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39:1  Descent of Al-Kitab is from Allah, the All-Mighty, the All-Wise
39:2  Verily We, We sent down to you Al-Kitab in Original. So pay obedience to Allah as one who keeps Religion pure in relation to Him
39:3  Be careful! The Religion in pristine purity is for Allah (i.e., it originates from Allah). And those who have picked up auliya besides Him (saying), 'we do not obey them except (for the sole purpose) that they may bring us near to Allah — (in) nearness,' surely Allah will judge between them concerning that wherein they differ. Surely, Allah does not guide that who is a liar (and) an arrogant disbeliever
39:4  If Allah intended that He may pick up a son, He could have surely chosen out of what He creates, whoever He thinks proper. He is absolved (of such acts), He is Allah, the One, the Irresistible
39:5  He has created the heavens and the earth with purpose. He makes the night cover the day; and He makes the day to cover the night. And He has regulated and controlled the sun and the moon; all swiftly move (in space) for an appointed term. Be careful! He is the All-Mighty, the Oft-Forgiving
39:6  He created you (all) from Nafsin wahidatin (unitary living mass), then made minha [‘from this’ (unitary living mass)] a Zauj (mate) to ha (this) [Adam when regaded as a Nafs, is spoken in Arabic language in female-gender]. And He has sent down for you of cattle — eight types. He creates you in the bellies of your mothers — creation after creation, in threefold darknesses. This is Allah to you — Nourisher-Sustainer unto you. For Him is the dominion. La-ilaha-illa-Huwa. How then you are turned away (from the Permanent Path)
39:7  If you disbelieve, then verily, Allah is not in need of you. He likes not disbelief for His Ibad. And if you pay thanks He is pleased therewith for you. No bearer of burdens shall bear the burden of another. Then towards your Nourisher-Sustainer is the place of Return of you; so He will inform you what you had been doing.Verily, He is All-Knower of the state of the chests
39:8  And when an infliction touched a human being, he called out his Nourisher-Sustainer as one who turns to Him (in repentance and obedience); but when He showered on him grace and favour from Himself, he forgot that (for which) he used to cry to Him since before; and he set up rivals to Allah so that (this rival authority) may mislead from His Path. Say: “Enjoy your disbelief a little; surely, you are of the dwellers of the Fire.”
39:9  Is one who is content and devout during the portions of the night — one in prostration and one who is in standing position — he prepares a shield for the Hereafter and has a hope for the Mercy from his Nourisher-Sustainer (— could he be treated as equal to him who even rejects the fundamentals and becomes an arrogant disbeliever)? Say: “Do those who know and those who do not know, stand at equal footing?” Surely, what (is a fact is that only) those receive and accept the Message who are possessors of understanding and knowledge
39:10  Say: “O, those Ibad of Mine who have accepted Faith! Pay obedience to your Nourisher-Sustainer. For those who have done good in perfection in this world, is excellence. And Allah’s earth is very spacious. Truly, what (is a fact is that) the patiently perseverant ones shall be paid in full their reward without measure.”
39:11  Say: “Verily I, I am commanded that I may pay obedience to Allah as one who keeps Religion pristinely pure in relation to Him
39:12  And I am commanded that I may become the First of the Muslims (i.e., , when I have started preaching Al-Kitab, I am also the First submitter to it).”
39:13  Say: “Verily I, if I disobeyed my Nourisher-Sustainer I fear the torment of a great Day.”
