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3:1  Alif Laam Mee
3:2  Allah - (there is) no God except Him, the Ever-Living the Sustainer of all that exi
3:3  He revealed to you the Book in [the] truth confirming that which (was/among) before it, and He revealed the Taurat and the Injeel
3:4  From Before (this), (as) guidance for the mankind. And (He) revealed the Criterion. Verily, those who disbelieve[d] in (the) Verses of Allah, for them (is) a punishment severe. And Allah (is) All-Mighty, All-Able (of) retribution
3:5  Indeed Allah - not is hidden from Him anything in the earth and not in the heaven
3:6  He (is) the One Who shapes you in the wombs how(ever) He wills. (There is) no god except Him, the All-Mighty, the All-Wise
3:7  He (is) the One Who revealed to you the Book, of it (are) Verses absolutely clear - they (are) the foundation (of) the Book, and others (are) allegorical. Then as for those in their hearts (is) perversity - [so] they follow what (is) allegorical of it, seeking [the] discord and seeking its interpretation. And none knows its interpretation except Allah. And those firm in [the] knowledge, they say, "We believe in it. All (is) from near our Lord." And not will take heed except those people of intelligenc
3:8  "Our Lord! (Do) not deviate our hearts after [when] You (have) guided us, and grant (for) us from Yourself mercy. Indeed You, You (are) the Bestower
3:9  Our Lord! Indeed, You will gather [the] mankind on a Day, (there is) no doubt in it. Indeed, Allah (does) not break the Promise.
3:10  Indeed, those who disbelieve[d] never will avail [for] them their wealth and not their children against Allah anything, and those - they (are) (the) fuel (for) the Fire
3:11  Like behavior (of the) people (of) Firaun and those from before them. They denied Our Signs, so they were seized by Allah for their sins. And Allah (is) severe (in) [the] punishment
3:12  Say to those who disbelieve[d], "You will be overcome and you will be gathered to Hell, [and] an evil [the] resting place
3:13  Surely it was for you a sign in (the) two hosts which met - one group fighting in (the) way (of) Allah and another disbelievers. They were seeing them twice of them in the sight of their eyes And Allah supports with His help whom He wills. Indeed, in that surely (is) a lesson for the owners (of) vision
3:14  Beautified for mankind (is) love (of) the (things they) desire of [the] women and [the] sons and [the] heaps [the] stored up of [the] gold and [the] silver, and [the] horses [the] branded, and [the] cattle and [the] tilled land. That (is) provision (of) life (of) the world but Allah - with Him (is an) excellent [the] abode to return
3:15  Say, "Shall I inform you of better than that. For those who consciously revere[d], with their Lord, (are) Gardens flows from underneath them [the] rivers - abiding forever in it, and spouses pure and approval from Allah. And Allah (is) All-Seer of (His) slaves.
3:16  Those who say, "Our Lord! Indeed, we (have) believed, so forgive for us our sins and save us (from) punishment (of) the Fire.
3:17  The patient and the truthful and the obedient and those who spend and those who seek forgiveness [in the] before dawn
3:18  (it is) Witnessed by Allah that [He], (there is) no god except Him, and (so do) the Angels, and owners (of) [the] knowledge - standing in justice. (There is) no god except Him the All-Mighty, the All-Wise
3:19  Indeed, the religion near Allah (is) submission/Islam. And not differed those who were given the Book except from after [what] came to them [the] knowledge out of envy among them. And whoever disbelieves in (the) Verses (of) Allah, then indeed, Allah (is) swift (in taking) account
3:20  Then if they argue with you, then say, "I have submit myself to Allah and (those) who follow me." And say to those who were given the Book, and the unlettered people, "Have you submitted yourselves Then if they submit then surely they are guided. But if they turn back then only on you (is) to [the] convey. And Allah (is) All-Seer of [His] slaves
3:21  Indeed, those who disbelieve in (the) Signs (of) Allah and they kill the Prophets without right and they kill those who order [with] justice among the people, then give them tidings of a punishment painful
3:22  Those (are) the ones who - became worthless their deeds in the world and (in) the Hereafter. And not (will be) for them any helpers
3:23  Have you not seen [to] those who were given a portion of the Scripture? They are invited to (the) Book (of) Allah that (it should) arbitrate between them, then turns away a party of them and they (are) those who are averse
3:24  That (is) because they say, "Never will touch us the Fire except (for) days numbered." And deceived them in their religion what they were inventing
3:25  Then how (ill it be) when We will gather them on a Day - no doubt in it. And will be paid in full every soul what it earned and they (will) not be wronged
3:26  Say "O Allah! Owner (of) the Dominion, You give the dominion (to) whom You will and You take away the dominion from whom You will, and You honor whom You will, and You humiliate whom You will. In Your hand (is all) the good. Indeed, You (are) on every thing All-Powerful
3:27  You cause to enter the night in the day and You cause to enter the day in the night, and You bring forth the living from the dead, and You bring forth the dead from the living, and You give provision (to) whom You will without measure.
