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79:1  I call to witness those groups of beings, who perform their duties (towards their Lord and mankind and themselves) with intense zeal and to the best of their capacity
79:2  And those who exert themselves vigorously
79:3  And those who steer their course swiftly and skillfully
79:4  Then those who going foremost greatly excel (all others and attain the topmost positions)
79:5  Then those who administer the affairs in an excellent manner (shall reap the fruit of their striving)
79:6  (It shall be) on the day when the quacking (earth) shall quake
79:7  Quakes after quakes shall follow this
79:8  On that day many hearts will be trembling with fear
79:9  Their eyes will be downcast (in disgrace)
79:10  (These are the people) who say, `Shall we (really) be restored to (our) former state (after we are dead)
79:11  `Shall it be (even) when we are (reduced to) hollow bones?
79:12  (And) who say, `Then such a resurrection shall indeed be fraught with loss.
79:13  (Let them say what they think,) It will be no more than a single scare blast
79:14  And behold! (after that) they will all be (awakened and come out) in the open
79:15  The story of Moses has reached you
79:16  When his Lord called out to him in the Sacred Valley of Tuwa
79:17  (And directed him,) `Go to Pharaoh, he has transgressed all limits
79:18  `And say (to him), "Would you like to purify yourself
79:19  "That I should guide you to your Lord so that you may stand in awe of Him?"
79:20  So (Moses went to Pharaoh and) he showed him the great sign (of the staff)
79:21  But he belied (Moses) and disobeyed
79:22  Then he turned back striving (and devising schemes against him)
79:23  And he gathered (his people) and proclaimed
79:24  Saying, `I (- Pharaoh) am your supreme lord.
79:25  So Allah seized him for the punishment of (both) the next and the present life
79:26  Indeed, there is a lesson in this (event) for him who stands in awe (of his Lord)
79:27  (O mankind!) are you harder to be created (again) or the heaven? He (the Almighty Lord) has made it
79:28  He has raised the height thereof, and has made it flawlessly perfect and well-balanced
79:29  And He gave darkness to its night, and brought forth the morn thereof
79:30  And along with it He hurled the earth away (from a bigger mass) and spread it forth
79:31  He produced from it its water and pasture
79:32  He set the mountains firmly
79:33  (He has done all this to serve as) a goodly provisions for you and your cattle
79:34  Behold! when that great calamity comes to pass
79:35  On that day every person will call to mind all that he strove for
79:36  And Hell shall be brought in view of him who sees
79:37  Then as for the one who transgresses
79:38  And prefers the present life (to the Hereafter)
79:39  (Let him remember that) the Hell shall surely be (his) abode
79:40  But as for the one who fears to stand before his Lord and restrains himself from evil desires
79:41  Then Garden (of bliss) shall surely be (his permanent) abode
79:42  The people ask you concerning the Hour (saying), `When shall it come to pass?
79:43  Why (do they ask this question)? It is you who are its reminder (you being one of its signs)
79:44  The ultimate end of it is decreed by your Lord
79:45  You are only a Warner to one who fears it
79:46  The day they witness it (-the Hour, they will feel) as if they had stayed (in the world and the grave) for an afternoon or a (short) forenoon thereof