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39:1  The Book Revelation Download is from Allah, Al-Aziz (The Almighty), Al-Hakeem (The Wise).
39:2  Surely, We sent down to you the Book with the right, so worship Allah, sincere for Him the religion.
39:3  Verily, to Allah is the pure religion. And those who took guardians without Him (They Say), "We are not worshiping them except that they might, near us from Allah a nearness." Surely, Allah will judge between them in what they differ within it. Surely, Allah does not guide he who is a liar, infidel.
39:4  If Allah had wanted to take a son, He would have chosen from what He creates whatever He willed. Glorified is Him; He is Allah, Al-Wahed (The One), Al-Qahar (The Prevailing).
39:5  He created the skies and the earth with the right. He balled up the night over the day, and He balled up the day over the night. And He subserviated the sun and the moon, each running for a named term. Verily, He is Al-Aziz (The Almighty), Al-Ghafar (the Forgiver).
39:6  He created you from one soul. Then He set up from it its mate, and He sent down for you among the livestock eight pairs. He created you in your mother's bellies, creation from after creation, within three darkness. That is Allah, your Lord; for Him the Sovereignty. There is no god except Him, so how do you avert?
39:7  If you disbelieve, so Allah was self-enriched from you, and He does not satisfy, for His slaves the infidelity. And if you thank, He will be satisfied with that from you. And no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another. Then to your Lord is your return; so, He will inform you with what you were working. Surely, He is Knowledgeable with the chest’s ego.
39:8  And if a harm touched the human, he called his Lord, penitent to Him. Then, if He bestowed a grace from Him, he forgot what he was calling to it before, and he set up rivals for Allah, to astray about His pathway. Say, “Enjoy, with your infidelity for a little while; surely you are among The Fire’s Companions.”
39:9  Is he who is devoutly obedient during the night, a prostrater and a stander, cautioning the Hereafter and expecting for his Lord’s Mercy? Say, "Are those who know equal to those who do not know?" Only remember the mind's possessors.
39:10  Say, "O My slaves who have believed, show the piety of your Lord. For those who excelled in this Dunya (world) is an excellence, and Allah’s earth is spacious. Surely only the patient ones will fulfill their wages, without reckoning.”
39:11  Say, “I was commanded that I worship Allah, sincere for Him the religion
39:12  And I have been commanded to be the Muslims’ first."
39:13  Say, “I fear, if I disobeyed my Lord, a great Day torment.”
39:14  Say, “Allah I worship, sincere for Him my religion.”
39:15  So worship what you wish without Him." Say, "Surely, the losers are the ones who will lose themselves and their families on The Resurrection Day. Verily, that is the obvious loss."
39:16  For them murk from the fire above them and below them murk. By that Allah causes fear with it to His slaves. O My slaves, so show the piety of Me.
39:17  And those who have avoided The False Gods, lest they worship it, and be penitent to Allah - for them is the preach (good tidings). So (Mohamad) preach (good tidings) My slaves
39:18  Those who listen to the saying, so they follow the best of it. Those are they whom Allah has guided. And those are the mind's possessors.
39:19  So, is he who truthed the torment’s word against him? So, will you save whoever is in the Fire?
39:20  But those who have shown the piety of their Lord - for them are chambers, above them chambers built, beneath which the rivers are running. Allah’s promise, Allah does not fail the promise.
39:21  Have you not seen that Allah sends down water from the sky, so He inserts it as springs in the earth; then He exits out thereby vegetation of varying colors; then it is excited, so you see them turned yellow; then He sets them up as debris. Surely, within that is a reminder for the mind's possessors.
39:22  So is he whose chest Allah has enraptured to The Islam, so he is upon a light from his Lord? So, woe to those whose their cores is hardened against Allah’s reminder. Those are in an obvious astray.
39:23  Allah has sent down the best narration: A Book look resembled, paired. The skins of those who are awed of their Lord shudder from it, then their skins and their cores soften up to Allah’s reminder. That is Allah’s guidance; He guides with it whomever He wills. And whoever Allah strayed him, so for him none among a guide.
39:24  So, is he who protects by his face the torment’s bad on The Resurrection Day! And it is said to the oppressors, "Taste what you were earning."
39:25  Those before them falsified, so the torment came to them from where they do not feel.
39:26  So Allah made them taste the disgrace in the Dunya (worldly) life. And the Hereafter’s torment is greater, if they were knowing.
39:27  And already We have cited for the people in this Quran among every example, perhaps they may be remembering.
39:28  An Arabic Quran, without any crookedness, perhaps they may be showing piety.
39:29  Allah cited an example of a man in whom are pugnacious associates, and a man is peaceful for a man. Are they equal in example? The Praise for Allah. Nay, but most of them are not knowing.
39:30  You will die, and they will die.
39:31  Then, you are on The Resurrection Day at your Lord, will dispute.
39:32  So, who was more oppressor than he who lied against Allah, and falsified the right when it came to him? Is there not in Gohanam (Hell) a dwelling for the infidels?
39:33  And the one who was brought by the right, and confirmed by it, those are the pious.
39:34  For them whatever they wish with their Lord. That is the benefactors’ award.
39:35  Allah will atone for them the worst of what they worked, and will recompense them, their wage with the best of what they were working.
39:36  Is not Allah sufficient for His slave? And they frighten you with those without Him. And whoever Allah strays, so for him none among a guide.
39:37  And whoever Allah guides, so for him none among a strayer. Is not Allah Mighty, possessor of revenge?