3:28  (Let) not take the believers, the disbelievers (as) allies instead of the believers. And whoever does that, then not he (has) from Allah in anything except that you consciously revere from them, (as) a precaution. And Allah warns you (of) Himself, and to Allah (is) the final return
3:29  Say, "Whether you conceal what (is) in your breasts or you disclose it - Allah knows it. And He knows what (is) in the heavens and what (is) in the earth. And Allah (is) on every thing All-Powerful.
3:30  (On the) day will find every soul what it did of good - presented, and what it did of evil, it will wish [if] that between itself and between it (evil) (was) a great distance. And Allah warns you (against) Himself, and Allah (is) Most Kind to (His) [the] slaves
3:31  Say, "If you love Allah, then follow Allah will love you and He will forgive for you your sins. And Allah (is) Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful
3:32  Say, "Obey Allah and the Messenger." Then if they turn away - then indeed, Allah (does) not love the disbelievers
3:33  Indeed, Allah chose Adam and Nuh, and (the) family (of) Ibrahim and (the) family (of) Imran over the worlds
3:34  Descendents, some of them from others. And Allah (is) All-Hearing, All-Knowing
3:35  When [she] said (the) wife (of) Imran, "My Lord! Indeed, I [I] vowed to You what (is) in my womb, dedicated, so accept from me. Indeed, You, You (are) the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing
3:36  Then when she delivered her, she said, "My Lord, indeed I [I] (have) delivered [her] a female." And Allah knows better [of] what she delivered, and is not the male like the female. "And that I [I] (have) named her Maryam and that I [I] seek refuge for her in You and her offspring from the Shaitaan the rejected.
3:37  So accepted her, her Lord with acceptance good, and reared her - a rearing good, and put her in (the) care (of) Zakariya. Whenever entered Zakariya in her [the] prayer chamber he found with her provision. He said, "O Maryam! From where for you (is) this?" She said, "This (is) from Allah. Indeed, Allah gives provision (to) whom He wills without measure.
3:38  There only, Zakariya invoked his Lord, he said, "My Lord grant [for] me from Yourself offspring pure. Indeed, You (are) All-Hearer (of) the praye
3:39  Then called him the Angels when he (was) standing - praying in the prayer chamber. "Indeed, Allah gives you glad tidings of Yahya, confirming [of] a Word from Allah and a noble and chaste and a Prophet among the righteous
3:40  He said, "My Lord how can (there) be for me a son, and verily has reached me [the] old age and my wife (is) [a] barren?" He said, "Thus; Allah does what He wills.
3:41  He said, "My Lord make for me a sign." He said, your sign (is) that not you will speak (to) the people (for) three days except (with) gestures. And remember your Lord much, and glorify (Him) in the evening and (in) the morning.
3:42  And when said the Angels, "O Maryam! Indeed, Allah (has) chosen you and purified you and chosen you over (the) women (of) the worlds.
3:43  "O Maryam! Be obedient to your Lord and prostrate and bow down with those who bow down.
3:44  That (is) from (the) news (of) the unseen - We reveal it to you. And not you were with them when they cast their pens (as to) which of them takes charge (of) Maryam; and not you were with them when they (were) disputing
3:45  When said the Angels, "O Maryam! Indeed, Allah gives you glad tidings of a word from Him, his name (is) the Messiah, Isa, son (of) Maryam, honored in the world and (in) the Hereafter, and of those brought near (to Allah)
3:46  And he will speak (to) the people in the cradle and (in) maturity; and (he will be) of the righteous.
3:47  She said, "My Lord how is [it] for me a boy, and (has) not touch(ed) me any man?" He said, "Thus Allah creates what He wills. When He decrees a matter then only He says to it, "Be," and it becomes
3:48  And He will teach him the Book, and [the] wisdom, and the Taurat, and the Injeel
3:49  And (make him) a Messenger to (the) Children (of) Israel, "Indeed, I [surely] [I] (have) come (to) you with a sign from your Lord that I [I] design for you from [the] clay like the form (of) the bird, then I breath into it and it becomes a bird by (the) permission (of) Allah. And I cure the blind, and the leper, and I give life (to) the dead by (the) permission (of) Allah. And I inform you of what you eat and what you store in your houses. Indeed, in that (is) surely a sign for you, if you are believers
3:50  And confirming that which (was) before me of the Taurat, and so that I make lawful for you some (of) that which was forbidden to you. And I (have) come to you with a sign from your Lord. So consciously revere Allah and obey me
3:51  Indeed, Allah (is) my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him. This (is) the straight path.
