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39:1  The successive sending down of the Book is from Allah, The Ever-Mighty, The Ever-Wise
39:2  Surely We have sent down to you the Book with the Truth; so worship Allah, making the religion faithfully His
39:3  Verily the faithful religion is for Allah. And the ones who take to themselves patrons apart from Him (say), "In no way do we worship them excepting that they may bring us near in proximity to Allah." Surely Allah will judge between them concerning that wherein they differ among themselves. Surely Allah does not guide him who is a liar, a most disbelieving (person)
39:4  If Allah had willed to take to Him a child, indeed He would have elected whatever He decided of whatever He has created. All Extolment be to Him! He is Allah, The One, The Superb Vanquisher
39:5  He created the heaven and the earth with the Truth; He rolls the night over the daytime, and He rolls the daytime over the night, and He has subjected the sun and the moon, each of them running to a stated term. Verily He is The Ever-Mighty, The Superb Forgiver
39:6  He created you of one self; thereafter He made from it its spouse, and He has sent down to you of the cattle eight pairs. He creates you in your mothers' bellies, creation even after creation, in threefold darkness (es). That is Allah, your Lord; His is the Kingdom; there is no god except He; so however are you turned about
39:7  In case you disbelieve, then surely Allah is Ever-Affluent (Literally: Ever-Rich) to do without you, and He is not satisfied with disbelief from His bondmen. And in case you thank (Him), He is satisfied with it for you. And no encumbered self (can) be encumbered with the encumberance of another. Thereafter to your Lord (is) your return; then He will fully inform you of whatever you were doing. Surely He is Ever-Knowing of the (inmost thoughts) within the breasts. (Literally: what the breasts own
39:8  And when an adervsity touches man, he invokes his Lord, (turning) penitent to Him; (but) thereafter when He grants him a favor from Him, he forgets that for which he was invoking earlier and makes up compeers to Allah to lead (people) into error away from His way. Say, "Enjoy your disbelief a little: surely you will be among the companions (i.e., inhabitants) of the Fire."
39:9  Is he who is devoutly (praying) at various times of the night, prostrate and upright, being wary of the Hereafter, and hoping for the mercy of his Lord (the same as the disbeliever)? Say, "Are the ones who know equal to the ones who do not know?" Surely only the ones endowed with intellects would remind themselves
39:10  Say, (This is addressed to the Prophet) "O My bondmen who have believed, be pious to your Lord. For the ones who do fair (deeds) in this present (life) (Literally: this lowly (life), i.e., the life of this world) there is a fair (reward), and the earth of Allah is wide. Surely (the) patient will only be paid their reward in full without reckoning."
39:11  Say, "Surely I have been commanded to worship Allah, making the religion faithfully His
39:12  And I have been commanded to be the first Muslim." (Literally: of the Muslims = of those who surrender (to Him
39:13  Say, "Surely I fear, in case I disobey my Lord, the torment of a Tremendous Day."
39:14  Say, (This is addressed to the Prohet) Allah I worship, making my religion faithfully His
39:15  So worship whatever you decide on, apart from Him." Say, "Surely the losers are they who lose their (own) selves and their own families on the Day of the Resurrection. Verily that is the evident, all-deserved loss."
39:16  They will have above them overshadowings of the Fire, and from beneath them over-shadowings; that is wherewith Allah frightens His bondmen: "O My bondmen, so be pious towards Me!"
39:17  And the ones who avoid the Taghut (i.e. false gods) that they might not worship them and (turn) penitent to Allah, for them is good tidings! So give good tidings to My bondmen
39:18  Who listen to the Saying (and) so closely follow the fairest of it. Those are they whom Allah has guided, and those are the ones endowed with intellects
39:19  Is he then against whom the Word of torment comes true (truthfully rewarded)? Can you then rescue him who is in the Fire
39:20  But the ones who are pious towards their Lord will have compartments, even above which are built compartments, from beneath which rivers run. (It is) the promise of Allah . Allah does not fail (His) promised Appointment
39:21  Have you not seen that Allah has sent down from the heaven water, then He dispatched (i.e., inserted) it as fountains in the earth; thereafter He brings out therewith plantation (s) of different colors; thereafter they heave, then you see them (turning) yellow; thereafter He makes them to crushed pieces? Surely in that is indeed a Reminding for (people) endowed with intellects
39:22  Is he then whose breast Allah has expanded to Islam, so he (walks) in a Light from his Lord (like the disbelievers)? Then woe to the ones whose hearts are hardened against the Remembrance of Allah! Those are in evident error
39:23  Allah has sent down fairest discourse as a Book, of similar signs (and) oft-repeated, (literally: doubly fair) whereat shiver the skins of the ones who are apprehensive of their Lord; thereafter their skins and their hearts soften to the Remembrance of Allah. That is the guidance of Allah whereby He guides whomever He decides; and whomever Allah leads into error, then in no way will he have any guide
39:24  So, is he who protects (i.e., confronts with his face) (himself) with his face against the odious torment on the Day of the Resurrection (the same as the pious)? And it is said to the unjust, "Taste (now) whatever you were earning!"
