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39:1  It -the Quran- is a Book emphatically revealed by Allah in complete glory featuring Him as the guide, and who could be a better guide than Him, AL-Aziz (the Almighty) AL-Hakim (the Source of wisdom and wise mysterious dispensations)
39:2  We have revealed to you; O Muhammad the Book -the Quran- in truth and in agreement with reality, therefore worship Allah devoting to Him alone all religious rites
39:3  Is it not in conformity with what is natural, right and just that dedication of the heart of one's purpose should be solemnly and exclusively to serve Allah's purpose! And those who take tutelary guardians besides Him and brew falsehood and think falsehood adduce mediation as a reason: "we only worship them", they say, "so that they intercede on our behalf and bring us close to Him. He shall judge between them in Day of Judgement on matters with which they were at variance. Indeed, Allah does not guide the one who gives himself up to lying and whose heart is barren of truth and gratitud
39:4  Had Allah willed to beget, adopt or take a son He would have taken by preference as He willed the best out of those whom He Created. Glory be to Him, He is Allah, AL-Wahid (the Absolute), and AL-Qahhar (the Irresistible
39:5  He created the heavens and the earth and brought them into existence in conformity with truth and in agreement with reality. He causes the earth to describe its orbit round the sun and by consequence He causes the night to move round the day and the day to move round the night performing periodical revolution. And He rendered the sun and the moon subservient, each describing its own orbit for a predetermined point of time, He is indeed AL-Aziz and AL- Ghafur (the Forgiving
39:6  He is it Who brought you all into being from one single soul -Adam-and from him did He, by special creation, evolve his mate Eve* And He supplied you with eight heads of cattle -males and females- (sheep, goats, oxen and camels). He forms you in the wombs within your mothers bellies varying your constitution in stages of development one stage after another (from rudimentary to complete state) in the depth of darkness environed by three superimposed dark compartments This is Allah your Creator, Who has the rightful claim to the sovereign authority, there is no Ilah but Him and so how could you reject Him in favour of other objects of worship
39:7  If you -people- deny Allah and/or display ingratitude and ungratefulness to Him instead of being thankful to Him for His favours then you must realize that He is Absolute and totally Independent of you. It does not please Him to see those whom He created in order to worship Him actually deny Him, disobey Him and display ingratitude. Conversely, it pleases Him if you are thankful and your deeds reflect your gratitude. And no sou1 bearing wrongs or not bears in any way the wrong of another and in the end shall all of you return to Him; there and then shall He inform you of all that you had done or left undone He is Alim?n (Omniscient) indeed of all private thoughts and feelings reposited in the bosoms
39:8  And when man is touched or befallen with a misfortune or wedded to a calamity he invokes Allah, his Creator, turning to Him exclusively. And when He extends to Him His mercy and grace and delivers him from what is burdensome and exhaustive to the mind he forgets and passes heedless of Allah as though he never invoked Him for relief not long ago; he sets up to Him rivals and incorporates with Him other deities to mislead people from His path of righteousness. Say to them O Muhammad: "Enjoy your infidelity for a while, the pleasure you derive from falsehood is short lived and rest assured that you shall be among those destined to the abode in Hell."
39:9  Does he who spends a part of the night prostrating his reason to divine revelation and his body comely in worship and submission and his heart and mind in applying remembrance to Allah in standing, bewaring the Hereafter and hopeful of Allah's mercy and blessings compare with him who is heedless of it all! Ask them O Muhammad: "Do they compare, those who apply their minds' eyes and their hearts' ears to the acquisition of learning and by consequence they are well- informed and those who are ignorant of the facts! it is only those who exercise their intellect and lift to Allah their inward sight
39:10  Say to them -to the Muslims- "O you people who have conformed to Allah's system of faith and worship: keep in awe of Allah and entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him and do realize that those whose deeds in this world reflcct wisdom and piety shall be requited, the patient among them, unexpectedly and without measure."
39:11  Say to them -the infidels- "I have been commanded to worship Allah and to devote to Him alone all religious rites
39:12  "And I have been commanded to be the first of those who conform to Islam."