3:52  Then when perceived Isa from them [the] disbelief he said, "Who (will be) my helpers to Allah." Said the disciples "We (will be the) helpers (of) Allah, we believe[d] in Allah and bear witness that we (are) those-who-submit/Muslim
3:53  Our Lord, we believe[d] in what You revealed and we follow[ed] the Messenger, then write us among the witnesses.
3:54  And they schemed, and Allah planned. And Allah (is the) best (of) the planners
3:55  When Allah said "O Isa! Indeed, I (will) take you and raise you to Myself and purify you from those who disbelieve[d], and I will make those who follow[ed] you superior (to) those who disbelieve[d] on (the) Day (of) [the] Resurrection. Then to Me (is) your return and I will judge between you about what you were [in it] differing
3:56  Then as for those who disbelieve[d], then I will punish them (with) a punishment severe in the world and (in) the Hereafter. And not for them any helpers
3:57  And as for those who believe[d] and did [the] righteous deeds then He will grant them in ful their reward. And Allah (does) not love the wrongdoers
3:58  That (is what) We recite [it] to you of the Verses and the Reminder - [the] Wise
3:59  Indeed, (the) likeness (of) Isa near Allah (is) like (the) likeness (of) Adam. He created him from dust then He said to him, "Be," and he was
3:60  The truth (is) from your Lord, so (do) not be among the doubters
3:61  Then whoever argues (with) you concerning it after what came to you of the knowledge then say, "Come, let us call our sons and your sons, and our women and your women, and ourselves and yourselves, then let us pray humbly, and [we] invoke the curse (of) Allah on the liars
3:62  Indeed this, surely it (is) the narration - [the] true. And (there is) no (of) god except Allah. And indeed, Allah, surely He (is) the All-Mighty, the All-Wise
3:63  And if they turn back, then indeed, Allah (is) All-Knowing, of the corrupters
3:64  Say, "O People (of) the Book! Come to a word equitable between us and between you - that not we worship except Allah, and not we associate partners with Him - anything and not take some of us (to) others (as) lords besides Allah." Then if they turn away, then say, "Bear witness that we (are) those-who-submit/Muslim
3:65  O People (of) the Book! Why (do) you argue concerning Ibrahim while not was revealed the Taurat and the Injeel except after him? Then why don't you use your intellect
3:66  Here you are - those who argued about what [for] you of it (have some) knowledge. Then why (do) you argue about what not for you of it (any) knowledge. And Allah knows, while you (do) not know
3:67  Not was Ibrahim a Jew and not a Christian and but he was a true Muslim, and not he was from the polytheists
3:68  Indeed, the best people to claim relat with Ibrahim (are) those who follow and this [the] Prophet and those who believe[d]. And Allah (is) a Guardian (of) the believers
3:69  Wished a group from (the) People (of) the Book if they could lead you astray, and not they lead astray except themselves and not they perceive
3:70  O People (of) the Book! Why do you deny [in] the Signs (of) Allah while you bear witness
3:71  O People (of) the Book! Why do you mix the truth with the falsehood and conceal the truth while you know
3:72  And said a group of (the) People (of) the Book, "Believe in what was revealed on those who believe[d] (at the) beginning (of) the day, and reject (at) its end, perhaps they may return
3:73  And (do) not believe except (the one) who follows your religion." Say, "Indeed the (true) guidance (is the) Guidance of Allah - of Allah - lest is given (to) one - (the) like (of) what was given to you or they may argue with you near your Lord." Say, "Indeed, the Bounty (is) in the Hand of Allah. He gives it (to) whom He wills, and Allah (is) All-Encompassing, All-Knowing.
