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78:1  What is that these (disbelievers) are asking one another about
78:2  (Is it) about the greatly important and very useful announcement leading to knowledge
78:3  About which they differ (from the Muslims and among themselves)
78:4  It is not as they assume. They shall surely know (the truth thereof)
78:5  (We say it) again, the real thing is not as they believe. They shall surely come to know (the truth thereof)
78:6  Have We not made the earth as a bed
78:7  And the mountains as (a series of) pegs
78:8  And We have created you in pairs (males and females)
78:9  And We have made your sleep a source of rest
78:10  And We have made the night as a covering
78:11  And We have made the day for the (various) pursuits of life
78:12  And We have built above you seven strong (heavenly bodies of the solar system)
78:13  And We have made (therein) the sun providing immense light and heat from a long distance
78:14  And We pour down from the dripping clouds water in torrent
78:15  That We may bring forth therewith (all kinds of) grain and vegetation
78:16  And (grow with it) gardens thick and luxuriant
78:17  Surely, the Day of Judgment is an appointed time
78:18  The day when the trumpet will be blown, and you will come in large troopes
78:19  And the heaven shall be flung open and it shall become (all) doors
78:20  And the mountains shall be wiped out and shall become (as if reduced to) plains of sand
78:21  Surely, only Gehenna shall be in wait (for those who deny the truth)
78:22  A (nursing) home for the rebellious
78:23  There they shall be staying for ages (till all their maladies are completely treated)
78:24  There they shall find no (comfort of) coolness, nor drink
78:25  All that they shall have will be boiling water or stinking fluid as a recompense
78:26  A befitting recompense (for the evils done by them)
78:27  They did not fear any reckoning at all
78:28  And they had belied Our Messages outright
78:29  And everything (of their deeds) We have fully recorded in a book (of deeds)
78:30  (It shall be said to them when they are about to be punished,) `Suffer therefore (the consequences of your evil deeds), We will do no more than increase your torment
78:31  As for those who guarded against evil there awaits them a triumph
78:32  Orchards and vineyards
78:33  And (blooming) young maidens suiting their age, and also matching in all other respects
78:34  And overflowing cups of pure and clean drink
78:35  Therein they will hear no vain discourse, no (topics based on) falsehood
78:36  (It will be said to each, `All this is) bestowed (on you) by your Lord, (both) by way of gift, (and) by reckoning.
78:37  The Lord of the heavens and the earth and of all that lies between them, the Most Gracious (God), Whom they dare not address
78:38  (All this will be) on the Day (of Resurrection) when the Perfect Spirit and the angels will stand in rows, none shall speak except he (- Muhammad) to whom the Most Gracious (God) will grant permission and who will speak (only) what is right
78:39  That day is bound to come, so let him, who will, seek recourse to his Lord
78:40  Verily, We have warned you of a punishment which is close at hand, a day when a person shall see what (good or evil deeds) he has sent on before (for the next life), and the disbeliever will say, `Would that I were mere dust.