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3:1  Alef Lam Meem
3:2  God! There is no God but Him. The Eternal, the Self-Sustainer.
3:3  He has sent down the Book to you with the Truth to confirm what is available of other revelations, as it is He who sent down the Torah and the Gospel
3:4  beforehand as guidance to people, and He revealed the Standard by which we judge right from wrong. Those who do not believe God's signs will have severe punishment. God is Almighty and capable of revenge.
3:5  Nothing on earth or in heaven is hidden from God.
3:6  He forms you in the womb as He wills. There is no God but Him, the Almighty, the Wise.
3:7  It is He who revealed this Book to you. Some of its verses are clear and definite in meaning; they are the Book's core. Others are ambiguous. Those with stubborn hearts follow the ambiguous verses, desiring to create confusion and their own interpretation, while absolutely no one but God knows their [exact] interpretation. Those who are grounded in knowledge say, "We believe it. It is all from our Lord." No one will take this to heart except those endowed with insight.
3:8  "Our Lord, do not let our hearts deviate after you have guided us. Give us your mercy. You are the Ever Giving.
3:9  Our Lord, You are gathering the people for a definite day. God does not break His promise."
3:10  Neither the possessions nor the children of the unbelievers will help them at all with God. They are fuel for Hell.
3:11  As in the case of Pharaoh's people and those before them, they have denied our signs, so God punished them for their sins. God is severe in punishment.
3:12  Say to the unbelievers, "You will be defeated and gathered into Hell - a dreadful suffering place.
3:13  You already have a sign: Two groups met [in battle], one fighting in God's cause and the other denying Him; with their own eyes the unbelievers saw the believers as double in numbers." God provides help to whomever He wills. That is a lesson for those who have eyes to see.
3:14  The love of worldly pleasures is alluring to people: women, children, vast hoards of gold and silver, branded horses, cattle, and farmland. These are matters of this world. God has the best of destinations.
3:15  Say, "Will I tell you of better things than that? Those that were mindful of God will have Heavenly Gardens with their Lord, with flowing rivers. They will live there forever, with purified mates and God's grace." God is fully aware of His worshipers
3:16  who say, "Our Lord, We have believed, so forgive us our sins and protect us from the punishment of Hell."
3:17  They are the ones who are patient in hard times, true to their word, devout, generous and who pray before dawn for forgiveness.
3:18  God bears witness that there is no God but Him, as do the angels, and those who are endowed with knowledge. He is the Upholder of Justice. There is no God but Him, the Almighty, the Wise.
3:19  To God true faith is submission [Islam], and those who received the Book differed only after receiving knowledge out of contention. God will be swift in reckoning with those who deny His revelations.
3:20  If they dispute with you, say, "My followers and I have totally submitted to God." Say to those who were given the Book and to the Gentiles, "Have you submitted?" If they submit, they have been guided. If they turn away, your responsibility is to only convey the message. God is well aware of His worshipers.
3:21  Tell those who deny God's revelations, who wrongfully kill prophets and kill those who call for justice, that they will have painful punishment.
3:22  Their works have failed both in this world and in the Hereafter, and they have no one to rescue them.
3:23  Have you thought about those who were given a portion of the Book? They were asked to accept judgment according to God's Book, some of them being unreasonably stubborn, turned away
3:24  just because they declared, "We will only be in Hell for a few days." The lies they had fabricated caused them to betray their faith.
3:25  How then will they feel if we gather them for a definite day, when every soul is repaid as it deserves, and they will not be wronged?
3:26  Say, "God, Lord of all dominion, You give sovereignty to whom You will and You take sovereignty from whom You will; You exalt whom You will, and You bring low whom You will. Goodness is in Your hand. You can do anything.
3:27  You make night flow into day, and day flow into night; You bring out the living from the dead, the dead from the living, and You provide bountifully, without measure, for those You will."
3:28  The believers should not take unbelievers as allies in preference to believers. Anyone who does that will completely isolate himself from God, unless you are seeking to protect your own selves from them. God warns you to beware of Him. God is our ultimate destination.