39:25  The ones before them cried lies; then the torment came up to them from where they were not aware
39:26  So Allah made them taste disgrace in the present life, (i.e., confronts with his face) and indeed the torment of the Hereafter is greater, if only they do know
39:27  And indeed We have struck for mankind in this Qur'an every (manner) of similitude, that possibly they would remind themselves
39:28  An Arabic Quran, without comprising any crookedness, that possibly they would be pious
39:29  Allah has struck a smilitude: a man in whom associates are at variance with each other, and a man wholly submissive to (one) man. Are the two equal (in likeness)? Praise be to Allah; no indeed, (but) most of them do not know
39:30  Surely you will be dead: and surely they (also) will be dead
39:31  Thereafter on the Day of the Resurrection in the Meeting with your Lord you will take adversary (stands) against each other
39:32  So who is more unjust than he who lies against Allah and cries lies to the sincere (faith) as it has come to him? Is there not in Hell a lodging for the disbelievers
39:33  And he who has come with the sincere (faith) and has sincere faith in it, those are they who are pious
39:34  They will have whatever they decide (on) in the Providence of their Lord; that is the recompense of the fair-doers
39:35  That Allah may expiate for them the most odious of whatever they did, and recompense them with their reward of the fairest of that which they were doing
39:36  Will not Allah suffice His bondman? And they frighten you with the ones apart from Him, and whomever Allah leads into error, then in no way will he have any guide
39:37  And whomever Allah guides, then in no way will he have a misleader; is not Allah (unceasingly) Ever-Mighty, Owner of vengeance
39:38  And indeed in case you ask them, "Who created the heavens and the earth?" indeed they will definitely say Allah." Say, (This is addressed to the Ptopet) "Have you seen then the ones you invoke apart from Allah. In case Allah ever wills some adversity for me, will they lift off His adversity? Or (in case) He wills (some) mercy for me, will they hold back His mercy?" Say, (This is addressed to the Ptophet) " Allah is enough (Reckoner) for me; on Him do (all) the trusting ones put their trust."
39:39  Say, (This is addressed to the Ptophet) "O my people, behave (Literally: do) according to your situation; surely I am behaving (according to my situation); then eventually you will know
39:40  To whom will come up a torment disgracing him; and upon him will alight a perpetual torment."
39:41  Surely We have sent down upon you (The Prophet) the Book for mankind with the Truth. So whoever accepts guidance, then it is for his self, and whoever errs (away) then surely he errs away only against it; and in no way are you a constant trustee over them
39:42  Allah takes up the selves at the time of their death and the ones which have not died, in their sleeping. Then He holds back the ones against which He has decreed death, and sends (forth) the others till a stated term. Surely in that are indeed signs for a people who meditate
39:43  Or even have they taken to themselves constant intercessors apart from Allah? Say, (This is addressed to the Prophet) "And (even) if they do not possess (any power) for anything, nor do they consider?"
39:44  Say, (This is addressed to the Prophet) "To Allah is intercession all together. To Him is the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth; thereafter to Him you will be returned."
39:45  And when Allah is mentioned alone, the hearts of the ones who do not believe in the Hereafter get disgusted, and when the ones apart from Him are mentioned, only then are they glad at the tiding
39:46  Say, (This is addressed to the Prophet) "O Allah, (The Arabic word has the supplication suffix-umma) Originator (Literally: Renderer) of the heavens and the earth, Knower of the Unseen and the Witnessed, You will judge among Your bondmen concerning whatever they used to differ about."
