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3:1  ALIF lām mīm
3:2  God! There is no god but Him, the Living, the Ever-existent One
3:3  He has revealed to you the Book with the Truth, confirming that which preceded it; for He had already revealed the Torah and the Gospel
3:4  for the guidance of mankind, and revealed Salvation.¹ Those that deny God‘s revelations shall be sternly punished; God is mighty and capable of revenge.
3:5  Nothing on earth or in heaven is hidden from God
3:6  It is He who shapes your bodies in your mothers‘ wombs as He pleases. There is no god but Him, the Mighty, the Wise One
3:7  It is He who has revealed to you the Book. Some of its verses are precise in meaning ― they are the foundation of the Book ― and others ambiguous. Those whose hearts are infected with disbelief observe the ambiguous part, so as to create dissension by seeking to explain it. But no one knows its meaning except God. Those who are well-grounded in knowledge say: ‘We believe in it: it is all from our Lord. Yet none remembers but those that are of good sense possessed.
3:8  Lord, do not cause our hearts to go astray after You have guided us. Grant us mercy through Your own grace; You are the munificent Giver.
3:9  Lord, You will surely gather up all mankind upon a day of which there is no doubt. God will not fail the time appointed.‘
3:10  As for the unbelievers, neither their riches nor their children will in the least save them from God‘s judgement. They will surely be the fuel of the Fire.
3:11  Like Pharaoh‘s people and those before them, they denied Our revelations, and God smote them in their sin: God is stern in retribution
3:12  Say to the unbelievers: ‘You shall be overthrown and driven into Hell ― an evil resting-place!‘
3:13  Indeed, there was a sign for you in the two armies which met on the battlefield.¹ One was fighting for the cause of God, the other being a host of unbelievers. The faithful saw with their very eyes that they were twice their own number. But God strengthens with His aid whom He will. Surely in that there was a lesson for the discerning
3:14  Men are tempted by the lure of women and offspring, of hoarded treasures of gold and silver, of splendid horses, cattle, and plantations. These are the enjoyments of this life, but far better is the return to God
3:15  Say: ‘Shall I tell you of better things than these, with which the God-fearing shall be rewarded by their Lord? Gardens watered by running brooks, wherein shall they abide for ever: spouses of perfect chastity and grace from God.‘ God is ever observant of His servants,
3:16  those who say: ‘Lord, we do believe: forgive us our sins and keep us from the torment of the Fire‘;
3:17  who are steadfast, sincere, obedient, and charitable; and who implore forgiveness at break of day
3:18  God bears witness that there is no god but Him, and so do the angels and the sages; the Executor of Justice, the Only God; the Almighty, the Wise One
3:19  The only religion in God‘s sight is Islam. Those to whom the Book was given dissented, through insolence, only after knowledge had been vouchsafed them. He that denies God‘s revelations should know that swift is God‘s reckoning
3:20  If they argue with you, say: ‘I have submitted my face to God and so have those that follow me.‘ And to those who were given the Book and to the Gentiles say: ‘Will you submit to God?‘ If they embrace Islam, they shall be rightly guided; if they pay no heed, then your only duty is to warn them. God is ever observant of His creatures
3:21  Those that deny God‘s revelations, and slay the prophets unjustly, and kill those among the people who preach fair dealing ― warn them of a woeful scourge
3:22  Their works shall come to nothing in this world and in the world to come, and there shall be none to help them
3:23  Do but consider those who have received a portion of the Book: when they are called on to accept the judgement of God‘s Book, some turn their backs and pay no heed
3:24  For they declare: ‘We shall endure the Fire for a few days only.‘ In their religion they are deceived by their own lies
3:25  What will they do when We gather them all together upon a day of which there is no doubt, when every soul will be given what it has earned, with none treated unjustly
3:26  Say: ‘Lord, Sovereign of all sovereignty, You bestow sovereignty on whom You will and take sovereignty away from whom You please; You exalt whomever You will and abase whomever You please. In Your hand all goodness lies; You have power over all things
3:27  You cause the night to pass into the day, and the day to pass into the night; You bring forth the living from the dead and You bring forth the dead from the living. You give without reckoning to whom You will.‘
3:28  Let not believers take infidels as their friends in preference to the faithful ― he that does this has nothing to hope for from God ― except in self-defence. God admonishes you to fear Him: for to God shall all return