39:13  And say to them: "I am fearful of offending Allah, my Creator, for if I were to disobey Him, heaven shall lay my transgression to my charge and requite me in Day of Judgement with the torment laid upon the damned"
39:14  Therefore, I say to you; "It is only Allah that I worship and to Him do I lift my inward sight and to Him alone do I dedicate all religious rites"
39:15  "Whereas you are free to worship whom you please or whom you choose besides Him" And say to them: "The big losers in Day of Judgement shall he those who had lost their own souls as well as their own people and evidently shall this be the irretrievable loss."
39:16  Above them shall there be layers of flames of fire hanging over them like a canopy of perpetual clouds of fire and no less shall there be underneath them. This is a picture Allah uses to caution those who worship Him, as well as those who do not, against the inevitable and He exhorts them, thus: "O you people who should seek unto Me, keep in awe of Me and entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Me."
39:17  And those who avoid submission to an entity animate or inanimate other than Allah and do not take it as an object of worship and do not brew falsehood and in lowliest plight repentant stand must expect Allah's intimation of joyful tidings and therefore announce to My worshippers O Muhammad the good news
39:18  My worshippers who listen to the discourse and choose with deliberation the best course to follow as of forgiveness in lieu of retaliation. These are they who have the world all before them and Providence their guide and it is these who apprehend virtue as well as the voice from heaven
39:19  Can he whom Allah has justly destined to the abode in Hell escape his destiny! would you be able, O Muhammad to rescue anyone imprisoned in the fire
39:20  But those who keep in awe of Allah and entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him are destined to take their abode in paradise in beautifully designed chambers superimposed by chambers in luxuriously built mansions beneath which rivers flow, a declaration made to them by Allah Who never breaks a promise
39:21  Are you -people- not able to see that Allah is He Who sends down the rain water from the floor of the vault of heaven and directs its course through the earth to form springs and water channels and by its means He produces plants variegated or varied in colour. Later on they lose their bloom and their natural colour. then you see them turning yellow and drying up and they shrivel and decay, a process servimg as a reminder of Allah's infinite influence and Omnipotence to those who reflect
39:22  Will he not be secure, he whom Allah has delighted his heart with Islam and accorded the seat of his thoughts and feelings with its principles, and Providence his guide and his source of illumination and enlightenment! Woe betide the hard-hearted who counsel deaf to exhortation and will not apply remembrance to Allah. These are they who are lost in the maze of error
39:23  In complete glory did Allah reveal the best discourse -the Quran, a Book conformable in its various parts, a Book that both illustrates and ennobles the subject and imparts cognition and belief which in act evoke a quiver of the skins of those who entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Allah their Creator, then it accords peace of the soul and the mind conducing their hearts to their settled calmness and their skins to softness at the thought of Allah. This is the spirit of truth whereby Allah guides whom He will into all truth. And he whom Allah gives enough rope and leaves to deviate from sense and from the path of righteousness never will he find any one to guide him thereto
39:24  Does he who has no other means but his face to fight hopelessly the torture of the blazes in Day of Judgement compare with him in whose heart had reigned piety!. There and then shall the wrongful of actions be told: Taste -you infidels- the torment in requital of setting yourselves against Allah and of your evil which was wrought by want of thought
39:25  Similarly behaved those who preceded them and they were seized with a ruinous punishment they neither knew how it happened nor whence it came
39:26  And there did Allah make them suffer shame, dishonour and disgrace in life below and worse shall be the suffering Hereafter if only they knew
39:27  And We have given in this Quran examples of typical instances that form particular cases of principle, rule and state of things, examples illustrating qualities and signal instances of punishment action and conduct inducing imitation, as well as examples of persons whose fate serves as a deterrent. and We have discoursed in parables and in similitude that people may hopefully reflect
