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39:1  The revelation of this Book is from Allah, the Lord of Honour, All-Wise
39:2  Surely, We have revealed (this) Book to you with the truth. So worship Allah for His sake alone in sincere obedience
39:3  (Say to the people:) ‘Listen! Sincere obedience and worship is only Allah’s due.’ And those (disbelievers) who have taken (idols as) helpers other than Allah (say in false justification of their idol-worship:) ‘We worship them only that they may bring us near to Allah.’ Surely, Allah will judge between them concerning the matter in which they differ. Certainly, Allah does not give guidance to the one who is a liar and highly ungrateful
39:4  Had Allah willed to beget children (for Himself), He would have chosen whom He liked out of His Creation. Glory be to Him, He is Allah, the One, the All-Dominant
39:5  He created the heavens and the earth with a decreed celestial order and planning. He causes the night to overlap the day and the day to overlap the night. And He is the One Who has subjected the sun and the moon (to a system). Each (star and planet) rotates in its orbit till an appointed time. Beware! He is the One Who is All-Dominant (over the entire system), the Most Forgiving
39:6  He has created all of you from a single life cell, and then made from it a similar pair. And then He brought about for you eight living animals in pairs. He shapes you in the wombs of your mothers from one creative phase into the next in sequence and (completes this process) in three (germinal) layers. This is Allah, your Lord, to Whom belongs all Power and Authority. There is no God except He. Where then are you deviated (and disoriented after knowing these concealed realities of creation)
39:7  If you disbelieve, then surely Allah is Self-Sufficient and He does not like disbelief (and ingratitude) for His servants, and if you give thanks, (so) He likes that for you. And no bearer of burden will bear the burden of any other. Then you have to return to your Lord. Then He will inform you of the deeds which you used to do. Surely, He knows best the secrets of the hearts
39:8  And when some suffering afflicts man, he turns to his Lord and cries out. Then when (Allah) grants him some blessing from Himself, he forgets that (suffering) which he used to beseech relief from. And (then) he sets up (idols) as partners with Allah to make (others also) lose His way. Say: ‘(O disbeliever,) profit a little (worldly gain) from your disbelief; you are certainly of the inmates of Hell
39:9  Well! (Is this polytheist better or) that (believer) who worships during the hours of the night standing and in prostration, lives in fear of the Hereafter and expects mercy from his Lord?’ Say: ‘Can those who have knowledge and those who do not be alike?’ So only the wise do receive the admonition
39:10  (O Beloved,) say (on My behalf), ‘O My servants, you who have believed, adopt Godwariness; it is for the men of spiritual excellence in this world that there is excellent reward. And Allah’s earth is vast. So the steadfast will certainly be given their reward without measure.
39:11  Say: ‘I have been commanded to worship Allah in sincerest obedience and devotion to Him alone.
39:12  And I was (also) commanded to become the first Muslim of all (His creation)
39:13  Say: ‘If I disobeyed My Lord, I would fear the torment of a Terrible Day.
39:14  Say: ‘I worship Allah alone making obedience purely for Him
39:15  So worship what you like besides Allah.’ Say: ‘Surely, losers are only those who will bring loss to their own souls and their families on the Day of Resurrection. Remember! That truly is the manifest loss
39:16  For them there will be clouds of fire (as covers) over them and pavements of fire beneath them too. This is (the torment) with which Allah warns His servants.’ O My servants! Always fear Me
39:17  And those who kept off from idol-worship and turned to Allah, for them is good news. So give glad tidings to My servants
39:18  Those who listen attentively to what is said, then follow the best in it, it is they whom Allah has given guidance, and it is they who have wisdom
39:19  But can you save him for whom the command of torment has become due and who has become the inmate of Hell (for ever)
39:20  But for those who fear their Lord are lofty palaces (in Paradise) with lofty mansions built over and rivers flowing beneath. This is Allah’s promise. Allah does not go against His promise
39:21  (O man!) Have you not seen that Allah showered water from the sky, then made it sprout from the earth as water springs? Then He brings forth with it crops of various colours. Then (growing fully) it dries up. Then, (ripening,) you see it turns yellow. Then He reduces it to broken straw. Surely, there is advice in it for the wise
39:22  Well! He whose breast Allah has opened for Islam is (stationed) in the light from his Lord. (But on the contrary) those whose hearts are hardened for (being deprived of the bounty of) Allah’s remembrance are destined to ruin. It is they who are in open error
39:23  Allah is the One Who has sent down the best Word. That is a Book whose contents are in harmony with one another (in format and meaning) and (whose Verses) are repeated frequently. It sends a hair-raising shudder in the bodies of those who fear their Lord. Then their skins and hearts get softened, and they get (absorbed) into the remembrance of Allah (in a weeping mood). It is guidance from Allah and He guides with it whom He wills. And he whom Allah holds misguided (i.e., leaves astray) has no one to guide him
39:24  Well, on the Day of Resurrection, (what will be the plight of the one) who will be trying to halt the evil torment (of the Fire) with his face (because both his hands will be fastened)? And it will be said to these wrongdoers: ‘Taste the consequence of the evil deeds that you used to do.
