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54:1  The Final Hour is drawing near and the moon has split into two.
54:2  And after seeing the miracle they turned away saying, “This is a powerful magic.”
54:3  They denied and followed their whims. For every action produces a specific outcome.
54:4  The reports of ancient people have come to them containing lessons
54:5  with far-reaching wisdom, but those warnings didn’t benefit them.
54:6  Messenger, turn away from them, one Day a caller will call them to something terrible;
54:7  with eyes lowered they will exit their graves like swarms of locusts,
54:8  rushing in terror towards the caller, and the disbelievers will say, “This is a difficult Day.
54:9  Previously, the people of Nuh denied Our servant, and called him a mad man and severely scolded him.
54:10  He cried out to His Lord: “I am weak and beaten, so help me!”
54:11  So We opened the sky’s floodgates with torrential rain,
54:12  and caused the Earth’s springs to surge, and the two waters met as pre-designed.
54:13  We carried him on a boat made of wooden planks held together with nails,
54:14  floating under our watchful gaze. A magnificent reward for the one denied.
54:15  We left that as a sign; will anyone pay attention?
54:16  How terrible were My punishments and warnings?
54:17  We made the Quran easy to learn and understand, so will anyone pay attention
54:18  The people of Ad also denied, so how terrible were My punishment and warnings?
54:19  We sent a howling storm wind on a Day of bitter misfortune,
54:20  which blew people away like uprooted palm trunks.
54:21  How terrible were My punishment and warnings.
54:22  We have made the Quran easy to learn and understand, so will anyone pay attention
54:23  The people of Thamud also denied Our warnings.
54:24  They said, “We must be misguided and mad people if we follow one man from among us.
54:25  How could he be given a Revelation? He is a big-headed liar.”
54:26  Tomorrow they shall know who is a big-headed liar.
54:27  We shall send a she-camel to test them, so patiently watch over them.
54:28  And tell them, the water shall be divided equally among them, and each will come to it when it’s their turn.
54:29  So they called for their leader who cut the hamstrings of the she-camel.
54:30  How terrible were My punishment and warnings?
54:31  We sent a single blast to destroy them, and they were like the scattered sticks of a broken fence
54:32  Indeed We made the Quran easy to learn and understand, so will anyone pay attention?
54:33  The people of Lut denied the warnings.
54:34  We sent a sandstorm of stones; the only exception was the family of Lut, We saved them at dawn,
54:35  a favour from Us. This is how We reward the thankful.
54:36  He warned them clearly about Our punishment, but they doubted the warnings.
54:37  They also demanded from him his guests, so We blinded them and told them, “Taste My punishment and the warnings.”
54:38  So early one morning, a lasting punishment seized them.
54:39  It was said: “Taste My punishment and warnings.”
54:40  We made the Quran easy to learn and understand; so will anyone pay attention
54:41  Warners came to the people of Pharaoh,
54:42  but they denied all Our signs, so We grabbed them with force and power.
54:43  Are your disbelievers, the Quraysh, stronger than them, or have they been promised protection in Divine Scriptures?
54:44  Or do they say: “We are a united people bound to be victorious.”
54:45  Soon they will be defeated, and they will turn their backs and flee.
54:46  The Judgement Day is their appointed time, and it will be a terrifying and most difficult Day.
54:47  The sinners are indeed misguided and foolish.
54:48  The Day when they are dragged on their faces and thrown into Hell, it will be said: “Taste the burning of Hellfire.
54:49  We created everything in a precisely-measured way.
54:50  Our order is carried out instantly, like the blink of an eye.
54:51  We destroyed the likes of you, so is there anyone who will pay attention?
54:52  Everything they did is in the Records –
54:53  whether big or small – all was written down.
54:54  The righteous will be in Paradise with flowing streams,
54:55  a delightful place in the presence of the All-Powerful King