3:74  He chooses for His Mercy whom He wills. And Allah (is) the Possessor of Bounty - [the] great
3:75  And from (the) People (of) the Book (is he) who, if you entrust him with a great amount of wealth he will return it to you. And from them (is he) who, if you entrust him with a single coin not he will return it to you except you keep constantly over him standing. That (is) because they said, "Not on us concerning the unlettered peop any [way] (accountability)." And they say about Allah the lie while they know
3:76  Nay, whoever fulfills his covenant and consciously reveres (Allah then indeed, Allah loves those who consciously revere
3:77  Indeed, those who exchange (the) Covenant (of) Allah and their oaths (for) a price little, those - no share for them in the Hereafter and not will Allah speak to them, and not look at them (on the) Day (of) the Resurrection and not purify them, and for them (is) a punishment painful
3:78  And indeed, among them surely (is) a group - they distort their tongues in (reciting) the Book so that you may think it (is) from the Book and not it (is) from the Book. And they say, "It (is) from Allah." But not it (is) from Allah. And they say about Allah the lie while they know
3:79  Not is for a human that Allah gives him the Book, and the wisdom, and the Prophethood, then he says to the people, "Be worshippers of me besides Allah, but (would say) "Be worshippers of the Lord because you have been teaching the Book and because you have been studying (it).
3:80  And not he will order you that you take the Angels, and the Prophets (as) lords. Would he order you to [the] disbelief after [when] you (have become) those-who-submit/Muslims
3:81  And when Allah took covenant (of) the Prophets, "Certainly, whatever I (have) given you of (the) Book and wisdom then comes to you a Messenger confirming that which (is) with you, you must believe in him and you must help him." He said, "Do you affirm and take on that (condition) My They said, "We affirm." He said, "Then bear witness, and I (am) with you among the witnesses.
3:82  Then whoever turns away after that, then those they (are) the defiantly disobedie
3:83  So is (it) other than (the) religion (of) Allah they seek? While to Him (have) submitted whatever (is) in the heavens and the earth, willingly or unwillingly, and towards Him they will be returned
3:84  Say, "We believed in Allah and what (is) revealed on us and what was revealed on Ibrahim, and Ismail, and Ishaq, and Yaqub, and the descendents and what was given (to) Musa, and Isa, and the Prophets from their Lord. Not we make distinction between any of them and we to Him (are) submissive
3:85  And whoever seeks other than [the] submission/Islam (as) religion then never will be accepted from and he in the Hereafter, (will be) from the losers
3:86  How (shall) Allah guide a people (who) disbelieved after their belief and (had) witnessed that the Messenger (is) true, and came to them the clear proofs? And Allah (does) not guide the people [the] wrongdoers
3:87  Those - their recompense, that on them (is the) curse (of) Allah and the Angels and the people all together
3:88  (They will) abide forever in it. Not will be lightened for them the punishment and not they will be reprieved
3:89  Except those who repent after that, and reform[ed] themselves. Then indeed, Allah (is) Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful
3:90  Indeed, those who disbelieved after their belief then they increased (in) disbelief never will be accepted their repentance, and those - they (are) those who have gone ast
3:91  Indeed, those who disbelieve[d] and died while they (are) disbelievers, then never will be accepted from any one of them earth full (of) gold [and] (even) if he offered it as ransom. Those - for them (is) a punishment painful and not (will be) for them any helpers
3:92  Never will you attain [the] righteousness until you spend from what you love. And whatever you spend of a thing then indeed, Allah of it (is) All-Knowin
3:93  All [the] food was lawful for (the) Children of Israel except what Israel made unlawful upon himself before [that] (was) revealed the Taurat. Say, "So bring the Taurat and recite it if you are truthful.
3:94  Then whoever fabricates about Allah [the] lie after that, then those - they (are) the wrongdoers
3:95  Say, Allah (has) spoken the truth, then follow (the) religion (of) Ibrahim (the) upright, and not he was of the polytheists
3:96  Indeed, (the) First House set up for the mankind (is) the one which (is) at Bakkah, blessed and a guidance for the worlds
3:97  In it (are) signs clear, standing place of Ibrahim, and whoever enters it - is safe. And (due) to Allah upon the mankind (is) pilgrimage (of) the House (for one) who is able to [it] (find) a way. And whoever disbelieved then indeed, Allah (is) free from need of the universe
3:98  Say, "O People of the Book! Why (do) you disbelieve in (the) Verses (of) Allah, while Allah (is) a Witness over what you do?