39:47  And if the ones who do injustice had (control) of whatever is in the earth all together and the like of it with it, indeed they would ransom themselves with it from the odious torment on the Day of the Resurrection, and (there) would appear to them from Allah what they did not (expectedly) reckon with
39:48  And (there) would appear to them the odious (deeds) of whatever they have earned, and that whereat they used to mock would redound upon them
39:49  So when an adversity touches man, he invokes Us; thereafter when We grant him a favor from Us, he says, "Surely I have been brought it only because of (my) knowledge." No indeed, it is a temptation, but most of them do not know
39:50  The ones before them already said it, yet in no way did whatever they used to earn avail them
39:51  So the odious (deeds) of whatever they earned afflicted them; and the ones who did injustice among these (people), whatever odious deeds they earned will soon afflict them; and in no way will they be defiant (to Us)
39:52  And do they not know that Allah outspreads (His) provision for whomever He decides, and He estimates (it) ? Surely in that are indeed signs for a people who believe
39:53  Say, (This is addressed to the Prophet) "O My bondmen who have been extravagant against themselves, (i.e., who have committed sins) do not feel despondent of the mercy of Allah! Surely Allah forgives guilty (deeds) all together; surely He, Ever He, is The Ever-Forgiving, The Ever-Merciful
39:54  And turn penitent to your Lord, and surrender to Him, even before the torment comes up to you; thereafter you will not be vindicated
39:55  And closely follow the fairest of what has been sent down to you from your Lord even before the torment comes up to you suddenly while (Literally: and) you are not aware
39:56  (Lest) any self should say, "Oh, for (my) regret in that I indeed neglected my duty towards (literally: in the side of) Allah, and decidedly I was one of the scoffers"
39:57  Or should say, "If (only) Allah had guided me, indeed I would have been among the pious."
39:58  Or should say while it sees the torment, "If (only) I had another (chance of) recurrence (i.e., permission to return to the world) then I would be among the fair-doers."
39:59  Yes indeed! My signs already came to you, yet you cried lies to them, and you waxed proud and you were among the disbelievers
39:60  And on the Day of the Resurrection you will see the ones who lied against Allah, their faces blackened; is there not in Hell a lodging for the proud
39:61  And Allah will safely deliver the ones who were pious safe in their (land of) triumph; odious (torment) will not touch them, nor will they grieve
39:62  Allah is The Creator of everything; and He is The Ever-Trusted Trustee over everything
39:63  To Him (belong) the prerogatives of the heavens and the earth; and the ones who have disbelieved in the signs of Allah, those are they (who are) the losers
39:64  Say, "Is it then, other than Allah you (wilfully) command me to worship, you ignorant ones?"
39:65  And indeed it has already been revealed to you (The Prophet) and to the ones before you: "Indeed in case you associate (other gods with Allah), indeed your deeds will definitely be frustrated and indeed you will definitely be among the losers
39:66  No indeed, (but) Allah you (must) then worship and be among the thankful."
39:67  And in no way did they estimate Allah His true estimate; and the earth all together will be His grasp on the Day of the Resurrection, and the heavens will be folded in His Right Hand. All Extolment be to Him, and Supremely Exalted be He above whatever they associate (with Him)
39:68  And the Trumpet is blown; then whoever is in the heavens and whoever is in the earth will (get) stunned, excepting whom Allah decides (to exempt). Thereafter it will be blown another time; then, only then will they be upright, looking on
39:69  And the earth will shine with the Light of its Lord, and the Book will be brought forward, and the Prophets and martyr-witnesses will be made to come, and (justice) will be decreed between them with the Truth, and they will not be unjustly (treated
39:70  And every self will be paid in full for whatever it has done; and He knows best whatever they perform
39:71  And the ones who disbelieved will be driven in hordes to Hell until when they have come to it, its gates will be opened, and its Keepers will say to them, "Did not Messengers come up to you from among yourselves reciting to you the signs of your Lord and warning you against the meeting of this your Day?" They will say, "Yes indeed, but the word of torment has come true against the disbelievers."
39:72  It will be said, "Enter the gates of Hell eternally (abiding) therein; miserable then is the lodging of the proud!"
39:73  And the ones who were pious to their Lord will be driven in hordes to the Garden till when they have come to it, and its gates will be opened, and its Keepers will say to them, "Peace be upon you! You have been good, so enter (into) it eternally (abiding)."
39:74  And they will say, "Praise be to Allah, Who has sincerely (made good) His promise to us and has made us inherit the earth for us, to make our location in the Garden where we decide. So how favorable is the reward of the (good) doers."
39:75  And you will see the Angels encircling round about the Throne extolling with the praise of their Lord; and (justice) will be decreed between them with the Truth; and it will be said, "Praise be to Allah, the lord of the worlds."