39:25  The people who passed before them rejected (the Messengers), so the torment came upon them whence they had no perception
39:26  So Allah made them taste disgrace and humiliation (here) in this world, and surely the torment of the Hereafter is far greater. Would that they knew
39:27  And truly, (to make the people understand,) We have given every kind of example in this Qur’an in order that they may take advice
39:28  The Qur’an is in the Arabic language (which is the most comprehensive, lucid and communicative of all the languages) in which there is not even a bit of crookedness so that they may adopt Godwariness
39:29  Allah has given an example of such a (slave) person that is owned by many partners who are ill-mannered and mutually quarrelsome as well. And (on the other side) there is a person who is a slave only to one master. Can they both be alike? (Not at all!) All praise belongs to Allah alone. But most of them do not know (the truth of the Oneness of Allah)
39:30  (O My Esteemed Beloved!) Surely, you will pass away (only to taste death) but they will certainly die (for everlasting death.* So the difference between the two deaths will be worth seeing)
39:31  Then, certainly, on the Day of Resurrection you will dispute with one another in the presence of your Lord. (One party will say to the other: ‘You stopped us from understanding the station of the Prophet and the glory of the Messenger.’ They will reply: ‘No, you were yourselves ill-fated and misguided.’
39:32  So who is more unjust than he who invents lies against Allah and denies the truth when it comes to him? Is the abode for disbelievers not in Hell
39:33  And whoever has brought the truth and he who has confirmed it, it is they who are Godfearing
39:34  (All) those (favours) which they will long for (are in store) for them with their Lord. This is the reward of those who are committed to spiritual excellence
39:35  So that Allah removes from them errors which they did, and grants them the reward for the pious deeds they used to do
39:36  Is Allah not enough for His (most intimate) servant (the Esteemed Prophet [blessings and peace be upon him])? And these (disbelievers) frighten you, apart from Allah, with the idols (which they worship). And there is no one to guide him whom Allah holds astray (owing to his denial of the truth)
39:37  And he whom Allah blesses with guidance, there is none to misguide him. Is Allah not Almighty, the Lord of Vengeance
39:38  And if you ask them: ‘Who has created the heavens and the earth?’ they will certainly say: ‘Allah.’ Say: ‘Well, speak up, can the idols that you worship besides Allah remove the suffering which Allah may intend to inflict upon me, or if Allah intends to grant me mercy, can they (the idols) stop that mercy (sent by Him)?’ Say: ‘Allah is Sufficient for me. The trusting ones put their trust in Him alone.
39:39  Say: ‘O (my) people! Carry on working according to your way; I am working (according to my way). Then you will soon know (the end)
39:40  (That) who is afflicted with the torment that will disgrace him, and everlasting torment will come down upon him.
39:41  Surely, We revealed the Book to you with the truth for (the guidance of) people. So he who takes guidance takes it for his own benefit, and he who goes astray, he strays to his own detriment. And you are not responsible for them
39:42  Allah takes away souls at the time of their death and those whose death has not yet arrived during their sleep. Then He withholds those souls whose death He has ordained and sets other (souls) free till an appointed time. Surely, in it are signs for those who contemplate
39:43  Have they taken (idols as) intercessors against Allah’s leave? Say: ‘Even though they do not own anything, nor do they have any reason?
39:44  Say: ‘(The leave for) all intercession rests with Allah alone (which He has specified for His intimate servants). The sovereignty of the heavens and the earth also belongs to Him alone. Then to Him you will be returned.
39:45  And when Allah alone is mentioned, the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter constrict and recoil with disgust, and when the idols (that they worship) are mentioned apart from Allah, they rejoice all of a sudden
39:46  Say: ‘O Allah! Originator of the heavens and the earth! Knower of the unseen and the seen! You alone will judge between Your servants those (matters) wherein they used to disagree.