39:38  And if you ask them, “Who created the skies and the earth?” They will say, “Allah.” Say, “So have you seen those who you call without Allah? If Allah wanted harm for me, are they uncovering His harm? Or if He wanted mercy for me, are they withholding His mercy?” Say, "Sufficient for me is Allah; Upon Him rely the reliers.”
39:39  Say: “O kinfolk, work on your position; surely, I am working. So, you will know.
39:40  Who will come to him a torment disgrace him, and place upon him a resident torment.”
39:41  Surely, We sent down upon you the Book for the people by the right. So, whoever guided, so for himself. And whoever strayed, so he only strayed against himself. And you are not over them, a trustee.
39:42  Allah deceases the souls at their death time, and which do not die in its sleep. So, He withholds which He has decreed upon her the death and releases the others till a named term. Surely within that is verses for a kinfolk who think.
39:43  Or have they taken without Allah as intercessors? Say, "Even though they are not owning a thing, and are not reasoning?"
39:44  Say, "For Allah is the intercession altogether. For Him Sovereignty of the skies and the earth. Then to Him you will be returning."
39:45  And if Allah is mentioned alone, the cores of those who do not believe in the Hereafter are disgusted, and if those without Him are mentioned, then they are cheerful.
39:46  Say, "O Allah, Originator of the skies and the earth, Knower of the unseen and the witnessing, You judge between your slaves in what they were within it differing."
39:47  And if those who oppressed had all what is in the earth altogether, and the like of it with it, to ransom themselves thereby from the bad torment on The Resurrection Day. And there will appear for them from Allah what they are not calculating.
39:48  And it appeared to them badness of what they earned, and it banded around by them what they were ridiculing with.
39:49  So, if the human is touched with harm, he calls Us. Then, if We granted him a grace from Us, he said, “I have only been given it, on knowledge with me.” Nay, but it is an infatuation, but most of them are not knowing.
39:50  Already those before them had said it, so it did not avail them, what they were earning.
39:51  So, it inflicted them the bad of what they earned. And those who oppressed among those, will inflict them what they earned, and they will not cause its incapacitation.
39:52  Have they not known that Allah extends the livelihood for whomever He wills, and quantifies it? Surely within that is verses for a kinfolk who believe.
39:53  Say, “O My slaves who are extravagant against themselves: do not dishearten of Allah’s mercy. Surely Allah forgives the misdeeds, altogether. He is Al-Ghafoor (The Forgiver), Al-Raheem (The merciful to his creation and himself).”
39:54  And be penitent to your Lord, and submit to Him, before the torment comes to you. Then you do not get victory.
39:55  And follow the best of what was sent down to you from your Lord, before the torment comes to you unexpectedly, while you do not feel.
39:56  Lest a soul should say, "Oh Alas for me upon what I over neglected in the side of Allah and surely I was among the mockers."
39:57  Or it says, “If Allah guided me; I would have been among the pious.”
39:58  Or it says, when it sees the torment, “If only I had another repetition so I could be among the benefactors."
39:59  Yes, already My Verses did come to you, so you falsified them, and arrogated, and you were among the infidels.
39:60  And on The Resurrection Day, you will see those who lied against Allah, with their faces blackened. Is there not in Gohanam (Hell) a dwelling for the arrogant ones?
39:61  And Allah will save those who showed piety by their winnings. The badness will not touch them, nor will they grieve.
39:62  Allah is a Creator of everything, and He is over everything, a trustee.
39:63  For Him the reins keys of the skies and the earth. And those who disbelieved with Allah’s verses, those are the losers.
39:64  Say, “So is it other than Allah you command me to worship, O the ignorant ones?”
39:65  And it was already revealed to you, and to those before you, that if you associate, your work will be inhibited, and you will be among the losers.
39:66  Nay, but Allah you should worship, and be among the thankful ones.
39:67  And they did not value Allah as He should be valued, and the earth altogether will be in His grip on The Resurrection Day, and the skies will be folded by His right arm. Glorified is Him and exalted about what they associate.
39:68  And it was blown in the trumpet, so whoever is in the skies and the earth was shocked, except whomever Allah willed. Then it was blown in it another time, so then they are standing up, looking on.
39:69  And the earth shone with its Lord’s Light; and the Book is placed; and the prophets and the Martyrs brought; and it was decreed between them with the right, and they will not be oppressed.
39:70  And every soul fulfilled what it had worked. And He is a knower of what they are doing.
39:71  And those who disbelieved were driven to Gohanam (Hell) in throngs. Until, when they had come to it, its doors were opened, and its warders said to them, “Did not messengers among you come to you, reciting upon you, your Lord’s verses, and warning you of the meeting of this Day of yours?” They said, “Yes, but the torment’s word was truthed upon the infidels.”
39:72  It was said, “Enter Gohanam (Hell) doors, immortals therein.” So, wretched is a dwelling of the arrogant ones.
39:73  And those who showed their Lord piety were driven to the Paradise in throngs. Until, when they had come to it, its doors were opened, and their warders said to them, “Peace be upon you, you have been good, so enter it, immortal.”
39:74  And they said, “The Praise for Allah, the one who has confirmed His promise to us, and made us inherit the earth, settle from the Paradise wherever as we wish.” So, Grace is the workers’ wage.
39:75  And you see the angels edging from around the Throne, glorified with their Lord’s praises. And it was decreed between them with the right, and it was said, “The Praise for Allah, The Worlds' Lord.”