3:29  Say: ‘Whether you hide what is in your hearts or reveal it, it is known to God. He knows all that the heavens and the earth contain; God has power over all things.‘
3:30  The day will surely come when each soul will be confronted with whatever good it did. As for its evil deeds, it will wish them far away. God admonishes you to fear Him. God is kindly to His servants
3:31  Say: ‘If you love God, follow me. God will love you and forgive you your sins. God is forgiving and compassionate.‘
3:32  Say: ‘Obey God and the Apostle.‘ If they pay no heed, then, surely, God does not love the unbelievers
3:33  God exalted Adam and Noah, Abraham‘s descendants and the descendants of Imran¹ above the nations
3:34  They were the offspring of one another. God hears all and knows all
3:35  Remember the words of Imrān‘s² wife. ‘Lord,‘ she said, ‘I dedicate to You that which is in my womb. Accept it from me. You alone hear all and know all.‘
3:36  And when she was delivered of the child, she said: ‘Lord, I have given birth to a daughter‘ ― God knew better of what she was delivered: the male is not like the female ― ‘and have called her Mary. I beseech you to protect her and all her descendants from Satan, the Accursed One.‘
3:37  Her Lord graciously accepted her. He made her grow a goodly child and entrusted her to the care of Zacharias. Whenever Zacharias visited her in the Shrine he found she had food with her. ‘Mary,‘ he said, ‘where is this food from?‘ ‘It is from God,‘ she answered. ‘God gives without reckoning to whom He will.‘
3:38  Thereupon Zacharias prayed to his Lord, saying: ‘Lord, grant me of Your own grace upright descendants. You hear all prayers.‘
3:39  And as he stood praying in the Shrine, the angels called out to him, saying: ‘God bids you rejoice in the birth of John, who shall confirm the Word of God. He shall be princely and chaste, a prophet and a righteous man.‘
3:40  Lord,‘ he said, ‘how shall I have a son when I am now overtaken by old age and my wife is barren?‘ ‘Such is the will of God,‘ He said. ‘He does what He pleases.‘
3:41  Lord,‘ said he, ‘vouchsafe me a sign.‘ ‘Your sign is that for three days and three nights,‘ He replied, ‘you shall not speak to people except by symbols. Remember your Lord always; give glory to Him evening and morning.‘
3:42  And remember the angels‘ words to Mary. They said:¹ ‘God has chosen you. He has made you pure and exalted you above womankind
3:43  Mary, be obedient to your Lord; bow down and worship with the worshippers.‘
3:44  This is an account of a divine secret. We reveal it to you.² You were not present when they cast lots to see which of them should have charge of Mary; nor were you present when they argued about her
3:45  The angels said: ‘Mary, God bids you rejoice in a Word from Him. His name is the Christ, Jesus son of Mary; noble in this world and in the world to come, and one of the favoured
3:46  He shall preach to people in his cradle and in the prime of manhood, and shall lead a righteous life.‘
3:47  Lord,‘ she said, ‘how can I bear a child when no man has touched me?‘ He said: ‘Even thus: God creates whom He will. If He decrees a thing He need only say: "Be," and it is
3:48  He will instruct him in the Scriptures and in wisdom, in the Torah and in the Gospel
3:49  and send him forth an apostle to the Israelites. He will say: "I bring you a sign from your Lord. From clay I will create for you the likeness of a bird. I shall breathe into it and, by God‘s leave, it shall become a living bird. By God‘s leave I shall heal the blind man and the leper, and raise the dead to life. I shall tell you what to eat and what to store up in your houses. Surely that will be a sign for you, if you are true believers
3:50  I come to confirm the Torah which preceded me and to make lawful for you some of the things you are forbidden. I bring you a sign from your Lord: therefore fear God and obey me
3:51  Surely God is my Lord and your Lord: therefore worship Him. That is a straight path."‘
3:52  And when Jesus observed that they had no faith, he said: ‘Who will help me in the cause of God?‘ The disciples replied: ‘We are God‘s helpers. We believe in God, and bear witness that we are Muslims
3:53  Lord, we believe in Your revelations and follow the apostle. Count us among Your witnesses.‘
3:54  They contrived, and God contrived; God is the supreme Contriver
3:55  God said: ‘Jesus, I am about to claim you back and lift you up to Me. I shall cleanse you of the unbelievers and exalt your followers above them till the Day of Resurrection. Then to Me you shall all return and I shall judge your dissensions
3:56  To the unbelievers I shall mete out grievous punishment in this world and in the world to come: there shall be none to help them
3:57  As for those that have faith and do good works, He will give them their reward in full. God does not love the wrongdoers.‘