39:28  A Quran revealed in the Arabic literary form, well founded, constant and resolute, a Quran that does not allow in its structure declension, obliquity or crookedness so that they -people- may hopefully keep in awe of Allah and entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him
39:29  Allah cites an instance of a man -a slave- who serves many masters who are quarrelsome and unable to find the concord for their perpetual discord, consequently, he is perplexed and at a loss. And another slave who serves only one master and by consequence he has peace of mind and he knows what pleases and what displeases his master and proceeds accordingly. Do they compare! yet most people do not realize this fact
39:30  You Muhammad are destined to die and so are they
39:31  And in Day of Judgement shall all of you contend before Allah with opposing arguments and among yourselves shall you altercate
39:32  And who is more wrongful of actions than he who viciously and cheaply relates to Allah falsehood and dismisses the truth when presented to him! But is there not enough room in Hell to accommodate all those who deny Allah and/or reject or disobey His statutes
39:33  And he who has conveyed the divine message of truth to the people as well as to those who are convinced of its conformity with fact and use it to exhort others to what is good, laudable and divine are those who keep in awe of Allah and entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him
39:34  Allah's grace shall abound in them and they shall be privileged with divine dispensations; they shall have what they will in the realm of heaven, for this is the requital reaped by those who perfect their illustrious toils and turn their thoughts on moral excellence and benevolence and imprint their deeds with wisdom and piety
39:35  Allah will remit them their deeds of an evil savour and blot out their worst deeds and requite them for every regular deed at the gauge of the best of what they had accomplished
39:36  Is Allah not enough to satisfy His worshipper's needs of defense, protection and necessities of life! They -the pagans- caution you O Muhammad; against coming within the measure of their gods' wrath. In reality, he whom Allah justly sends astray shall find no one to guide him to the path of righteousness
39:37  And he whom Allah guides to His path no one can influence him to deviate from sense or lead him astray. Is Allah not Aziz?n (Almighty) and Able to avenge His right
39:38  And if you should ask them -the infidels- O Muhammad as to who has created the heavens and the earth, they will say: "Allah", then say to them: "Do you see those whom or which you invoke besides Allah, will they be able to protect me should Allah decide to do me harm or relieve me from what is burdensome and exhaustive to the mind! Or if He means to extend to me His mercy and blessings, can they obstruct the flow of His mercy or be able to withhold it! Say to them: "Enough is Allah for me, in Him do I find the answer to my purpose, my hopes and my needs, and in Him trust those who entrust to Him themselves and their affairs"
39:39  Say to them: "O you people who are sunk under the vexations of thoughtless minds, you may pursue what your minds and souls impel you to do, I am steering my course of action by guiding principles set by Providence Who guides into all truth. You shall come to know who shall be the winner of Allah's mercy and successful in attaining the blissful end
39:40  And you shall know who has been destined to receive the blow which will put him to shame and incense him with multiple humiliations and to suffer the everlasting retributive punishment
39:41  We have revealed to you O Muhammad the Book -the Quran- to relate its context of truth to the people in truth, and he who accepts the spirit of truth guiding into all truth will have profited his own soul and he who deviates into falsehood will have hurt himself. "And you O Muhammad are not there to watch over their innocence and folly
39:42  Allah disembodies the souls at the time of physical death and during physiological sleep. He detains the soul whose body is destined to die during sleep and sends back the other to embody its material being for a predetermined point of time, a phenomenon and a process highly indicative of Allah's Omnipotence and Mysterious controlling power for those who exercise their intellect and do reflect
39:43  Or do they -the infidels- take besides Allah other gods to intercede on their behalf in Day of Judgement, even though they are destitute of power as well as of the rational faculty which is Allah's given gift
