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al-Qamar (The Moon)
as rendered by Bijan Moeinian
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Bijan Moeinian rendition of Surah The Moon(al-Qamar)
54:1 The hour (of judgment) approaches as moon is being split.
54:2 The disbelievers, however, make fun of indications of God and refer to it as an act of magic.
54:3 They deny the Lord and follow their own (low worldly) desires. Every prescribed event, however, will take place when its time arrives.
54:4 The disbelievers have heard about the other prophets and it is easy for them to cross check the truth.
54:5 Unfortunately, they do not take these wise admonitions seriously.
54:6 Leave them alone then till they are called to face the awesome event.
54:7 They will come out of their graves with the most horrified eyes resembling to a bunch of locusts.
54:8 Towards facing their terrible destiny, they will say: “Indeed this is an awful day.”
54:9 The people of Noah, too, made fun of my servant. They called him a crazy man and ex-communicated him!
54:10 Noah (in despair) called upon his Lord: “I am overcome, would you come to my rescue”
54:11 So I (God) opened the gates of the sky and poured down the water.
54:12 As to the earth, I (God) gushed forth springs so that the water reached as high as desired.
54:13 I (God) carried Noah, then, on a bunch of planks fastened by palm fibers.
54:14 Under My watchful eyes, Noah floated to the safety. What a terrible punishment it was for the disbelievers.
54:15 This is left as a warning sign; is there anyone who minds an admonition?
54:16 How terrible was My (God’s) punishment after My warnings.
54:17 I (God) have made Qur’an easy to understand; is there anyone who minds an admonition?
54:18 The tribe of Ad also denied their prophet. How true was my warning and how awful my punishment.
54:19 Then one day I sent them a strong storm; a nasty storm that brought them nothing but misery.
54:20 The storm was tossing people around as though they were decayed palm tree trunks.
54:21 What a truthful warning and what a sever punishment.
54:22 I (God) have made Qur’an easy to understand; is there anyone who minds an admonition?
54:23 The tribe of Thamud also denied their warnings.
54:24 They said: “Are we crazy to follow a lonely person who is just a human being like us?”
54:25 “Is there no one better among us worthy of receiving God’s messages? Indeed this “prophet” is a liar who brags about his closeness to God”
54:26 Tomorrow they will find out who the liar is.”
54:27 “Tomorrow we will send a camel to try their obedience with. Watch their behavior with patience.”
54:28 Let them know that they have to share their spring water with the camel.”
54:29 Instead, They commissioned a clan member to kill the camel.
54:30 How terrible was My (God’s) punishment after My warnings.
54:31 I sent them only one blow which made them look like harvested hay.
54:32 I (God) have made Qur’an easy to understand; is there anyone who minds an admonition?
54:33 The people of Lot also denied their prophet’s warnings.
54:34 I (God) showered them with rocks. Only Lot’s family was saved at dawn.
54:35 I (God) blessed him and his family; this is the way that I reward the grateful ones.
54:36 Lot warned his people about God’s upcoming punishment but they made jokes and laughed at him.
54:37 They verbally abused Lot’s honorable guests. That is why, I made them blind: Suffer my punishment; you have been warned.
54:38 Then early next morning a disaster struck them.
54:39 Suffer my punishment; you have been warned.
54:40 I (God) have made Qur’an easy to understand; is there anyone who minds an admonition?
54:41 Pharaoh’s people were warned.
54:42 They denied all My Warnings. Consequently, I punished them in a manner that the Almighty Powerful punishes.
54:43 Do you disbeliever think that you are better than the ones before you? Is there any exemptions for you in the Scriptures?
54:44 Do they believe that by sticking together they will win?
54:45 Pretty soon you will show your back on flying .
54:46 They will see the real misery, however, on the Day of their Resurrection;… it is far worse and more painful.
54:47 The wicked people who have chosen the wrong path will be chained and dragged into Hell.
54:48 When they are thrown into fire, they will be told: Taste now the flame of Hell.”
54:49 I have created everything with a pre-destined fate.
54:50 It will take only a twinkle of an eye for My (God’s) command to be fulfilled.
54:51 I (God) have destroyed many like you as an example; is there anyone who wants to take a lesson?
54:52 Whatever done is registered in a Book.
54:53 The Book covers everything; no matter how grave or immaterial it seems to be .
54:54 As to those who minded their Lord, they will end up in gardens with the streams.
54:55 In a place of true honor: At the presence of the Most Powerful King.


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