3:99  Say, "O People (of) the Book! Why (do) you hinder from (the) way (of) Allah (those) who believe[d], seeking (to make) it (seem) crooked while you (are) witnesses? And Allah (is) not unaware of what you do
3:100  O you who believe[d]! If you obey a group from those who were given the Book they will turn you back after your belief (as) disbelievers
3:101  And how (could) you disbelieve while [you] is recited upon you (the) Verses (of) Allah and among you (is) His Messenger? And whoever holds firmly to Allah, then surely he is guided to a straight path
3:102  O you who believe[d]! Consciously revere Allah (as is His) right (that) He (should) be revered and (do) not die except [while you] (as) those-who-submit/Muslims
3:103  And hold firmly to (the) rope (of) Allah all together and (do) not be divided. And remember (the) Favor (of) Allah on you when you were enemies then He made friendship between your hearts then you became by His Favor brothers. And you were on (the) brink (of) pit of the Fire then He saved you from it. Thus Allah makes clear for you His Verses so that you may (be) guided
3:104  And let there be among you [a] people inviting to the good [and] enjoining the right, and forbidding from the wrong, and those - they (are) the successful ones
3:105  And (do) not be like those who became divided and differed after what came to them - the clear proofs. And those for them (is) a punishment great
3:106  (On the) Day would become white (some) faces and would become black (some) faces. As for those whose [their] faces turn black - "Did you disbelieve after your belief? Then taste the punishment for what you used to disbelieve.
3:107  But as for those whose [their] faces turn then (they will be) in (the) Mercy (of) Allah, they in it (will) abide forever
3:108  These (are the) Verses (of) Allah. We recite them to you in truth. And not Allah wants injustice to the worlds
3:109  And to Allah (belongs) whatever (is) in the heavens and whatever (is) in the earth. And to Allah will be returned the matters
3:110  You are (the) best (of) people raised for the mankind - enjoining the right and forbidding [from] the wrong and believing in Allah. And if believed (the) People (of) the Book surely would have been good for them. Among them (are) [the] believers, but most of them (are) defiantly disobedient
3:111  Never will they harm you except a hurt. And if they fight you, they will turn (towards) you the backs, then not they will be helped
3:112  Struck on them the humiliation wherever they are found except with a rope from Allah and a rope from the people. And they incurred wrath from Allah and struck on them the poverty. That (is) because they used to disbelieve in (the) Verses (of) Allah and they killed the Prophets without right. That (is) because they disobeyed and they used to transgress
3:113  They are not (the) same; among (the) People (of) the Book (is) a community standing (and) reciting (the) Verses of Allah (in the) hours (of) the night and they prostrate
3:114  They believe in Allah and the Day the Last and they enjoin [with] the right and forbid [from] the wrong and they hasten in the good deeds. And those (are) from the righteous
3:115  And whatever they do of a good, then never will they be denied it. And Allah (is) All-Knowing of the God-fearing
3:116  Indeed, those who disbelieved, never will avail [for] them their wealth and not their children against Allah anything, and those (are the) companions (of) the Fire, they in it (will) abide forever
3:117  Example (of) what they spend in this [the] life (of) the world (is) like (the) example (of) a wind in it (is) frost, it struck (the) harvest (of) a people who wronged themselves, then destroyed it. And not (has) Allah wronged them [and] but themselves they wronged
3:118  O you who believe[d]! (Do) not take (as) intimates other than yourselves, not they will spare you (any) ruin. They wish what distresses you. Indeed, (has become) apparent the hatred from their mouths, and what conceals their breasts (is) greater. Certainly We made clear for you the Verses, if you were (to use) reason
3:119  Lo! You are those, you love them but not they love you and you believe in the Book - all of it. And when they meet you they say, "We believe." And when they are alone they bite at you the finger tips (out) of [the] rage. Say, Die in your rage. Indeed. Allah (is) All-Knowing of what (is in) the breasts.