3:29  Say, "God knows what is in your hearts, whether you hide or reveal it. He knows what is in the heavens and the earth. God has power over all things.
3:30  On that day, every soul will find the good that it has done present before it. But it will wish that there were a great distance between it and the evil it has done. God cautions you about Himself. God is compassionate with His worshipers."
3:31  Say, "If you love God, follow me, God will surely love you and forgive your sins. God is forgiving and merciful."
3:32  Say, "Obey God and the Messenger. But if they turn away, God does not love those who deny the truth."
3:33  God chose Adam, Noah, Abraham's family, and Imran's family over all people--
3:34  a common line of descent, one following the other. God hears all and knows all.
3:35  Imran's wife said, "Lord, I have vowed to you what is in my womb to be wholly dedicated to you; accept it from me. You hear all and know all."
3:36  When she gave birth, she said, "Lord, I have delivered a female." God knows well what she delivered--that a male is not like a female. "I have named her Mary. I seek your protection for her and her children, from the accursed Satan."
3:37  Her Lord accepted the female baby favorably and caused her to have a good upbringing and placed her in Zechariah's care. As often as Zechariah visited her in the inner sanctuary, he found she had food. He said, "Mary, how did you get this?" She said, "It is from God. God provides bountifully for whomever he wills."
3:38  There Zechariah prayed to his Lord. He said, "Lord, be gracious to me and give me such a blessed child. You certainly hear prayer.
3:39  The angels called to him as he stood praying in the inner sanctuary, "God gives you good news of John, who will confirm a Word from God. He will be noble and chaste, a prophet and one of the righteous."
3:40  He said, "Lord, how can I have a boy when I am an old man, and my wife is barren?" The angel said, "It will be so. God does whatever He wills."
3:41  He said, "Lord, give me a sign." He said, "Your sign will be that you will not speak to people for three days except by gestures. Remember your Lord frequently and glorify Him in the evening and the morning."
3:42  The angels said, "Mary, God has chosen you, purified you, and chosen you above all women in the worlds.
3:43  Mary, be dedicated to your Lord; bow down and kneel with those who are kneeling in prayer."
3:44  This is hidden knowledge that We reveal to you [Muhammad]. You were not with them when they cast lots for which of them would take care of Mary, or when they quarreled.
3:45  [When] the angels said, "Mary, God gives you good news of a word from Him, whose name will be the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary. He will be highly distinguished in this world and the Hereafter, and brought near to God.
3:46  He will speak to people from the cradle and when he's an old man. He's from among the righteous."
3:47  She said, "Lord, how can I have a boy when no man has ever touched me?" He said, "God creates what He wills, when He decides a matter, He simply says to it: "Be!", and then it is."
3:48  And He will teach him the Book, the Wisdom, the Torah, and the Gospel,
3:49  and he will be a messenger to the people of Israel, saying, "I have come to you with a sign from your Lord: I will create a bird like for you from clay and breathe into it and by God's permission it will be a bird. I, by God's permission, heal men born blind and lepers and give life to the dead. I will tell you what you may eat and what you should store in your homes. There is a sign in this for you, if you will believe.
3:50  I will confirm what is available of the Torah, and I will make permissible for you some of the things that were forbidden to you. I have brought you a sign from your Lord, so be mindful of God and obey me.
3:51  God is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him. This is the straight path."
3:52  When Jesus sensed their refusal to acknowledge the truth, he asked, "Who are my supporters in God's cause?" The disciples said, "We are God's supporters. We have believed in God, so bear witness that we have submitted.
3:53  Our Lord, we believe in what You revealed, and we follow the Messenger, so record us as witnesses."
3:54  And they [the unbelievers] plotted [against Jesus] but God caused their schemes to fail, for God is the best of all plotters.
3:55  God said, "Jesus, I will cause you to die and raise you up to me, and purify you from those who denied the truth, and I will exalt your followers over those who deny you until the Resurrection Day. Then you all will return to me, and I will judge between you in matters about which you disagree.
3:56  "But I will severely punish the unbelievers both in this world and the Hereafter, and they will have no one to help them."
