may attain the need in your bosoms ( i.e. transport material ), and on them and on the ships you are carried.
40:81  And He shows you His signs, so which of the signs of Allah will you reject?
40:82  Then, did they not travel in the earth and see how the end of those before them was ( brought about )? They were more in number than them and severer in strength and ( in constructing ) memorials in the earth, but that which they used to earn was of no use to them.
40:83  So when their messengers came to them with clear proofs, they were exultant because of that which was with them of knowledge, but that which they used to mock at, surrounded them.
40:84  But when they saw Our punishment, they said, “We believe in Allah Who is One, and we reject that which we used to associate with Him as partners.”
40:85  But their belief was of no benefit to them after they had seen Our punishment. This was the procedure of Allah which has passed among His servants ( in earlier generations too ) and there the infidels lost.