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25:1  Blessed is He who sent down the Criterion upon His servant that he might be to the worlds a warner;
25:2  The one who for Him is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, and who has not taken a son, and who has no partner in His kingdom, and He created all things, and He decreed it determinately.
25:3  And they take beside Him gods which create nothing, but are themselves created, and cannot control for themselves harm or profit, and cannot control death, or life, or resurrection.
25:4  And those who disbelieve say, 'This is not except a lie which he has forged, and another people have helped him at it;' But verily, they have produced an injustice and a lie.
25:5  And they say, 'Legends of the former people, which he has got written down while they are dictated to him morning and evening.'
25:6  Say, 'He sent it down who knows the secret in the heavens and the earth; indeed, He is ever forgiving, compassionate.'
25:7  And they say, 'What ails this messenger that he eats food and walks in the markets? - unless there be sent down to him an angel and be a warner with him.
25:8  Or there be thrown to him a treasury, or he have a garden to eat therefrom.' And the wrongdoers say, 'You only follow a man bewitched.'
25:9  See how they strike out parables for you, and err, and cannot find a way.
25:10  Blessed is He who, if He wills, He will make for you better than that, gardens beneath which rivers flow, and can make for you palaces.
25:11  Nay, they call the Hour a lie; but We have prepared for those who call the Hour a lie a blaze:
25:12  When it sees them from a far-off place they shall hear its raging and roaring;
25:13  And when they are thrown into a narrow place thereof, fastened together, they shall call thereof for destruction.
25:14  Call not today for one destruction, but call for many destructions.
25:15  Say, 'Is that better or the garden of eternity which was promised to those who fear - which is ever for them a recompense and a destination?'
25:16  They shall have therein what they will, to dwell therein forever; it is of your Lord a promise to be demanded.
25:17  And the day He shall gather them and what they served beside God, and He shall say, 'Was it you who led these My servants astray, or did they err from the way?'
25:18  They shall say, ' Glory be to You, it was not appropriate for us to take any patrons besides You; but You gave them and their fathers enjoyment until they forgot the Reminder and were a lost people.'
25:19  And now have they proved you liars for what you say, and they cannot ward off or help. And he of you who does wrong We will make him taste great punishment.
25:20  We have not sent before you any messengers but indeed they surely ate food and walked in the markets. And We have made some of you a trial to others, will you be patient? Your Lord is ever seeing.
25:21  And those who do not hope to meet Us say, 'Unless the angels are sent down to us, or we see our Lord.' Indeed, they were big with pride in their souls and they rebelled, a great rebellion.
25:22  The day they shall see the angels - no glad tidings on that day for the sinners, and they shall say, 'A forbidden ban.'
25:23  And We will go on to the works which they have done, and make them like scattered motes.
25:24  The fellows of the Garden on that day shall be in a better abode and a better noonday rest.
25:25  The day the heavens shall be split asunder with the clouds, and the angels shall be sent down, descending gradually.
25:26  The true kingdom on that day shall belong to the Merciful, and it shall be a difficult day for the disbelievers.
25:27  And the day when the wrongdoers shall bite his hands and say, 'O I wish I had taken a way with the messenger.
25:28  O woe to me! I wish I had not taken so-and-so for a friend.
25:29  He indeed led me astray from the Reminder after it had come to me, and ever is the devil, to man, a deserter.'
25:30  The messenger said, 'O my Lord! Indeed my people have taken this Quran as a thing to be shunned.'
25:31  And thus have We made for every prophet an enemy from among the sinners; and your Lord sufficed for a guide and a helper.
25:32  Those who disbelieve said, 'Unless the Quran be sent down to him all at once.' - thus - that We may make firm your heart with it, and We have arranged it well, distinctly.
25:33  Nor shall they come to you with a parable without Our bringing you the truth and the best interpretation.
25:34  Those who shall be gathered upon their faces to Hell, - Those are in the worst place, and err most from the path.
25:35  And verily, We gave Moses the Book, and We appointed with him his brother Aaron as minister;
25:36  And We said, 'Go both of you to the people, those who said Our signs are lies.' Then We destroyed them, destroying.