3:58  This revelation, and the wise Admonition, We recite to you
3:59  Jesus can be compared to Adam in the sight of God. He created him from dust and then said to him: ‘Be,‘ and he was
3:60  This is the Truth from your Lord: therefore do not doubt it
3:61  To those that dispute with you concerning him after the knowledge you have received, say: ‘Come, let us gather our sons and your sons, our wives and your wives, our people and your people. We will then fervently pray and call down the curse of God on the liars.‘
3:62  Surely this is the true story. There is no deity but God. And surely it is God who is the Almighty, the Wise One
3:63  If they pay no heed, God surely knows the evil-doers
3:64  Say: ‘People of the Book, let us come to a fair agreement between us: that we will worship none but God, that we will associate none with Him, and that none of us shall set up mortals as deities besides God.‘ If they turn away, say: ‘Bear witness, then, that we are Muslims.‘
3:65  People of the Book, why do you argue about Abraham when both the Torah and the Gospel were not revealed till after him? Have you no sense
3:66  Indeed, you have argued about things of which you have some knowledge; must you now argue about that of which you have no knowledge? God knows, but you know not
3:67  Abraham was neither Jew nor Christian. He was a devout Muslim. And he was no idolater
3:68  Surely those who are nearest to Abraham are those who followed him, this Prophet, and the true believers. God is the guardian of the faithful
3:69  Some of the People of the Book wish to mislead you; but they mislead none but themselves, unaware though they are
3:70  People of the Book! Why do you deny God‘s revelations when you can clearly see
3:71  People of the Book! Why do you confound Truth with the falsehood, and knowingly hide the Truth
3:72  Some of the People of the Book say: ‘Believe in that which is revealed to the faithful in the morning and deny it at the end of the day, so that they may recant
3:73  Believe in none except those that follow your own religion.‘ (Say: ‘The only guidance is God‘s guidance!‘) ‘Do not believe that anyone will be given the like of that which you were given, or that they will ever dispute with you in your Lord‘s presence.‘ Say: ‘Grace is in the hands of God: He bestows it on whom He will. And God is munificent and all-knowing
3:74  He is merciful only to whom He will. God is He whose grace is infinite.‘
3:75  Among the People of the Book there are some who, if you trust them with a heap of gold, will return it to you intact; and some who, if you trust them with one dinar, will not hand it back unless you demand it with importunity. For they say: ‘We are not bound to keep faith with Gentiles.‘ And they knowingly utter falsehood against God
3:76  Indeed, those that are true to their covenant and fear God know that God loves those that fear Him
3:77  Those that sell God‘s covenant and their own oaths for a paltry price shall have no share in the world to come. God will neither speak to them nor look at them on the Day of Resurrection; nor will He purify them: woeful punishment awaits them
3:78  And there are some among them who twist their tongues when quoting the Scriptures, so that you may think it from the Scriptures, whereas it is not from the Scriptures. They say: ‘This is from God,‘ whereas it is not from God. And they knowingly utter falsehood against God
3:79  No mortal to whom God has given the Book and wisdom and prophethood would say to people: ‘Worship me instead of God.‘ But rather: ‘Be devoted masters, for you have taught and studied the Book.‘
3:80  Nor would he enjoin you to adopt the angels and the prophets as deities; for would he enjoin you to be unbelievers after you have become Muslims
3:81  And when God made His covenant with the prophets: ‘Here is the Book and the wisdom which I have given you. An apostle will then come forth to confirm them. You shall believe in him and you shall help him.‘ And He said: ‘Will you affirm this and accept the burden I have laid on you in these terms?‘ They replied: ‘We do affirm.‘ ‘Then bear witness,‘ He said, ‘and I will bear witness with you
3:82  He that hereafter turns away is a transgressor.‘
3:83  Are they seeking a religion other than God‘s, when every soul in the heavens and the earth has submitted as a Muslim, willingly or with reluctance? To Him shall they be recalled
3:84  Say: ‘We believe in God and what is revealed to us; in that which was revealed to Abraham and Ishmael, to Isaac and Jacob and the tribes; and in that which was given to Moses and Jesus and the prophets by their Lord. We discriminate against none of them. To Him we submit as Muslims.‘
3:85  He that follows a religion other than Islam, it will not save him¹ and in the world to come he will surely be among the lost
