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39:1  The sending down successively of this Book is from God, The Almighty, The Wise.
39:2  Truly, We caused to descend to thee the Book with The Truth so worship God as one who is sincere and devoted in the way of life to Him.
39:3  The way of life is exclusively for God. And those who took to themselves protectors other than Him say: We worship them not, but that they bring us nearness to God. Truly, God gives judgment between them about what they are at variance in it. Truly, God guides not him, one who lies and is an ingrate.
39:4  If God wanted to take to Himself a son, He would have favored from what He creates of what He wills. Glory be to Him. He is God, The One, The Omniscient.
39:5  He created the heavens and the earth with The Truth. He wraps the nighttime around the daytime and wraps the daytime around the nighttime. And He caused to be subservient the sun and the moon, each run for a term, that which is determined. Is He not The Almighty, The Forgiver?
39:6  He creates you from one soul. Again, He made its mate from it and He caused to descend for you eight pairs of flocks. He creates you in the wombs of your mothers, creation after creation, in threefold shadows. Such is God your Lord. His is the dominion. There is no god but He. Why, then, turn you away?
39:7  If you are ungrateful, truly, God is Independent of you. And He is not well-pleased with ingratitude from His servants. And if you give thanks, He will be well-pleased with you. No burdened soul will bear the heavy load of another. Again, to your Lord is the return, so He will tell you what you had been doing. Truly, He is Knowing of what is in the breasts.
39:8  And when some distress afflicted the human being, he calls to his Lord as one who turns in repentance to Him. Again, when He granted him divine blessing from Himself, he forgets that for which he had been calling to Him before and he laid on rivals to God to cause others to go astray from His way. Say: Take joy in thy ingratitude for a while. Truly, thou art of the Companions of the Fire.
39:9  Is he one who is morally obligated during the night watch, one who prostrates himself or one who is standing up in prayer being fearful of the world to come and hoping for the mercy of his Lord? Say: Are those who know on the same level as those who know not? Only those imbued with intuition recollect.
39:10  Say: O My servants who believed! Be Godfearing of your Lord. For those who did good in the present, there is benevolence, and the earth of God is One Who is Extensive. Only ones who remain steadfast will have their compensation without reckoning.
39:11  Say: Truly, I was commanded to worship God, one who is sincere and devoted in the way of life to Him.
39:12  And I was commanded that I be the first of the ones who submit to God.
39:13  Say: Truly, I fear if I rebelled against my Lord the punishment of a tremendous Day.
39:14  Say: God alone I worship as one sincere and devoted in the way of life to Him.
39:15  So worship what you would other than Him. Say: Truly, the ones who are losers are those who lost themselves and their people on the Day of Resurrection. Truly, that is a clear loss.
39:16  They will have overshadowings above from the fire and beneath them, overshadowings. With that, God frightens His servants. O my servants! Be Godfearing of Me!
39:17  And those who avoided false deities so that they worship them not and were penitent to God, for them are good tidings. So give good tidings to My servants,
39:18  those who listen to the saying of the Quran and follow the fairer of it. Those are those whom God guided. And those, they are imbued with intuition.
39:19  Against whom was realized the word of punishment? Wilt thou be saving him from the fire?
39:20  But those who were Godfearing of their Lord, for them are the highest chambers with the highest chambers built above them, beneath which rivers run. This is the solemn declaration of God. God never breaks His promise.
39:21  Hast thou not considered that God caused to descend water from heaven and threaded fountains in the earth, again, brings out crops by it of hues, ones that are at variance? Again, they wither so thou seest them as ones that are growing yellow. Again, He makes them chaff. Truly, in this is a reminder for those imbued with intuition.
39:22  So is he whose breast God has expanded for submission to God, in a light from His Lord? So woe to their hearts, ones that harden against the Remembrance of God. Those are clearly going astray.
39:23  God sent down the fairer discourse, a Book, one that is consistent in its often repeated parts of the Quran by which shiver the skins of those who dread their Lord. Again, their skins and their hearts become gentle with the Remembrance of God. That is the guidance of God. With it He guides whom He wills. And whomever God causes to go astray, there is not for him any one who guides.
39:24  Is he, then, one who fends off a dire punishment with his face on the Day of Resurrection? And it will be said to the ones who are unjust: Experience what you had been earning!
39:25  Those before them denied and so the punishment approached them from where they are not aware.
39:26  So God caused them to experience degradation in this present life. But the punishment of the world to come is greater if they had been knowing!
39:27  And, certainly, We propounded for humanity in this, the Quran, every kind of parable so that perhaps they will recollect,
39:28  an Arabic Recitation without any crookedness so that perhaps they would be Godfearing.
39:29  God propounded a parable of a man owned by quarreling ascribed associates and a man belonging to another man. Are they both equal in likeness? The Praise belongs to God. But most of them know not.
39:30  Truly, thou art mortal and, truly, they are mortal.
39:31  Again, truly, on the Day of Resurrection before your Lord you will strive against one another.
39:32  Then, who does greater wrong than one who lied against God and denied sincerity when it drew near him? Is there not in hell a place of lodging for the ones who are ungrateful?
39:33  And he who brought about sincerity and he who established it as true, those, they are the ones who are Godfearing.
39:34  For them is all that they will with their Lord. That is the recompense of the ones who are doers of good.
39:35  Certainly, God absolves them of bad deeds of what they do and gives them recompense in compensation for the fairer of what they had been doing.
39:36  Is not God One Who Suffices for His servants? They frighten thee with those other than Him. And whom God causes to go astray, there is not for him any one who guides.
39:37  And whomever God guides, there is not for him anyone who leads astray. Is not God Almighty, The Possessor of Requital?