3:57  As for the believers who do righteous deeds, God will pay them in full. God does not love the unjust.
3:58  What we are relating to you [Muhammad] are verses and the Wise Reminder [the Qur'an].
3:59  To God, Jesus is like Adam, whom He created from dust, then He told him, "Be!" and he was.
3:60  This is the Truth from your Lord, so do not doubt.
3:61  If someone continues to argue with you about it after knowledge has come to you, say, "Come let us call your children and ours and your wives and ours and you and us, then let us praise God and call down His curse on the liars."
3:62  This is the truth of the matter, and there is no deity but God. God is the Almighty, the Wise.
3:63  If they turn away, God is well aware of the corrupters.
3:64  People of the Book, "Come to a common word between us that we will not worship any but God, and we will not ascribe partners to Him, nor will we take each other as lords in addition to God." If they turn away, say, "Bear witness that we have submitted to God."
3:65  People of the Book, "Why do you argue about Abraham, when the Torah and the Gospel were not revealed until after him? Do you not understand?
3:66  Here you are arguing about some things you know, so why do you argue about things which you do not know? God knows and you do not."
3:67  Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian, but he was one who turned away from all that is false, a monotheist who submitted to God; never an idolater.
3:68  The people who are most deserving of Abraham are surely those who followed him - as does this Prophet and all who believed. God is the guardian of the believers.
3:69  Some People of the Book want to mislead you. They mislead only themselves, while not realizing it.
3:70  People of the Book, "Why do you deny God's revelations when you yourselves are witnesses?"
3:71  People of the Book, "Why do you clothe the Truth with falsehood, and knowingly hide the Truth?"
3:72  Some People of the Book said, "Believe in what was revealed to the believers at daybreak, and deny it at sunset, so they may return [to their ignorance].
3:73  Only trust those who follow your faith." Say, "True guidance is God's guidance. But you think it is impossible for anyone to be given the same revelation as you were given, or that they could use it to argue against you before your Lord. " Say, "Grace is in God's hand, and He gives it to those He wills. God is infinite, All-knowing."
3:74  He singles out for His mercy whomever He wills, and God has boundless grace."
3:75  Some of the People of the Book you can trust with a lot of gold, and they will return it to you. If you give others of them merely one coin, they will not return it to you unless you constantly remind them. That is because they say, "We are under no obligation to the Gentiles." They knowingly say lies about God.
3:76  Indeed, God loves those who keep His covenant and are always mindful of Him.
3:77  Those who barter God's covenant and their oaths for a small price have no portion in the Hereafter, and God will not speak to them or look at them on the Resurrection Day, nor will He cleanse them of their sins. They will a have painful punishment.
3:78  Some of them distort the Book with their tongues, so that you would think that it is from the Book, when it is not. They say, it is from God, when it is not, and they knowingly tell lies about God.
3:79  It is inconceivable that a man could have been given the Book, Wisdom and Prophecy by God and then have told people, "Worship me instead of God," rather than, "Be godly teachers because of what you were taught from the Book and because of what you have studied."
3:80  He will not command you to take angels and prophets as lords. Would he command you to deny God after you have submitted?
3:81  When God made a covenant with the prophets, [He said], "If after I give you the Book and the Wisdom, I then send a messenger confirming what is with you, you should believe in him and help him. Do you accept and make it binding on you?" They said, "We accept." He said, "Then bear witness, and I, too, will be your witness."
3:82  From now on, those who turn away are disobedient.
3:83  Do they seek to have faith in something other than God, when all that is in heaven and earth submit to Him willingly or unwillingly? And unto Him all must return.
3:84  Say, "We believe in God and what He revealed to us and to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, the tribes, and in what was given to Moses, Jesus and the prophets from their Lord. We do not distinguish between any of them, and we have submitted to Him."
3:85  If one seeks a faith other than submission to God [Islam], it will never be accepted from him, and in the Hereafter he will be among the losers.
3:86  How can God guide those who deny Him after having believed and witnessed that the messenger is true and after having seen miracles? God does not guide unjust people.