3:86  How will God guide people who lapsed into unbelief after embracing the Faith and acknowledging the Apostle as true, and after receiving veritable proofs? God does not guide the wrongdoers
3:87  Their reward will be the curse of God, the angels, and mankind all
3:88  under it shall they abide for ever. Their punishment shall not be mitigated, nor shall they be reprieved
3:89  except those who afterwards repent and mend their ways, for surely God is forgiving and compassionate
3:90  But those that recant after they had believed and grow in unbelief, their repentance shall not be accepted; these are the truly erring ones
3:91  As for those that recant and die unbelievers, no ransom shall be accepted from any of them: be it as much gold as would fill the earth entire. Woeful punishment awaits them, and none shall help them
3:92  You shall never attain righteousness until you give in alms what you dearly cherish. Whatever you give, it shall be known to God
3:93  All food was lawful to the Israelites except what Israel forbade himself before the Torah was revealed. Say: ‘Bring the Torah and read it, if what you say be true.‘
3:94  Those that after this invent falsehoods about God are the real transgressors
3:95  Say: ‘God has declared the Truth. Follow the faith of Abraham. He was an upright man, never an idolater.‘
3:96  The first temple ever to be built for mankind was that at Bakkah,¹ a blessed site, a beacon for the nations
3:97  Therein are veritable signs and the spot where Abraham stood. Whoever enters it is safe. Pilgrimage to the House is a duty to God for all who can make the journey. As for the unbelievers, God can surely do without them all
3:98  Say: ‘People of the Book, why do you deny God‘s revelations? God is witness of what you do.‘
3:99  Say: ‘People of the Book, why do you debar believers from the path of God and seek to make it crooked when you have witnessed all? God is never heedless of what you do.‘
3:100  Believers, if you obey a group from among those who were given the Book, they will turn you back after your faith into unbelievers
3:101  And how can you disbelieve when God‘s revelations are recited to you and His own apostle is in your midst? He that holds fast to God shall surely be guided to a straight path
3:102  Believers, fear God as you rightly should, and die only as Muslims
3:103  Cling one and all to the Faith¹ of God and never be divided. Remember the favour God has bestowed upon you: how, after your enmity, He united your hearts, so that you are now brothers through His grace; and how, when you were on the brink of an abyss of fire, He delivered you from it. God thus makes plain to you His revelations, that you may be rightly guided
3:104  And of you let there become a community that shall call for righteousness, enjoin justice, and forbid the reprehensible. Such are those that will surely thrive
3:105  Do not follow the example of those who became divided and opposed to each other after veritable proofs had been given them. Grievous punishment awaits them
3:106  on the day when some faces will be bright with joy and others blackened. The black-faced will be asked: ‘Did you recant after embracing the true Faith? Taste then the scourge, for you were unbelievers!‘
3:107  As for those whose faces will be bright, in God‘s mercy shall they abide for ever
3:108  Such are God‘s revelations; We recite them to you in Truth. God desires no injustice to mankind
3:109  His is all that the heavens and the earth contain. To God shall all things return
3:110  You are the noblest community ever raised up for people. You enjoin justice and forbid the reprehensible and believe in God. Had the People of the Book accepted the Faith, it would surely have been better for them. Some are true believers, but most of them are ungodly
3:111  If they harm you, they can cause you but little hurt; and if they fight you they will turn their backs and run away. Then there shall be none to help them
3:112  Servility shall be stamped upon them wherever they are found, unless they make a covenant with God and a covenant with man. They have provoked God‘s ire, and wretchedness is stamped upon them: because they disbelieved God‘s revelations and slew the prophets unjustly; and because they were rebels and transgressors
3:113  Yet they are not all alike. There are among the People of the Book an upright community who all night long recite God‘s revelations and bow down in worship
3:114  who believe in God and the Last Day; who enjoin justice and forbid the reprehensible, and strive to do good works. These are among the righteous
3:115  whatever good they do, its reward shall not be denied them. God well knows those that fear Him
3:116  As for the unbelievers, neither their riches nor their children shall in the least protect them from scourge of God. They are the inmates of the Fire, wherein shall they abide for ever
