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53:1  By the shining star when it came down,
53:2  your master is neither misguided nor deluded.
53:3  He doesn’t speak from his desire.
53:4  This is a Revelation sent down
53:5  and taught to him by the most powerful,
53:6  the most wise. When he appeared to him,
53:7  He was on the uppermost horizon.
53:8  Then they drew near, very near.
53:9  The distance between two bows held together.
53:10  So he revealed to His servant what he revealed.
53:11  His heart didn’t deny what he saw.
53:12  So why are you disputing what he saw?
53:13  And on another occasion he saw him coming down
53:14  near the far side of the Lote Tree,
53:15  nearby was the Paradise of Mawa.
53:16  The Lote Tree was covered with indescribable splendour;
53:17  his eyes didn’t wander nor turn to the side
53:18  as he witnessed the greatest signs of His Lord.
53:19  Disbelievers! Have you thought about Al-Lat, Al-Uzza
53:20  and Al-Manat, the third of them?
53:21  You chose sons for yourselves and daughters for Allah, why?
53:22  How unfair is this division!
53:23  These are merely names you and your forefathers gave them; Allah hasn’t given them any authority. They are following suspicions and their whims. The Lord’s guidance has come to them.
53:24  Does a person always get his wish?
53:25  Both the Hereafter and this world belong to Allah
53:26  There are many angels in Heaven, their intercession cannot benefit anyone, except after Allah allows it for anyone He wants.
53:27  The disbelievers of the Hereafter give the angels female names.
53:28  They have no knowledge but follow speculation, and speculation is no substitute for the truth.
53:29  So pay no attention to the one who has turned away from Our remembrance and pursues only the life of this world.
53:30  This is the sum total of their knowledge. Indeed, your Lord knows who strayed from His path and who is guided
53:31  Everything in the Heavens and the Earth belongs to Allah. He shall punish the evil, and richly reward the righteous:
53:32  who avoid major sins and shameful deeds, but may stumble into minor sins. Your Lord is infinite in forgiveness. He knows you from the time He created you from the Earth, and when you were a foetus in your mothers’ wombs, so don’t admire yourselves too much. He knows well who is mindful
53:33  Have you seen him who turned away?
53:34  He gives little anyway then becomes more stingy.
53:35  Does he know the Unseen? Is he seeing it?
53:36  Does he know what’s in the Scriptures of Musa,
53:37  and Ibrahim? He fulfilled his responsibility of preaching.
53:38  No one bears the burden of another,
53:39  and each person will have what he strived for.
53:40  Soon the outcome of his work will be shown,
53:41  and will be fully rewarded.
53:42  The Final Destination is to your Lord
53:43  He makes you laugh and cry,
53:44  He gives death and life,
53:45  He created the male and the female,
53:46  from a drop of spurted semen.
53:47  He is responsible for the second creation,
53:48  who gives wealth and poverty.
53:49  The Lord of the star Sirius!
53:50  He destroyed the first Ad
53:51  and Thamud, and didn’t leave a single one of them,
53:52  and the people of Nuh before that since they were evildoers and rebellious.
53:53  He destroyed the Mu’tafikkah
53:54  and covered them with rubble so they’re hidden from sight.
53:55  So which favours of your Lord will you doubt
53:56  This warner is like the previous warners.
53:57  The Judgement Day is near, and draws ever nearer,
53:58  there is no one beside Allah who can disclose its time.
53:59  Are you surprised about this?
53:60  Would you laugh and not cry?
53:61  You are careless and ignorant.
53:62  Prostrate before Allah and worship Him.asmala