3:87  Their reward is the curse of God, angels, and all such men.
3:88  They will remain in that state forever, and their punishment will not be lightened nor will they be given relief.
3:89  As for those who repent and do good beforehand, God is forgiving and Merciful-to-all.
3:90  The unbelievers, if after they have believed they then became stubborn in their unbelief, their repentance will never be accepted. They are truly lost. (:
3:91  An earth full of gold will not be accepted as a ransom from anyone who dies in a state of unbelief denying God. They will have a painful punishment and will not have anyone to help them.
3:92  You [believers] will not attain righteousness until you give from what you hold dearest to your heart. God knows well what you give away.
3:93  Before the Torah was revealed, all food was lawful for the children of Israel except what Israel [Jacob] made unlawful for himself. If you are telling the truth, bring the Torah and read it.
3:94  Those who persist in inventing lies about God after that are truly unjust.
3:95  Say, "God has spoken the Truth; therefore follow the creed of Abraham, a monotheist. He was not an idolater.
3:96  The first house of worship established for people was the one in Bakkah. It is blessed and a source of guidance to humanity.
3:97  In it are signs and miracles. It was the place where Abraham stood. Whoever entered it was safe. Pilgrimage to the House is a duty owed to God by all people who can find a way to do it. But if anyone decides to reject the truth, [they should know that] God is rich beyond need of the worlds.
3:98  Say, "People of the Book, why do you reject God's revelations? God is witness to what you do."
3:99  Say, "People of the Book, why do you turn the believers away from God's path? Seeking to make it [seem] deviant, while you are witnesses [to the truth]? God is not oblivious to what you do.
3:100  Believers, if you obey some of those who were given the Book, they will turn you back to unbelief.
3:101  How can you not believe when God's message is recited to you and His Messenger is among you? Whoever clings to God has been guided to a straight path.
3:102  Believers, be mindful of God as is due Him and be sure you have submitted to Him before you die.
3:103  Cling all together to God's rope, and do not separate. Remember God's grace to you: when you were enemies He united your hearts and you became brothers through His grace. You were at the edge of a pit of Hell, and He rescued you from it. God makes His signs clear to you, so that you may be guided.
3:104  May there be a group among you that calls for all that is good, promotes what is right and prevents what is wrong. It is they who are successful.
3:105  Do not be like those, who after having received clear signs, disputed and were divided among themselves. They will have a great punishment waiting for them.
3:106  On the Day [of Judgment] when some faces are bright [with hope] while others are dark [with despair]. Those whose faces are darkened will be asked "Have you denied God's Truth after believing? Then experience the punishment for your unbelief."
3:107  As for those whose faces were bright, they will live eternally in God's mercy.
3:108  These are God's revelations which we recite to you in Truth. God does not desire injustice for people.
3:109  Everything in the heavens and on earth belongs to God, and all things will return to Him.
3:110  You are the best community brought forth for the good of mankind, promoting what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in God. If the People of the Book had believed, it would have been better for them. Some of them are believers, but most are defiantly disobedient.
3:111  They will not do you much harm, and if they fight you, they will flee and not be helped.
3:112  They are disgraced wherever they are, except for a lifeline from God and from people, and they brought God's anger upon themselves. They are branded with humiliation because they, in their transgression and disobedience, persisted in denying God's signs and wrongly killed the prophets.
3:113  They are not all alike. Among the People of the Book are upright people, reading God's verses all night as they bow down.
3:114  They believe in God and the Last Day, order what is obviously right, forbid what is obviously wrong, and they are quick to do good deeds. They are righteous.
3:115  The good they do will not be forgotten. God knows those who are mindful of Him.
3:116  As for the unbelievers, neither their wealth nor their children will be of benefit to them before God. They are destined to Hell, where they will remain eternally.
3:117  The parable of what they spend in this worldly life is like a freezing wind that blew on a field belonging to people who wronged themselves, and it destroyed it. God did not cheat them, but they cheated themselves.