3:117  The wealth they spend in this world can be compared to a freezing wind that smites the tillage of people who have wronged themselves, laying it waste. God is not unjust to them. They are unjust to their own souls
3:118  Believers, do not make friends with any but your own people. They will spare no pains to corrupt you; they desire nothing but your ruin; their hatred is evident from what they utter with their mouths, but greater is the hatred which their bosoms conceal. We have made plain to you Our revelations; perchance you will understand
3:119  Behold how you love them and they do not love you; because you believe in the Book entire. When they meet you they say: ‘We believe.‘ But when alone, they bite their finger-tips with rage. Say: ‘May you perish in your rage! God has knowledge of your innermost thoughts.‘
3:120  If you are blessed with something good it grieves them: but if something bad befalls you they rejoice. If you persevere and fear God, their machinations will not a whit harm you. God has full knowledge of what they do
3:121  Remember when you¹ left your people at an early hour to lead the faithful to their battle-posts.¹ And God heard all and knew all
3:122  Two of your battalions became faint-hearted, but God was their protector. In God let the faithful put their trust
3:123  God had already given you victory at Badr when you were helpless. Therefore fear God. Perchance you will give thanks
3:124  You said to the believers: ‘Is it not enough that your Lord should send down three thousand angels to help you?‘
3:125  Yes! If you have patience and fear God; and if they suddenly attack you, your Lord will send to your aid five thousand angels splendidly accoutred
3:126  God designed this to be but good news for you, so that your hearts might be comforted (victory comes only from God, the Almighty, the Wise One
3:127  and that He might cut off the flank of the unbelievers or put them to flight, that they might withdraw defeated
3:128  It is no concern of yours whether He will forgive or punish them. Wrongdoers they surely are
3:129  His is all that the heavens and the earth contain. He pardons whom He will and punishes whom He pleases. God is forgiving and compassionate
3:130  Believers, do not live on usury, doubling your wealth many times over. Have fear of God, that you may prosper
3:131  Guard yourselves against the Fire, prepared for unbelievers
3:132  Obey God and the Apostle that you may find mercy
3:133  Vie with each other to earn the forgiveness of your Lord and a Paradise as vast as heavens and earth, prepared for the righteous
3:134  those who give, alike in prosperity and in adversity; who curb their anger and pardon their fellow men (God loves the charitable)
3:135  who, if they commit a lewd act or wrong their souls, remember God and seek forgiveness for their sins (for who but God can forgive sins?) and do not knowingly persist in their misdeeds
3:136  These shall be rewarded with forgiveness from their Lord and with Gardens watered by running brooks, wherein shall they abide for ever. And blessed is the reward of those who do good works
3:137  Numerous were the cults that came and went before you. Roam the earth and behold what was the fate of those who disbelieved
3:138  This is a declaration to the people: a guide and an admonition to the righteous
3:139  Do not waver and do not despair. Have faith and you shall triumph
3:140  If once a defeat hit you, the foe was hit by a like defeat. These vicissitudes We alternate among people, that God may know the true believers and choose martyrs from among you: God does not love the wrongdoers
3:141  and that God may test the faithful and annihilate the infidels
3:142  Did you suppose that you would enter Paradise before God knew which of you fought and which of you endured with fortitude
3:143  You used to wish for death before you met it, and now you behold what it is like
3:144  Muhammad is but an apostle: other apostles have passed away before him. If he should die or be slain, will you recant? He that recants will in no way harm God. And God will recompense the thankful
3:145  And it is not for a soul to die except with God‘s will: upon a time decreed. He that desires the reward of this world shall have it; and he that desires the reward of the life to come shall have it also. We will recompense the thankful
3:146  Many a large army fought by the side of its prophet. They were never daunted by whatever befell them on the path of God: they neither weakened nor cringed abjectly. God loves the steadfast
3:147  Their only words were: ‘Lord, forgive us our sins and our excesses; make us firm of foot and give us victory over the unbelievers.‘
3:148  Therefore God gave them the reward of this life, and the glorious recompense of the life to come; God loves the righteous
3:149  You believers! If you yield to the infidels they will drag you back to unbelief and you will return headlong to perdition.