3:120  If touches you a good, it grieves them and if strikes you misfortune, they rejoice at it. And if you are patient and consciously revere (Allah) not will harm you their plot (in) anything. Indeed, Allah, of what they do (is) All-Encompassing
3:121  And when you left early morning from your household to post the believers (to take) positions for the battle. And Allah (is) All-Hearing, All-Knowing
3:122  When inclined two parties among you that they lost heart, but Allah (was) their protector. And on Allah let put (their) trust the believers
3:123  And certainly helped you Allah in Badr while you (were) weak. So consciously revere Allah so that you may (be) grateful
3:124  When you said to the believers, "Is it not enough for you that reinforces you your Lord with three thousand[s] [of] [the] Angels [the ones] sent down
3:125  Yes, if you are patient and consciously revere (Allah) and they come upon you [of] suddenly, [this] will reinforce you your Lord with five thousand[s] [of] [the] Angels [the ones] having marks
3:126  And not made it Allah except (as) good news for you and to reassure your hearts with it. And (there is) no [the] victory except from [near] Allah, the All-Mighty, the All-Wise
3:127  That He may cut off a part of those who disbelieved or suppress them so (that) they turn back disappointed
3:128  Not for you of the decision (of) anything whether He turns to them or punishes them for indeed, they (are) wrongdoers
3:129  And to Allah (belongs) what (is) in the heavens and what (is) in the earth, He forgives [for] whom He wills and punishes whom He wills. And Allah (is) Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful
3:130  O you who believe! (Do) not eat the usury doubled multiplied. And consciously revere Allah so that you may (be) successful
3:131  And consciously revere the Fire which is prepared for the disbelievers
3:132  And obey Allah and the Messenger so that you may receive mercy
3:133  And hasten to forgiveness from your Lord and a Garden - its width (is like that of) the heavens and the earth prepared for the pious
3:134  Those who spend in [the] ease and (in) the hardship and those who restrain the anger and those who pardon [from] the people - and Allah loves the good-doers
3:135  And those when they did immorality or wronged themselves - they remember Allah then ask forgiveness for their sins - and who (can) forgive the sins except Allah? And not they persist on what they did while they know
3:136  Those - their reward (is) forgiveness from their Lord and Gardens flows from underneath it the rivers, abiding forever in it. And an excellent reward (for) the (righteous) workers
3:137  Verily passed before you situations, then travel in the earth and see how was (the) end (of) the deniers
3:138  This (is) a declaration for the people and guidance and admonition for the God-fearing
3:139  And (do) not weaken and (do) not grieve and you (will be) [the] superior, if you are believers
3:140  If touched you a wound, so certainly (has) touched the people wound like it. And this [the] days We alternate them among the people [and] so that Allah makes evid those who believe[d] and take from you martyrs. And Allah (does) not love the wrongdoers
3:141  And so that Allah may purify those who believe and destroy the disbelievers
3:142  Or do you think that you will enter Paradise while Allah has not yet made e those who strove hard among you and made evident the steadfast
3:143  And certainly you used to wish (for) death before [that] you met it, then indeed, you have seen it while you (were) looking on
3:144  And not (is) Muhammad - except a Messenger, certainly passed away before him [the] (other) Messengers. So if he died or is slain will you turn back on your heels? And whoever turns back on his heels then never will he harm Allah (in) anything. And Allah will reward the grateful ones
3:145  And not is for a soul that he dies except by (the) permission of Allah, (at a) decree determined. And whoever desires reward (of) the world - We will give him thereof; and whoever desires reward (of) the Hereafter We will give him thereof. And We will reward the grateful ones
3:146  And how many from a Prophet fought; with him (were) many religious scholars But not they lost heart for what befell them in (the) way (of) Allah and not they weakened and not they gave in. And Allah loves the patient ones
3:147  And not were their words except that they said, "Our Lord forgive for us our sins and our excesses in our affairs and make firm our feet and give us victory over [the people] the disbelievers.
3:148  So Allah gave them reward (in) the world and good reward (in) the Hereafter. And Allah loves the good-doers
3:149  O you who believe! If you obey those who disbelieve, they will turn you back on your heels, then you will turn back (as) losers
3:150  Nay, Allah (is) your Protector and He (is the) best (of) the Helpers
3:151  We will cast in (the) hearts (of) those who disbelieve [the] terror because they associated partners with Allah, what not He sent down about it any authority, and their refuge (will be) the Fire and wretched (is the) abode [of] the wrongdoers
3:152  And certainly Allah fulfilled to you His promise, when you were killing them by His permission, until when you lost courage and you fell into dispute concerning the order and you disobeyed after [what] He (had) shown you what you love. Among you (are some) who desire the world and among you (are some) who desire the Hereafter. Then He diverted you from them so that He may test you. And surely He forgave you. And Allah (is the) Possessor (of) Bounty for the believers
3:153  When you were running uphill and not casting a glance on anyone while the Messenger was calling you [in] (from) behind you. So (He) repaid you (with) distress on distress so that not you grieve over what escaped you and not what (had) befallen you. And Allah (is) All-Aware of what you do