39:14  Say: “To Allah I pay obedience as one who keeps his Religion pristinely pure in relation to Him
39:15  so worship, whatever you liked besides Him.” Say: “Surely, the losers are those who put to loss their ownselves and family-members on the Day of Resurrection." Beware! That (stage): that (would be) the manifest loss
39:16  For them, from above them, (would be) covering-layers of Fire, and from beneath them, (there would also be) covering-layers (of Fire). This (is): Allah does frighten therewith His Ibad. O My Ibad! Then obey Me (Alone)
39:17  Those who have avoided At-Taghut that they may worship them and have turned to Allah (in repentance): for them are glad tidings. So announce good news to My Ibad
39:18  those who listen to Al-Qawl (‘The Statement’. This is an attribute for Allah’s Al-Kitab); then they adopt the better of it — they are those whom Allah has guided; and they: they are possessors of understanding and intellect
39:19  Is then that against whom the statement of punishment has become justified, (equal to one who has remained obedient to the Teachings in Al-Kitab)? Will you then rescue that who is in the Fire
39:20  But those who have paid obedience to their Nourisher-Sustainer: for them are suites (and) above these are (additional) suites, properly builtup — flow underneath them rivers. (This is the) promise of Allah. Allah does not fail in promise
39:21  Don’t you see that Allah sent down from towards the sky — water? Then He caused it to penetrate (in the form of) streamlets in the earth. Afterwards He brings forth therewith herbage and crops — its colours being different. Then it grows to full bloom; (and) then you see it turned into yellow; then He reduces it to broken straw. Verily, in this is a sure admonition for those who possess understanding and intellect
39:22  Is that one whose Sadr (chest) Allah has made open (i.e., receptive) for Islam, so he takes a stand on (the) Light (received) from his Nourisher-Sustainer, (could be considered of the same status as a disbeliever)? So woe to those whose hearts are hardened against (receiving) Zikr ('Message') of Allah; they (stand) in manifest error
39:23  Allah has sent down Ahsan-al-Hadees [‘The Better Hadees’ (Narration)] Kitaban Mutashabihan Masani [a Book, mutually supporting (its statements); (and) repeating (its Verdicts in diverse forms to make one understand and grasp)]. The skins of those who are conscious and mindful of the position of their Nourisher-Sustainer, shiver from it (when they feel the force and impact of the Message). Then their skins and their hearts soften towards Zikr (Message) of Allah. This is Hudah (guidance) from Allah. He guides therewith whom He thinks proper. And whomsoever Allah lets go astray — then (there is) not for him out of (any) guide. [Please note that this Verse contains, in all, four attributes for Al-Kitab. Two of these are single worded like Zikr and Hudah. One is three worded, while Ahsan-al-Hadees is two worded attribute for the Book of Allah. Allah recognises only His Book as the collection of Authentic Ahadees]
39:24  Is then that one who takes protection from the evil of the punishment on the Day of Resurrection with his own face (i.e., his righteous deads) — could he be equal to that who is a transgressor)? And it was proclaimed unto the transgressors: “Taste what you used to earn.”
39:25  Those before them belied, so the torment came on them from directions and sites they do not perceive
39:26  So Allah made them to taste the disgrace in the present life, and surely the punishment of the Hereafter is greater, if they had been knowing
39:27  And surely, indeed We have put forth for mankind in this Al-Quran out of all similitudes, perchance they may remind (the Message to themselves and to others) —
39:28  Qur’an (in) Arabic (language) — not a possessor of Evaj (crookedness, or deviation from rectitude)— perchance people may pay obedience (to Allah)
39:29  Allah did bring a parable: a man, in him are share-holders, those who have disputes among themselves (and do not agree on a joint or uniform approach); and (on the other side is) a man completely subservient for one person (alone). Are they both equal when a parable is brought (to explain their position)? Selective Praise suits Allah (Alone). Nay, majority of them do not know
39:30  Verily, you [O Prophet (the addressee is singular)] are about to die, and surely they (i.e., the other people, too) are about to die
39:31  Then surely, you people, on the Day of Resurrection before your Nourisher-Sustainer, you will fall in disputes
39:32  So, who is more unjust than that who forged a lie against Allah and belied As-Sidq (‘The Truth’) when it reached him? Is (there) not in Hell an abode for the disbelievers
39:33  And he who has approached with As-Sidq and accepting it as truth he confirmed it: such people, they (very ones) are Al-Muttaqun
39:34  For them (is available) with their Nourisher-Sustainer what they shall desire. That is the reward for the Muhsinun
39:35  so that Allah may remit from them what is more evil in what they did, and may pay them their reward even with something better than what they used to do
39:36  Is not Allah Sufficient for His Abd? People create in you fear regarding those (who are regarded as deities) besides Him. And whom Allah lets go astray, then there is not for him out of (any) guide
39:37  And whomsoever Allah guides, then there is not for him out of one who misleads. Is not Allah All-Mighty, Possessor of Retribution
39:38  And surely, if you asked them: “Who created the heavens and the earth?” Definitely they will say: 'Allah'. Say: “Have you then pondered (about) what you invoke besides Allah? If Allah intended unto me some harm: whether those (deities) are rescuers for the harm inflicted by Him? (And) if He intended for me some mercy, whether those (deities) are those who would be able to withhold or stop His Mercy?” Say: "Sufficient became to me, Allah. In Him put (their) trust those who put (their) trust (in the Right Authority).”