3:150  But God is your protector, and he is the best of helpers
3:151  We will caste terror into the hearts of the unbelievers, because they serve other deities besides God for whom He has revealed no sanction. The Fire shall be their dwelling; and evil is the wrongdoers‘ dwelling
3:152  Surely God fulfilled His pledge to you when, by His leave, you defeated them. But afterwards your courage failed you; discord reigned among you and you disobeyed the Apostle after he had brought you within sight of what you wished for. Some among you wanted this world; and some wanted the world to come. He allowed you to be defeated in order to test you. But now He has pardoned you, for God is gracious to the faithful
3:153  Remember how you fled in panic while the Apostle at your rear was calling out to you. Therefore He paid you back with tribulation for every vexation, that you might not grieve for what you missed or what befell you. God is cognizant of what you did
3:154  Then, after tribulation, He let peace fall upon you ― a sleep which overtook some among you, while others lay troubled by their own fancies, thinking unjust and foolish thoughts about God. ‘Have we any say in the matter?‘ they ask. Say: ‘All is in the hands of God.‘ They conceal in their minds what they do not reveal to you. They complain: ‘Had we had any say in the matter, we should not have been slain here.‘ Say: ‘Had you stayed in your homes, those of you who were destined to be slain would have died in their beds; for it was God‘s will to test what was in your bosoms and to scrutinize what was in your hearts. God has full knowledge of one‘s innermost thoughts.‘
3:155  Those of you who ran away on the day the two armies met¹ must have been seduced by Satan on account of some evil they had done. But now God has pardoned them; God is forgiving and lenient
3:156  Believers, do not follow the example of the infidels, who say of their brothers when they meet death abroad or in battle: ‘Had they stayed with us they would not have died, nor would they have been killed.‘ God will turn that into a sigh in their hearts. God has power over life and death, and God is ever observant of what you do
3:157  If you should be slain in the cause of God or die, God‘s forgiveness and His mercy would surely be better than the riches they amass
3:158  And if you should die or be slain, before God shall you all be herded
3:159  It was thanks to God‘s mercy that you¹ dealt so leniently with them. Had you been cruel or hard-hearted, they would have surely deserted you. Pardon them and implore God to forgive them. Take counsel with them in the conduct of affairs; and when you are resolved, put your trust in God. God loves those that are trustful
3:160  And if God helps you, none can overcome you, if He abandons you, who then can help you after Him? Therefore in God let the faithful put their trust
3:161  No prophet would steal; for anyone that steals shall on the Day of Resurrection bring with him that which he has stolen. Then shall every soul be paid what it has earned: none shall be wronged
3:162  Can the man who seeks to please God be compared to him who has incurred God‘s anger? Hell shall be his home, evil his fate
3:163  Varied are the rewards of God. God is cognizant of all their actions
3:164  God has surely been gracious to the faithful in sending them an apostle of their own to recite to them His revelations, to purify them, and to instruct them in the Book and in wisdom; for before that they surely were in monstrous error
3:165  When a disaster befell you after you had yourselves inflicted losses twice as heavy, you said: ‘Whose fault was that?‘ Say: ‘It was your own doing. God has power over all things
3:166  And the misfortune which befell you when the two armies met was ordained by God, so that He might know the true believer
3:167  and know the hypocrites.‘ And when they were told: ‘Come, fight for the cause of God and defend yourselves,‘ they said: ‘If we only knew how to fight, we would surely follow you. On that day they were nearer unbelief than faith. Their words belied their intentions: but God knew their secret thoughts
3:168  Such were the men who, as they sat at home, said of their brothers: ‘Had they listened to us, they would not have been slain.‘ Say: ‘Ward off death from yourselves, then, if what you say be true!‘
3:169  Never think that those who were slain in the cause of God are dead. They are alive, and well provided for by their Lord
3:170  pleased with what God of His own bounty has given them; and rejoicing that those they left behind, who have not yet joined them, shall have nothing to fear or to regret
3:171  rejoicing in God‘s grace and bounty. God will not deny the faithful their reward
3:172  As for the men who after their defeat answered the call of God and the Apostle, those of them that do what is right and fear God shall be richly recompensed
3:173  They are those who, when people said to them: ‘The people have mustered a great force against you: fear them,‘ grew more tenacious in their faith and said: ‘Sufficient for us is God, the best of guardians.‘