3:154  Then He sent down upon you after the distress security - slumber overcoming a group of you, while a group certainly worried [them] (about) themselves thinking about Allah other than the truth - (the) thought (of) [the] ignorance. saying, "Is (there) for us from the matter any thing?" Say, "Indeed the matter all (of) it (is) for Allah." They hide in themselves what not they reveal to you, They say, "If was for us from the matter anything not we would have been killed here." Say, "If you were in your houses, surely (would have) come out those who - was decreed upon them [the] death towards their places of death. And that Allah might test what (is) in your breasts and that He may purge what (is) in your hearts. And Allah (is) All-Aware of what (is in) the breasts
3:155  Indeed, those who turned back among you (on the) day met the two hosts - only made them slip the Shaitaan for some (of) what they (had) earned. And surely Allah forgave [on] them, indeed, Allah (is) Oft-Forgiving, All-Forbearing
3:156  O you who believe[d]! (Do) not be like those who disbelieved and they said about their brothers when they traveled in the earth or they were fighting, "If they had been with us, they (would) not (have) died and not they would have been killed." So Allah makes that a regret in their hearts. And Allah gives life and causes death, and Allah of what you do (is) All-Seer
3:157  And if you are killed in (the) way (of) Allah or die[d] - certainly forgiveness from Allah and Mercy (are) better than what they accumulate
3:158  And if you die or are killed, surely to Allah you will be gathered
3:159  So because (of) Mercy from Allah you dealt gently with them. And if you had been rude (and) harsh (at) [the] heart, surely they (would have) dispe from around you. Then pardon [from] them and ask forgiveness for them and consult them in the matter. Then when you have decided, then put trust on Allah. Indeed, Allah loves the ones who put trust (in Hi
3:160  If Allah helps you, then not (can) overcome [for] you, and if He forsakes you, then who (is) the one who can help you after Him? And on Allah - let the believers put (their)
3:161  And not is for a Prophet that he defrauds. And whoever defrauds will bring what he had defrauded (on the) Day (of) Resurrection. Then is repaid in full every soul what it earned and they (will) not be wronged
3:162  So is (the one) who pursues (the) pleasure (of) Allah like (the one) who draws on (himself) wrath of Allah and his abode (is) hell, and wretched (is) the destination
3:163  They (are in varying) degrees near Allah, and Allah (is) All-Seer of what they do
3:164  Certainly Allah bestowed a Favor upon the believers as He raised among them a Messenger from themselves reciting to them His Verses and purifying them, and teaching them the Book and the wisdom, although they were before (that) certainly in (the) error clear
3:165  Or when struck you disaster, surely you (had) struck (them) twice of it, you said, "From where (is) this?" Say, "It (is) from yourselves." Indeed, Allah (is) on every thing All-Powerful
3:166  And what struck you (on the) day (when) met the two hosts (was) by (the) permission (of) Allah and that He (might) make evide the believers
3:167  And that He (might) make evide those who (are) hypocrites. And it was said to them, "Come, fight in (the) way (of) Allah or defend." They said, "If we knew fighting certainly we (would have) foll They - to disbelief that day (were) nearer than [them] to the faith, saying with their mouths what was not in their hearts. And Allah (is) Most Knowing of what they conceal
3:168  Those who said about their brothers while they sat, "If they (had) obeyed us not they would have been killed." Say, "Then avert from yourselves [the] death if you are truthful
3:169  And (do) not think (of) those who are killed in (the) way (of) Allah (as) dead. Nay! They are alive, near their Lord; they are given provision
3:170  Rejoicing in what Allah bestowed them of His Bounty, and they receive good tidings about those who (have) not yet joined [with] them [from] (but are) left behind - that (there will be) no fear on them and not they will grieve
3:171  They receive good tidings of Favor from Allah and Bounty and that Allah (does) not let go waste (the) reward (of) the believers
3:172  Those who responded to Allah and the Messenger after what befell them - the injury - for those who did good among them and consciously revered Allah, (is) a reward - great
3:173  Those who said to them [the people], "Indeed the people (have) certainly gathered against you, so fear them." But it increased them (in) faith and they said, "Sufficient for us (is) Allah and (He is the) best [the] Disposer of affairs.
3:174  So they returned with (the) Favor of Allah and Bounty, not touched them any harm. And they followed (the) pleasure (of) Allah, and Allah (is) Possessor (of) Bounty great
3:175  (It is) only that the Shaitaan frightens (you) (of) his allies. So (do) not fear them, but fear Me, if you are believers
3:176  And (let) not grieve you those who hasten in(to) [the] disbelief. Indeed, they never will harm Allah (in) anything. Allah intends that not He will set for them any portion in the Hereafter. And for them (is) a punishment great
3:177  Indeed, those who (have) purchased [the] disbelief with the faith never will they harm Allah (in) anything, and for them (is) a punishment painful
3:178  And (let) not think those who disbelieved that We give respite to them (is) good for themselves. Only We give respite to them so that they may increase (in) sins, and for them (is) a punishment humiliating
3:179  Allah is not to leave the believers on what you (are) in [it] until He separates the evil from the good. And Allah is not to inform you about the unseen, [and] but Allah chooses from His Messengers whom He wills, so believe in Allah and His Messengers, and if you believe and consciously revere (Allah) then for you (is a) reward great
3:180  And (let) not think those who withhold of what Allah (has) given them of His Bounty (that) it (is) good for them. Nay, it (is) bad for them. Their necks will be encircled (with) what they withheld [with it] (on the) Day (of) [the] Resurrection. And for Allah (is the) heritage (of) the heavens and the earth. And Allah, with what you do, (is) All-Aware
3:181  Certainly, Allah heard (the) saying (of) those who said, "Indeed Allah (is) poor while we (are) rich." We will record what they said and their killing the Prophets without (any) right, and We will say, "Taste (the) punishment (of) the Burning Fire.