39:44  Say to them: "To Allah alone belongs the command of permitting intercession by whom He will on behalf of whom He will. And it is only to Him that the absolute sovereignty of the heavens and the earth belongs, and in the end shall all of you return to Him
39:45  And when the Name of Allah alone is mentioned those who deny the Hereafter grow peevish and their hearts come to be filled with aversion or disgust reflected on their countenances, whereas when other objects of worship -their false gods- are referred to, they rejoice beyond a common Joy
39:46  Say O Muhammad in your prayer: O Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, Omniscient of the invisible and the unknown as well as of the evident and the known, You shall sit in judgement and judge between Your people the worshippers and the non worshippers You will give decisions on matters of variance and on religious matters which created among them an age of dissension and discord
39:47  And if it so happens that the wrongful of actions were to own the worldly riches and the affluence treasured on earth and as much of the same, they shall be glad to offer it in Day of Judgement in expiation of their guilt and of the inseparable torment laid upon the damned. They shall be faced with what they never expected would happen but Allah has brought it all to light and they now realized that their hopes have been doomed to disappointment
39:48  And there shall the evil deeds they had committed confront them personified, and they shall be beset on all side by the same material and immaterial things they had turned in to ridicule
39:49  And when man is touched or befallen with a misfortune or wedded to a calamity he invokes Us for relief, and when We extend to him a divine favour from the realm of heaven he says in response: "I have acquired what comes into my possession by reason of the knowledge inherent in me and for my intellectual acquaintance with fact". In effect, what We bestowed upon him, of favour and prospering influence, was simply a test of his true inclination but most of them fail to realize this fact
39:50  In a similar manner did those who preceded them reveal their true character but nothing they had done or left undone and nothing they had accomplished in their own irreverent way was of any advantage to them nor did it accomplish their purpose nor did it protect them from Allah's retributive punishment
39:51  And in consequence did the evil line of conduct they committed themselves to and the evil deeds they conferred on themselves spring back and recoil on them. And similarly shall the evil deeds of the wrongful among those of the present and those to come spring back and recoil on them and they, these and those, are not in a position to overpower Allah or upset His pla
39:52  Do they -the infidels- not know that Allah is He Who gives livelihood generously and confers support gratuitously on whom He will and He also gives with restraint and by measure to whom He will! Indeed, there are in this presentation enough signs symbolic of Allah's Omnipotence and Authority, signs conducing contemplation by those whose hearts have been touched with the divine han
39:53  Quote to them O Muhammad what Allah says: "O My people Who worship Me and Who do not, who have carried disobedience to excess: do not despair of Allah's mercy; Allah forgives all sins; He is AL-Gaff?r and AL-Rahim
39:54  Therefore do not miss you people the path of righteousness and stand penitent to Allah, your Creator, with the intention to amend your wrong-doings and to prostrate your reason to divine revelation before you are confronted with the retributive punishment and no one can defend you or afford you help
39:55  And follow the best course best discoursed by Allah, your Creator, in the Quran which rounds off all precepts in all aspects; before you are suddenly confronted with the retributive punishment; you will neither know how it happened nor whence it came
39:56  A sinful soul would then express regrets in words, thus: "Woe to me for what I neglected of the duties owed to Allah and woe to me for disregarding His noble discourse I had turned in to ridicule."
39:57  Or it would say "Had Allah guided me to His path I would have been among those who revered Him and entertained the profound reverence dutiful to Him"
39:58  Or it might say when faced with the torment laid upon the damned: "If only I could be given the chance to relive my life again down below so that I prostrate my reason to divine revelation and be among those who perfect their illustrious toils and turn their thoughts on moral excellence and benevolence and imprint their deeds with wisdom and piety!"