39:39  Say: “O my nation! (Continue to) act at your end, surely I too am one who acts. Then (very) soon you will know —
39:40  to whom comes a punishment that puts him to disgrace, and stays over him a lasting punishment.
39:41  Verily We, We sent down unto you Al-Kitab for mankind in original, so whoever became guided so it is to his (own) Nafs; and whoever went astray, so certainly what (is a fact is that) he strays against it (i.e., against the interest of his own Nafs or personality). And you are not (appointed) over them (as) a wakil
39:42  Allah: He completes (a span over) the Anfus at the time of her (i.e., a Nafs’s) death; and (also for) that one — she has not died during (the duration of) her sleep. Then He withholds that on whom the (decree of) death stands issued; and sends back the other (on whom a decree for sleep, but not death, was issued) for a specified period. Certainly, in this are indeed signs for a nation who think and ponder
39:43  Have the people picked up intercessors besides Allah? Say; “What? And if they do not own anything and do not use intellect — (will you still accept them as idols or deities who may help you as intercessors)?
39:44  Tell (the people): “To Allah belongs all intercession. For Him is the Dominion of the heavens and the earth, then to Him you will be brought back.”
39:45  And when Allah was described in His (absolute) Oneness, the hearts of those who do not have Faith or Belief in the Hereafter, felt disgust. And when those who are besides Him came in discussion (out of their so called intercessors and sharers in the Dominion of Allah), immediately they experience satisfaction and joy
39:46  Say: “My Beloved Allah! Originator of the heavens and the earth, Knower of the unseen and the seen: You, You (Alone) shall judge between Your Ibad in that wherein they used to differ.”
39:47  And if (it is so), that for those who transgressed, there is (to their) disposal whatever is in the earth altogether, and also similar to it alongwith it — (surely), they must have paid ransom thereby (to be rescued) from the evil of the torment on the Day of Resurrection. And has started for them, proceeding from Allah the torment which they had not been assessing
39:48  And have started for them the evils which they earned (during their worldly life). And that very torment which they used to mock at, has extended all around them (and they stand encircled as criminal prisoners)
39:49  So when harm touched a human being, he invoked Us. Afterwards when We bestowed on him grace from Us, he said: “Surely, what (is a fact is that) I have been given that because of (my) knowledge and learning.” Nay, (it is) a trial, but the majority of those people do not know
39:50  Verily, those before them (also) said it (the same way), yet availed them not what they used to earn
39:51  So the evil effects of what they earned reached them. And those who have transgressed from amongst these (contemporary people): soon shall reach them the evil effects of what they earned. And they shall not be those who could ever frustrate (Allah in His Plans)
39:52  Do they not then know that Allah enlarges the provision for whom He thinks proper and (also) restricts (it to needs as and when He thinks proper)? Surely, in this are indeed signs for a nation who Believe
39:53  Say: “O Ibadi (My obedient subjects) who have committed excesses against their own selves; despair not of the Mercy of Allah. Surely Allah forgives (and writes off) the sins — all (of them, when done out of ignorance or during a period devoid of admonitions and reminders or under any pressures). Surely He, He is the Oft-Forgiving, the continuously Merciful
39:54  And take a turn towards your Nourisher-Sustainer (for accepting and adopting the teachings in His Al-Kitab) and submit to Him before (a stage) that the torment comes to you; then you will not be helped
39:55  And follow the better one of that which has been sent down to you from your Nourisher-Sustainer before (the stage) that the torment comes on you out of a sudden while you perceive (it) not —
39:56  lest a Nafs may say: “O alas! For what I derelicted in the link with Allah, and that I happened to be, indeed, out of those who mock and scoff (on every thing which is Islam or Faith).”