39:47  And if the wrongdoers possessed all (the wealth and assets) that are on earth and (obtained) the same again in addition, they would ransom themselves with it (for deliverance) from the evil torment on the Day of Resurrection. But there will appear to them from Allah such a torment as they could never have even imagined
39:48  And there will appear to them (all) the evildoings which they have earned, and that (torment) will encompass them which they used to laugh at
39:49  When some suffering touches man, he cries to Us. But when We grant him some favour from Us, he starts saying: ‘This favour has come to me on (the basis of my own) knowledge and planning.’ In fact, it is a trial, but most of them do not know
39:50  In truth, those who have passed away before them also used to say the same (things). So whatever they earned could not benefit them
39:51  And the evil deeds which they had done fell upon them, and those of them who are engaged in doing wrongs, their evil works that they have earned will (also) catch up with them soon and they cannot prevent (Allah)
39:52  And do they not know that Allah gives abundantly to whom He wills and sparingly (to whom He wills)? Surely, in that are signs for those who (truly) believe
39:53  Say: ‘O servants of Mine who have wronged their souls, do not lose hope of Allah’s mercy. Assuredly, Allah forgives all sins (and excesses). He is certainly Most Forgiving, Ever-Merciful
39:54  And turn to your Lord in repentance and total submission and become thoroughly obedient to Him before the torment comes upon you. Then you will not be helped at all
39:55  And follow the Excellent (Book) that has been revealed to you by your Lord before the torment suddenly comes upon you and you are simply unaware
39:56  (Lest) someone should say: ‘Alas! Woe to me for my lapse and neglect of my duty (of obedience) to Allah and I was certainly of those who mocked.
39:57  Or should say: ‘If Allah had given me guidance, I would certainly have been of the righteous.
39:58  Or should say on seeing the torment: ‘Would that I was able to return to the world but once, I would then become one of the pious.
39:59  (The Lord will say:) ‘Yes, no doubt, My Revelations came to you. So you rejected them and showed arrogance and became one of the disbelievers.
39:60  And on the Day of Resurrection, you will see those who have fabricated a lie against Allah that their faces are darkened. Is the abode of the arrogant not in Hell
39:61  And those who have adopted Godwariness, Allah will deliver them bestowing success on them. No evil will touch them, nor will they grieve at all
39:62  Allah is the Creator of everything and He is Ever-Watchful over everything
39:63  To Him alone belong the keys of the heavens and the earth, and those who disbelieve in the Revelations of Allah, it is they who are the losers
39:64  Say: ‘O you ignoramuses, do you ask me to worship someone other than Allah?
39:65  And in truth (this) revelation has been sent to you and to those (Messengers as well) who were (raised) before you: ‘(O man,) if you associate partners with Allah, then all your works will go to waste, and you will certainly be amongst the losers.
39:66  So, worship Allah and be amongst the thankful
39:67  And they did not realize true appreciation and veneration of Allah’s Glory as was due. And the whole earth will be in His grip on the Day of Resurrection, and all the heavenly spheres will be rolled up in His right hand (i.e., firm hold of His Might). Holy is He and High and Exalted above all that they associate with Him
39:68  And the Trumpet will be blown. Then all the people that are in the heavens and that are in the earth will become senseless except him whom Allah wills. Then the Trumpet will be blown again; so they will stand up gazing all at once
39:69  And the earth (on the Day of Judgment) will be illumined with the Light of its Lord, and the Book (of everyone’s deeds) will be laid down. And the Prophets and the witnesses will be brought, and judgment will be given between the people with truth and justice. And they will not be done any wrong
39:70  And everyone will be given recompense in full for his doings, and He Knows full well what they do
39:71  And those who have disbelieved will be driven to Hell in groups until, when they approach it (Hell), its gates will be opened and its keepers will say to them: ‘Did Messengers not come to you from amongst yourselves who recited to you the Verses of your Lord and warned you of this Day’s appearance?’ They (the inmates of Hell) will say: ‘Yes, (they came).’ But the command of torment will have been carried out against the disbelievers
39:72  It will be said to them: ‘Enter the gates of Hell. (You) will live in it for ever. So how evil is the abode of the arrogant!
39:73  And those who persisted in fear of Allah will (also) be conducted to Paradise in groups until, when they approach it (Paradise), its doors will have been opened for them (well before) and the keepers of Paradise will say, (greeting them): ‘Peace be upon you! Be glad and rejoice, and enter it to dwell here forever.
39:74  And they (the residents of Paradise) will say: ‘All praise belongs to Allah alone, Who has fulfilled His promise to us, and has made us inheritors of the land of Paradise that we may reside in (this) Paradise wherever we desire.’ So how excellent is the reward of those who do righteous acts
39:75  And, (O Beloved,) you will see the angels all around the Throne in circles glorifying the Lord with His praise, and the judgment will be given amongst (all) the people with truth and justice and it will be announced: ‘All praise belongs to Allah alone, the Sustainer of all the worlds.