3:182  That (is) because (of what) sent forth your hands and that Allah is not unjust to (His) slaves
3:183  Those who said, "Indeed Allah (has) taken promise from us that not we (should) believe in a Messenger until he brings to us a sacrifice - consumes it the fire." Say, "Surely came to you Messengers before me with the clear Signs and with what you speak. So why you killed them, if you are truthful
3:184  Then if they reject you, then certainly were rejected Messengers before you (who) came with the clear Signs and the Scriptures and the Book - [the] Enlightening
3:185  Every soul (will) taste [the] death, and only you will be paid in full your reward (on the) Day (of) [the] Resurrection. Then whoever is drawn away from the Fire and admitted (to) Paradise then surely he is successful. And not (is) the life (of) the world except enjoyment (of) delusion
3:186  You will certainly be tested in your wealth and yourselves. And you will certainly hear from those who were given the Book before you and from those who associate partners with Allah hurtful things many, and if you are patient and consciously revere (Allah) then indeed, that (is) of the matters of determination
3:187  And when Allah took a Covenant (from) those who were given the Book, "You certainly make it clear to the mankind and (do) not conceal it. Then they threw it behind their backs and they exchanged [with] it (for) a little price. And wretched (is) what they purchase
3:188  (Do) not think (that) those who rejoice in what (they have) brought and they love that they be praised for what not they do - so (do) not think (that) they (will) escape from the punishment; and for them (is a) punishment painful
3:189  And for Allah (is the) dominion (of) the heavens and the earth, and Allah (is) on every thing All-Powerful
3:190  Indeed, in (the) creation (of) the heavens and the earth and (in the) alternation (of) the night and the day (are) surely Signs for men (of) understanding
3:191  Those who remember Allah standing, and sitting and on their sides and they reflect on (the) creation (of) the heavens and the earth, "Our Lord, not You have created this (in) vain. Glory be to You, so save us (from the) punishment (of) the Fire
3:192  Our Lord, indeed [You] whom You admit (to) the Fire then surely You (have) disgraced him, and not for the wrongdoers (are) any helpers
3:193  Our Lord, indeed we [we] heard a caller calling to the faith that "Believe in your Lord," so we have believed. Our Lord so forgive for us our sins and remove from us our evil deeds, and cause us to die with the righteous
3:194  Our Lord, grant us what You promised us through Your Messengers and (do) not disgrace us (on the) Day (of) [the] Resurrection. Indeed, You (do) not break the promise.
3:195  Then responded to them their Lord, "Indeed, (will) not (let go) waste deeds (of the) doer among you [from] (whether) male or female each of you from (the) other. So those who emigrated and were driven out from their homes, and were harmed in My way and fought and were killed - surely I (will) remove from them their evil deeds and surely I will admit them (to) Gardens flowing from underneath them the rivers - a reward from [near] Allah. And Allah - with Him (is the) best reward.
3:196  (Let) not deceive you (the) movement (of) those who disbelieved in the land
3:197  An enjoyment little, then their abode (is) hell - [and] a wretched [the] resting place
3:198  But those who consciously revere their Lord, for them (will be) Gardens flows from underneath them the rivers, will abide forever in it - a hospitality from [near] Allah. And what (is) with Allah (is) best for the righteous
3:199  And indeed, among (the) People (of) the Book (are those) who believe in Allah and what was revealed to you and what was revealed to them - humbly submissive to Allah. They (do) not exchange [with] (the) Verses (of) Allah (for) a price little. Those, for them, their reward (is) with their Lord. Indeed, Allah (is) swift (in taking) the account
3:200  O you who believe[d]! Be steadfast and [be] patient and [be] constant and consciously revere Allah so that you may (be) successful