39:38  And, truly, if thou hadst asked them: Who created the heavens and the earth? They would, certainly, say: God. Say: Considered you what you call to other than God? If God wanted some harm for me, would they (f) be ones who remove His harm from me? Or if He wanted mercy for me would they (f) be ones who hold back His mercy? Say: God is enough for me. In Him put their trust the ones who put their trust.
39:39  Say: O my folk! Truly, act according to your ability. I am one who acts. You will know
39:40  to whom punishment approaches covering him with shame and on whom alights an abiding punishment.
39:41  Truly, We caused the Book to descend to thee for humanity with The Truth. So whoever was truly guided, it is only for himself. And whoever went astray, goes astray but for himself. Thou art not over them a trustee.
39:42  God calls the souls to Himself at the time of their death and those that die not during their slumbering. He holds back those for whom He decreed death and sends the others back for a term, that which is determined. Truly, in that are signs for a folk who reflect.
39:43  Or took they to themselves other than God intercessors? Say: Even though they had not been possessing anything and they are not reasonable?
39:44  Say: To God belongs all intercession. His is the dominion of the heavens and the earth. Again, to Him you will be returned.
39:45  And when God alone was remembered, the hearts shuddered of those who believe not in the world to come. But when those who, other than Him, were remembered, that is when they rejoice at the good tidings!
39:46  Say: O God! One Who is Originator of the heavens and the earth! One Who Knows of the unseen and the visible! Thou wilt give judgment among Thy servants about what they had been at variance in it.
39:47  And if those who did wrong had whatever is in and on the earth altogether and the like with it, they would, truly, have offered it as ransom for the evil punishment on the Day of Resurrection. And it will show itself to them from God what they not be anticipating.
39:48  And it will show itself to them, the evil deeds that they earned and they will be surrounded by what they had been ridiculing.
39:49  Then, when harm afflicted the human being, he called to Us. Again, We granted him divine blessing from Us. He would say: I was only given this because of my knowledge. Nay! It is only a test, but most of them know not.
39:50  Truly, those who were before them said it so what they had been earning availed them not.
39:51  The evil deeds they earned lit on them. And as for those who did wrong among these, evil deeds of what they earned will light on them. They will not be ones who frustrate Him.
39:52  Know they not that God extends the provision for whomever He wills and tightens it for whom He wills. Truly, in this are, certainly, signs for a folk who believe.
39:53  Say: O My servants who exceeded all bounds against themselves, despair not of the mercy of God. Truly, God forgives all impieties. Truly, He is The Forgiving, The Compassionate.
39:54  Be penitent to your Lord and submit to Him before the punishment approaches you. Again, you will not be helped.
39:55  And follow the fairer of what was caused to descend to you from your Lord before the punishment approaches you suddenly while you are not aware
39:56  so that a soul not say: O me that I am regretful for what I neglected in my responsibility to God and that I had, truly, been among the ones who deride.
39:57  Or he may say: If God guided me, I would, certainly, have been among the ones who are Godfearing.
39:58  Or he say at the time he sees the punishment: If only I might return again, then, be among the ones who are doers of good.
39:59  Yea! My signs drew near thee and thou hadst denied them and hadst grown arrogant. Thou hadst been among the ones who are ungrateful.
39:60  And on the Day of Resurrection thou wilt see those who lied against God, their faces, ones that are clouded over. Is there not in hell a place of lodging for ones who increase in pride?
39:61  And God delivers those who were Godfearing, keeping them safe. No evil will afflict them, nor will they feel remorse.
39:62  God is One Who is Creator of everything. And He is Trustee over everything.
39:63  To Him belongs the pass keys of the heavens and the earth. And those who were ungrateful for the signs of God, those, they are the ones who are the losers.
39:64  Say: Commanded you me to worship other than God, O ones who are ignorant?
39:65  And, certainly, it was revealed to thee and to those who were before thee that if thou hast ascribed partners with God, certainly, thy actions will be fruitless and thou wilt, certainly, be among the ones who are losers.
39:66  Nay! Worship thou God and be thou among the ones who are thankful!
39:67  And they measured not God with His true measure. And the earth altogether will be His handful on the Day of Resurrection when the heavens will be ones that are rolled up in His right hand. Glory be to Him! And exalted is He above partners they ascribe!
39:68  And the trumpet will be blown. Then, whoever is in the heavens will swoon and whoever is in and on the earth, but he whom God willed. Again, it will be blown another time. Then, they will be upright looking on.
39:69  And the earth will shine with the Light of its Lord and the Book will be laid down and the prophets and the witnesses will be brought about. And it will be decided among them with The Truth. And they, they will not be wronged.
39:70  The account of each soul will be paid in full for what it did. He is greater in knowledge of what they accomplish.
39:71  Those who were ungrateful will be ones driven to hell in troops until when they drew near it, then, the doors of it will be flung open. Ones who are its keepers will say to them: Approach not Messengers from among you who recount to you the signs of your Lord to warn you of the meeting of this your Day? They would say: Yea. But the word of punishment was realized against the ones who are ungrateful.
39:72  It will be said: Enter the doors of hell as ones who will dwell in it forever. Miserable it will be as a place of lodging for the ones who increase in pride.
39:73  Those who were Godfearing will be ones driven to their Lord in the Garden in troops until when they drew near it and its doors were let loose, ones who are its keepers will say to them: Peace be on you! You fared well! So enter it, ones who dwell in it forever.
39:74  They would say: The Praise belongs to God Who was sincere in His promise to us and gave us the earth as inheritance that we take our dwelling in the Garden wherever we will. How excellent a compensation for the ones who work!
39:75  And thou wilt see the angels as ones who encircle around the Throne glorifying their Lord with praise. And it would be decided in Truth among them. And it would be said: The Praise belongs to God, the Lord of the worlds.