3:174  Thus did they earn God‘s grace and bounty, and no harm befell them. For they had striven to please God, and God‘s bounty is infinite
3:175  It is Satan that causes his followers to be feared. But have no fear of them, and fear Me, if you are true believers
3:176  Do not grieve for those that rush back headlong to disbelief; in no way will they harm God. God intends to give them no share in the Hereafter. And grievous punishment awaits them
3:177  Those that barter their faith for unbelief will in no way harm God. Woeful punishment awaits them
3:178  Let not the unbelievers think that We prolong their days for their own good; We give them respite only so that they may commit more grievous sins. Shameful punishment awaits them
3:179  It was not God‘s aim to leave the faithful in their present plight, but only to tell the evil from the good. Nor was God to reveal to you what is hidden. But God chooses those of His apostles whom He will. Therefore have faith in God and His apostles, for if you have faith and fear God, your recompense shall be rich indeed
3:180  Let not those who stingily hoard the wealth which God has given them out of His bounty think it good for them: rather it is an evil thing for them. They shall be shackled round with what they hoarded on the Day of Resurrection. It is God who will inherit the heavens and the earth, and God is cognizant of what you do
3:181  God has surely heard the words of those who said: ‘God is poor, but we are rich.‘ Their words We will record, and their slaying of the prophets unjustly. We shall say: ‘Taste now the torment of the Conflagration
3:182  This is the reward of your misdeeds. God is never unjust to His servants.‘
3:183  To those that say: ‘God has commanded us to believe in no apostle until he brings down for us an offering to be consumed by fire,‘¹ say: ‘Other apostles before me have come to you with veritable signs and worked the miracle you asked for. Why did you slay them, if what you say be true?‘
3:184  If they deny you, other apostles have been denied before you, although they came with veritable signs, psalms, and the light-giving Book
3:185  Every soul shall taste death. You shall receive your rewards only on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever is spared the Fire and is admitted to Paradise will surely triumph; for the life of this world is but a frivolous show of vanity
3:186  You shall be sorely tried in the matter of your possessions and your persons, and will hear much that is hurtful from those who were given the Book before you, and from the pagans. But if you endure with fortitude and fear God, your triumph shall be assured
3:187  And when God made a covenant with those to whom the Book was given He said: ‘Proclaim it to the people and suppress it not.‘ But they cast the Book over their backs and sold it for a paltry price. Evil was their bargain
3:188  Never think that those who rejoice in their misdeeds and wish to be praised for what they failed to do ― never think they will escape the torment; woeful torment awaits them
3:189  God has sovereignty over the heavens and the earth. And God has power over all things
3:190  In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of night and day, surely there are signs for those that are of good sense possessed
3:191  those that remember God when standing, sitting, and lying down, and reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth, saying: ‘Lord, You have not created this in vain. Glory be to You! Save us from the torment of the Fire
3:192  Lord, those whom You will cast into the Fire You will disgrace: none will help the wrongdoers
3:193  Lord, we have heard a summoner summoning to the faith, saying: Believe in your Lord, and we believed. Lord, forgive us our sins and purge us of our evil deeds and claim us back with the righteous
3:194  Lord, grant us what You promised through Your apostles, and do not hold us up to shame on the Day of Resurrection. You never fail the time decreed.‘
3:195  Their Lord will answer them: ‘I will deny none among you, male or female, the reward of their labours. The one of you is as the other.‘ Those that fled their land and were expelled from their homes, and suffered persecution for My sake and fought and were slain: I shall surely acquit them of their evil deeds and admit them into Gardens watered by running brooks, as a recompense from God; God dispenses the richest recompense
3:196  Never be deluded by the goings-on of the unbelievers in the land
3:197  a little enjoyment― then Hell shall be their home: an evil resting-place
3:198  But for those that fear God, theirs shall be gardens watered by running brooks, wherein shall they abide for ever: a gracious welcome from God. And that which is in store with God is surely better for the righteous
3:199  Some there are among the People of the Book who truly believe in God, and in what has been revealed to you and what was revealed to them: they humble themselves before God and do not sell God‘s revelations for a trifling price. These shall be rewarded by their Lord. Swift is God‘s reckoning
3:200  Believers, be patient and forebear; stand firm in your faith and fear God, that you may succeed