39:57  Or (lest) she says: “If (only) that Allah had guided me, I should certainly had been out of the righteous.”
39:58  Or (lest) she may say, when she sees the torment: “Would that (there was possible) for me a return (to the world) I would then be among the Muhsinun.”
39:59  Aye, surely, came to you Aayaati (‘My Verses’) but you belied them and you behaved in arrogance and you became among the disbelievers
39:60  And on the Day of Resurrection you will see those who lied against Allah — their faces are darkened (i.e., devoid of Divine Light and Awakening). Is there not in Hell an abode for the defiant and arrogant
39:61  And Allah will rescue those who paid obedience (to Him) with their laurels. Evil shall not touch them, and they shall not grieve
39:62  Allah is the Creator of all things and He is the Wakil over all things
39:63  To Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth. And those who behaved as disbelievers with Ayaatillahe (‘The Verses of Allah’), those people: they very ones are the losers
39:64  Say: “Do you then order me (that) I may pay obedience to other than Allah, O you the ignorants?”
39:65  And surely, indeed it has been inspired unto you and unto those before you (that) surely if you joined others in the Dominion and Authority of Allah, (then) indeed your action goes waste, and you certainly become out of those who have lost
39:66  Nay! So pay obedience to Allah (Alone), and be among the grateful
39:67  People have not made a just estimate of Allah in accordance with the esteem due to Him. And the whole earth will be His handful on the Day of Resurrection, and the heavens lie rolled up in His right (hand). Glory to Him, and exalted is He above that which they associate (with Him as their so-called partners)
39:68  And the siren has been blown; so, has fallen down (dead) whosoever (is) in the heavens and whosoever (is) in the earth, except whom Allah thought proper. Afterwards it has been blown a second time, so instantly they are in standing position — they are loohead of state on
39:69  And the earth is lit-up with the Light of her Nourisher-Sustainer and Al-Kitab has been placed (in position); and the Prophets and the Witnesses have been brought forward; and the judgment has been pronounced among them with full justice; and they will not be put to injustice
39:70  And each Nafs (human personality) has been paid in full of what she did. And He knows more about what the people do
39:71  And those who disbelieved have been driven to Hell in groups, till when they reached it, its doors were opened, and its keepers (or guards) said to them: “Didn’t the Messengers come to you from amongst you — they reproduce before you the Verses of your Nourisher-Sustainer, and they give you warning about meeting this Day of yours?” They said (in reply): “Of course, true!” And, but the statement about punishment stands implemented against the disbelievers
39:72  It has been said (to them): “Enter you the gates of Hell as abiders therein.” So evil is the abode of the arrogant (and defiant) ones
39:73  And those who obeyed (and submitted to) their Nourisher-Sustainer, were led to the Garden in groups, till when they reached it, and were opened its gates, and its keepers said to them: “Salamun Alaikum (peace and blessing be upon you)! Tibtum (you passed a clean, sanctified life), so enter you therein as abiders (for an everlasting honourable life).”
39:74  And they said: “Selective Praise suits Allah (Alone) Who has fulfilled to us His Promise and has made us inherit (this) land (in Paradise). We may establish our abode (at any place) out of the Garden, as and where we may desire. How excellent a reward for those who act [in submission to Al-Kitab, and adopt Sirat-e-Mu’staqim (the Permanent Path) described therein]!”
39:75  And (in the Hereafter) you will watch the angels as those who move about all around Al-Arsh [The (Divine) Throne or Seat of Power]. They swiftly and obediently act with (word of) Praise to their Nourisher-Sustainer. And a decision has been announced amongst them in full justice and it has been declared: Al-Hamd-o-lillahe-Rabbil-Alamin [Selective Praise suits Allah (Alone), the Nourisher-Sustainer to the worlds]