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53:1  I (God) swear by the star when it goes down (explode and throw its energy back to the universe creating a nova: The most awesome happening in the universe.
53:2  That your fellow citizen (Mohammad) is neither wrong nor misled
53:3  Nor does he speak out of his whim
53:4  This Qur’an is a revelation from the Creator
53:5  Taught to him ( Mohammad) by God himself…
53:6  : The possessor of absolute authority …
53:7  who approached from…
53:8  the farest point.
53:9  of the universe…
53:10  to reveal His Message
53:11  The Mohammad’s mind did not make what he saw up
53:12  Do you dispute with Mohammad and doubt about what he saw
53:13  Indeed he (Mohammad) saw him (Angle Gabriel) for the second time by the furthest Lote-tree…
53:14  in the Garden (beyond which none will pass)
53:15  Where the eternal paradise is located
53:16  The Lote-tree was shrouded
53:17  His eyes did not blink while looking straight
53:18  And he saw the greatest manifestations of His Lord
53:19  Have you ever thought about the reality of your “gods”:&hellip
53:20  Lot, Uzza and Manat
53:21  Do you choose sons [and kill your new born girls as you consider them disgraceful] while calling these things as God’s daughters
53:22  How disgraceful of you
53:23  These concepts that you and your forefathers have invented are simply none senses. God has never sanctioned it. The fact of the matter is that these people simply follow their lusts in spite of the fact that the Lord’s guidance is offered to them
53:24  Should man’s whims be materializes
53:25  No way. It is only the will of God which will be fulfilled in this world, as well as, in Hereafter
53:26  No matter how many angles [which are so beloved by God] pray for God’s mercy for a person, their prayer may not be beneficial for that person unless God himself decides to grant it in favor of whoever He wills and is pleased with
53:27  Only disbelievers consider the Angles [who do not even have the power of intercession] as goddesses/ daughters of God [and in case of “holy spirit” as a part of God or God himself]
53:28  They do not have any knowledge about the nature of the Angles or unseen and just follow their guesses and guess is not a substitute for the truth
53:29  God is hereby ordering you not to chose as a friend those who turn their backs to the laws of the Lord and seek nothing but the pleasure of this world
53:30  The latter’ knowledge is limited only to this world [which is the subject of the study of science]. Only God knows the best who is following the right highway and who is walking in the back/dirt roads
53:31  God is the only owner of everything which is in the heavens and the earth. He may reward the mischief makers with evil and the righteous ones with goodies
53:32  The righteous ones are those who avoid great sins and shameful acts; occasionally falling prey to small sins. Indeed your Lord is generous in forgiving. He knows you the best as He is the One Who created you at first place and has observed you as embryos inside your mothers’ wombs. Therefore do not be proud of your “purity”: God alone knows best who is really pious and honors the God with the utmost respect
53:33  Have you noticed the one who turned away from the God’s way…
53:34  and was stingy in charity
53:35  Does such a person have knowledge about the future [that he should be stingy in charity as though it will not help him in the future]
53:36  Has such a person not heard about what is mentioned [about charity] in the book sent down to Moses
53:37  Has such a person not heard about what is mentioned in the book sent down to Abraham
53:38  “That the responsibility of one person’s act can not be transferred to another person.”
53:39  “That man will be fully repaid for whatever he has done.”
53:40  That man’s effort will be appreciated
53:41  That such a man will be fully paid
53:42  Know that to your Lord is your final destiny
53:43  Know that God is the One Who makes you laugh or cry
53:44  Know that God is the One Who gives death and grants life
53:45  Know that God is the One Who has created male…
53:46  and female from a tiny drop of sperm
53:47  Know that such powerful Lord can bring you back to life
53:48  Know that God is the One Who makes you rich or poor [for trial and maturity]
53:49  Know that God is the Lord of Galaxy Cyrus [as well as all other galaxies]
53:50  Know that God is the One Who destroyed the tribe of Ad [the rebellious people of Prophet Hud]
53:51  Know that God is the One Who wiped out the tribe of Thamud…
53:52  as well as the people of Noah before them who were most wicked and rebellious
53:53  The evil communities [of Sodom & Gomorrah] had sunk to the lowest…
53:54  Consequently, ruins covered them up as you know
53:55  Will you entertain the same doubt about your Lord and engage in what proved to be disastrous for the people before you
53:56  This (Qur’an) is a warning, like the previous warnings
53:57  The inevitable is imminent
53:58  None beside God can remove the upcoming disaster from you
53:59  Are you doubting it
53:60  That you laugh at it instead of crying [for your miserable future]
53:61  Wasting your time in vanities
53:62  Fall prostrate before God in worship and start serving Him