39:59  Such person shall be told: But there came to you My revelations which were related to you by My Messengers and My signs evincing both My Omnipotence and My divine nature, you rejected them and regarded them as the synonym for falsehood and your pride got the better of your prudence, you displayed inordinate self- esteem and were a disobedient rebel"
39:60  And in Day of Judgement you shall see the faces of those who related falsehood to Allah how they will assume blackness expressive of the terror falling upon them. Is there not enough room in Hell to accommodate all those extravagant in their accounts of themselves and addicted to inordinate self- esteem
39:61  Allah shall save those in whose hearts reigned dread mingled with veneration and deliver them to safety for their merit and never shall they come to grief
39:62  Allah is He Who created every entity existing individually in fact or in idea and that which is or may be in any way an object of perception, knowledge or thought and He is the Tutelary Guardian of the whole and of all in all
39:63  To Him is attributed the authority and control over the known and the unknown and the mysterious schemes and systems which hold and structure together in harmonic relations and all that exists in the heavens and on earth. And He has the keys serving to open up, disclose and explain the unknown, the mysterious and the obscure. And those who denied Allah's signs and revelations shall occasion the eternal damnation; these are they who shall suffer the heaviest losses
39:64  Say to them -the infidels- O Muhammad: Do you enjoin me -you people- who are destitute of knowledge and whose ignorance and irreverence have reached up into heaven, to worship anyone other than Allah the Creator of the universe
39:65  We have actuated you O Muhammad as We actuated those Messengers sent before you with the feeling of caution against incorporating with Allah other deities, for if you do you will be denied the prerogative of Prophethood besides the loss you will incur and your hopes will be doomed to disappointment and your deeds to worthlessness
39:66  Do not pay attention to the infidels' irreverent exhortation. It is only Allah Whom you are enjoined to worship and be among those who impel themselves to the feeling of gratitude and gratefulness
39:67  And they* have not credited Allah with the attributes asserted as His own and they fail to ponder His marvels crediting His Omnipotence. which they shall realize in Day of Judgement. The earth with all its contents shall be under His command and His control as though it were an object firmly grasped with the fist and the heavens folded in His right hand. Praise be to Him and extolled are His glorious attributes. He is infinitely beyond all those they incorporate with Him
39:68  The trumpet will be blown and sounded emitting so violent penetrating, shocking and thunderous blast proclaiming the Final Event so as to overwhelm all those in the heavens and on earth who shall be stunned into unconsciousness save those whom Allah excepts as He will. Next will follow a Second blast and there, they are all up upon their feet looking around
39:69  There and then the earth will be flood-lit with its Creator's indescribable bright, shining and splendent light and the archetypal Book of all records is laid wide open and all the Prophets and the witnesses will be brought up to the August and Ultimate Judicial sitting and the divine sentences are being decided with equity and truth and no one shall ever be wronged
39:70  And there, will each soul have been requited with what is commensurate with its deeds and Allah knows best what each has done or left undone
39:71  And then will the infidels and those who incorporated with Allah other deities be herded in throngs to the abysm of Hell. And when they have reached its gates they are swung open in Allah's Name, and there, shall the guards receive them with a reproach unto their infidelity, thus: "Did you not -you infidels-" say the angels, "receive Messengers chosen from your midst to recite to you the divine revelations revealed by Allah, your Creator, and warn you of this Eventful Day of Judgement!" "Indeed they did", say the infidels. " "But", the angels say", "Allah's word proclaimed beforehand is now being realized" the infidels were born to be the inmates of Hell
39:72  And there, they are told: "Make entry -you infidels- into the gates of Hell to take your permanent abode in its abysm. Evil indeed is the abode of those who were addicted to disobedience and to inordinate self-esteem
39:73  And led to Paradise in crowds are those who remained in awe of Allah, their Creator, and entertained the profound reverence dutiful to Him. When they have reached its gates which are now laid open in the Name of Allah they are received by its guards with heartily welcome and expressions of good-will, thus: "Peace be upon you Allah's devotees," the guards say, "well done, make entry, you have already passed through nature to Eternity"
39:74  Having now obtained the ultimate of their desires, those admitted to Paradise will say: "Our bosoms surge and answer thanks to Allah to Whom we extol the glorious attributes for the fulfillment of His promise at the time He saw fit; He conferred on us the heritage of the Paradisiacal and the supremely blest land to occupy any part as we will" How excellent is the reward of those who exert themselves for a truthful end and the heart of their purpose be Allah's purpose
39:75  And you see the angels standing to attention around the Supreme throne celebrating the praises of Allah and extolling His glorious attributes. And judicial decision has already been given with equity, truth and justice on all matters of fact bearing upon each and all. And to draw to a conclusion shall the material anal the immaterial, the animate and the inanimate sing the praises of Allah and extol His glorious attributes expressing their gratitude in words, thus: "We are indeed, grateful to Allah Creator of the worlds and of the whole and of all in all"