3:118  Believers do not be close friends to outsiders who spare no effort to ruin you and want to see you suffer. Their hatred is apparent in what they say, and what their hearts hide is even worse. We have made Our revelations clear to you, if you would only use your reason.
3:119  Here you are loving them, but they do not love you. You believe in the entire Book, and when they meet you, they say, "We believe." When they depart, they bite their fingers in rage against you. Say, "Perish in you rage. God knows what is in your hearts."
3:120  If goodness befalls you, they are displeased, and if evil, then they rejoice. If you endure and are godly, their plots will not harm you at all. God surrounds all they do.
3:121  Remember, Prophet, when you left your family at dawn to post the believers at their battle stations, knowing that God hears all and knows all,
3:122  when two of your groups were about to give up, God protected them. Let the believers put their trust in God.
3:123  You were very weak, and God gave you the victory at Badr. So, remain mindful of God and be grateful.
3:124  When you said to the believers, "Will it not be enough that your Lord supplies you with three thousand angels?"
3:125  Yes! If you endure and are mindful of God, and the enemy suddenly attacks you, your Lord will provide five thousand swooping angels.
3:126  God makes it all good news for you so that your hearts will be at peace in Him. Victory is only from God, the Almighty, the Wise.
3:127  He destroyed a flank of the unbelievers and suppressed them, so they would retreat frustrated in failure.
3:128  You have nothing to do with the matter. Either He will accept their repentance or punish them because they are unjust.
3:129  To God belongs everything in the heavens and the earth. He forgives whomever He wants and punishes whomever he wants. God is forgiving and Merciful-to-all.
3:130  Believers, do not collect exorbitantly compounded interests from usury, and be mindful of God so that you will succeed.
3:131  Be aware that Hell was prepared for the unbelievers,
3:132  and obey God and his Messenger, that you may receive mercy.
3:133  Rush toward forgiveness from your Lord and a Heavenly Garden as wide as the heavens and the earth, prepared for those who are mindful of God.
3:134  Those who give in good times and in bad, suppress their rage and pardon other people. God loves those who do good
3:135  and those who when they are promiscuous or wrong themselves, remember God and ask forgiveness for their sins. Who but God forgives sins? And they do not knowingly persist in the sins they commit.
3:136  Their reward is forgiveness from their Lord and Heavenly Gardens with flowing rivers. They will live there eternally. What an incredible reward for their works!
3:137  Historic events guided by God's laws happened down through the ages. As you walk throughout the land consider the consequences of those who denied the truth.
3:138  This is a clear statement to Mankind. It is guidance, and instruction to those who are mindful of God.
3:139  Do not lose heart or despair. You will overcome if you are believers.
3:140  If you have been wounded, know that the other side has been similarly wounded. We alternate such days between people, so God may know those who believe and to choose from among them some who [with their lives] will bear witness to the Truth. God does not love the unjust.
3:141  So God can test the believers and annihilate the unbelievers.
3:142  Or do you suppose that you will enter the Heavenly Garden while God has not yet made evident those among you who struggled and made evident those who endure?
3:143  You desired death [in God's cause] before you encountered it. Now you have seen it with your own eyes!
3:144  Muhammad is only a messenger. Other messengers have passed away before him. If he dies or is killed, will you turn back? Whoever turns back will not hurt God at all. God will reward those who give thanks.
3:145  No soul can die without God's permission at a predetermined time. We will give rewards in this world to whoever wants them, and rewards in the Hereafter to whoever wants them. We will reward those who give thanks.
3:146  Many prophets have fought with godly people by their side. They did not lose heart or weaken or surrender when suffering for God's cause. God loves those who endure.
3:147  What they said was, "Lord, forgive us our sins and our over indulgences and make our feet firm, and save us from the unbelieving people."
3:148  So God gave them rewards in this world and best rewards in the life to come. God loves those who do good.
3:149  Believers, if you obey the unbelievers, they will cause you to turn back [from faith], and you will become losers.
3:150  God is your protector and He is the best of all victors.
3:151  We will strike panic into the hearts of the unbelievers. They attributed partners to God, for which He has never sent down any authority. Their dwelling is Hell. What an awful dwelling for the unjust!
