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77:1  By the successive emissaries
77:2  by the raging hurricanes
77:3  by the sweeping spreaders
77:4  by the decisive separators
77:5  by the inspirers of remembrance
77:6  to excuse or to warn
77:7  indeed what you are promised will surely befall
77:8  So when the stars are blotted out
77:9  and when the sky is split
77:10  and when the mountains are scattered [like dust]
77:11  and when the time is set for the apostles [to witness]
77:12  —for what day has [all] that been set [to occur]
77:13  For the Day of Judgement
77:14  And what will show you what is the Day of Judgement
77:15  Woe to the deniers on that day
77:16  Did We not destroy the ancients
77:17  [and] then made the latter ones follow them
77:18  That is how We deal with the guilty
77:19  Woe to the deniers on that day
77:20  Have We not created you from a base fluid
77:21  [and] then lodged it in a secure abod
77:22  until a known span [of time]
77:23  Then We designed; so how excellent designers We are
77:24  Woe to the deniers on that day
77:25  Have We not made the earth a receptacl
77:26  for the living and the dead
77:27  and set in it lofty [and] firm mountains, and given you agreeable water to drink
77:28  Woe to the deniers on that day
77:29  [They will be told]: ‘Get off toward what you used to deny
77:30  Get off toward the triple-forked shadow
77:31  which is neither shady nor is of any avail against the flame
77:32  Indeed it throws up sparks [huge] like palaces
77:33  [bright] as if they were yellow camels
77:34  Woe to the deniers on that day
77:35  This is a day wherein they will not speak
77:36  nor will they be permitted to offer excuses
77:37  Woe to the deniers on that day
77:38  ‘This is the Day of Judgement. We have brought together you and the ancients
77:39  If you have any stratagems [left], try out your stratagems against Me!’
77:40  Woe to the deniers on that day
77:41  Indeed the Godwary will be amid shades and springs
77:42  and fruits, such as they desire
77:43  [They will be told:] ‘Enjoy your food and drink, [as a reward] for what you used to do.’
77:44  Thus indeed do We reward the virtuous
77:45  Woe to the deniers on that day
77:46  ‘Eat and enjoy a little! You are indeed guilty.’
77:47  Woe to the deniers on that day
77:48  When they are told, ‘Bow down,’ they do not bow down
77:49  Woe to the deniers on that day
77:50  So what discourse will they believe after this