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78:1  What is it about which they question each other?
78:2  [Is it] about the great tiding
78:3  the one about which they differ
78:4  No indeed! They will soon know
78:5  Again, no indeed! They will soon know
78:6  Did We not make the earth a resting place
78:7  and the mountains stakes
78:8  and create you in pairs
78:9  and make your sleep for rest
78:10  and make the night a covering
78:11  and make the day for livelihood
78:12  and build above you the seven mighty heavens
78:13  and make [the sun for] a radiant lamp
78:14  and send down water pouring from the rain-clouds
78:15  that with it We may bring forth grains and plants
78:16  and luxuriant gardens
78:17  Indeed the Day of Judgement is the tryst
78:18  the day the Trumpet will be blown, and you will come in groups
78:19  and the sky will be opened and become gates
78:20  and the mountains will be set moving and become a mirage
78:21  Indeed hell is an ambush
78:22  a resort for the rebels
78:23  to reside therein for ages
78:24  tasting in it neither any coolness nor drink
78:25  except boiling water and pu
78:26  —a fitting requital
78:27  Indeed they did not expect any reckoning
78:28  and they denied Our signs mendaciously
78:29  and We have figured everything in a Book
78:30  So [now] taste! We shall increase you in nothing but punishment
78:31  Indeed a triumph awaits the Godwary
78:32  gardens and vineyards
78:33  and buxom maidens of a like age
78:34  and brimming cups
78:35  Therein they shall hear neither vain talk nor lie
78:36  —a reward from your Lord, a bounty sufficing
78:37  the Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them, the All-beneficent, whom they will not be able to addres
78:38  on the day when the Spirit and the angels stand in an array. None shall speak except whom the All-beneficent permits and who says what is right
78:39  That is the day of truth. So let anyone who wishes take resort with his Lord
78:40  Indeed We have warned you of a punishment near at hand —the day when a person will observe what his hands have sent ahead and the faithless one will say, ‘I wish I were dust!’