3:152  God has fulfilled His promise to you when you, with His permission, were about to destroy your enemy. He showed you what you love, and then you failed, disputed and disobeyed. Some of you long for this world, and others long for the life to come. Then, in order that He might put you to a test, He kept you from winning. Then, later He pardoned you. God is gracious towards the believers.
3:153  As you fled up [the mountain], not listening to anyone, even as the Messenger was calling out to you from behind, God afflicted you with sorrow upon sorrow. [God has now forgiven you] so that you would not grieve over what you missed or what happened to you. God is well aware of what you do.
3:154  Then after the sorrow, He surrounded you with a sense of calm and drowsiness covered some of you, while others were feeling sorry for themselves, entertaining wrong and ignorant thoughts about God. They said, "Do we have a say about this matter?" Say, "The whole matter is God's." They hide their true feeling from you. They say, "If we had a say about this we would not have been killed here." Say, "If you were in your houses, those destined to be killed would have gone out to meet their death. God wants to test what is within you and purify what is in your hearts. God knows what is in the hearts."
3:155  As for those of you who ran away on the day the two groups met, Satan humiliated them by their own actions. However, God has pardoned them. God is forgiving and forbearing.
3:156  Believers, do not be like the unbelievers and say about their brothers who went on a journey or a raid, "If they were with us, they would not have died or been killed." God will make these thoughts turn into bitter regret in their hearts. It is God who gives life and causes death. God sees well what you do.
3:157  If you die or are killed in God's path, there is forgiveness and mercy from God better than all the wealth one might accumulate.
3:158  When you die or are killed, you will be assembled before God.
3:159  By God's mercy, you [Prophet] were gentle toward them. If you had been rude and hard-hearted, they would have turned away from you. Pardon them, ask forgiveness for them, and consult them about the matter, but once you decide on a course of action, put your trust in God. God loves those who trust Him.
3:160  If God supports you, no one can defeat you. But if He fails you, who then can help you? Let the believers put their trust in God.
3:161  No prophet should deceive, and whoever deceives will be faced with his deceit on the Resurrection Day. Then every soul will be rewarded according to what it earned, and they will not be wronged.
3:162  Is someone who pursues God's acceptance, like the one who earns God's wrath? His dwelling is Hell, a dreadful destiny.
3:163  They are on different levels in the sight of God. God sees what they do.
3:164  God was gracious to the believers by sending them a messenger from among them reciting to them His verses, purifying them and teaching them the Book and Wisdom, though they were previously in clear error.
3:165  And when you are stricken with a disaster even after you have inflicted twice as much damage [on the enemy], you say, "How can this be?" Say, "You brought this upon yourselves. God has power over all things."
3:166  What happened to you on the day when the two groups met was according to God's will, in order to give believers a chance to prove their faith,
3:167  and to let the hypocrites be known. When they were told "Come fight in God's path or at least defend yourselves." They said, "If we had known how to fight, we would have followed you." They were closer on that day to unbelief than they were to faith. They say with their mouths what is not in their hearts. God knows what they hide.
3:168  As for those who remained behind, and said of their brothers, "If they obeyed us, they would not have been killed." Say, "Prevent death from reaching you, if you are telling the truth."
3:169  Never think of those who are killed in God's path as dead, but alive and provided for with their Lord,
3:170  rejoicing in what God has bestowed upon them of His favor, and they receive good news about those who remained behind who have not yet joined them - that there will be no fear for them, nor will they grieve.
3:171  They are rejoicing in God's blessings and favor from God, and that God does not allow the believers' rewards to be lost.
3:172  Those who responded to God and his Messenger after suffering defeat, who do good and are mindful of God, will have a great reward.
3:173  Those who were told by others, "People have gathered [an army] to fight you so fear them." This instead increased their faith, and they said, "It is sufficient for us to be on God's side. He is the best of protectors.
3:174  So they returned with grace and favor from God; no harm had touched them. And they worked hard at pleasing God, for truly God's favor is great.