25:37  And the people of Noah, when they said the messengers were liars, We drowned them, and We made them a sign for mankind; and We prepared for the wrongdoers a painful punishment.
25:38  And 'Ad and Thamud and the people of Ar Rass, and many generations between them.
25:39  For each one have We struck out parables, and each one We destroyed, destroying.
25:40  And surely, certainly they have come upon the city which was rained on, the rain of evil; then do they not seen it? Nay, they do not hope to be raised up.
25:41  And when they see you they take you not except in jest, 'Is this he whom God has sent as a messenger?
25:42  He almost would have misled us from our gods, had we not been patient about them.' But soon they shall know when they see the punishment, who errs most from the path.
25:43  Have you seen him who takes his lusts for his god? Will you then be a trustee over him?
25:44  Or do you think that most of them will hear or understand? They are only like cattle, Nay, they err more from the way.
25:45  Have you not looked to your Lord how He has stretched out the shadow? But had He willed surely He would have made it stationary; then We make the sun a guide thereto,
25:46  Then We contract it towards Us with an easy contraction.
25:47  And He is the one who made the night a garment for you; and the sleep a rest, and made the day a resurrection.
25:48  And He is the one who sent the winds with glad tidings before His mercy; and We send down from the sky pure water,
25:49  To give life thereby to the dead country, and to give it for drink to what We have created, the cattle and many folk.
25:50  And surely, certainly We have turned it about amongst them, that they may remember; but most of mankind refuse except disbelief.
25:51  And had We willed, surely We would have raised in every city a warner.
25:52  So do not obey the disbelievers, and strive with them with it, a great striving.
25:53  And He is the one who let loose the two seas, this agreeable, sweet and this salt, bitter. And He made between them a barrier, and a ban forbidden.
25:54  And He is the one who has created mortals from the water, and has made for him blood relationship and marriage relationship; and your Lord is powerful.
25:55  And they serve, instead of God, what neither profits them nor hurts them; and the disbeliever is ever a partisan against his Lord.
25:56  We have only sent you to give tidings and to warn.
25:57  Say, 'I do not ask of you a reward for it, except for him who wishes to take to his Lord a way.'
25:58  And rely upon the Living, the one who dies not; and glorify with His praise, and He is aware enough of the sins of His servants.
25:59  The one who created the heavens and the earth, and what is between them in six days, then He made for the throne; the Merciful. So ask one aware of Him.
25:60  And when it is said to them, 'Prostrate to the Merciful!' They say, ' What is the Merciful? Shall we prostrate to what you order us?' And it increases their aversion.
25:61  Blessed is He who has placed in the heaven towers, and has placed therein a lamp and an illuminating moon.
25:62  And He is the one who made the night and day alternating for whoever desires to remember or wishes to be thankful.
25:63  And the servants of the Merciful are those who walk upon the earth lowly, and when the ignorant address them, they say, 'Peace.'
25:64  And those who spend the night prostrating to their Lord and standing;
25:65  And those who say, 'Our Lord! Turn from us the punishment of Hell; indeed, its punishment is persistent;
25:66  Indeed, it is evil as an abode and a station.'
25:67  And those who when they spend are neither extravagant nor miserly, and ever between that is a stand;
25:68  And those who do not call upon another god with God; And do not kill the soul which God has prohibited except with the right; And do not commit fornication, - and whoever does that shall meet with a penalty;
25:69  Doubled for him shall be the punishment on the Day of Resurrection, and he shall be therein for ever despised.
25:70  Except he who repents and believes and does good works, then those, God will change their evil deeds to good, and God is ever forgiving, compassionate.
25:71  And whosoever repents, and does good works, he truly turns to God in repentance. -
25:72  And those who do not testify falsely; and when they pass by idle speech, pass by it honourably;
25:73  And those who when they are reminded of the signs of their Lord do not fall upon them deaf and blind;
25:74  And those who say, 'Our Lord! Grant us from our spouses and our offspring coolness of eyes, and make us a model to the pious.'
25:75  Those shall be rewarded with the upper chamber for that they were patient: and they shall meet therein with salutation and peace,
25:76  To dwell in it forever; a good abode and station.
25:77  Say, 'My Lord esteems you not but for your prayer, and verily you have denied, so soon will be an obligation.'