3:175  It is Satan who is trying to get you to fear his allies, so do not be afraid, but fear Me, if you are believers.
3:176  Do not let those who rush to unbelief grieve you. They will not harm God at all. It is God's will that they will have no part in the life to come. They will have great punishment.
3:177  Those who chose to deny God over faith will not harm God at all. They will have painful punishment.
3:178  Those who are adamantly denying God shouldn't think that granting them more time, is necessarily better for them. We give them more time, but they only increase their guilt. They will have shameful punishment.
3:179  God would not leave the believers in the state they are in, until He identifies the wicked from the sincere. Nor would God reveal to you His unseen plan, but God chooses messengers according to His will. So believe in God and his Messengers. If you believe and are mindful of God, you will have a great reward.
3:180  Those who are tightfisted with what God has given them out of His abundance must not think that it is good for them; in fact, it is terrible for them. Whatever they cruelly withhold will be hung around their necks on Resurrection Day. It is God who will inherit the heavens and the earth: God is well aware of all you do.
3:181  God has heard those who said, "God is poor, and we are rich." We will write down what they said and their wrongful killing of the prophets in defiance of all that is right. We tell them, "Experience the fire's punishment!"
3:182  That is for what your hands have committed, because God is never unjust to his servants.
3:183  They are those who said that God has made a covenant with us not to believe in a messenger unless he brings us an offering that fire consumes. Say, "Messengers before me have come to you with miracles including the one you mentioned, so why did you kill them if you are telling the truth?"
3:184  And if they reject you, so also were messengers rejected who came before you, who brought miracles, written texts and the enlightening Book.
3:185  Every soul will experience death, and your true compensation will come on the Resurrection Day. The victor is he who is drawn away from Hell to enter the Heavenly Garden, for the life of this world is merely an illusion.
3:186  You will certainly be tested in your wealth and yourselves and will certainly hear hurtful things from those previously given the Book and the idolaters. But if you endure and are mindful of God, this proves the strength of your resolve.
3:187  God made a covenant with those who were given the Book, to clearly show it to humanity and not hide it, but they turned their backs on the covenant and bartered it for a small price. What an evil bargain they made.
3:188  Do not think that those who rejoice over what they were given and who love to be praised for what they did not do - do not think that they will escape from punishment. They will have agonizing punishment.
3:189  To God belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. God has power over all things.
3:190  The creation of the heavens and the earth and the sequence of night and day are signs to those who are endowed with insight.
3:191  They are those who remember God while standing and sitting and lying on their sides, and consider the creation of the heavens and the earth, saying "Our Lord, you have not created this aimlessly. May You be exalted in your glory! So protect us from the punishment of Hell.
3:192  Our Lord, You humiliate those You condemn to Hell. There is no help for the unjust.
3:193  Our Lord, We have heard one calling us to faith, 'Believe in your Lord.' So we believed. Our Lord, forgive us our sins and wipe out our bad deeds, and let us die with the righteous.
3:194  Our Lord, bring us what You promised us through Your messengers, and do not shame us on the Day of Resurrection. You do not break Your promises."
3:195  So their Lord answered their prayer, "I will not allow any of your deeds to be lost, male or female, each one of you is like the other. I will wipe away the sins of those who emigrated and were expelled from their homes and were harmed for My sake, and who fought and were killed, and make them enter Heavenly Gardens graced with flowing rivers as a reward from God. God has great rewards."
3:196  Do not be deceived by the [uninhibited] movement of the unbelievers throughout the land.
3:197  They have a short time of enjoyment, and then their dwelling is Hell, a dreadful dwelling place.
3:198  But those who are mindful of their Lord have Heavenly Gardens with flowing rivers, lodging there forever in dwellings from God. God has the best in store for the righteous.
3:199  Among the people of the Book are those who believe in God and what was revealed to you and what was revealed to them. They stand in awe of God; they do not barter God's messages for trivial gain. They have their reward from their Lord: God is quick in settling accounts.
3:200  Believers, be patient in hard times, and encourage each other to endure, and always be ready. Remain mindful of God, so you may prosper.